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In recent years, it is gaining popularity very interesting flower Zamioculcas room, also known as the dollar tree and female happiness. Note that there are other house plants with such popular titles. For example Crassula money tree is called, and the name of women's happiness has long been well established for a potted flower Spathiphyllum. However Zamioculcas stands alone among the familiar and even exotic indoor pets. It grows very slowly and is more than generous, and some do not require specific care.

Closely related to this plant and the Eastern teachings of feng shui, according to which it is able to increase monetary savings of the owner. Many believe that this poisonous flower room, someone is trying to find out whether zaimokulkas blooms at all, but someone connects with all kinds of signs of this flower. In short, not a flower, and a mystery. So let's try to solve this riddle.

Zamioculcas itself

The people he affectionately called Zamik. And this very exotic plant belongs to the family Araceae, which meet and shrubs, and vines, and herbs. Araceae can live in water (algae) or live in the marshes, well do without soil selyas trees or grow in the driest areas. Although most members of this wonderful family prefers a tropical climate, and there are species which can easily tolerate sub-arctic winter.

However, our home is Zamioculcas mind and is drought tolerant Araceae botanical name Zamioculcas zamielistny that Latin sounds like Zamioculcas zamiifolia. By the way, another name for this species - Zanzibar gem. And shall Zamioculcas zamielistny the name of their homeland - a stony plateau Zanzibar.

Migrated from Africa into our homes Zamioculcas - succulent. What we see on the surface of the soil in a flower pot, only leaves. A tuberous stem of this amazing plant is almost completely hidden in the ground. So its exotic appearance and fleshy dissected leaves covered with waxy bloom, Zamioculcas obliged only to its natural habitat.

In Zamioculcas, like all succulents, considerably thickened and leaves and leaf petioles. In nature, it is necessary for storing and saving water. A waxy coating on the leaves reduces evaporation and protects the plant from sunburn. Flowers Zamioculcas very peculiar and quite similar to the flowers in the usual sense. The inflorescence of this plant consists of a large pale ear and pale green bedspreads. This homeliness of the flower is due to, again, the natural habitat and the prevailing method of pollination - the pollen is carried by the wind, and only few crawling insects.

The botanical catalogs Zamioculcas was in the early nineteenth century called Caladium zamielistny. Its modern botanical name, he received only after ninety years, and grown under ambient conditions, it began only in the late twentieth century. Zamioculcas Please complete your collection of professional florists, and then became popular among fans. Today, this exotic flower is experiencing the peak of popularity. He has not lost its appeal as a rare exotic plants, but it has become fashionable to potted flower and ornament of any fashionable interior.

 flower Zamioculcas

Zamioculcas as a mascot

Apart from its obvious decorative and this flower has symbolic value. For example, in the people it is known as a woman's happiness. You can certainly argue and argue that women's happiness - just another flower, but no. According to the rumor, Zamioculcas really capable of somehow magically influence on women's happiness. But!

First, it requires that it be presented rather than purchased. Secondly, the miraculous properties of this plant are awakened only in the flowering period. But to get the Zamioculcas flowering very, very difficult! But if you believe in omens, then as soon as you bloom donated Zamioculcas, happiness immediately knocking on your door. And not just happiness, but feminine.

Incidentally, one of the versions of the origin of the name of a woman's happiness - a very unusual kind of flowers themselves Zamioculcas. The fact that this flower houseplant remotely resembles a flower Spathiphyllum, firstly, and secondly, is ambiguous resemblance to the male dignity. In general, with sufficient imagination in flower Zamioculcas can see the phallic symbolism: in fact, this impressive size ear causes certain associations. So decide for yourself, as a joke or seriously, intentionally or by mistake this flower stuck behind such an unusual name, it promises to all owners of happiness.

But on the other popular name of the plant doubts should arise. But only if you believe in omens, and follow Eastern teachings of feng shui. But the fact that according to the teachings of feng shui Zamioculcas can attract money into the house, as well as other flower mascot - Crassula (money tree). Only here for the wake of the financial Jade magnetism, according to the rules of feng shui in a pot with the plant is necessary to bury coins and dollar tree simply settle in his home.

According to the rules of feng shui charms necessary to have all the relevant "thematic" areas. So Zamioculcas pot should be placed in the sector of wealth, which is located in the south-eastern part of the house or separate rooms. By the way, all of the zones of influence in your home can be determined by the grid Bagua - a special tool feng shui.

It is possible that the dollar tree got its name not only as a talisman of wealth in Feng Shui, but simply because of the appearance of his dark green rounded leaves. Perhaps because it is initially very expensive and rare plant found only in rich homes, the wealthy owners of which, of course, were carried out overseas money. You agree that the concept of feng shui, and virtually no dollars with each other are not connected. However, this monetary talisman Feng Shui is called the dollar tree.

But let us leave the decision of this question to specialists. It is sufficient that the Zamioculcas is recognized as a talisman Feng Shui to attract wealth and became a kind of mascot of female happiness. In short, the flower not only looks fashionable and trendy, but also brings to its owner faith in luck, wealth and happiness of the ladies who believe in omens.

 Zamioculcas flower

Features Zamioculcas

Flower although it is unpretentious, but call some many questions. For example, the question of whether or not toxic Zamioculcas, interested in almost all amateur gardeners, as professionals know that any member of the Araceae is toxic in varying degrees. So, Zamioculcas poisonous. But do not be afraid and do not panic: it is not deadly poisonous and is one conventionally dangerous plants. This flower room will not bring you much harm.

Not all poisonous flower, but only the leaves, but the biggest damage that it can cause a person - an allergic reaction. Therefore, knowing about such features of your body, work with Zamioculcas gloves. Conventionally, it is dangerous for pets. If your bird or a pussy try the flower room on the palate, it is possible the same allergic reaction or intestinal disorder. So just keep it out of reach of children and pets.

This houseplant very taxing, but has its own characteristics. For example, it is drought-resistant, but loves periodic spraying and washing the leaves. In winter Zamioculcas feels great in the room, and in summer it is better outdoors. The fact is that the Zamioculcas is growing very slowly, in the winter is at rest, and in the growing season (warm season), its growth is enhanced by moisture, heat and light.

In winter, watering is rarely Zamioculcas not sprayed, and in any case not transplanted. All manipulations are carried out only with the plant the spring and summer, and in winter it is only necessary to water. However, in the apartments the air becomes very dry in the winter because of heating appliances. Therefore, even in this drought-tolerant plants like Zamioculcas can begin to turn yellow tips of the leaves. In this case, increase the humidity in the room, and the flower spray, trying to moisturize not only its leaves as the air around the plant.

New shoots of this time of year Zamioculcas not give, but the leaves continue to grow, but so slowly that it was almost imperceptible. And interestingly, the older leaves grow best when the pot Zamioculcas cramped, but it gives new shoots after transhipment to a bigger pot, which updated the soil, or after the division of the bush. Generally timely handling plants always produce good results: Zamioculcas and grows better and less sick. Only after handling the land have to completely cover the tuber plants and horses.

Although Zamioculcas diseases occur infrequently, it can also zaneduzhit at the wrong care. For example, from an excess of moisture he leaves turn black, so pereuvlazhnyat the soil in the pot, you should not, and the water from the sump is required to merge. Blackened leaves and plants after hypothermia. In these cases, it is best to transplant the flower and completely renovate the ground, as the old land may be contaminated with putrefying bacteria. Bad influences growth and depleted soil Zamioculcas, so fertilize the flower also need any complex fertilizers.

For the cultivation of Zamioculcas not require special soil, and it is quite suitable conventional turf ground, and even better - pochvosmes, which includes sand sheets and turf ground in equal proportions. When watering the flower should focus on what the condition of the ground. In the next watering the earth in the pot should be well dry out, because the lack of moisture Zamioculcas carries much lighter than its surplus.

So for the successful cultivation of Zamioculcas only need to create it close to natural conditions - heat, good light and moderate watering. You agree that make it very, very easy. Be attentive to your pet, and wonder why you have not Zamioculcas growing. It is growing, but very slowly. But it lives long and does not give much trouble. That is why many prefer to buy already adult plant. However, true lovers and connoisseurs of slow growth does not bother. The process of growing this Exotic bring no less pleasure than the breeding of many other indoor plants.

 Zamioculcas - fashioned room Exotic

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