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China itself is a beautiful place. Its unique culture attracts millions of tourists from around the world, and this number every year increases. Traveled all over the country in one guided tour is almost unreal.

Attractions China represent a vast array of cultural values. For tourists acquainted with the country begins with its capital. In Beijing, collected a huge number of places worth seeing.

For example, in Beijing Review traveler are some tombs of the Ming Dynasty, the palaces, the Temple of Heaven and many different interesting places. In total, the country is available for guests 99 cities with cultural and historical significance, about eight cultural sites and many protected corners of nature. An interesting place for tourists is the Shaolin Temple and the place of excavation of the Gobi.

 Temple of Heaven in Beijing
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Historical Sites

First of all hiking trails lead China in the direction of the imperial palace guruna. Nearby is the white area, which houses the body of Mao Zedong, who still love and revere his memory. It is necessary to draw an analogy with Lenin.

Forbidden City (another name - Imperial Palace), more than five hundred years was the residence of Chinese emperors. It lived twenty-four royal families. For a long time, mere mortals, let alone outsiders had no access here. Opportunity to visit the imperial palace appeared only eighty-eight years ago. Within the walls of the Forbidden City still contains a lot of mysteries and puzzles left behind by previous inhabitants. You can feel like a member of one of the imperial family, just wander through the maze of the palace.

Forbidden City - is not the only palace which is worth the attention. Beautiful historical monument is also in Beijing this Summer Palace. It is a small suburb of having known all over the world Chinese garden in classical style. Imperial family rested there in the summer to escape in this way from the sweltering heat.

Another famous place - Potala Palace, located in Tibet. His fame he received due to the fact that it is located at a very high altitude above sea level.

The archaeologists, paleontologists and other lovers of antiquities is probably aware of the fact that not far from Beijing discovered the skull of Sinanthropus - one of the ancient people. Its level of development was so high that he knew how to make fire and make tools. While in China, is a great place to visit.

In addition, lovers of antiquity will like the place and the imperial tombs, consisting of many temples, ceremonial and official structures, premises intended for Stella. The most popular burial Ming emperors. The name of this complex burials "13 graves." Find the point of interest can be directly in the heart of Beijing.

Also worth seeing the mausoleum, which is the body of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Crowds of tourists attracted to the so-called terra-cotta army of statues of soldiers in full growth.

 Palace Museum in Beijing
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Religious Sites

This is where most of the temples, so it is in China. They are just a tremendous amount of such a variety of religious structures not found elsewhere. As part of a trip to inspect them is not real, it needs to live in China and specifically to travel from temple to temple.

For those who are not going to devote the rest of his life to temples in China, is to provide the most interesting places of worship. For example, the most famous and huge Chinese temple is the Temple of Heaven, located in the same Beijing. In times of emperors prayed for him that they were sent to a good harvest or a victory in the war. It is an architectural masterpiece, which was built on the terrace of marble, representing the three stages. Wooden poles carry support without the use of cement or nails with an overall height of the building in the thirty-eight meters in diameter and thirty meters. They built it truly genius.

Attractions China are endless. If you want to see several temples, one can visit Tibet, namely Tibetan capital Lhasa, which is a sacred place for the Chinese. Gaze travelers open a Buddha statue with the biggest size in the world.

Shandong Province is famous as the birthplace of the great Confucius. Here you can see his grave, to visit his temple and the house. By the way, Confucianism still has not lost its significance for the Chinese people.

Fans of martial arts or admirers of Buddhism is to visit the world famous Shaolin Temple, located in Luoyang. He is the most famous Buddhist temple and the center of martial arts.

 Great Wall of China
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Great Chinese mountains and ridges

In addition, China is also famous for its mountains. Thanks to them, we can understand the insignificance of their size compared to Mother Nature.

So the most famous mountain range in China's Huangshan, which is located in Anhui Province. Local legend has it that the great Emperor Syuanyuan in these mountains was engaged in exercises that allow to grasp immortality. According to the Chinese, and all those who had the opportunity to see with their own eyes Huangshan, it is the most beautiful place in China. In these mountains grow very curious pines that have the name fully describes their appearance. Thus, tourists can gaze brought "Pine, which welcomes guest" or vice versa, "Pine, who bids farewell to a guest." Another interesting name - "Lying Dragon". List of fancy names of Chinese flora can transfer indefinitely.

Still other users of the wildly popular mountain - an array of Lushan, located in Jiangxi Province.

They are famous for their picturesque cascade of waterfalls. Next to them is the world-famous Flower Trail, which inspired the local poet Bai Tszyui writing poems praising the charms of a blossoming peach.

Chinese civilization originated from Taishan - China's sacred mountains, which are seventy-two peaks. In these mountains you can see many beautiful waterfalls, piles of stones, trees are not the first hundred years. If and to decide on a trip in the mountains, then you must visit one of these seventy-two peaks. Before the tourists open views of the Golden Zone, located along the Yellow River, where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset and admire the sea of ​​clouds.

In Tibet, there is one of the sacred mountains - Kailash, it believed that it is a favorite dwelling place of the gods. Every believer is committed to visit this holy place and touch directly to the history of the inhabitants of heaven.

 China's terracotta army
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Scenic, beautiful scenery of China

For the beauty of local species with China is unmatched by any other country. There were and are inspired many creative personalities - artists, poets, writers. In these places you can escape from the city and become a small part of this beautiful nature. Tranquility and peace is very characteristic Chinese landscape.

One of these towns is a romantic Guilin. This magical place is a natural zoo, geological and botanical gardens. This place is famous for its bizarre mountain peaks, lakes, springs and caves. As always, the names of these places speak - a rock called "the elephant that drinks water" and the like.

Tibet itself is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This is a unique place with the crystal clear air, greenish water, virgin forests and snowy peaks. They fall in love once and for all. With the help of local customs can fully penetrate into the past and become a part of it a little. Full Frontal area is presented in the autumn, but its charms Tibet has and spring - can be awash with delight, contemplating how large flowers mountain tree falls in the crystalline waters of mountain lakes. No wonder this place was chosen by the Tibetan panda, if very lucky - you can see them in the wild with their own eyes.

Here, in the Tibetan province of Sichuan, Huanglong is a beautiful area. Its name (in translation it is called Yellow Dragon) she received due to the large number of volcanic lakes, having by virtue of its origin unusual shape and color.

Nature of China can meet the needs of the most sophisticated tourist. For example, fans of exotic beaches, travel agencies offer a visit to the island of Hainan. Chinese beaches are not inferior to the famous resorts. The tropical climate of the island makes it possible to relax here throughout the year. This is truly a paradise - beaches filled with white sand, endless sea and majestic mountains.

Because of the large number of scenic spots need to go to China with high quality camera and several capacious memory cards to carry with them at least a piece of this beauty.

 Huanglong scenic area
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Great and mighty Wall

Attractions China may submit only one architectural structure - the Great Wall of China, and known to adults and children around the world. It is a symbol of the greatness and power of the Chinese civilization. Opinions differ on the length, but with all the waste from her trees, for a total length of this giant - six and a half thousand kilometers. It stretches from the Liaodong Bay, located in the north-eastern side of the capital, and goes through the whole of China to the Gobi Desert.

Construction of the wall began in 220 years BC. This was done to protect the great empire from the invasion of nomadic peoples from the northwest. Construction was delayed for more than one hundred years old, and was completed only during the reign of the Qing Dynasty.

It was a protection - to enter the country, it was necessary to cross the checkpoint special that night was not functioning. There is a legend that even the great emperor of China once waited until the morning to get back into the country.

In general, building wall three times for more than two thousand years. During the construction of millions of Chinese were killed whose remains walled straight into the wall, so this attraction is called the Wailing Wall of China.

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Terracotta Army all time

Terracotta Army discovered in 1974 quite by accident during the construction of the well. In total, there are seven to nine thousand terracotta soldiers. To create this army needed help more than seven hundred thousand sculptors and about forty years. Made of clay figures, then they are fired, coated with a special compound and paint. Each soldier weighs about one hundred and thirty kg horse - two hundred.

The Army created the project Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who was planning to win victories in their afterlife, what could help him to the army. The presence of such sculptures suggests generosity and humanism of the emperor, as his predecessors preferred to be buried with a living soldier. However, caution should be made to the fact that along with the clay soldiers buried alive was about seventy thousand workers and their families, several thousand concubines.

It is the army in certain tombs and is situated in battle formation at a distance of one and a half kilometers from the tomb of the emperor. Each of the soldiers is not like the others and represents a unique sculpture. It is believed that their molded with living people.

Little known fact: the terracotta army is only part of a giant project for the construction of the imperial tombs. It turns out there is a tiny underground rivers of China, palaces and mountains. It was here, after his death, continues to rule the emperor.

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