knitted scarves for women

Knitted clothing, associated by many of us with warmth and comfort, this autumn and winter again in vogue. She never for a long time is not lost sight of modern designers, and that this season is no exception. With the onset of cold weather are relevant not only knits but also accessories, including scarves for women are the most popular.

This is not surprising, because the autumn-winter accessories have long captured the hearts of many of today's fashionistas. He is able not only to warm the cold autumn day and be a great addition to any outfit, but also transform any woman, giving it individuality and femininity.

Trends of the season

This year, the fashion designer offered them not only to decorate the leather coats and jackets, and even evening gowns. For instance, Vivienne Westwood using knitted scarves in their collections has decided to emphasize soft silk dresses. If you look carefully, the knitting scarves for women can be found in almost every designer collection.

 Scarves women


In the autumn-winter 2011-2012, the designers offer several models of fashion scarves:

  1. Classic option, which can be any length: both standard and maxi.
  2. The scarf-LIC without beginning or end. This is incredibly warm and comfortable option - colorful patterned scarves long applauded by many fashionistas. Despite the fact that "Snudy" came into vogue in the last year, now they are still relevant.
  3. Large scarf-collars. Comfortably an accessory draped around the neck, you will feel very comfortable.

 Scarves women knitting


Main feature of the season - a catchy, a large mating. So this autumn and coming winter are particularly relevant volume, unusually warm and cozy scarves.

They can be made thin thread of air or tied tight binding technique. Also relevant major relief knit, among which are the most common loop, curly gum, "bumps" and "spit".

 fashionable knitted scarves for women


Most often used for knitting scarves relief caddis and blends. The most popular Melange yarn, twisted into two or three strands of similar shades of color.

Also, designers often prefer soft and fluffy yarn with a long nap, to the great joy that many of the female comes back into fashion. Angora, alpaca, mohair - any of them so spectacular in itself, did not need any frills.

 Scarves women fall - winter


The hottest fall colors: black, gray, red, cherry, white, blue and blue, as well as combinations thereof. Particularly impressive it looks combination of black and white, gray and white, beige and brown. The result is a shimmering effect on appearance resembling tweed. Undeniable trend of the season - a large bar and ethnic patterns.

Fashion scarf - symbol of elegance

 warm scarves for women knitting

Scarf - universal stylish accessory, a fashion which is calculated for centuries. It can take many forms and perform a variety of functions. How many women know that with this seemingly simple things could drastically change your appearance. For example, tied around the neck of a bright knitted scarf will not only protect you from the cold, but also revive the most common outfit, giving personality of its owner. With casually wrapped around his neck scarf can give the image of sophistication. That is why refined scarves for women at all times attracted the attention of fashionistas.

By the way, a fashion accessory can be worn not only in the head and neck, but also on the belt. And with anything. It looks great with both the skin and fur, and with satin and chiffon. Especially stylish looks knitted scarf combined with headdress, made in the same style and color scheme. With a wardrobe of a fashionable and stylish item as warm knitted scarf, you are not afraid of any frost.

 Women knitted scarves - popular accessory of the season

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 Leather gloves for women

Gloves - is a very important piece wardrobe. They protect the delicate skin of the hands from the cold and frost, as well as accessories help to make unique and stylish way. Realizing the importance and necessity of this thing in a woman's wardrobe, the designers in their collections paying due attention to them. What are the stylish trends of autumn-winter 2011-2012 show us leather gloves for women:

  • The favorites of this season began long gloves to the elbow or even higher. Fashion will be the models that fit a hand full, and those who are a little going into the folds in the area of ​​the wrist or elbow.
  • Another popular trend - fingerless gloves, women handle them attract the attention of some rebellion and mischief. Such models can be both ultra-short, barely covering the wrist and the length to the elbow.
  • Originally look gloves medium length with extended top and short below the wrist.
  • One of the main trends of the new season - a combination of materials: combination of leather with fur, knitwear and even feathers.

At the peak of the popularity of bright colors

The first became fashionable leather gloves unusually bright and saturated colors. Fashion designers did not stop at the traditional autumn shades, and most of them presented in the collections of more juicy and cheerful: blue, purple, orange, terracotta, green, blue.

However, no restrictions have colors. Gloves black or brown colors are also relevant. Very gently and gracefully look shades of beige.

It is worth noting the most interesting models of the season:

  • Fashion gloves from Jil Sander presented in brown leather with white stitch.
  • Originally look gloves with feathers from Louis Vuitton.
  • Interesting models have Rochas: long gloves, combined with knitted sleeves.
  • Trussardi models decorated with all sorts of laces, zippers, straps.
  • Nina Ricci produced a line of accessories with the texture of crocodile skin in different colors.
  • Prada, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton offered cropped leather gloves, almost covering the wrist.
  • Watching these models are very stylish, they are perfect for the fall season.

How to choose the right glove?

Gloves - is an accessory that can be combined with any clothes: suits, jeans, coats, coats, jackets and even evening gowns. If their choice is important to observe the rule of inverse proportion: the shorter the sleeve the longer the glove. Long models are now with actual fur jackets, coats, coats and coats in which the sleeve has a length of three quarters.

Very stylish look of leather gloves, chosen to match the dress. However, stylists offer more daring options: choose bright, eye-catching patterns, so that they contrast with the main ensemble. Classic selection of gloves matching handbags and shoes are now considered to be not very interesting and relevant.

Leather gloves for women has long been not just a piece of clothing. They are an important complement autumn and winter dresses. And if they choose the right, even the most simple combination of items of clothing can be bright and memorable. So do not underestimate the importance of accessories, and choose them - a real pleasure.

 Leather gloves for women: a trendy accessory

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