why men marry

For most women, marriage and birth of children - an indispensable condition for life. We were ready for it almost since childhood, suggesting that the problem of the fairer sex - to find a worthy partner in life and create a strong family with him. So many girls, barely surpassing the threshold of childhood, begin to dream of a wedding. But the stronger sex of her little dream. Well, no, of course, there are those that sleep and see themselves married ... But basically our guys dream about something else. And it is not something they strive to exchange their freedom for the yoke of family life. But me! And change (strangely enough), at least for a time, gentle, almost everything. That's interesting: a still, why men get married?

As the guys are getting married

As the guys are getting married? To our great disappointment, not as we do. For male family is not a vital act. Even falling in love with the girl's ears, young people, with rare exceptions, do not light up instantly the desire to lead it to the registrar. They can repeat incessantly about his lady love, showered with flowers and gifts, but the marriage and not to think. Such is disappointing for us, though.

However, it is not necessary especially upset. Men usually do not hurry with the marriage proposal beloved because prone to logical planning of their lives. They tend not to act impulsively, and in accordance with the prearranged plan. And then the guy himself lived, lived, had girlfriends time, gradually moved toward some goal. And suddenly - bang, fell in love! In a head full of chaos and euphoria. And what to do next, he does not know opredёlёnno. Yes, in fact, not very bother. The main thing at this period of time - see the favorite, to touch her, to speak kind words. And come what may!

To the young man thought about marriage, he should come to his senses and still count. After the sudden falling in love and getting married is not yet part of his plans. So before you start a family, you need to reschedule your future and write to a family. And for this we need to think sensibly and judiciously. Not ruhnesh in love, in the maelstrom of his head. So long and drown! In short, most of the guys confidently striding to the registrar only after careful consideration of the act. Unless, of course, it has not prompted any inexorable circumstances outside.

It must be said that the process of thinking about some of the stronger sex can greatly delayed. And if we still want to get married just for this slowpoke, will have to be patient and wait. Let consider the probability of marrying the right, left, bottom, top, side ... try it on the taste, ask the price, weigh and come to some decision. While waiting for this decision should take into account - it can not be in our favor. Because, first of all, thinking, man soberly considers the girl from all sides. And he sees that before, through the prism of love, did not notice. It is quite possible that he did not like it.

Well, and secondly, men do not always marry for love. They manage to get married for various reasons.

 why men marry ugly

The reasons why men marry

Oddly hate to admit it, but a substantial part of the representatives of a strong half of humanity does not consider love a weighty reason for marriage. Comforted by the fact that still a lot of our men willing to give themselves to ring only woman he loves. In general, they are hesitant to visit a registry office because:

  1. Seek harmony in the sexual sphere. And it concerns not only those who are in the free sex life is not enough, but those who have it a lot. The first want regular sex, the latter intend to him a little rest. Someone registers a marriage with a girl who before the wedding in any did not agree to the proximity. And someone, knowing that is already up to their ears full of intimacy, creates a family or a woman, too jaded short-term bonds, or one that relates to sex lukewarm. Frankly, in this case, men often regret their act. Because marriage often do not meet their expectations;
  2. Need a hostess in the house. This reason for marriage though as old as the world, yet is also relevant. Yes, today the shops packed with fast food. Yes, modern appliances greatly facilitates washing and cleaning processes. However, many bachelors hotties bothers to heat their own meals in the microwave and independently include a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner. So they begin to intensively look for one that will be engaged in it with pleasure. And women tend to pick up on two parameters: the magnitude of the economic and bust. Her interests and character are not taken into account;
  3. Be careful not to lose the woman and be alone. Indeed, this reason marriage is similar to a marriage of love. Such a marriage is submitted to the man, as the mutual commitments and caring for each other. But affection is more intertwined with fear and be useless. And it is possible that those who know about it the woman in time will begin to manipulate their spouse;
  4. She unexpectedly became pregnant. Quite a common cause of marriage, promises to be quite strong. Why is that? Because if a guy really took responsibility for the unborn child, then he has a serious attitude to the family and to his wife. And if the girl will appreciate, the couple has the potential to become one;
  5. All friends are already married and got children. This is the most banal and uninteresting reason for marriage. Well, that's how it should be, and that's it! For such a marriage by men choose any woman. By and large, they do not need no wife or future children. The main thing that life scenario consistent with the format of stereotypes. All are married - and I married! Mark became fathers - and I have become! By the way, this marriage - one of the answers to the question why men marry an ugly woman. Yes, because they are indifferent, attractive spouse or not! After feeling it was not originally assumed. Appeared during the life side by side - good. Will not - and so will come down;
  6. It takes money to promote their careers, citizenship, and so on. Yes, our representatives of the stronger sex enter into a marriage of no less than the fairer half of humanity. And maybe even more often. Since men, as we have said, we are prone to a thorough analysis of their actions and the preliminary assessment of their safety and benefits. And if then, and more doubtful, some individuals may refuse marriage even with a very desirable woman. Fortunately for us, it's not all bachelors. Nevertheless, the place to be. After all, why some men love and marry the other, not so rare? Because they understand that marriage is a favorite cause to abandon some benefits and goals. But such sacrifices are not capable of every person;
  7. Inferior to the woman's request. The young man simply bored unambiguous hints of parents and friends of the girls of the wedding and its harassment to the question: "When we go to apply? ". In the end, waving his hand at everything and mustered courage, he steps over the threshold of the Wedding Palace. Just think, marriage! Where we did not disappear! In the future, "our" and could not divide. Perhaps fearing liability and domestic problems, and vanished into thin air;
  8. They want to have children. Just a great reason to get married. For this marriage man usually chooses a girl, to which is the soul. After all, a man who wants to have a child is going to make his life happy. He is well aware that this is possible only if the parents respect and understanding. And picks for marriage is the one with which respect and understanding are achievable without much difficulty;
  9. Seek to make your life in something new. In this case, a man realizes that he has entered a period of stagnation. To move forward, you need a powerful stimulus. That incentive is marriage. Of course, getting married in this case on the first counter. To create the selected family, acquaintance with which has lasted more than one month;
  10. Yields to the desire of their parents. It so happens that my mother really wants to see his grandchildren and daughter saw each potential girlfriend's son. In the end, the young man bored partisan questioning of the relationship with the girl, talking about what is not good to be alone for a long time about how I want to have to nurse grandchildren. And he agrees to marry the young lady that more or less corresponds to the role of the future spouse;
  11. They need a caring mom. Such representatives of the stronger sex in childhood spoiled, teteshkali, protected from all the problems. Pampered, infantile, they are simply not able to without the help of women to organize their lives, even in small things. And, left alone, immediately rush to look for a nurse ready to take care of her husband and to decide all questions of their own household. Once podvorachivaetsja one that agrees to take everything in your hands, it leads immediately to the registrar;
  12. I wish to make a career. No, this is not the marriage of convenience. Many young people believe that family men significantly more likely to achieve successful promotion of the career ladder. Bosses tend to trust a married man, because he believes that he is more responsible and organized, than the idle. Allegedly, the men who have a family, do not sit out until the morning in bars and nightclubs and do not go into the bout when the service happen trouble. So eager are those for whom a career - the goal of life as quickly as possible to get his wife and children. This allows you to look and solid, and do not waste precious time on time sex partner.

And yet men marry out of curiosity, wanting to know what is marriage, for what look presentable next to his wife with a high social status, to have a number of "vest" ... In short, the motives for the marriage of a strong half as many . That's it, our dear women! We surpassed the stronger sex in the matter! The beautiful half of humanity that should be? She needs love, be welfare. Everything else will follow. No, she certainly can marry and unloved man - we, too, are not angels. But if it is not finished Mercantile bitch, then love will still be troubled.

Of course, there are a lot of boys who dream about it, too. And not only dream, but also find a favorite that reciprocates. Oh, how then is happy couple! It would seem that the natural ending of the relationship - the marriage. Alas ... the wedding, they end up not too often. And the man eventually marries another woman entirely. A marriage is an occasion for some of the above points. But for the romantic at heart this is nonsense! And for that, which was a love trouble.

What is the lie the reasons for this situation and whether it is somehow prevented? Perhaps, yes. And in many respects it depends on us women.

 why men love and marry some other

Why do men sometimes do not marry the woman he loves

It happens sometimes, so that we have long meet the beloved, and everything seems fine, but for some reason he does not make an offer. And do not even hint at the presence of such plans. And at the same time it behaves like on the ears in love with a man. The situation turns twofold. It seems to be companion of life - here it is, ready to come tearing along on the first call and help to solve any problem. And like it or not. Because there is no sense of the future changes, which appears in clear term design relationship. And we just do not understand what to do next.

No, well, how good it was to women before! Men looking for his chosen themselves and sought her hand. And now I will find someone with whom I would like to start a family, to meet him, meet, and did not wait offer. And then what comes to mind? Perhaps he is waiting for when podvernёtsya a suitable match, and powder our brains. But something leads itself as infinitely loving person! And we so want to marry a loved one responsible full reciprocity ... Maybe the gentleman slack from any other considerations? And from what? How do I know if he is silent?

Actually, the young person may be silent for various reasons. What he hopes to find a more appropriate party - of course, permissible. But it is a little hard to believe. Well, what a guy to spend time long meeting with her whom he does not see his future wife? Yes, and take care of her, and help solve problems, and show love! He Mercantile talent and plays a role in love with the one that in some way corresponds to their interests? Well, usually in these cases, the proposal does not pull. Although anything can happen, of course. But if this type we just were able to process without experiencing any feelings, it would be better if he goes home. Manipulate for their own benefit truly loving woman can only scoundrels.

Let scoundrels alone. Narvutsya and subchiki like a lady, which will turn them as it pleases. And we better think about why not call girl to the registrar when it is really like. Often the reason for this behavior Man is his indecision. Today's girls prefer to be like the Amazon, more like martial friends, rather than in need of protection lifemate. We have become more proactive and active. Such behavior is suppressed in men are the stronger sex and causes men to close in themselves. Needless to say that in this state the young man hardly dares to take the first step and will stubbornly insist to formalize relations with the girl, Amazon? Most likely, he will wait for the show enterprising lady.

The young lady is, convinced that to make an offer - male prerogative hopes in this matter on your beloved. And what happens? And what happens is that none of them did not speak about the journey to the registrar. Time passes, the WHO does not move, the relationship becoming tense, and then completely fall apart. A sad ending, is not it? But it could not happen! As soon as the girl to become more feminine and to allow open masculinity elect. Then the young man would have felt leading and not the slave. And he took the responsibility for the fate of the relationship.

In order to be near the beloved and reliable man, do not oppress its natural essence of the permanent display of independence and power. Yes, women today are able to cope with the many problems of their own. But why show it openly, then? Let elect believes that we need his initiative and patronage. Such men are most favorable position to create with him quite a happy family. Otherwise, we are doomed or marriages with inert and irresponsible people, or loneliness. So as to manifest a real woman! Well, what should we?

 Why men marry

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