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Women's beauty - an object of worship of poets and artists of all time. An important role in creating the image of an attractive woman playing well maintained and beautiful legs. However, often we do not pay them enough time. We are constantly caring for the face, body, hair, and that's about the legs, and even more so about the nails, and did forget. Often we do not even notice that we exfoliate toenails. This approach is completely wrong.

On the feet we spend most of the day. They take on a huge workload. Moreover, very few women can present themselves without heels. Often enough, we even wear comfortable shoes for themselves, justifying their actions well-known proverb: "Beauty requires sacrifice." But here comes the summer time from closed shoes, we go into open sandals - and what do we see? Rough skin of the feet, corns and often delaminated yellowed nails. How to be in this situation?

It is necessary to take urgent measures to rehabilitate beauty legs. Let not fully, but to what extent they will correct the situation. And to this problem did not arise in the future, it is better to learn the proper foot care and know the basic causes that can lead to a deterioration of their appearance. After taking care of the feet it is important not only for beauty but for health. A special attention should be paid to the issue of separation of nails with which many women face - someone less who - more often.

Many people think that nails exfoliate more often on the hands. Yes, indeed, we do everything hands during the day. Of particular cause harm to the skin and nails of various household chemicals. After all, by hook or cleaning dishes and faces almost every woman. However, delaminated toenails also quite common disease. There are many reasons for it. The state of toenails affected by both external factors and overall health.

 toenails exfoliate

Reasons bundle toenails

  1. Substandard cosmetics

    Most women paint toenails. But many feel that the need to buy for this purpose an expensive coat. So often we save on this cosmetics. And nail polish remover we buy mostly cheap. But such low-quality cosmetics has a detrimental impact on the nail plate. Do not spare money for expensive paints. Otherwise, you'll have to spend much more time and money to restore the toenails.

  2. Uncomfortable shoes close

    Very often, women buy shoes, guided in its choice of appearance. Seeing the store beautiful shoes in the color of your favorite clothes, we can be said to lose his head. Very few people in this situation is concerned, as far as it is convenient. Big deal, you might say, it is worth to suffer a couple of hours in cramped, but very beautiful shoes. However, it is worth considering to some unpleasant consequences can lead the couple of hours.

    This can lead to the fact that the nails will exfoliate. Choose only comfortable shoes in which your feet feel comfortable. It's the most important. In addition, choose not only comfortable, but also beautiful shoes is not a problem. Perhaps this will cost a pleasure and not very cheap. But is it worth risking health and beauty legs to save a couple of rubles?

  3. Nail Fungus - rather common disease that affects both men and women

    Fungus - very resistant parasite that infects all parts of the nail and a challenge to other nails and skin in case of improper maintenance and untimely treatment. It can detect with the naked eye. Nail plate changes color, becomes opaque. Nail fungus infection in the event can purchase gray, yellow and even a greenish tint. Over time, they are sealed and start to flake off. To combat the fungus on his feet is best to see a doctor - a specialist who will prescribe the necessary medication. At home, get rid of this problem is very difficult.

  4. Poor circulation in the lower extremities

    Circulatory failure may be due to many factors: varicose veins, sedentary lifestyle, etc. It can also lead to delamination of nails. For prevention it is recommended to do daily exercises for the feet. Do not be difficult, for example, to do this exercise. Pull the toes away from you, stay in this position for 15-20 seconds, socks, spread apart in hand - delay, pull over - delay. And so on. Well established in the struggle with inadequate circulation and rotational motion of the feet. You can also force to bend the toes, then straighten, repeating the exercise 15-20 times. Such exercises can be done at any time of the day sitting in the workplace or at home.

  5. As is the case with the nails on the hands, legs nails exfoliate at the wrong pruning and sawing

    It is very difficult to give any specific recommendations. It plays an important role in the shape of nails. But in any event, cutting the nails do not need to round them. Make straight cut, leaving at least 1 mm of the free edge. Regularly cut the toenails. Use this only for your personal instruments. They must be well sharpened and clean.

    To not sloilis nails, avoid using a metal nail file. This "irreplaceable helper" leaves on the nail surface a plurality of microparticles, which are the cause of further separation. Buy a ceramic or glass nail file with optimum abrasive. The thinner the nail plate, the smaller should be sprayed on the tool. In no case do not grind the damaged nails or pluck exfoliated slices. So you cause even greater harm to his marigolds.

  6. Diets and unbalanced diet

    Many women in recent years too keen on the diets. However, in the pursuit of harmony, many people forget that poor diet adversely affects the appearance. Especially dangerous are all sorts of express - and mono-diet. In this case, the body does not receive the required amount of vitamins and minerals.

A special role in maintaining the health and beauty of hair and nails plays protein. It is the building of the body tissue of the human body. Grade animal protein for humans must be at least 1-1, 5 g per kg of body weight. This trace mineral is contained in red meat, chicken, turkey, eggs. But the best source is oily sea fish: salmon, mackerel and trout.

Especially strongly undermines the health of nails lack of magnesium and calcium. And this is a very common problem, especially among the female population, which is the fans of various diets. Magnesium deficiency is seen in the majority of women, and he played an important role for the production of cell energy. Not enough magnesium - suffer the processes of cell growth, which depends on the condition of nails. The required daily rate of 300 milligrams of magnesium. And if you trim itself in power for any reason, the addition of magnesium to take the drug.

And do not forget about calcium. Everyone knows the role it plays in maintaining the health of hair and nails. However, it is these two trace elements not bring much benefit individually. Take them need to work together in a ratio of 2: 1. For the absorption of calcium and magnesium is also important the presence of vitamin D. However, keep in mind that too much zeal here to anything. Excessive amounts of calcium can lead to the opposite effect, and a negative impact on the state of the nail plate.

Deficit another important trace element in the human body, silicon also causes separation of the nail plate. To make the contents of the trace element, it is necessary to make in your diet green beans, lettuce, bananas, currants and parsley.

The bundle of nails sometimes "hint" that the body simply does not have enough iron. For women, the problem is particularly acute, as every month, we are losing a considerable part of the blood. To make up for iron deficiency in the body need to eat beef liver, lean meat, egg yolks, dried fruits, all kinds of beans and, of course, green. It is also recommended to take a decoction of dandelion, sorrel, and burdock.

To get the most effective results, you must use a specially designed set of vitamins and minerals. For example, a well established drug "Perfectil", which in addition to vitamins and minerals, contains the amino acid cysteine. It is specifically designed to compensate for a deficiency of microelements, prevent delamination of the nail plate, strengthen nails and give them food.

 Why exfoliate toenails

Treating the layer of nails

Few know why exfoliate nails. Sometimes the problem is not possible to avoid. In this case it is necessary to take urgent measures to restore the nail plate. There are different ways to treat the nails. So, which one to choose depends on the situation of neglect.

  1. Medical cosmetics

    Regularly strengthen damaged nails special cosmetics, creams and oils. They can easily be purchased at any pharmacy. Such cosmetics usually contain, panthenol, allatonin, liposomes, and other nutrients which accelerate the growth of the nail plate. Useful as cosmetics, which include proteins and vitamin C. These elements contribute to the resilience of the negative environmental impact.

  2. Massage

    Few people know that you can strengthen the exfoliating nails with the help of massage. Technique it is quite simple. Prepare a bath of sea salt. It can be used and oceanic but without aromatic supplementation. Why salt? And because it contains large amounts of iodine, which is beneficial for the state of the nail plate. A few minutes soak your feet in the bath, then massage the cuticle area nonrigid massage brush, on which a child or glycerine soap. This massage is recommended at least three times a week.

  3. Paraffin

    When the layer of nails greatly help such a procedure as paraffin, which can be carried out not only in the beauty salon, but also independently in the home.

    Technique paraffin consists of several stages. First of all, the foot must be prepared for the procedure. The surface of the skin, wash in cold water with soap and glycerin-based and apply disinfectant. The next step - just the procedure of paraffin.

    It consists of several steps. To perform the test at the beginning of the reaction of the skin in the paraffin. For this small amount of melted wax to put on an open area of ​​the skin. Once you're sure that this substance does not have a negative impact on the skin, start the procedure. Dip feet ankle-deep in the warm melted wax with regularity in 10 seconds 3 - 5 times. Thus, on your feet consolidates several layers of wax. Wait a couple of minutes. When the wax becomes solid and forms on the feet and nails of the crust, put a foot on the plastic bags. But that is not all.

    On top, wear warm socks and more. In this state, you need to keep your feet about half an hour. Then remove the socks and bags, carefully remove the layer of wax and grease nails and skin firming cosmetic products. To improve the effect of gently massage the cuticle area. Paraffin can be used several times. If the technology of the procedure seems too complex, please refer to a specialist in a beauty salon.

  4. Packs and masks

    Ingredients for compresses and masks can be purchased at any cosmetic store or pharmacy. Reasonably good way to restore the nail plate can be prepared independently. Mix 70 grams of water, 25 grams of glycerol, and 5 grams of alum. The resulting composition, moisten a cloth and apply to damaged nails, the top cover with plastic wrap and put on socks. Such leave a compress on your feet for 30 - 40 minutes.

    It is useful to put on nails olive oil, wear cotton socks and so go to sleep. This simple recommendation will not help cure exfoliating nails. However, it will be a good preventive measure.

  5. Sealing

    In order to strengthen the nail plate popular this procedure as "sealing" which is the layering of drugs containing essential trace elements and vitamins. Most of the means for sealing includes a so-called "crystal material", an indispensable tool in the fight against exfoliate nails. Treatment components are rubbed into the nail plate in a special way and stay there for two weeks. On top of the protective coating is applied, and, at the request of the client, a decorative lacquer.

Carefully follow the condition of their feet and nails, and the appearance of even the slightest minor problems immediately take action. The problem of stratified nails must begin to fight the disease at an early stage. Otherwise, you will be hard to get rid of it.

 Why exfoliate toenails: how to deal with this problem?