teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide


  • How to whiten
  • How does hydrogen peroxide
  • When you can not use hydrogen peroxide
  • Beauty requires sacrifice

Hydrogen peroxide - a drug which is available in each home. It is often used for the treatment of wounds. Any scratches, abrasions and even major injuries should be cleaned with peroxide - to wash the dirt directly from the lesion. But it turns out, hydrogen peroxide can also be used for whitening teeth. There is a proven method to try out many people.

How to whiten

Note that the hydrogen peroxide in pure form to whiten teeth can not - should make the solution. Breeding a fluid every time you need to rinse and store ready solution for several days. It should be just remember the proportions: 30 grams of warm water (a small pile) 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. All - a miraculous solution is ready, you can start the procedures. Doctors advise to rinse your mouth with a solution of peroxide twice a day - morning and evening. Stronger solution should not do - no tangible benefits it will bring, but you can burn the gums.

If you spend a hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is not the first time, you can simply dip a cotton swab in the pharmaceutical preparation solution (not diluted by yourself) and just hold them in the teeth. In no case can not swallow the liquid! This method gives the effect almost instantly - white smile is guaranteed. But we must take into account the fact that the use of hydrogen peroxide detrimental effect on the composition of dental enamel. That is why you should know the features of this bleaching process.

 whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

How does hydrogen peroxide

Plaque on the teeth appear because of the frequent use of coffee, tea and smoking - is known to all. But that's not everyone is willing to give a cup of fragrant drink a strong cigarette. Plaque using hydrogen peroxide is removed through a chemical reaction. Peroxide penetrates the enamel and begins to corrode. The result is the rapid thinning of the layer of enamel, can and do lose it - it will lead to serious problems.

For you must choose the best teeth whitening methods sparing. We must remember that the goal is simply white smile, but not destroyed to the roots of the teeth. It seems at first that the bleaching with hydrogen peroxide - a universal method. In fact, occur invisible tooth decay, and over time can be short of more pieces.

In addition, there is a danger that the peroxide falls on the gums - it can cause burns and even the appearance of sores. By the way, if you have a high sensitivity, then this method will not work, too - during the procedure is unbearable pain. So what should take care of oneself and to avoid possible unpleasant consequences.

The most ideal option - consult a dentist. Firstly, professional immediately identify any problems with your teeth and may prescribe the necessary treatment. Secondly, the procedure for teeth whitening laser or ultrasound will also yield great results - and then it will be necessary just to support them. Well, and, thirdly, on sale there are several types of whitening toothpastes, which are available as part of the hydrogen peroxide - the dentist will advise them. It is also possible to buy special carbolic gels which may whiten teeth practically harmless for the enamel, although the presence of hydrogen peroxide in the composition.

When you can not use hydrogen peroxide

The oral cavity - a paradise for germs and bacteria. That is why all the doctors strongly advised to regularly visit dentists and timely compliance. If your smile is impossible without bleaching the enamel, you must first go to a specialist and consult.

Of course, now sold in the market as many different mouthwashes that difficult to choose. And most importantly, advertising promises fun for practically pennies whiten all teeth. So, it should be understood that in their zeal to beauty can unwittingly harm their health. For example, if you have gum disease or oral mucosa in any case can not be used with hydrogen peroxide - have enough money that you can replace it.

In addition, if you are prone to diseases of the stomach or intestines, there are problems with the esophagus, hydrogen peroxide is also banned. Today, various whitening methods available: special strips, caps, gels, toothpastes and professional, laser and ultrasonic whitening, tartar removal. From such a variety certainly is possible to choose the appropriate method for you.

 How to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide

Beauty requires sacrifice

If you still have started the process of home bleaching, do not forget about preventive measures:

  • Do not abuse of all known methods of bleaching - choose one thing;
  • Timely dentist - that you protect yourself from disease;
  • Not worth the risk and experiment with your teeth - let whitening goes smoothly and gradually.

Beauty requires constant attention and support. Yes, and favorite habits will have to sacrifice. Dentists say that the teeth whitening peroxide support white smile briefly, for better results, give up smoking and coffee - at least.

Hard? Of course! But no one has ever promised that beauty appears and restores at the click of the fingers - so I have to try. But, in fairness, it should be noted - nothing is impossible. Competent approach always guarantee a perfect result!

 Whitening with hydrogen peroxide. But will it work?

 how to choose the appliance


  • "Gadgets" from which have right to refuse
  • What to look for when buying
  • Caring for appliances correctly

A good, quality equipment in our time by default can not be cheap. It is unlikely that a manufacturer will operate at a loss, selling epilator super powerful three-speed for five hundred rubles. But what happens to girls who can not afford to spend three or four thousand of this miracle of technology?

You should not give up and buy the first available option, hoping for a lucky break. It is necessary to carefully study the characteristics of a low-cost devices and choose not fashionable, powerful device with a bunch of attachments, and the usual epilator.

Most of the supplements can be replaced by improvised means (tweezers, cold compress, etc.), not overpaying for what you do not useful at all. By the way, an important role in price formation plays a brand, that is the brand. The company is famous and popular, the more expensive its production.

"Gadgets" from which have right to refuse

Going to the store to shop, think about what you actually need. You want to do just hair removal on the legs or want to remove the vegetation in the bikini area, underarms, face? Based on this, you can delete from the list of prospective expensive models, the functions that you will not really enjoy.

  • Massage the head

To reduce pain and calm down the skin before the procedure can be treated, for example, a special vibrating nozzle. Producers promise that after the application of this device, you can even remove the vegetation in the armpits. But as they say, you need to pay for the convenience. This epilator is ten percent or fifteen more. But whether it will be as effective as stated in the advertisement, it is in your case - no one knows.

  • Nozzle for peeling

It is necessary to ensure that after two or three weeks after depilating on the treated site were not ingrown hairs. However, you can do the peeling and independently, using a home-cooked cream, or using a scrub from the store. Making such a procedure should be the day before the "X" to remove the dead skin particles of skin that just hinder climb rod through the barrier.

  • The cooling nozzle

A small container filled with water and placed in an hour and a half before the procedure in the refrigerator, then it is put on the appliance. So you both freeze skin and plucking hairs. Whether or not to tip like you - it depends on what your threshold.

  • The cooling glove

This - a small bag with the liquid (gel) inside. His pre-placed in the freezer to the contents frozen. Before epilating, this device is pressed against the treatment portion, it is allowed to cool inflamed skin after the procedure. Replace gloves can be a conventional cooling with ice, roll up in a piece of gauze or cloth.

  • Elegant design handles

Of course, a comfortable, smooth rubberized grip that will not slip during work - it well. But if you want to save up to thirty percent of their budget, it is better to choose a simpler model. Perhaps this epilator are not painted with flowers and hearts, and be pure white, but the beauty in your case - is not the most important thing.

  • Waterproof case

Such priborchiki can be used without departing from the shower. With this you can not be afraid that it gets wet and breaks due to excessive moisture. The softened after hot water is less sensitive skin and hair much faster, easier and less painfully removed from the surface of the body. The only negative - it's very expensive. By purchasing a conventional epilator, you can resort to the same tricks used by modern women - before the procedure to make hot compresses of herbal concoctions.

  • Trimmer

A very useful thing for those who are keen on Trimmed. With this device you can cut and not tweeze hairs. If you do not intend to use the appliance in the bikini area, use of the trimmer will not be any. They also conveniently cut eyebrow, to give them the desired shape, but it can be done using ordinary scissors.

  • Backlighting

Its presence is certainly very important for the ladies who like to do hair removal in remote places, and even in the evening hours. But for those who have limited finances, such addition is not as important as, for example, limiting the capture of hairs.

  • Reduced noise

Most of these devices is very loud buzzing that causes discomfort to some doubtful especially girls. Sometimes, the fair sex because of this, even afraid to use the appliance, but the quality of work loud sounds absolutely no effect. By the way, choose the model can be virtually silent even in the mid-priced devices.

 how to choose the appliance

What to look for when buying

So, you have decided, without which it can easily do without, and which can be replaced Soup improvised means. But the question of what is still the appliance should choose, is still open. The next thing you should do - is to study the technical characteristics, parameters and indicators of the unit.

  • Speed

The first is to remove weak, thin hairs on sensitive skin areas (armpits, in the bikini area, on tracks and hands). The second can be processed only vegetation in a more rigid body, or shaft will break off and not plucking. Thus, no matter how cheap and simple would not be the machine, the speed should be two. But, of course, the more the better. Nowadays, you can buy the appliance and triple power, but such trends are not all afford.

  • Manufacturer's and build quality

Of course, no matter how wonderful the appliance was not, do not take it if on this brand even on the Internet is nothing written. In the market of household appliances are so many low-quality fakes that break on the second or third use. Read reviews, ask the opinion of vendors, be sure to find out how long the guarantee is given, etc.

  • Cost

Do not buy an expensive epilator is only due to the fact that it has produced a well-known manufacturer. The more often advertise a product, the more it margin - about this you should know before going to the store. By the way, in most retail establishments products with a high value placed on the face level buyers and decorated with bright and beautiful price tag. So be sure to inspect all the shelves and compare performance.

But too much is not worth saving, buying the same move in the appliance at a discount. In most cases, such equipment is either defective or those brought in illegally. In any case, repair and return it to be. Choose a quality thing, overpaid one-two hundred rubles, and it will last for years.

  • Lanyard

The important role played by the length and thickness of the cord. The first indicator affects whether you will be comfortable using the device. Agree thirty centimeters and a meter - a big difference. As for the second option, then too thin wiring can burn out very quickly. Therefore it is better to choose the model that inspires greater confidence.

By the way, to see what you got epilator - Chinese, say, or made in Korea, just look at the plug. Last connects easily to the usual European power sockets, and the first will require an adapter, which must be packaged.

  • Electrical power

If you are constantly traveling and plan to take the road in the appliance, then take care of that, so he could work on battery. It is very convenient, because you do not have to carry a still charging. One thing to clarify - this time. Cheap models in standalone mode for a long time do not work, they have to be constantly recharged. Therefore it is better to choose one that you can always connect to a power outlet. For home use is enough to get the device, which only works on your network.

  • condition

Choosing the appliance, attention is its appearance. Inspect body for cracks, scratches and other defects. Such lesions indicate either improper transportation and storage, or the low quality of the material that goes bad almost by touch. Check is firmly bonded seams, not whether they crackle when you click on the device.

 how to choose the correct epilator

Caring for appliances correctly

Select the appliance - not so bad, for him to even be able to treat. To extend the life of your appliance, do not forget to clean it after each use. Before the procedure is the head with tweezers cleaned with alcohol or antiseptic, not to carry infection. Nozzles should be washed under running water, if, of course, they are removable. Otherwise they may start to breed bacteria and fungus.

Keep the appliance should be in the bag or box, and the cord does not have to bend or confused. It is better to choose a cover made of soft, dense and opaque matter. And never, under any circumstances let anyone use the device. Remember once and for all, he is the subject of personal hygiene, like a hairbrush or toothbrush.

Thus, following the above rules, you will be able to purchase quality equipment, which will benefit more than one year. And in the future, if there was a desire to make a specialty store, or additional tips when it comes time to buy a more expensive device.

 How to choose the appliance if the price of "bite"

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