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  • Most antibiotics for cystitis
  • Some features monodoznoy antibiotic therapy
  • More about furadonin
  • The main types of antibiotics

Perhaps every woman knows what cystitis, because faced with this problem at least once in life. It is clear why the search for effective drugs that can prevent recurrence of the disease - is the most important tasks to be solved by the best scientists in the world. Since this disease is almost always begins due to a bacterial infection, there is a natural question: what kind of antibiotics in cystitis most effective?
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Most antibiotics for cystitis

The main species of bacteria that cause cystitis are E.Coli (approximately 95% of cases). But recent studies have shown that more than 50% used drugs are ineffective against various types of E. coli due to the mutation of bacteria and increases its resistance.

Scientists have discovered that 31-51% E.Coli strains resistant to ampicillin, and 14-35% are resistant to cotrimoxazole, although more recently these drugs are considered fundamental in the treatment of these bacteria.

It was possible to find a positive thing, which became the basis for further research and create the most effective drugs: E.Coli almost resistant to fosfomycin. On the basis of the substance produced antibiotics aimed at treatment of cystitis, a new generation.

For a long time considered the best fluoroquinolone drugs, but due to the frequent and inappropriate use of the sensitivity of bacteria to them dropped. Importantly, the treatment of chronic cystitis with antibiotics is ineffective, and they are used only in exacerbations. The appearance of symptoms of cystitis suggests a weak immune system, and the use of strong medication only further inhibits the body. As a result, it becomes more difficult to fight infection and after bouts of acute cystitis will appear frequent and painful.
But speaking of the medication, it is important to learn a few facts:

  • in acute exacerbation of cystitis occurs on the background of lowering the protective functions of the body and, therefore, can occur equally often in winter and summer;
  • no folk remedies and herbal medicines can not cope with a bacterial infection, it can only mask the symptoms and relapse occur after illness. For example, the girl drank infusions of medicinal herbs for acute cystitis and muffle the symptoms, but the disease is not passed, and moved into a chronic form;
  • Antibiotics should be chosen carefully to children
  • taking any medicine against cystitis, it is advisable to drink plenty of fluids

 effective antibiotics for the treatment of cystitis

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Some features monodoznoy antibiotic therapy

This therapy is carried out one-time admission Monural - preparation of a new generation. A large concentration of fosfomycin, which is the curing agent of the drug is in the body for 1-2 days, accumulating in the bladder.

It is this happening hundred percent destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, and completely lacking a negative impact on flora. Furthermore, there are no side reactions. When the treatment does not develop photodermatosis that occurs in the use of fluoroquinolones. Treatment Monuralom preferable, and antibiotics that are more long-term effects, have no benefits. It is recommended to drink more fluids, well treating bladder infection cranberry juice.
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More about furadonin

In recent years, treatment of each disease based on the recommendations - this is strictly valid conclusions from experts in a particular field and specific tips on using drugs and other treatments. All recommendations on the treatment of cystitis in the past year highlighted: for the reason that patients often find themselves engaged in treatment of the disease with antibiotics, there was a problem on a national scale. Germs that cause disease become resistant to these drugs, and then to deal with them has become much more difficult. In various parts of the country carried out the study and after it is concluded that the drug, which was used only 5 years ago, now does not treat the illness as effectively as before.

This disease starts after the bladder reach the microorganisms living in the intestine. Often it is E. coli, but can occur and other pathogens. If the digestive tract these germs are not harmful, here they cause pain, inflammation, impaired urination. Certainly it is necessary to treat chronic cystitis is antibiotics - only this group of drugs can eliminate the harmful bacteria. Herbal cure cystitis is that no one has.

Appropriate to be tested for urine culture to identify the pathogen, and then to find out which antibiotic fatal to the microorganism found. After that, on the basis of the doctor would be able to assign more accurate lechenie.No in reality this is not possible, as the anesthetic takes very painful, and inflammation can go directly to the kidney, so the treatment should be started immediately, and the result of analysis can not be obtained earlier than 1 week. Treatment of chronic cystitis with antibiotics prescribed without analyzes. One of the drugs used - furadonin.

Studies have shown that a chronic cystitis furadonin still relevant - it can cope with E. coli, the most common cause of chronic cystitis. But there are nuances - other bacteria that are parasitic in the intestine and cause disease in 5-7% of cases, very rarely susceptible to the drug. Predict the outcome of the treatment, no one can. Drink the medicine must be in accordance with the recipe.

Plus application furadonin - its low price. Accepted need 4 times a day, which is likely, it is inconvenient, especially when you consider that a breach of the interval between taking the drug leads to a decrease in efficiency. Alternatively, it may be advisable to drink any other anti-inflammatory drugs which contain the same substance (nitrofurantoin), but in the form of macrocrystals, are released very slowly, which means that the actions of one dose lasts for many hours.

Applying furadonin cystitis, it is important to drink fluids in large quantities, so the effect of the drug was the most maximum. It is believed that the drug sometimes poorly tolerated, causing indigestion and nausea. This statement applies to every antibiotic.

Consider Furagin. Drink it must be for 7-14 days prescribed by a doctor, and after passing the examination. This drug belongs to the group of antibiotics, which contains and furadonin, but not as efficiently. Experts advise to use Furagin only when the analysis was performed on urine culture and found that Cystitis is caused by the agent, which has no resistance to it. Only in this case Furagin successfully treat the disease. In other cases, take the medicine has no meaning, it can only worsen the course of the disease. The downside furagin purpose is that the drug does not kill the bacteria, but only stops their growth and reproduction. It is recommended to take other anti-inflammatory drugs.

 fast-acting antibiotics for cystitis
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The main types of antibiotics

Cystitis is treated 5 kinds of antibiotics. Each has its influence on the disease-causing bacteria. It is best to consider each of them in detail.

Penicillin - a group of antibiotics has a bactericidal effect and are considered highly effective because the bacteria influence in the process of their reproduction. Substances such as amoxicillin, cefaclor, cephalexin, ampicillin, dicloxacillin and easily penetrate the cell, exposed to the pathogen. In use, this group of antibiotics in microbial resistance develops very slowly. But these drugs are well tolerated even with prolonged use, because they have a low level of toxicity.

By sulfa drugs group includes: sulfamethizole and sulfamethoxazole. They are well absorbed in the walls of the stomach and intestines, providing a bacteriostatic effect on the body and stopping the reproduction and growth of bacteria.

Formulations tetracycline, minocycline and doxycycline - bacteriostatic agents that suppress many bacteria. Some pathogens are resistant to these drugs, so it is worth to take into account this fact, before embarking on treatment.

Erythromycin - a bacteriostatic antibiotic that destroys bacteria. This drink preparation is necessary not only for chronic cystitis, but also for prophylaxis. Erythromycin therapy is indicated for people with an allergy to penicillin.

This drug has an antiseptic effect in infectious diseases of the urinary system. Nitrofurantoin treats the body from microbes.

Cystitis to treatment with antibiotics was effective, the patient must pass tests which indicate the degree of susceptibility to specific pathogens certain drugs.   Treatment is carried out courses that are determined by the physician, based on studies and analyzes of health of the patient. In the acute form to treat the patient need a course of therapy. Antibiotics in pregnant women and the elderly are used under the supervision of a gynecologist. In the presence of risk is likely to increase the duration of antibiotic treatment. There is nothing worse than a chronic cystitis. It is desirable to treat diseases at once. And the treatment is necessary to drink plenty of fluids.

 Which antibiotics are effective in the treatment of cystitis?