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Mixer - is not just a device for mixing hot and cold water. Today the subject plumbing has become perhaps the most important element of bathroom design, part of the style. Some models, thanks to developments iconic design groups, give this room a chic and sophistication. But that's not the point. Modern faucets have become the embodiment of functionality, efficiency and ergonomics.

Choose the product you need is not so simple. The range is very wide: virtually every manufacturer, and their lot in this area, offers its customers several collections. However, to select which mixer bath better, not an easy task. And we hope that our review will help you in this.

The focus of our attention today novelty design series of well-known companies. It can be said for the bathroom faucets category of "haute couture". Under exclusive mixers is particularly acute change in trend, since their development involves creative individuals. But first, sort out the structural features of different mixers.

 What better to buy a mixer

The triumph of ergonomics

Famous designer Antonio Gaudi, developing a model of clay vyleplival handle faucets, trying to mimic the movement of the hand. So he tried to find an absolutely convenient form. This story has become a legend, but the requirements for ergonomics since only increase. The main principle of modern mixer was the ease of use. A good product must not only bring us a great look, but also to bribe ease of use.

Modern bathroom taps are divided into two groups - single lever and double lever. The two-lever faucets for hot and cold water taps are separate with their arms. The most traditional form of them was the "cross" of the two valves. These mixers regulate water pressure is accomplished by loosening and tightening the handles. Locking provides a rubber pad that covers the hole. Efficient and easy! If it were not for one thing: lining wear out quickly.

Manufacturers have found out how to solve this problem. They replaced the rubber gasket ceramic plates. These plates are virtually no wear. In addition, they significantly reduce the noise of the water. There is another plus. To fully open or close the faucet need only rotate a quarter turn valve. All is good, but the plates are afraid of contaminants in tap water. To get rid of them, it is necessary to put a filter.

"Crosses" fits well into the interior of the bathroom, decorated in a classic style. They become like a manifestation of nostalgia for a past age. For more resemblance to the originals, some designers crossbar retro copy decorate shiny balls on the ends and in the center of the crane mounted enamelled Inscription «cold» and «hot». The "cross", made in a modern style, the bar lines, without frills decorating. In some products in general instead of valves mounted levers that rotate in a plane. Carefully designed verge knob stands out comfort grip.

The single-lever mixers, all functions are performed by a single lever. This idea was put forward the American company Delta Faucet, which in the fifties introduced such models into production. The lever is integral with the movable end of the mixer. The ease with which you can create the desired temperature, adjust the flow and quickly cover it, provided these products worldwide success and recognition.

The mixer can be easily controlled with your finger, and then the edge of the palm or the back side. Different firms have modified this model. Today, for example, mixers are available with a very long handle, which can turn the movement of the elbow.

The first single-lever faucets were balls. Hot and cold water entering the mixer, which was a hollow ball made of stainless steel. From there, after a valve came out warm water. Such models can be found even today among the collections of some firms. But more popular mixers with a shutoff valve which is configured as a replaceable cartridge. There are two ceramic plates with holes. By turning the handle plates themselves are moved relative to each other, the opening match, and hot and cold water to get inside. There it is mixed, and then enters the faucet. This design can withstand pressure of up to eight atmospheres. She is very reliable and durable.

In the nineties, it was designed a revolutionary line of mixers. In these mixers abandoned completion movable body, leaving a small opening in part of a monolithic structure. This hole grows thin rod made of metal. The prototype of such a crane was the usual column. The idea quickly picked up and disseminated by other companies.

A special category here - it's thermostatic taps. They are equipped with two handles, one of which regulates the pressure, and the second is made scale. She set the desired temperature, which is controlled by a sensor. Thermocouple located inside the housing, controls as soon as the water gets a little hotter or colder than it changes the flow ratio, thereby recovering his balance. Thermostats are characterized in that even if the water pressure is decreased, they maintain the desired temperature. Here a special safety button to protect against burns.

There are also so-called touch mixers, which include water sensors themselves when a person brings to the crane arm (infrared sensor reacts to movement). The material for the manufacture of mixers is mainly brass. The basis of ceramic cartridge - sealing valve plate - made of aluminum oxide, which is characterized by high wear resistance. Spherical knobs and fasteners made of stainless steel. The housings for the mixer can be made of plastic.

External parts for corrosion protection of nickel and then covered with a matt or shiny chrome, color or white enamel and even gold and platinum. Some companies are experimenting with patina. In their arsenal there are shades of "old gold", "old silver", "oxidized copper" and "oxidized brass." When decorating pens used glass, wood, crystal, marble, malachite, onyx and even precious stones.

If you are interested faucets for the bathroom, which is better, then we must admit that the Germans are in the lead. Trendsetter in this area are considered to be the German plumbing giants like KLUDI, GROHE, JADO, DORNBRACHT, JOERGER, HANSGROHE, HANSA.

The second place is firmly occupied by the Italians. And here are leading small factories. In the list of family firms NEWFORM, VISENTIN, NAUTICA, FRATELLI ROSSI, GESSI and others. Then the baton to continue the Scandinavian company and the French company. It is impossible to clearly advise what is best to buy a mixer. It all depends on your personal preferences, and the rating firms, we have outlined to you.

 faucets for the bathroom which is better

Group brilliant

GROHE Company has adopted the slogan: either you control the water, or it controls you! By developing a new technology, it has made single-lever faucets that work with incredible smoothness that provides lubricating Teflon coating. You will enjoy a stylish design mixers, the variety that is very widely. There is a model for minimalist bathroom, there is a model characterized by sporty design.

Faucets firm HANSGROHE striking beauty products. They are designed under the motto "more water, more quality, great design." The smooth clean lines, chrome faucet still clear geometry base and complemented harmoniously completed faces and profiles of the model. The water flows out of the dense flow mixers, recalling natural waterfall.

Other models combine simple shapes with retro elements: cross head handles and filigree inlays of ceramic. For analogy with the past and create the effect of authenticity used polished or polished nickel plated.

JADO Company produces models that adorn the collection of sanitary ware. At the end of the last century it has developed and released its most renowned product - mixer in the form of "golden" Swan, who is still a cult chip plumbing for many aesthetes. Details of the company are forged from brass and not cast.

Futurist mixers from HANSA received prestigious awards from design centers. The operation of this mixer like the real show: the jet of water comes from the depths, flows through the glass tab with lighting and falls freely into the bathroom. Transparent mixer allows visible color change depending on the water temperature - from blue to red. Management mixer made touch-sensitive buttons.

But this is not the only model, which received prizes. Another mixer of this manufacturer is called the most sensual, pronounced in the glass and chrome. The water flowing out of it is already approaching the touch sensor palms.

Can long list exclusive models and surprised them. In ordinary life, such faucets for the bathroom very few people come in handy. But all of these companies produce high quality functional faucets for the bathroom, from which you are sure to choose the model that will serve you for years, because these mixers are reliable.

 What better bathroom faucet: a parade of effects

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