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All the festivals and rituals are usually filled with all kinds of signs, traditions and superstitions. This is especially true of weddings. Why such a fuss? It's simple - an event that takes place in a person's life once (well, ideally). That is why it high expectations and, therefore, increases the importance of this festival just to the skies. After going to tie the knot, and the man and the woman I am sure that this is forever. In any case, it is this hope.

The bride, groom and their numerous relatives and friends is always very afraid of what a holiday can not take place and are trying to create conditions for this did not happen. Prepared absolutely everything, not being afraid to accept help and tips from supernatural forces.

For this reason, everything - even the most insignificant things - become paramount. Starting from the changeable weather outside, the bride's dress and groom's suit, dress guests and ending gifts to newlyweds and instruments on the table. Will there are so many, and many of them, oddly enough, come true. Of course, this is probably just a coincidence, but still. So we suggest you familiarize yourself with the main ones. As they say, you never know? If you know at least a few signs, wedding chores will be easier.

Just do not rely too heavily on the signs, because they are far from this prediction, divination, or at least, the horoscope. It's kind of signs that say about the possibilities, but not givens. It is foolish to make a tragedy out of the fact that some kind of sign to be not in your favor, because it is man - architect of his own happiness. So think of all of the following information with a certain sense of humor. As you know, smile adorns any person, and the laughter prolongs life at all.

I believe all the signs and the possible signs should be cautiously, not taking for granted everything. Too much at all believing, you program yourself and the events connected with you, and therefore can attract both luck and negative. Dropping the ring in the registry office you probably scared, because this is a sure sign of a fragile marriage.

Reassure yourself that it could be an ordinary accident or excitement. It can not be a sign of higher powers. If you start whining and moaning, your spouse exactly run away home. Better to concentrate on the signs, which promise positive and happiness. Incidentally, in fairness it should be mentioned that the most susceptible to various signs are just the fair sex. Men often dismiss them, believing stupid prejudices.

Your narrowed same? Nothing wrong with that. Do not want to believe - let them not believe. And you did not bother him too much, unless, of course, do not want to quarrel to the nines on the eve of the wedding. Just do everything the way you want - in fact in most cases, all the wedding chores fall on the shoulders of women and men are not specifically delve into the nuances.

 Wedding signs

Signs associated with clothes

Almost all of the principal amount of wedding will somehow connected with clothing newlyweds. Therefore, if you are superstitious, pay attention to this nuance in preparation for the wedding. Moreover, it is best to do this in advance, so as not to rush to find the right item to you at the last moment. Believe me, the wedding day of trouble and cause for concern and it will be very much.

  • Shoes groom

With the shoes of the groom is related to at least five wedding will take. The first sign says that the groom on the wedding day must put a coin in the right shoe. And the more the dignity of the coin is, the better. This is done to ensure that young people do not need the money. This coin subsequently becomes a family heirloom and must be stored carefully. Ideally, the coin must then be passed by inheritance - his eldest son on the wedding day. If the son is not, the grandson or great-grandson of the elder - girls, this coin is not transmitted by inheritance. It is better to use the new coin to a young family and there was his first family heirloom.

In addition, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of the groom's shoes. In the summer, this is easier, but in the mud will not be easy. But in spite of everything - it is necessary. People sign says that only in the event that throughout the wedding shoes of the young will be clean, then the relationship between the young will be the same - clean and transparent. And hurry to please the witness - an honorable mission monitoring the purity of the bride shoe rests on him. As, however, and the state of the groom in general.

Before the registrar's office, entering the house of the bride, the groom must take off our shoes. It would seem that it is quite natural, but in the confusion of the wedding tend to forget all about it. This simple action, according to national signs, ensures comfort and cleanliness in the house. Agree that this is an integral part of family happiness, so take off our shoes - not such a big price, agree. So be sure to ask the groom to be undressed.

Wedding - this is the beginning of a new, family, life. And in order for it to be cloudless and it has not penetrated the problems of the past, premarital, a man's life, it is important that the man was new shoes. Therefore, even if much extra money you do not have new shoes still worth to buy, even if not too expensive. In the end, then you will be able to wear them.

And finally, the last sign, associated with male shoes, says that in the first wedding night shoes should stand near the head of the conjugal bed. This ensures good male potency over long years. A sign of this rather old and proven by many men.

  • Protection from the evil eye

Wedding - a very happy event. But, alas, what a joy to some people - for the other no more than an occasion for envy. Even the good and the so-called "white". Therefore, at the wedding of the young must necessarily protect against the evil eye - talking about it, many people's wedding signs. The bride and groom can to fix this head down the safety pin. The groom in a place where boutonniere and bride on the hem, inside the dress. Pinned necessary so that the pin was not visible. It is much more important than all the other signs of the wedding together.

  • Clothing bride

The bride on the wedding day, except for gloves, veils, underwear and stockings should always be something new and something to wear, with "someone else's shoulder" - this will help the young wife to buy your experience of family life, taking advantage of other people's mistakes. Not such a bad prospect. Why fill the cones? After all, it is in most cases very painful.

On the hem of a wedding dress or some other place that is not visible to the eye, it is necessary to make a few stitches blue thread. This helps the evil eye and zavistnits, whom certainly among female guests will be plenty. And the worst of women's envy, probably nothing. And the strongest negative.

At the feet of the bride should be the only shoes, not sandals. Toe and heel must always be closed, otherwise the flow away from the house of happiness. And from a practical point of view it is very reasonable - a day spent on the feet, is a serious challenge. A closed shoes and leg locks better (less pressure), and eliminates churning delicate female fingers and heels. So many folk wedding signs are very, very reasonable.

The bride should not see themselves in the mirror is fully dressed for the wedding prior to the registration of marriage in the registry office or a wedding in a church. If the bride in a wedding dress have looked in the mirror - it expects small troubles. If you really really have to look at yourself in the mirror, then remove the gloves and veil. When the bride leaves the house to check on it, or the wedding is to be sure the veil from the evil eye. Fold it can only be when the bride will go to church or to the registrar - this repeat all the popular wedding signs of different cultures.

Parents should ensure that the wedding day of one of the foreign guests are not corrected or young clothes. The bride to be this dress. If she wears a corset with a skirt, then life would be separate. In no case do not wear a wedding dress over legs - the whole family life will go awry.

To avoid trouble in the life of the young, the groom can not see the bride's wedding dress before the wedding. And especially the very bride in this dress! If the groom still see the wedding dress before the wedding, or painting, the wedding can not take place. To counteract this effect, buy a new wedding accessories - for example, change gloves.

After the wedding, to sell a wedding dress is not worth it - and in fact often practiced. To the marriage has not broken up, bride must be kept for life. His wedding dress should not be given to anyone to measure even after the wedding, no girlfriends, no sisters. The only exception - it is your daughter, who can wear a dress to the wedding. And then only on the condition that if your family life was happy and serene.

By the way, if you want your married life lasted for years, then your dress should not be above the knees. The dress is longer, the longer you will live together. Not for nothing that has long wedding dresses were long "on the floor". Try during the wedding not to tear the wedding dress, otherwise you will not develop relations with her mother in law.

It is not necessary to give preference wedding shoes with high heels. Broken heel on the shoe of the bride and family life can "limp." And from a practical point of view, the high heel is not very practical - you remember that you have to spend on his feet more than one hour at a time. A nice and elegant shoes is low heels, if not on a flat sole.

Incidentally, the shoes you wear to the wedding, do not have to be new. Old shoes on a bride - a fortune in family life. Therefore, a few days before the wedding, take your brand new shoes and walk in them.

  • Wedding rings

When the bride and groom change rings three times in the church need to be especially vigilant. They are easy to drop. The groom's finger more than the bride, and his ring in the exchange may slip with a thin finger of the bride. Folk superstition says that the ring that had fallen during the ceremony of betrothal, promise quick breakdown of the marriage.

 Wedding signs by month

Day wedding

So, the bride must cry a lot on your bachelorette party and just before the wedding. Proverb, the origin of which has long been known, says: "Do not weep at the table - you will cry for the column (in marriage)." But beyond that, it must take into account the date on which the scheduled wedding.

  • Snow and rain - a great happiness.
  • To conduct a wedding ceremony on the day an angel - bodes misfortune.

To marry and to marry:

  • Monday - a lot of money;
  • Tuesday - the health of all family members;
  • environment - a happy day for the wedding;
  • Thursday - the difficulties and vicissitudes in the life of the future of the family;
  • Friday - better not to marry.

Strong, gusty winds accompany the wedding day - the coming life of a young family would be "windy."

Traditions, rituals, and signs have undergone significant changes over time. Time passed and I superstitions and omens. Some fell away as useless, and to replace them immediately appeared a few new. For example, in 1912 in the publication of "Ladies' World" published an interesting predictions related to the selection of the month for weddings. It may be planning your wedding, you should look at this summary of the month?

  • -Article Widow early January.
  • February - harmony and peace with her husband in the house.
  • March - did not live with her husband in their native land.
  • April -poznat fickleness of fortune.
  • May - treason.
  • June - the whole family life will be a continuous honeymoon.
  • July - sweet and sour taste in life.
  • August - your husband will be for you not only loved, but also a reliable friend.
  • September - calm and quiet family life.
  • October - difficulties in family life.
  • November - happiness and wealth.
  • December - your love will eventually become stronger.

People always treated with a special thrill to certain numbers, days and months. Similar superstitions passed and wedding signs. Friday and Wednesday, for example, have always been considered quite unfavorable days for a wedding celebration. Naturally, the 13th of any month, dropped out on any day of the week, also hailed as the wedding day. Odd numbers, like 3, 5, 7, 9, have always been happy and very successful for a wedding and had even some mystical and ceremonial character.

Signs at the banquet

When serving wedding cake, cut it to be a bride, and the groom only supports the knife. At the same time the groom puts a piece of cake with a basic design on his favorite dish, and she, in turn the same piece he puts on the plate, and then treated to cake boxes. This sign means helping each other and mutual consent.

To avoid quarrels in the family life, the bride and groom should definitely break a plate together and transcend the pieces, and then sit at the wedding table. Wedding tablecloth subsequently necessary for three consecutive years on the anniversary of the wedding obscure table, then you will live together until old age. Dance at their wedding the couple may only with each other and with their parents. After the dance, parents should be sure to re-connect children to bring them together.

When the bride and groom at the wedding table take food, they must ensure that all custom-made treats to take two pieces, and then they live a life apart.

Sitting at the wedding table the couple have only one bench, not on chairs, to keep the family united. If the bride and groom sit on different chairs, the marriage may fail. To a friend quarreled with the newlyweds, they do not have to wash the dishes. And to the young lived lavishly, you have a table to put them on the coat, turning over wool. Make sure to have the bride and groom had no wine by the glass at national signs, it is not wine, and tears.

Another good ritual. During the wedding, take two bottles of champagne, ribbon and tie them leave, then the couple is required to celebrate the anniversary of their wedding and the birth of their first child.

It is an ancient Slavic tradition that symbolizes the eternal relationship of husband and wife, is that before you get behind the wedding table, the most respected senior member of the family or the bride or groom must circle three times around the table young.

To the family lived lavishly, it is necessary to put in the wedding the bride and groom glasses coins and then store them at home under the tablecloth. If you do not want to be dissatisfied with his half, during the wedding no husband or wife can not eat with a spoon. The bride and groom, remember! Want to be in the family of the owner, otschipnite bigger piece of bread and salt, that you meet and eat it.

 Wedding signs for the bride

Signs of gifts, flowers, decoration

Bride to be the custom to throw the bouquet to unmarried ladies and girlfriends. Presented bride bouquet leave themselves will have to throw the bouquet that you pre-order a whole. Alternatively, or in other words "fake" bridal bouquet should be similar to the one that you will give your fiancé.

Bunch, who will give the groom to his bride, to be with her all the time until the wedding takes place. During the feast you can put a bouquet in a vase in front of the bride, and in the evening she should be sure to take it with you to the bedroom. Do not leave him for a minute. You can give it only to hold his beloved or mother more than anyone. According to signs, if the bride out of hand bouquet, then happiness can fly away. Next to marry the girl who caught the bouquet thrown by the bride.

The bride should not wear pearls to a wedding. Pearls - it was her tears. The bride during the wedding should keep track of your decorations. If jewelery has fallen, it is a bad omen. Jewelry at the wedding is also better not to wear. It would be the best jewelry. Earrings bride should wear a happy married relationship, then the bride will live well married.

Bad omen is considered a gift, in which there are forks, knives, spoons. Such a wedding gift to give is not accepted. If you do decide to give cutlery, which have blades, then the couple should definitely give a coin, or be family quarrels. Lovers, never before the wedding, do not give each other pictures. It is a separation.

Other signs