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  • Technique manicure
  • Several options for wedding manicure

To complete the image of the bride of old used a variety of bright accessories. Today, this is no surprise, but, nevertheless, every girl, walking down the aisle, wants to be irresistible. Therefore it needs an unusual wedding manicure: it will give a complete view of appearance and emphasize individuality. And it just needs to be done, because the girl's hands on the wedding always pay attention, even if it is wearing gloves at the time of marriage. To groom the bride wore a ring on his hand, she would have to remove one of them, and then everyone will see what a girl's fingernails.

Wedding manicure at home

To be sure, in its integrity, it is necessary to take care in advance of their pens. Of course, to do better in the wedding manicure salon: professionals themselves offer design, will cause the varnish and take care of all other details. Unfortunately, to afford such expensive can not every woman. Therefore, the solution of this problem is to do no later than one month before the planned celebration. You'll see a little practice, you can achieve excellent results: a regular manicure, even at home can create your handles miracles.

The ability to make wonderful nails, and will come in handy after the holiday. With him a young wife always treat yourself, a loved one or a dear friend of her husband updating its image. When applying wedding manicure, creating a new drawing, thinking through the design, girls and women will be able to subtly change, implement look'i interesting, and not leaving the house, so that each should learn some secrets.

Manicure you will need:

  • means for removal of a varnish
  • cotton sponges
  • nail file
  • moisturizing lotion for hands
  • Cuticle Cream
  • basis under the varnish
  • special coating
  • nail polish

 wedding manicure on her nails

Technique manicure

  1. First remove the old nail polish

    It is desirable to use for that vehicle without acetone. Then Gives nails a desired shape using a nail file. To avoid breakage and separation of nails, try to file the nail plate in the same direction.

  2. To soften cuticles, soak your hands in warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes

    Then apply a special cream on the cuticles and gently, trying not to damage, move it with a wooden stick.

  3. Apply hand cream or moisturizing lotion and massage them

    Surplus cream polish, remove with a soft cloth.

Several options for wedding manicure

Simple manicure

Apply a base under nail polish and let it dry. Then apply basic varnish in two layers, starting from the edge of the nail. Doing this it is recommended by three strokes. After the varnish dries on your nails applied protective coating that preserves the design in perfect form.

French manicure

Stick on the edge of the nail special strips that will more accurately and quickly put on your nails white lacquer, giving them a natural look. Then apply the paint and let it dry, and then remove the adhesive strips and apply basic varnish in two layers. After the lacquer dries, the coating can be applied to fixing - and that's a wedding french manicure is ready.

Nail-Design "Luxury Flower"

Before you perform a wedding manicure, nails need to prepare - to give them shape. After shaping nails desired shape and applying the base coat formulation of two layers of white paint.

  1. Creating a Drawing

    Coat the dried varnish wavy patterns resembling garlands of exotic flowers, using the red acrylic paint and a fine brush. Then apply a small tab to the side of the nail. With the same 5-7 shtrishki let just born bud blossom logically thus completing the chosen design. From the resulting figure spend two wavy stem with leaves.

  2. Add brightness and luxury manicure using glitter

    To do this, apply a soft touch brush "shimmering accent" in the center of each leaf. The final stage - the final touch: Gives glossy shine with the help of fastening means.

  3. After the final stage you can admire the bride's wedding manicure, thanks to which it will become more fashionable and beautiful.

The design focuses on the bold and colorful beauty. By marking "Luxury Flower" on their nails, the bride can be sure that her wedding manicure notice and will appreciate. This option is great for women who appreciate and choosing confidence.

Nail-Design "Primrose"

This is one of the most important decisions for a romantic bride manicure. It is a gentle option that is sure to appreciate the mothers, grandmothers and girlfriends marrying girls. And the harsh male half holiday guests will receive one more proof of the fragile and airy beauty bride.

  1. Lacquered

    On the prepared nails, apply a pale pink nail polish in two layers.

  2. Creating a "tunic"

    To create a line of "smile" required white lacquer and special stencils. Spend a flick of the hand on the tip of the nail without touching the stencil. Here's an exclusive basis and is ready for a wedding manicure.

  3. Putting figure

    After the varnish is dry, apply nail stems with leaves, using white acrylic paint and brush. Further design requires delicate work: to focus on the claw nameless fingers, continue "creative idea" only to them. On the white part of the nail picture a continuation sprigs. Use the pink acrylic paint.

Wedding manicure "Primrose" is not only beautiful, but also practical. The resulting design will add handles bride touching and image - a mysterious fragility. There is no doubt that the "Primrose" with all the tenderness and freshness will be more than appropriate, interesting and noticeable.

As you can see, without a beautiful wedding manicure does not do almost no wedding. It is very different, and correctly apply it at home, you can without much difficulty. So be sure, you can always find interesting design, stylishly decorate their nails, and create an image, perfect in every detail and perfect for one of the most important days in your life.

 Wedding manicure: nail compelling secrets

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 Wedding Dresses 2011

Designers and fashion designers around the world to work hard for a year over his new collection of wedding dresses 2011, and how the same for all brides will fashion a sentence in 2011, and will be discussed today.

Wedding dresses winter 2011 were filled with outrageous, originality, exclusivity and screaming sexuality. Therefore, in the spring and summer 2011 fashion these festive outfits returns to the image of innocence and purity. General trends in fashion wedding dresses spring summer 2011 as a whole can be called the appeal to the classics - the predominance of the traditional white long and magnificent silhouettes. Despite this seemingly boring and banal style of each designer collections include a unique flavor. Therefore, with respect to wedding dresses 2011 fashion designers were practically no differences. The main requirements along - it should be long and have the original part that each creator has its own fashion.

 Wedding Dresses 2011 photo

The best photos of wedding dresses 2011, you can see at the wedding of the Internet portals. It contains the latest collection of the most famous wedding salons. Among the huge wealth of lace, fabrics and designs, any bride will choose the dress suitable for her figure, taste and budget. Salons and types of clothes there is a huge amount. So to save your time and energy on finding a fashionable wedding dresses 2011, photos of them you can consider, admire, and mentally create a unique a unique image. Because of the complexity of the choice of outfits for a wedding can be compared only to the choice of the groom.

Experts say that any wedding is very easy to turn into a fairy tale .  And chic, exclusive wedding dresses for the bride, their quality and style will make of any girl princess .  Pictures that you can see on websites and in catalogs stores - it is only a very small part of the collection, presented in salons .  Fashion Wedding Dress 2011, a photo of which you probably have a lot of time to catch the eye, elegant, stylish and gorgeous .  Because they want to try everything at once .  The model has a limitless number - from modest to moderate, and the most chic of the original tissue, that is all that your heart desires .  They can be rented or order individual tailoring .  A lot of attention is given to the selection of wedding dresses that they really stressed all your dignity .  And then they will help to create a unique and unforgettable image of the bride and do not allow guests to remain indifferent .

Fashion styles of wedding dresses 2011

At the height of fashion this year are lush wedding dresses spring summer 2011. It is here pertinent corset, expensive fabric, crinoline - everything that could wrest from the monotony of everyday life and turn a simple girl in a fairy princess. Creative view of many designers in the fashion wedding dresses 2011, photos are often found in the pages of fashion magazines is determined by today classic traditions. They believe that the most beautiful luxury dresses can turn any ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

 Photo Wedding dresses 2011

Fashion trends spring summer 2011 are as follows:

  • Groupie style "Fish" will surely be pleasantly surprised - in 2011 this model of wedding dresses, the most fashionable and elegant, it will not lose its relevance. Therefore, the bride has a perfect slim figure easily be able to demonstrate their form in all its glory.
  • And do not deceive ostentatious simplicity of some fashionable wedding dresses 2011 photos that you have seen on the glossy pages, they will always look chic. Such models, fitting nicely, very much in the collections of 2011. After all, this style gives fashion designers really broad space for choices regarding the cut, finishing and fabric combinations. A large stretch of imagination and creativity allow designers to constantly create new masterpieces.
  • Wedding Dresses 2011 winter the style of "Empire" in the spring already losing ground: in the collection of wedding dresses 2011 they have much less than it was before. But wonderful models presented very favorably with the complexity of the cut and decoration. These wedding dresses Spring 2011 ideal romantic, dreamy, a little shy and modest brides.
  • Overestimated waist and neckline demonstrate and emphasize the seductive shape of the breast. For girls who are looking for unusual patterns, asymmetrical styles will be interesting, for example, with one shoulder. They fit those who want to show the neck, bare shoulders and back. Despite the fact that the styles with the option armhole much less compared to the previous year, this trend still remains the key.
  • Previously popular American armhole are now losing their positions - this confirms the latest collection of wedding gowns 2011. The new models this option is almost never occur.
  • Wedding dresses, fashion 2011 it forecasts will have neck often in the form of heart.
  • The direction of this season include lace and chiffon bodices covered. Also in fashion dresses, decorated with big bows and belts.
  • The pictures in fashion magazines can be seen that the true will decorate the dress, such as a corset, feathers.
  • Light airy fabrics, waves flowing down, hide all the possible shortcomings of your figure. Such a dress similar to the clothes of the Greek goddess, and will look great on pregnant bride.

Now dive into the unforgettable world of tales known designers offer us with the help of a return to the lush shaped wedding dress, most fashionable at all times. Only now they have become more sophisticated and diverse in the finishing and decorating. Today, designers pay attention to our wedding dresses of summer 2011, models of which have a huge amount of frills and lace, flowing like sea foam. This season, a special place is given corset - it is as relevant as ever. From the same fabric should not choose the most expensive, for example, designer crinoline dresses - the peak of the season spring-summer 2011.

 Photo Wedding dresses 2011

Short or long wedding dress?

On the issue of the length of all the designers this year than ever before, they are unanimous: the bride's attire should be long. Short wedding dresses 2011 photos from magazines and catalogs striking confirmation of this, much less common, and look more like a kind of exception to the rule. In addition, they are usually cheaper, and after you Celebrate a wedding can often put them on different kinds of parties and celebrations. This is the best option for those brides who are not accustomed to throwing money around.

And another very important point - short model wedding dresses 2011 with open legs are very sexy! They are perfect girls low in contrast to the long, lush garments that visually "flattened" shape and can make you look like a Bun. A short, tight-fitting dress, on the contrary, visually pull the figure and added a couple of centimeters of growth.

 Wedding Dresses 2011 photo

Wedding dresses 2011 with open legs perfectly suited for not too formal celebrations, such as a small wedding party and ceremony in a narrow circle of loved ones and friends.   If you've always dreamed of a luxurious big holiday, it is better to choose a longer dress style. Short model is also very popular on the weddings that take place in nature, or, for example, in an elegant garden wedding on so-called "for two" at the festival in some exotic country, a second or subsequent marriages. Paying tribute to the traditions in the new collections, they are much less common, as well as other extraordinary, unconventional model. Compared to last season, where they were fashionable short wedding dresses, it is relevant today, long styles.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2011 short models in particular, given the season a small number of models in showrooms you can see them very rarely. Even despite the fact that fashion designers are required to include in all their bridal collection fashion short wedding dresses. If you are still determined to find it, then you have several options implementation of the ideas:

  • Dear wedding shops - most of them are carefully watching its good reputation and because certainly buy those collections in which there is a pattern of short wedding dresses 2011 photos of the directories can confirm this.
  • You can also get yourself a short wedding dress to order.
  • There is an option to order a wedding of such style toilet from abroad.
  • You can search for stores that sells evening dresses. Surely there for you to find a suitable white dress.

 short wedding dresses 2011

To some it may seem that the fashion wedding dresses 2011 short models look boring and simple, but it is not so. They are very graceful and elegant. Of course, such an attire and have a plurality of loop lush skirts, and usually, these models do without extensive finishing. In a word, they just are not meant to communicate to everyone that the groom in front of them. But it also does not mean that if the dress is short, it is easy to forget or boring.

The decor and details of wedding fashion in 2011

Most feminine wedding dresses in 2011 - a dress with wave of frills and pleats. A soft draping on wedding dresses 2011 with a train - it is one of the main trends of the next season. Paying special attention to the various details, the designers this year have not stinted on decorating dresses with crystals, beads and pearls. Some of them even use jewelry with diamonds or other precious and semi-precious stones. Embroidered dresses and sparkling Swarovski crystals, and it will surely like the brides who seek luxury. Some designers of wedding dresses for summer 2011 using hand embroidery with beads, which gives them a space gloss. Designers offer a variety of options for decorations that reflect a wide flight of fancy and inspiration: all kinds of embroidery with stones, beads, threads and on the bodice and around the dress.

 trendy wedding dresses 2011

The new collection of wedding dresses 2011 introduced the fashion frills, giving the garment a special femininity. As ruffles and drapes and folds can be present in the most unexpected places. They are appropriate and fitting long, and lush, and short silhouette. Very often, creating a female model wedding dresses, designers have used lace. On the wedding dress they really always relevant, as air and make it feminine and image of the bride give insecurity and grace. The fashion trends of 2011 spring summer lace used independently as the main "pattern" dresses, and in combination with other fabrics. But in any case, the emphasis on fashion makes lace.

Fabrics for wedding dresses 2011

The main materials of wedding fashion next season - a lace and organza, satin and silk, and the indisputable favorite of the year - a gentle exquisite lace, serving as decoration, and the basic material of the dress. Some trendsetters prefer restraint and softness of fabrics such as chiffon, satin and silk. Austerity materials wedding dresses Spring 2011 is smoothed by the same lace, giving a touch of romanticism. Thanks to them is acquired such an amazing elegance that does not even require additional accessories such as wedding jewelry.

 collection of wedding dresses 2011

The colors and shades of wedding dresses 2011

The classic white wedding dress designers in this year's diversity, but not much went beyond the usual. White is the traditional color of bridal gowns, always represents the innocence and purity of the bride. It is as if a sheet of paper symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship, a new life. Although black - complete its opposite, in the collections of 2011 designers are not afraid to experiment and play and offer a combination of white and black. Undoubtedly, white - an absolute fashion hit next season, but is said magazine photos, wedding dresses 2011 fine blend of black and white contrasts. As the options available to brides and other shades: silver, pearl gray, ivory. There are models decorated with pretty pink and blue accents.

Wedding Accessories 2011

 Fashionable Wedding Dress

As for the wedding accessories, there is a trend towards minimalism and naturalness. Sophisticated wedding hairstyles this year are canceled, because the most fashionable time - is flowing hair, beautifully decorated with fresh flowers gentle. Such a headdress of the bride, as the veil, missing almost all collections, but some designers offer a hat with a short veil transparent. Bridal bouquet also differs utmost simplicity: a complete lack of drapes and tapes.

Opinion of the leading legislators in wedding fashion now you know. It remains to choose such outfits, such as wedding dresses 2011 with a train that was converted into a fairy tale wedding, but any girl - a princess.

Wedding Dresses, the most fashionable in this year should be underlined expensive and high-quality accessories, such as shoes. This is one of the most important parts of the wedding toilet. After all, when the wedding dress, especially a short, puts them on display, they should look decent. Therefore we can not neglect this important part of the image. We'll have to run a lot of salons and shops to find exactly those shoes that fit your style. Classic boat traditional femininity and extravagant fashion shoes will add originality.

Any bride in the brightest moment of his life looks more beautiful than all, she always gorgeous in their own way. Individuality gives way its natural beauty and a host of other factors, but the most important thing in preparing to light the event is, of course, the choice of wedding dress. Therefore, let every bride chooses for himself from all the most beautiful dress styles exactly where will feel a true queen, very feminine and beautiful!

 The best models of wedding dresses 2011

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