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Probably there is no woman in the world that does not worry and do not worry, preparing for his own wedding. After all, even from a young age every little princess dreams of how she would wear a fabulous dress and be queen of the ball. The main element of any wedding - it's gentle image of the bride, which is made up of many things: dress, veil, accessories, hairstyles, and of course, makeup. This last point requires an extremely careful approach. Wedding photos showing the face of a happy bride, which does not look away, will serve as a talisman that symbolizes true love, for all generations of the new family.

What to choose? What style do wedding makeup - Greek, Roman, or give preference to the Renaissance? Options can be listed for a long time, a lot of them, and it is necessary to choose only one, and the one that will be a win-win. And you can say one thing: the best make-up - a discreet makeup. All the advantages of face, eyes underlined shortcomings cleverly hidden, and the bride looks the most natural. In other words, to leave in the memory of fabulous memories of the wedding, it is necessary to carefully consider the image of the bride and skillfully to realize it.

Such work usually trust the professionals who are on the shoulder to make a beautiful make-up in any style - even in Greek, even in the Byzantine, although the Indian. However, if you are confident in their abilities and masterful techniques and makeup techniques, you can make your own wedding makeup.

Terms wedding makeup

The complexity of the wedding make-up is that there is, figuratively speaking, to kill several birds with one stone. Make-up should be pleasing to the eye in daylight and in the evening light, as well as advantageous to look at the camera lens with flash. All these kinds of makeup requires the fulfillment of certain rules, which sometimes contradict each other. And in order to find a compromise solution, it is necessary to be a true master of his craft, who knows the subtle nuances and knows how to cope with them.

To begin with cosmetics. For wedding makeup preferred professional products. Only then can we be sure that with tears of joy flowing freely smeared mascara and shadow, and the tone is not "float" from the heat and friendly kisses guests and relatives.

In short, if you are going to do with his own wedding makeup (the style is not talking), then get ready to invest in a complete set of professional cosmetics, stock rhinestones and special colors, if you are planning an extravagant make-up. But if there is the slightest doubt in their abilities, and money does not want to spend that then hardly be claimed, then it is better not to take risks and seek professional makeup artist.

In order for your make-up looking at five-plus at any time, it is necessary to do a little brighter than daytime makeup, but less flashy than the evening makeup. That is necessary to keep a middle ground. Daytime image of the bride's easy enough to correct: in the morning to put on lip gloss, and in the evening - a juicy lipstick shade and also do a little bit more clearly the contours of the eyes or add mascara to the eyelashes. This technique will allow wedding makeup look decent on the day and the evening celebration.

According to the rules of wedding make-up is necessary, that it is not only in harmony with the color of the bride's dress and accessories, but also to dress the bride. If used in a wedding dress is not the traditional white, more bright colors, the make-up and should include detail elaborate makeup color palette, which will be attended by all the right colors and shades.

Young bride has always served as a symbol of inexperience and tenderness, so you should eliminate flashy colors - too bright makeup bride hurts the eyes. Delicate image should emit light and purity. But here it is important not to fall into the other extreme. Makeup of the bride should not be done in one color. Pastel shades very much, and skillful make-up artist is obliged to select the desired tone, starting from the color of eyes and hair of the bride, skin tone, color, dresses, accessories, and even the time of year. Agree, dark tone cream simulating a tan in the winter may seem out of place, in turn, in the summer too pale skin, too, will not look natural.

It is now often make a fashion makeover with glitter, sequins and even with elements of the drawing. But the craze is unlikely to undermine the established wedding traditions for centuries. Focusing on the classic examples of wedding makeup, you will be able to create a unique gentle way and give yourself and others a real joy.

 Makeup for a wedding

In the Greek hall, in the Greek style ...

A wedding is undoubtedly a landmark event that is worth mentioning so that it is remembered and the heroes of the occasion and guests. Currently very popular themed wedding. In accordance with the stated theme of the entire scenario is built celebration, issued room, lay the table. It goes without saying that young outfits and wedding makeup, too, must fit into the overall theme and style of holiday.

In short, if you decide to celebrate a wedding in the Greek style, for example, the bride's make-up and also appropriate to use the Greek motifs. By the way, in the Greek style make-up it looks very nice, of course, and the girls fit all types of looks.

The characteristics of this makeup - bronze-golden skin tone, eye shadow in soft beige and sand tones, a clear line of eyebrows, focus on the eye (respectively, the lips do not distinguish). Ideal natural shades of lipstick. Add to this the elegant dress, resembling an ancient Greek tunic, and we get a completely harmonious way.

I must say that make-up in the Greek style allows variations and interpretations. Historically, the culture of Ancient Greece influenced the other civilizations of all time. Greeks were the first to imitate the Romans, who, naturally, have their vision and their accents and clothes and hairstyles and makeup.

Their version of the makeup in the Greek style is very relevant today. Wedding make-up of the bride in a style (use a lighter tone powder, bluish or pale green shadows, smoky, brownish tone to draw eyebrows and eyeliner) looks great on blondes haired and fair-skinned.

It does not remain indifferent to the ancient Greek aesthetics and another great civilization - Egypt Queen Cleopatra times. Options makeup in the Greek style in the interpretation of Egyptian of that time are now also very active in using the master makeup. They may be quite appropriate, and wedding makeup. Main focus on the eye - shade, pronounced arrow, creating an unforgettable image, inspired by the famous Egyptian paintings. Brunette with makeup is irresistible.

 bridal makeup bride

Bridal makeup from a professional makeup artist

Few people manage to do makeup for the wedding themselves. This is the case when to trust the professionals. Specialists are on hand make-up professional make-resistant high quality and possess the skills and experience that will help them to take into account all the features of the wedding makeup.

Trained eye master clearly define your style and image, and it will pick up exactly the makeup for the wedding, which will emphasize your unique beauty and is in harmony with the wedding dress and hairstyle.

Moreover, we recommend to consult a specialist for two or three weeks before the alleged events and make a trial version. It is possible that need help cosmetologist, which will hold the course of procedures aimed at improving the skin and its hydration and nutrition. A healthy fresh skin - a pledge of high-quality makeup.

As for style, the matter must also be agreed upon in advance. This is particularly important when it comes to the extravagant make-up, for example, with rhinestones, drawings. This vivid image must feel to see if you can be organic with sequins, rhinestones and other extraordinary items of makeup.

Try, experiment, observe trends, but choose only one image and style that will blend in with your inner "me."

 Wedding makeup bride

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 care for lacquered shoes


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Since invented lacquered shoes, it never goes out of fashion. Of course, the attitude to it at different times were different, but so that the shiny patent leather boots, boots, shoes and other footwear lacquered suddenly fell out of favor - this was not. Therefore, in every woman's wardrobe for sure there is a pair of patent-leather sandals, shoes or ankle boots. We ironed them, of course, amazing. However, caring for patent shoes requires a special approach. But how to maintain a decent view of our clothes varnish on legs, how to prolong her life, we'll find out.

Features lacquered shoes

High-quality lacquered shoes made of genuine chrome leather, for which a special coating is applied, resulting in shoes and gets glossy shine and a pleasant smoothness. The top layer of lacquer makes the shoes looks very attractive, but vulnerable. Unlike ordinary leather shoes patent leather boots and shoes is difficult to withstand the effects of too low or high temperatures. They are easily scratched, they quickly appear creases and cracks, and indeed the lacquer layer can sometimes peel, thicken and acquire a whitish or yellowish tint.

Lacquered shoes do not brush your cream, it is difficult to dry and protect from street dirt and dust. Therefore, varnished boots and shoes require a delicate relationship, particularly careful care and attention. By the way, attention should show already with the purchase of such footwear. First of all, it is necessary to carefully examine for the presence of various irregularities or roughness, as well as color uniformity. Check shoes bending: if it does not start at this point immediately shrink or crack - quality patent leather should be a good stretch.

But even without a good patent shoes factory marriage is to give ordinary leather shoes, such as strength, namely:

  • lacquered shoes begins to crack and burst when desyatigradusny frost and heat (above twenty-five degrees);
  • it loses its elasticity and shine from moisture, dirt and exposure to outdoor sunlight.

Therefore, care for lacquered shoes quite troublesome.

 how to care for lacquered shoes

Care lacquered shoes

Everyone knows that the shoe care lies in its timely washing, cleaning and proper storage. However, care lacquered shoes only these measures is not limited. In addition to being varnished shoes need time to wash, clean and properly stored, you need to know and how and when such footwear is necessary and can be worn.

You have realized that buying winter boots patent is not necessary, if the winter is very cold your area. And if they buy, do not defile them by snowdrifts in twenty below. It is not necessary to acquire and patent leather sandals for everyday wear in extremely hot regions. But demi shoes and boots of patent leather, you can buy without any risk. Summer patent leather shoes for cool weather will also be very helpful. In general, the main purpose of varnish shoes - play the role of parade and weekend wardrobe items. I agree that these shoes look really smart and even parade.

Patent-leather shoes are not recommended when washing heavily wet. In any case, this procedure should be carried out very quickly and carefully. Better to wipe shoes with a damp cloth, then apply a cleaning solution (usually soap!), And then rinse it and wipe dry the lacquered surface of the skin. One of the popular methods of cleaning lacquered shoes - use regular milk in which a moistened cloth and wipe shoes. By the way, washed with milk or water varnished shoes can not be left just to dry out, and be sure to wipe with a dry cloth. Otherwise, on your shiny shoes remain divorces and traces of drops, and with time it will be covered with spots.

To clean patent leather do not use ordinary shoe polish. Clean it any special means to care for lacquered shoes, or smeared with Vaseline, glycerine or castor oil. This will protect the varnished shoes from the appearance of cracks and creases, and extend its life. For dry cleaning, in which the shoe is removed from the dirt and dust, use a soft velvet or cotton pads. In no case can not be used for cleaning hard cloth, sponge and brush. From them on the paint surface gets scratched, the site which then cracks occur.

To make the lacquered surface of the shoe glossy shine it needs polishing. This is done through the flap velvety fabrics (flannel, for example) after the lubrication oil or petroleum jelly shoes. Polished lacquered shoes fifteen or twenty minutes after applying grease to, achieving the complete disappearance of oily residue. If the lacquer before polishing shoes rub half a raw onion, then the process will go faster, and the effect will be much more noticeable. A return to the old gloss lacquer finish will help the egg white.

But the seasonal storage should be clean, not only clean and carefully wiped shoes, but certainly polished. Moreover, such footwear is stored not only into the boxes, and the pre-wrapped in clean soft paper (but not the paper!). You can wrap the shoes in a soft cloth, or even placed in covers made from old pantyhose. What matters is that during prolonged storage lacquer surface pairs of shoes do not touch. True, getting lacquered shoes for the new season, you still have it polished - so here it is capricious.

Knowing how to care for lacquered shoes, you can not only prolong her life, but also to maintain a decent view. And, accordingly, do in such a shoe will look perfectly neat and stunningly impressive!

 Care lacquered shoes or gloss

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