Wedding hairstyles with veil


  • How to choose a wedding hairstyle
  • How to make a hairstyle with a long veil
  • If the veil is not provided
  • If the veil is short

Wedding. ... How much trouble to go through in preparation for the event. Dress, veil, makeup and shoes. And music, drinks, food, lists of relatives and friends ... No one forget all fit. Yes, still have to run to the hairdresser, and a hair undecided, all the friends advised exactly the opposite ... options. Magazines are full of variety: wedding hairstyles c veil, without veils, tiaras, rhinestone ... My head is spinning. But the choice will still have to do. The main thing will calm down and go to the case with the utmost seriousness and responsibility.

How to choose a wedding hairstyle

First of all, it is necessary to know three basic rules that must comply with any hairstyle, whether it is with or without a veil veils on long or short hair, straight or curly hair.

  • Wedding hairstyles with long veil should approach the entire image - length dresses, makeup. If long veil will be made very creative short hairstyle, it will not be appropriate. But if the dress is short, the long veil will cause confusion and laughter. Of course, it is possible and pokreativit - but that's for a very controversial personages.
  • Hairstyle has to be comfortable and durable. After all, the bride's constantly in motion - accept congratulations, dancing, kissing, cuddling, photographed. You are sure to be confident in their beauty and hairstyle.
  • When choosing hairstyles should take into account and some facial imperfections - they should try to hide.

It is also necessary to consider another point: if you're in one day and the wedding is scheduled, and the official ceremony in the registry office, it is necessary to make a modest hairstyle, not dissolve or do curls magnificent bouffant. The church must adhere to traditions and customs.

Curly hair has always been considered a symbol that symbolizes tenderness, grace and femininity. That is why the bride's hair should be present careless curls, that will gently and subtly frame the face. Also, you can decorate the hair tiara of stones imitating diamond, woven into the hair or artificial flowers, use pins and hair clips with beautiful stones - here you can imagination roam.

Now it is very fashionable accessory for hairstyles steel silk flowers - beautiful, original and very feminine. Even if the bride short hair, silk flowers can be a wonderful decoration, they should be easy to fix on the head pins invisibility.

 Wedding hairstyles without veil

How to make a hairstyle with a long veil

In ancient times it was believed that the bride veil saves from the evil eye, or even curse. Of course, this tradition is a little thing of the past, but a long veil is still the main attribute of the wedding. Let's look at a simple version of the hair, which is ideally suited to the long veil:

  • The hair is well washed and carefully comb;
  • Apply to wet hair fixing means for stacking, in which case you can not save - should keep long hair and reliably;
  • Separate the bangs - strictly on the line. Now it is divided into a side parting and anchoring pins;
  • The whole bunch of hair tightly collapses to his head and brushing, combing, rises to the top. Twists in "Dulko";
  • Now you have to decide if your hair is thick and the bride is long enough, it's enough to make a beautiful hairdo. If your hair does not "shine" the data, then the overhead hairpieces;
  • Carefully fix hidden pins and hair pins.

Now you can decorate your hair - tiaras, silk ribbons, artificial flowers. And please note that for the lush veil suit more modest accessories, but if a single layer veil and attached below, then it is possible to improvise. Wedding hairstyles with long veil look very elegant and original, represent the very femininity, love and tenderness.

If the veil is not provided

Some brides absolutely refuse this wedding accessories. And this has its advantages. Wedding hairstyles without veil give the opportunity to experiment, to show itself in all its glory, think of any way - to decorate the hair with flowers, tiaras, ribbons, braid braids - a huge range of accessories. You can increase hair before the wedding or use toupees and hairpieces.

In addition, you can stab hair pins with an interesting design solution or you can use to decorate rhinestones made of them a romantic image, such as a heart or a star. For example, consider a very unusual and at the same time a simple hairstyle, which uses weave braid:

  • Hair carefully combed, starting at the tips;
  • Separating the side of a small strand of hair and begin to weave braid, gradually adding a new strands. Firmly not tighten;
  • All this was done, and on the other hand;
  • Now we need to give hair volume, this carefully pull out some strands, but not completely. You will notice that the hair began to look more magnificent;
  • Now, we give free rein to their imagination and made up of the braid any pattern, such as rosettes, which is secured by stealth;
  • Then take the hair under a rose (right) and start another plait braid gradually weaving in her thin strands and on the other side of the head;
  • All is ready! Now you can decorate the hair with flowers or rhinestones, and can be left intact. She and unadorned looks very original.

 Wedding hairstyle with a long veil

If the veil is short

This option is also appropriate in the dress of the bride. If the veil is lush, it is best to make a smooth top hairstyle, but to pull down curls. If the veil will fall on the shoulders of a small wave, then it is possible to pin the hair up and use additional accessories. Here is one example of such a hairstyle:

  • Hair combed side parting and carefully smoothed;
  • The side locks are going back on his head and fixed pins.
  • The lower strand wound on curlers or pulling utjuzhkom (there's only you choose);
  • Distribute bottom curls over her shoulders and plenty of anchoring fixing means.
  • Fata is mounted on the top, the waves down her shoulders. It should not completely cover the hair, let them look out a bit, and she is behind the veil.

It should be noted that the wedding hairstyle with veil also look great with ornaments. Moreover, the image should please not only the relatives or guests, but also to the girl - only that it is a guarantee of good mood on the wedding day. Gleam in his eye, a smile on his lips, red cheeks of compliments - for the bride the most important thing.

Create a wedding hairstyle with veil - a delicate and painstaking work, especially if you want to create something unusual and stylish. In this case, the best solution would be an appeal to the stylist. And no matter what hairstyle will - lush and smooth, with short curls or ringlets, it is important not to miss a goal.

Visit the beauty salon before the wedding and take a test version of the hairstyle. See how you will look in the way, as far as the appropriateness of decoration, such as hair style suited to the veil and the overall outfit. Take your time on "training race" for the masters, and then on your wedding day you will be assured of the irresistibility. And nothing can spoil the happiest day of your life!

 Wedding hairstyles with veil - choose the right solution

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 how to remove paint from the hair


  • The magical properties of the oil
  • Kefir - a reliable assistant in the fight against paint
  • Honey mask with lemon
  • Fruit Mask: tasty, efficiently and safely
  • Effective relief soda
  • Decoction of herbs: cure, we lighten and restore
  • The bleach spray

Very often, after the painting of hair in the dark tones of the fair sex I begin to realize that nature has endowed them is not such a bad color, and black or dark brown it is not to face. Of course, it makes no sense to wait until the hair grows back, because hardly blond roots in this case will look attractive, and you again have to tint them. Some beauty salons offer hair stylists beginning to lighten several shades, then - to disguise the natural color, but there are some risks: either you are so it touches the hair you their treatment will cost a lot of money, or the color will become greenish, yellowish or bluish tint. There is a third option - to wash off the paint with black hair folk remedies, which are each home owner.

The magical properties of the oil

Usually after painting hairdressers warn their clients that they are sparingly used masks and balms, which include a large number of oils. The reason is that they can quickly wash resistant, and even dark in color. As a result of this ingredient hair becomes dry, it loses its brightness and saturation, as is the case with caustic chemicals used in hairdressing. Also important will be a useful therapeutic effect on already damaged hair dye.

Another advantage of such a mask is that it will wash away even henna, basma, tonics, etc. natural and natural dyes. However, remember that after such procedures next week and a half used shampoo designed for oily hair as usual will not cope with their tasks. In the future, will not come until the hair in order, it is not recommended to re-painted, or tone can lie unevenly or as a result you get a completely different color. Before you remove paint from the hair, check to see if you are allergic to a particular ingredient.

Oil plus fat

The combination of oil and grease - the easiest, fast and affordable way to quickly get rid of a failed painting. Take two hundred milligram cup of vegetable oil in which you fry food, and mix it with thirty grams of fat (suitable for both goose and pig). In the case at hand there is the last ingredient, replace it with margarine. The next thing you need to do - is to heat the mixture to appropriate contact with the skin temperature (drip a small amount of the mixture on the elbow, and if you will not be too hot, you can start the procedure).

Special brush, which is generally used for dyeing, apply to the whole mass of hair and leave for half an hour. In order to achieve results quickly, put the cap on his head for coloring or package. Rinse with a mask from the first time will not be easy - you will have to exercise maximum patience and effort, as well as spend a fairly large amount of shampoo, but thanks to this method, you have a week will look great.

The mixture of oils

The second way to remove paint from the hair - a mask which includes castor, olive and sunflower oil. All the above ingredients are added in equal proportions to the normal moisturizing hand cream obtained mixture was heated to room temperature and then applied to the roots and the ends. If necessary, you can dry the treated hair dryer, using the weakest mode, otherwise you slept skin. Repeat these procedures can not occur more than once every twelve hours while thoroughly rinse your head.

Oil and egg yolk

Castor oil, which is sold in virtually any drug is mixed with an egg in the proportion of three to three teaspoons yolks. The resulting mask is not only applied to the hair along the entire length, and rubbed into the skin in order to saturate the hair roots useful elements, stimulates growth. In this case, do not use the thermal effect, otherwise then you have to comb out small pieces of coagulated egg.

 rinse hair with black paint

Kefir - a reliable assistant in the fight against paint

This product contains a relatively high amount of lactic acid bacteria and other substances that make you not only get rid of the unfortunate color, but also to restore the damaged and irritated skin. If you choose between yogurt and bleach chemical treatment agents, all the benefits clearly speak in favor of the first method. Also, before you remove paint from the hair, you will not have to wait a few weeks until the hair will depart after a failed painting. Use yogurt as the main ingredient for the masks can be to those who simply want to lighten your hair a little at home, he wants to get rid of dandruff and decided to cure the over-dried hair and scalp.

So, you will need:

  • liter of yogurt with a high percentage of fat (the higher the better);
  • tablespoon of vegetable oil;
  • teaspoon salt (without iodine, and other additives).

All mix thoroughly, not to leave lumps, and apply on the hair for an hour. If you do not want to get dirty, it is best to wrap hair in a special cap for painting or plastic bag. After you wash away the mask (again only shampoo for oily hair), can once again repeat the procedure. However overboard because resort to this method can be no more than twice a day and once a month. Otherwise, you will then have to contend with high-fat hair.

Honey mask with lemon

It turns out this delicious and healthy product can save you if you have recently experimented with color and are not satisfied. The recipe is quite simple, and its preparation have gone from strength Five minutes. To begin to melt into honey (set to thirty seconds in the microwave or two minutes on a steam bath), then add the juice of lemon (not to be confused with citric acid) and mix. After the mask is slightly cooled to a temperature suitable for you, you apply it on the hair, shook his head and wrap a towel (otherwise you will find yourself a few minutes later in a sticky mass). After a couple of hours, wash your head in warm water.

To achieve the desired result, you can after the fourth procedure, not earlier, but your hair the next day are soft and pleasant to the touch. By the way, after bathing it is not necessary to put the air conditioner or use conditioners, especially if the hair you are to fatty type. It is recommended to repeat the procedure two or three times a week, if you want as quickly as possible to lighten, or once a month, if you just want healthier hair.

Fruit Mask: tasty, efficiently and safely

In a blender or meat grinder milled usual small pieces of fresh domestic apples, green grapes and lime (can substitute lemon) until smooth. The resulting slurry is immediately applied to the hair, until the fruit did not have time to oxidize and darken. This method also helps to remove stubborn paint the skin, from which it is difficult to get rid of even cosmetics. However, this should only be acidic and bright fruit, because it is they contain the desired material and components. Also, to achieve the desired effect, you can with the help of lemon mask, which is applied only fifteen minutes, then wash off with copious amounts of warm water with mustard.

Effective relief soda

This method is perfect girls with sparse hair. If you have short hair, dilute five regular table spoon of soda in half a glass of lukewarm (but not in any way not hot) water. After the liquid becomes fully transparent and bottom disappear precipitate, add half a teaspoon of salt. Cotton swab soaked well this tool, wipe the individual strands over the entire length, starting from the root, ending meet. However, despite the fact that soda is deemed safe substance masks carried away from it is not recommended.

 how to wash hair with black paint

Decoction of herbs: cure, we lighten and restore

In order to quickly remove paint without harming the hair at the same time, use the infusion of celandine, lime, chamomile and glycerin (all of which can be freely purchased at any pharmacy). The main thing is that all the above ingredients were without additives, of flavorings, colorants, etc. The cooled broth, which must be saturated and cool, add a little more than half of glycerin, stir, then put on his head for ten minutes. As a result, even after the first treatment you will be a little lighter (about a semitone). However, be careful, because some of the components can cause depression and itching. In case of contact with eyes tinctures, be sure to rinse them, then immediately contact an eye specialist.

The bleach spray

In addition to the masks, you at home can produce sprays that will quickly make you lighter by one or two colors. Almost every girl has to unscrew the empty bottles of spray, which must be filled with a small amount of peroxide and water (1 hr. Liter per 200 ml.). Apply this liquid to the hair to be five times a day, more frequently. Remember that you do not need to be watered and little is sprayed completely dry hair, then be sure to remember her hands or comb. In the evening, after you wash your head, be sure to use the restorative balm.

Of course, after one or two treatments you are unlikely to wash away all the paint and return to the previous color, but you will still be able to bit closer to the ideal. You will achieve a positive effect in about a week, and by the time you have you have time to fully restore and revitalize damaged hair, to repaint the right tone. Do not immediately applied themselves to all sorts of methods, as you risk making matters worse, becoming the multicolored. Before the next painting necessarily warn barber about how you get rid of the paint that it is properly prepared for the procedure.

 How to remove paint from the hair folk remedies?

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