Wedding hairstyles with braids


  • What to choose
  • The classic image
  • The original image
  • Tips for creating hairstyles

When she is in the image of the bride, it is sure to draw in the imagination dress with rhinestones million, long train and unparalleled neckline. Each stitch and button can be expected every crease lush and long skirt can be beat in mind. But somehow the wedding hairstyles always go by the wayside - well, really, what's coming up?

After all, you can go to the barber-stylist, and he will do at its best. But it is much more literate will pre-select the hairstyle might try to do it yourself (for example, by a friend), thus saving considerable amount. So, the time before the wedding, you have more than enough - begins to "conjure" over the hair!

What to choose

If a girl has a shock of thick and long hair, it can easily change the image and come up with various options for hairstyles. Incidentally, many of the girls especially increasing hair before the wedding ceremony. Still, the presence of romantic and graceful curls and braids immediately gives the bride tenderness and kindness. Wedding hairstyles and braids - these are two almost inseparable concepts, and choose from there is something!

You can try to braid broad and voluminous plait - just weave it should be a little raspushivaya locks. Then even the most thin and dry hair will look volume. And it is possible to make not one, but two voluminous tresses - is the image of the innocent bride. By the way, you can apply not only to the usual form of weaving, but also improvise, French braids braiding or "spike".

 wedding hairstyles of braids

The classic image

A great variety of options, but we must do something absolutely extraordinary and interesting - and then the appearance will be impeccable, and the mood perfectly. For example, strict classical wedding hairstyles never go out of fashion:

  • Gather all the hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck and pull them into a tight knot. Be sure to check up super-smooth hair at the crown and temples;
  • The resulting tail comb and braid into a tight braid. For this hairstyle should be done the usual classical plait three pryadok;
  • Tail secure thin braids rezinochkoy, see that it is kept securely - no strand should not stand out;
  • Is now ready to tighten the braid around the base of the tail and secure it with pins.

In principle, the hair is ready, but the decorations will come in handy here. First, you can use different types of braids - just fix the invisible hairpins or artificial hair strands around their own. Second, you can not fix the whole hairstyle simple pins and pins with beads, pearls and sequins. There are invisible with miniature flowers with satin ribbons - it is also a great option. Third, silk flowers adorn her hair and be simply irresistible!

The original image

If you are already bored with the classics, and you want to create something unique out of your hair, you know - wedding hairstyles suffer any spit, in any form and to any parties. After all, you can begin to weave braids from the back, from the temples, even with a bang! Try at least this version:

  • Comb your hair and pick up from the forehead to the back half of the strands;
  • This beam should be assembled braid. You can make multiple braids - it will be even more interesting. Only a well-fix tails - hair should stay perfect all day long;
  • Now collect the strands from the sides. Make sure that they are straight and do not get confused, and start at the back braid plait;
  • You can braid two braids - for that first collects the strands on top and bottom and then turn out very beautiful and, most importantly, the original hair;
  • You can decorate with flowers braid line - just fix a few pieces after a certain distance.

Hairstyles with two or three braids are very popular, and it is believed that such a miracle can only create master experts. And in fact, you just give yourself a few days to practice. Then sure your wallet will not suffer from unnecessary wastage. Note that a lot of fuss with braids - pre-select the free time. You will have to train more than one day.

Wedding troubles - a very pleasant experience. Processes such as fitting dress, selection of accessories, the choice of hairstyles and braiding undoubtedly give pleasure and the bride herself and her friends. Yes, there unaided hardly be able to cope - the fact that many braids trailing behind, in the neck.

 wedding hair braids with flowers

Tips for creating hairstyles

  • If you prefer a strict wedding hairstyles, then wash the hair at least one day before the celebration. The fact that such an option does not include flying braids and curls pryadok and too clean hair is bushy, will have to use a lot of nail fixation;
  • But if your idea of ​​braids have to be volume and lightness, then conduct a water treatment immediately before starting work. And do not tighten much locks. You can try to make a light fleece at the roots;
  • Braids braids, but be sure to pay attention to the color of the hair. If you have gray hair, or paint with a little washed up last time, and its natural color is not too happy with, be sure to correct the situation. Dyeing hair should be no later than three or four days before the holiday;
  • Creating a wedding hairstyle with braids, masters usually offer to try to start braiding from his forehead. Do not reject this option - if you have a long fringe (or it is completely absent), and you can experiment with these braids you are sure to be the center of attention.

Bridal hairstyles should be not only original, but also impeccable. Therefore, carefully inspect yourself and take the right decision. By the way, for the braids will be completely appropriate and coloring and highlighting, and separate chipping pryadok in dramatically different colors. The main thing is to choose wisely image.

In general, hairstyles with braids there are so many. From classical to African-American three-row braids, from strict strapped to the volume of the lungs. And wedding options are very difficult to remember and to list all! By the way, choosing a hairstyle, do not forget to match her dress with her hair. For a long dress with a train and a long veil is best suited in a bun hair.

For a more modern version, not involving the veil, you can make several thin braids and decorate their wedding accessories. If the celebration is taking place without the usual costume of the bride, hair style can be anything. Best of all, the right to choose and harmoniously to the entire image has been unified. Then the day of the wedding celebration will be held at the highest level and the memories of it will remain only the good.

 Wedding Hairstyles with braids - the feminine image of the bride

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 hair mask from an egg


  • Strengthens hair
  • Adds shine
  • From Loss
  • We treat dandruff
  • Some tips

Eggs have long been used for hair care, they contain vitamins eliminate brittleness, give softness, prevent hair loss. Hair masks of eggs used and to strengthen and to shine, and even dandruff. There are several types of masks, and all of them can be made at home, just need to know the composition, proportion and frequency of application.

Strengthens hair

Hair mask from the eggs used to strengthen, made up of several components. Here are some of them:

  • Peach oil, burdock root, honey and egg (all taken by 1 tablespoon)
  • Aloe juice, honey, 2 egg yolks, brandy (all measured teaspoons);
  • Tincture of arnica, sour cream, 3 eggs (all 3 tablespoons).

These simple tools can be used 2 times a week, before washing the hair, always rubbing them into the skin to nourish the hair bulbs with nutrients. Keep hair a composition should be no more than 20 minutes, rinse with cool water, or heat from the protein can fold and then you namuchaetes thoroughly by washing it out of the hair.

 hair mask from the eggs

Adds shine

Even the most thick and long hair without natural, natural luster look dull and lifeless. And this happens for many reasons - a negative environmental impact, frequent use of fixing means, the use of hot drying and styling the hair. Whatever the reason for this phenomenon, it is necessary to exert maximum effort and curls back former splendor and luxury. And in this case, helpers become effective hair mask from the eggs:

  • Yogurt, eggs, olive oil (1 cup and 2 eggs);
  • Juice of one lemon, 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons sour cream (yogurt or fat);
  • The ground dry leaf mother and stepmother, egg and yogurt (2 tablespoons total).

Such funds may also be used a couple of times a week, but better to do them in a compress: wrap head with polyethylene and cover with a towel, walk 15-25 minutes and then wash your hair. It was after the masks can shine to the hair balsams - in other cases, they are not recommended. But you can still try after a mask simply rinse hair acidified water - then you can use an ordinary vinegar, and fresh lemon juice. But if the structure of your hair is dry, rinse are contraindicated!

From Loss

Many women (even with a thick head of hair) there is a permanent hair loss. Believe me - it's not normal and it is necessary to struggle. First, go to the doctor - triholog always hold the required examination and tell you the reason for this misfortune. Second, in the initial stage you can try to deal with the problem on their own and - get help from all the same balls.

Add one egg raw castor oil, mix everything carefully and spread hair. After 20 minutes, rinse. Making such procedures should be once a week for 2-3 months - only after this period you can see real results. To this mixture of castor oil and an egg may be added to the lemon juice or aloe.

We treat dandruff

If you have dandruff, here come to the aid of hair mask from the eggs - just with lemon and helps. It is true there have to be careful and respect the exact proportions: 1 egg 2-3 drops of juice. You can no longer, or citric acid, dry scalp and happens the opposite effect - will be more dandruff. Only here it is necessary to first go and find trihologu dandruff or seborrhea is. The latter disease is treated with a very different way - just a mask from the eggs can not be saved. Here it is necessary to pass the full examination by many experts as the cause of seborrhea can be anything: and stress, and diseases of the nervous system, and even a poor diet.

 hair mask from the eggs

Some tips

  • First, stick to regular - only long-term use of masks will help to achieve the desired effect;
  • Secondly, it is necessary to use only fresh ingredients - egg is better to take the village, but only trusted people;
  • Third, wash the mask from the eggs should be exclusively with cool water and then wash with shampoo.

Another issue that deters many women from the use of these masks - the smell. Yes, unpleasant odor eats into the hair and it is difficult to wash off, but in this situation there is a way and it is elementary. When you rinse your hair, add a few drops of essential oil - choose any flavor, one that you like. All your hair will smell the way you want!

Generally, in order to take care of their appearance, it is absolutely necessary to allocate free time - the beauty does not tolerate fuss and quickly fail. If you're willing to sacrifice personal hours and to be diligent and patient, then you can begin to apply the above funds. It is noteworthy that the hair mask from an egg perfectly suited to any type of hair and helps very efficiently. So be patient, take time, and forward - for the beauty and luxury to hair!

 Hair mask from an egg - guarding the beauty of your hair

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