Wedding hairstyles with tiara


  • Types of crowns
  • How to choose a hairstyle to the diadem
  • Alternative hairstyles with tiara

Every girl dreams of her wedding day to be a real princess. Of course, this is the only chance for a while to plunge into the dreams of his childhood. And the main attribute of the image has always been a princess crown, in our case - a diadem. Wedding hairstyles with tiara are always fashionable and actual, in any fashion trends this accessory would be appropriate. Such decoration can be applied to short hair and long - most importantly, choose the right hairstyle. You need to know the basic requirements for hairstyles and by tiaras - information will be useful.

Types of crowns

So, tiaras are gold and silver. Of course, the use of precious metals it's not going (although anything can happen in life - suddenly the groom will be underground, Sheikh!), But that's exactly match the color. By the choice of color must be handled responsibly and without haste - shopping and try on different types of crowns. If you have brown hair, the better it will look golden accessory, although silver is not "lost" in your color.

Wedding hairstyle decorated with a diadem, is original and even unique. One important point: To determine the size of the decoration. If you have long hair, you can buy and high, volume tiara - will look like a king! But if hair is short and you do not intend to build or use hairpieces, you should opt for the miniature accessories.

Tiaras can be decorated with stones - diverging rays will shine in your hair and attract even more attention to the person of the bride. Wedding - a bright and extraordinary holiday, let not only the environment, but also the main participants of the event shine with their beauty. That is why, and hairstyle, created with a diadem, is always a favorite. With this accessory every bride feel like a princess! But we must also choose a hairstyle, and here there are some nuances.

 hairstyle with tiara

How to choose a hairstyle to the diadem

Remember some rules that need to be drawn up wedding hairstyles with tiara:

  • All hairstyle should start from jewelry, but not vice versa;
  • Hair can be loose and collected in bundles;
  • Do not create a complex, multi-level hairstyle - with tiara such options do not look;
  • If you have long hair, except for a tiara no bright decorations can not be used. If you want to try to do invisible and simple studs;
  • All wedding hairstyles with tiara should not be too pretentious, remember - the main element is the hair;
  • If you intend to make use hair extensions or a hairpiece, you must first prepare and then to measure the diadem. This is the only case where the decoration chosen by her hair, and not vice versa;
  • If your hair is long, a wedding hairstyle with tiara is better to issue a large curls.

In addition, an important factor in creating a hairstyle and veil. It's also the main attribute of the wedding, and to treat it carelessly is not necessary. Stylists are advised to choose a veil of high diadems, having a lush, long and multipart forms. On the other hand, if the hair is supposed to dissolve, then this elegant bridal veil will hide all the hair - you can pick up a modest short cape.

Wedding hairstyles with tiara must be carefully fastened. Therefore, choose an accessory to the teeth, like a grandmother's comb - reliable fixation is ensured. It is best to try on the tiara in the store and stay a little longer in it - just 15-20 minutes would be enough to determine reliability. And then, many girls from the hoop head starts to hurt - look to your wedding day, and you have not had this trouble.

 Wedding hairstyles for long hair with tiara

Alternative hairstyles with tiara

If you have long hair, then try the following:

  • Carefully comb the hair and how high up on the top of the tail;
  • Tail twirl big bun - look at the photos of the 60s and do something like this;
  • You can whiskey and neck drop a few subtle (literally air) curls;
  • Ahead, to the bun and secure the tiara carefully trace the reliability of fixing;
  • Fatou can be attached directly to the tiara.

If you have short hair, then all is simple:

  1. Make the usual laying on the hair. Good lock varnish;
  2. Attach a small, thin tiara - by the way, it can be in the form of a wreath of flowers;
  3. Fatou take a single-layer and lower it on the cheeks, attaching to the accessory.

Each hairstyle decorated with a diadem, is unique. If you do everything correctly, it is necessary to take into account the color and style of dress, makeup, hair color and even the direction of the wedding. Of course, in an ideal - a trip to the stylist. But if for some reason is not possible, we recommend thoroughly trained before the main event in life.

Buy a tiara and improvise! If you do not get yourself to do something, to help attract a girlfriend, mother or sister. Try several options, carefully pick up the make-up and then to your most important day, you'll be great!

 Wedding hairstyles with tiara - a luxury worthy of you

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 black hair dye


  • What is the secret of the popularity of black hair?
  • The best dye your hair?
  • Black paint from manufacturers
  • A few tips for coloring
  • How to refresh a natural dark color?
  • How to wash off the black paint?

Spontaneous fashion black hair came to Russia at the beginning of the two thousandth's. After all, then began to appear new youth trends - the Goths and then the Emo flooded streets. It seemed that the eternal rivalry between blonde and brunette over. And certainly the latter. Remember the beauty contests of those years - rarely getting any crown blond girl. Black hair dye has become very popular, even blonde beauties in Hollywood abruptly rushed to change their image.

Well, fashion - is insidious and changeable. And we all try to please this naughty "lady." Of course, in recent years a boom in the black hair a little sleep, but fans have plenty left. Basically, such a radical change of image inherent brown-haired and light-Light Brown girls - this data is unofficial statistics.

What is the secret of the popularity of black hair?

First and foremost, of course - it is the very image of rock and smart brunette as opposed to blonde silly and weak. Black hair, seductive red lips, high heels shoes, languid, but at the same time confident look - bitch, one word. What, you did not know? After all, to be erased - it is also fashionable! Here is the explanation of the spontaneous outbursts of women change hair color.

Secondly - the desire to be like everyone else. A kind of image of the girl-neformalki, which still does not dare to pink or orange color, but black - what you need! All are better than the faceless Brown, merging with the gray mass. Neither you express, nor the depth of feelings, no broadmindedness. For these girls black hair color is protected from the outside world, as if they notify all around - "I shut down and touch me - our own peril."

And, thirdly, many women (note - this lady, not teenage girls) dye their hair just so. Well, that was .... Or spend on an experiment - fit or not? And then begin suffering. It will get rid of the black ink is not so simple. You find her in captivity, as you need to be painted regularly, otherwise the roots will be lighter like a receding hairline. Well if you have the patience to lead paint, and if not? So it'll be a brunette fatal, even if no longer desirable.

 best black hair dye

The best dye your hair?

Before you dare to dramatically change the appearance, think hard whether you fit the color of "raven"? After all, women of Slavic appearance, mostly whites, and constantly visit a solarium or relax at the resorts all year round not everyone can. A black paint gives even more pale, I can even say that a person acquires an unhealthy greenish cast. The result is that all the defects: wrinkles, pimples, redness appear even stronger.

Not afraid of the possible consequences? Then let's discuss the issue of the quality of paints and their application.

Basma - natural hair color

All we know that organic food quality artificial. One of these products is considered to Basma - paint obtained from the leaves of the indigo plant. It is applied in combination with henna or coffee, in a pure form as can give a blue or green tint. Basma contains ingredients that not only color the hair, but also give them a healthy shine, stimulate growth, protect against loss. Available in powder paint, it should be used immediately after dilution.

How to dye your hair basmoj?

  • Take 50-100 grams of powder (depending on hair length) and mix it with henna, in a ratio of 2: 1. If you add in more henna, the color will turn dark brown rather than black;
  • Then pour boiling water over mixture, stir until slurry. Make sure that there are no lumps. Cover with a lid and wait for 30-40 minutes, until configure themselves;
  • Now you can dye your hair. Apply the paint first on the roots and back of the head. It is then distributed throughout the entire length. It is better if you are invited to help a friend or sister, as their own paint his head seriously. Especially when the hair is thick and long;
  • For saturated hue, the mixture is allowed to 1-1.5 and then washed with warm water.

The only drawback of this colorant is its fragility, so take care of the hair must be carefully. Try to use shampoos that contain natural ingredients and forgiving. The same applies to balms and masks for hair. To make the head of hair shine and richer color is recommended to rinse the infusion of the same Basma and henna.

Pour boiling water (half a liter) of powder paints in equal proportions (25 grams). Allow the solution to cool, then strain through cheesecloth. This method will help you keep the color of the hair and strengthen its roots. And one more thing: after staining basmoj not recommended hair dye chemical composition - even the paint is the best and most expensive. This can lead to unintended consequences.

 black hair dye

Black paint from manufacturers

If you do not use Basma seduce, then consider the most popular colors, which offer cosmetics companies in the world. Each company offers several types of staining desk, bezammiachnoy, tint. They differ in content, duration and application of staining.

For example, the hueing mousses are used as a shampoo and remain on the hair is not more than a week. Bezammiachnoy paints do not contain chemical elements, so paint is safe, but also long. But persistent hold on hair dyes for about two months, but may be harmful to their health.

Of course, many manufacturers add vitamins to their goods and other items that can protect the hair from drying, breakage and loss. Therefore, purchase only quality dyes - do not skimp on the health of their curls. Here are the most famous brands of paint: L'Oreal (L`Oreal), Garnier (Garnier), Matrix (Matrix), Color (Color), Sёss (Syoss), Londa (Londa), Schwarzkopf (Schwarzkopf). But the choice is yours.

A few tips for coloring

  • If you are going to radically change the image, do not chase cheapness. Not in vain proverb says: "miser pays twice." In this case, it turns out that you pay for the paint first, and then also for the treatment of hair;
  • If the change of hair color is your constant enthusiasm, sparing best to use paint or tint mousses;
  • It is necessary to adhere strictly to the instructions for staining, because the wrong spreading paint or overexpose it to your hair, you violate the structure of hair. As a consequence there will be a problem: fragility, loss, flaking skin and dandruff;
  • If you are adherent only proof paints, try to purchase products with a minimum content of ammonia. Especially in recent years, many firms offer gentle coloring;
  • Having put on the hair resistant paint is not tied head and a towel package, the greenhouse effect is necessary only for natural-based dyes;
  • Tinting the roots, it is not necessary to update the rest of the hair. You do not need to hurt them again. And if it is necessary, apply paint only at the end of the procedure, a few minutes before washing;
  • Do not forget to use balms and masks. They help restore hair after dyeing.
  •  quality black hair dye

How to refresh a natural dark color?

For natural brunettes, there are traditional methods that help to refresh and add shine to the natural color. Here are a few recipes of colors that can be prepared at home.

  • Take 10 leaves of walnut, 10 grams of tea leaves and a liter of water. Place the leaves and tea leaves in an enamel container, pour boiling water and boil for a few minutes. Allow broth to cool, strain and pour into a dark glass bottle. Keep the broth should be in a cool place, away from sunlight. Every morning dip in the broth and comb to comb through the hair. Dry the hair dryer is not recommended;
  • Green shell nuts (80 grams), alcohol (100 grams) and rosemary essential oil (5 drops). Finely chop the shell and fill with alcohol. Store in a dark place, shaking every day. In 12-14 days after adding the essential oil and can be used. Apply the paint should be at a slightly damp clean hair. Using it regularly, you even get rid of gray hair;
  • The final recipe. Take 200 grams of walnut shell (young), 10 grams of cloves, chopped olives beforehand (250 grams), 25 grams of henna. Olives, cloves and fill the shell with three liters of boiling water and cook, covered, until half the liquid has evaporated. When the infusion has cooled, slowly add the henna and stir until smooth. Store in a dark bottle, apply to dry hair for 3-4 hours, then rinse with water and shampoo.

How to wash off the black paint?

So we discussed the kinds of black hair dye, its advantages and disadvantages. What kind of paint you choose, decide. The main thing that painting was a success and for your appearance and health of the hair. And you will not soon want to get rid of it. By the way, in order to wash away the black paint, so you can use the popular recipes.

Best of all cope with this problem usually yogurt. It can be mixed with lemon juice and just rinse hair. But a more effective recipe contains a little more components:

  • Take 100 ml of yogurt, lemon juice, 2 eggs, 4 tablespoons of vodka or dilute alcohol, a teaspoon of any shampoo with a high content of PH;
  • Mix everything until smooth and apply on hair starting from the roots;
  • Put on a shower cap and wrap head with a towel, hold 7-8 hours;
  • Rinse well with warm water and apply a balm.

Here is a simple enough tool to help you deal with black paint. Do not forget about the health of the hair and try to hurt as little as possible of their coloring. And remember, use the services of a professional hairdresser is much safer than their own to try to experiment with his own image. Yes, you pay for the service, but will be confident in the quality procedures. And it was from her and the future of your hair!

 Black hair color: fashion or necessity?

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