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In the life of every girl's wedding day is the most fabulous. It is therefore important to create a unique image of the bride wedding. And this is not so easy - you need to take into account the very large number of different details and nuances. Hairstyle takes no less important than the wedding dress of the bride. That wedding hairstyles that are a special category of hairstyles, which are suitable to the creation as well as to create a masterpiece of art. After the bride to make her hair is not so easy - as a rule, it is only by professionals. Although some girls themselves successfully cope with this challenge.

Incidentally, this wedding hairstyles least change over time. Do not believe? Look at old family photos - certainly you'll see something similar to the hair, which can be found at the modern bride. However, in fairness, it should be noted that the wedding hairstyle completely avoid trends fashion trends did not succeed.

Hairstyles for long hair

The wedding fashion has its own trends: the most popular today are the natural hairstyles - free flowing ringlets over her shoulders or loosely plaited braids woven with a thread of pearls. The modern bride is very different, and the absence of crowns on the natural rate. Looking at the bride's hair should not have any sense of artificiality.

However, wedding hairstyles not exclude individuality. You brave bride? Hence, it is possible to afford a little bit of innovation and originality. Love pigtails? Well - go ahead, wedding hairstyle, in this case turn out very unusual. Enjoy elegance? It looks stylish and sophisticated bride with hair "ponytail" tied with a bow made of hair. You prefer the classics? Bride with conservative views suitable beam classic style of Grace Kelly. Novelty and complete view of the bride wedding hairstyles will add fresh flowers, ribbons and beads - hairstyle for a bride will benefit from this.

In any case, do not forget a few simple rules:

  • Minimum styling

As already mentioned, one of the main differences between the wedding hairstyles from any other night - it's natural. So, the use of paints, foams, gels, mousses and styling should be kept to a minimum. Of course, the task is not easy, but in order to achieve the desired result is to work hard. The best wedding hairstyles are almost without these funds.

  • Natural lines

It is from these same considerations should abandon overly complex designs and fleece. Lines hairstyles should be very smooth and harmonious.

  • Jewellery hairstyles

Do not forget the suitable decoration wedding hairstyles. You can use the ornate barrettes, ribbons and even a string of pearls. However, make sure that all these decorations in harmony with the general appearance of the bride - in particular, with her wedding dress. Otherwise the hair will look alyapisto and tasteless. Even if the decorations are the most expensive. Therefore, wedding hairstyles and related accessories are chosen carefully.

  • Fata

And do not forget this small but important aspect, as the veil. In that case, if you plan to use this accessory, it is not necessary to do the high and difficult hair - it still will not be seen. It is better to simply gather the hair on his head and put a veil. Either discard the veil and give preference to the diadem. Oh, she does not exactly ruin the bride's hair.

 Wedding hairstyles

Hairstyles for Short Hair

You have short hair? Do not despair, not all of the best wedding hairstyles made from luxurious long hair. For short hair, you can do no less stylish and glamorous wedding hairstyle. Also very relevant hairstyles as a "cold wave" in the style of Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, and with slicked-back hair. Even a simple styling combined with a festive part will give a finished image of the bride and solemn. Wedding hairstyle that differs.

This season is still at the peak of fashion hairstyles are "square", especially with tapering and "Bob." Curls will give a romantic hairstyle and square, elongated using a rectifier, give hair a luxurious and glamorous look - beautiful wedding hairstyles are guaranteed.

High retro hairstyles in the style of 50-60 years are also relevant. Wedding hairstyle, made in a similar style, for sure will make an impression on your guests. However, retro hairstyle bride requires barber special skills. So if you want a wedding hairstyle, you should take care to advance the search for a very good hairdresser who used more than once created a wedding hairstyle.

Very nice and at the same time look natural strands of natural hair, which in minutes allows owners of short hair to substantially increase the length. Thus the hair of the bride, having short hair sparkle with new colors. Of course, you can go in a simpler way and increase hair, thus obtaining a unique wedding hairstyle, which immediately spot a happy new husband. But hair extensions - the procedure is quite expensive. So it is worth doing it for wedding hairstyles - it's up to you. But if you really want - and why not?

As you can see, nothing is impossible. The most daring desires always possible to implement. But remember that the best hairstyles - are simple, elegant and made with taste. For this important day for you, you should look not just good, but great!

 Wedding hairstyles. Success Secrets

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 hairstyles for bridesmaids


  • What should be the hairstyle for bridesmaids
  • Options for hairstyles for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids - this is probably the second most important person at the wedding after the bride and groom. They help with the organization of competitions and entertainment rooms, can help with a magnificent dress, and just has witnessed. And of course, each of them asks himself, what should be the hairstyle bridesmaid? It is very important to look beautiful, but it does not outdo the bride herself.

With dresses today almost no problem, because the choice of festive dresses and costumes is enormous. But in the choice of hairstyles may experience serious difficulties. What is it, hairstyle for the bridesmaids? Some of the girls somehow think that they just have to build on the head of an entire tower of Babel in honor of this special occasion. Yes, it does not hurt to decorate the architectural structure of the hair of all sorts of beads, shells, flowers, etc. But this is a big, big mistake.

What should be the hairstyle for bridesmaids

The main rule is to choose hairstyles bridesmaid - restraint and brevity combined with strict elegance. This means that you can use only a bare minimum of ornaments and decorations. For example, you can weave in her hair one flower when spring or summer wedding. For the colder seasons suitable decoration of hairpins with small beads.

But bridesmaids weave tape is not necessary. It is more suitable for weddings in medieval style, modern celebrations such hairstyles are too odious.

 hairstyle bridesmaid

Options for hairstyles for bridesmaids

Simple locks

This is the easiest, but this is not the worst option hairstyles for the witness. Suffice it slightly curled hair and leave them free to lie on the shoulders or lock the rear. Simple, economical and time-consuming. Garnish with a folding hoop, you can use small clips or pins invisible with the decor. This option is perfect if you choose a romantic image, especially in light pastel colors. For owners of short haircut is the best option.

French braid

No less relevant version of hairstyles - French braid. The beauty of it is that you can play with the strands, making harnesses volume or even executed on tight curls. But it is necessary to be careful with decorations, otherwise you run the risk of error to get to the place of the bride. The French braid is very self-sufficient, so that you can get a beautiful hairpin at the end of spikelets.


Surely her mother plaited a basket on the head of each girl for the holidays. It suits for wedding celebration. Pigtails can vary, stretching small "loops" of hair or adding a few small-zakolochek flowers. A more modern version - a thin braid braid along the contour of the face and the remaining free strands to wind and leave free or tied back.


If you want to fully collect hair, the best idea would be a classic "horse tail". You only need to give it some flavor to hair look more festive. For example, if you have a lush and voluminous hair, you can braid the tail into a tight tourniquet and pull the entire tail through the middle of the base of hair. Alternatively, you can consider asymmetrical tails (side), decorated with a small ribbon or flower. Side locks can be screwed to frame the face and leave. This option is very popular among the bridesmaids.

A beam

Another version of a simple hairstyle, which is especially convenient if the wedding takes place in the hot season - beam. Classic, which undeservedly forgotten, although it looks great in a festive image of a bridesmaid. There may be several options: low, high beam, decorated with ribbon, net or invisible ... you choose. The main condition - the volume. Even if you have to use invoice beam, but it's better than the meager knobble at the back.

As you can see, hairstyle for bridesmaids can be simple and at the same time very elegant and beautiful. And it is not necessary to run to the best hairdressers, who asks for his work a considerable amount. You may well get by on their own and with the help of a friend to create a chic image. It should be just a little practice, that all came out perfect!

 Simple hairstyles for bridesmaids with their hands

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