Wedding hairstyle with her hair


  • The main methods of festive styling
  • Playful curls
  • The image of the Greek nymph

Wedding hairstyle is an important component of the overall image of the bride. By its choice of every girl fits seriously, do not you want to look perfect in the day, to feel irresistible, from the roots of her hair and finishing with his nails! Owners thick and long hair lucky enough, since the choice of hairstyles, in this case, it is not organic. And most importantly, loose hair in combination with the wedding dress look exactly as required by the ceremony: gentle, romantic and elegant. In this article you will learn what are the wedding hairstyle with her hair, and maybe pick up an option that will suit you perfectly.

I would like to mention all the benefits flowing hair.

  • First, many men prefer light, flowing curls intricate and heavy packings;
  • Secondly, make a wedding hairstyle yourself pretty hard, and stylist services cost money;
  • Third, you need a minimum of time and effort to create a desired image;
  • And, fourthly, you need not worry that smart, so hard to make packing disintegrate due to the sudden bad weather.

As you can see, the advantages are not so few and they are all quite significant. Now let's consider the options of hairstyles.

 Wedding hairstyles loose

The main methods of festive styling

  • The most excellent option for weddings will be flowing on the shoulders of large spiral curls. They can be decorated with fresh flowers, but only if the wedding dress does not include veil;
  • An easy way to put long hair, without the shaggy, braids and beams - straightening utjuzhkom. Just straighten curls over the entire length, creating volume at the roots. Spray hair spray for shine and decorate diadem;
  • The next option - the separation of the hair in the parietal part, twisting flagella and decoration of each of them with pebbles or small decorative flowers;
  • Laying the effect of wet hair - This hairstyle is suitable for everybody and does not require additional jewelry.

Playful curls

In this process, placing greater detail. You will need: hair curlers, foam or mousse for fixing, hair dryer, hair spray, invisible and decoration.

  • On the washed and dried hair, apply a little fixing agent, spreading it over the entire length;
  • Now screw the locks in curlers (choose the size of your choice) and dry the hair dryer;
  • Remove the curlers and walk through his hair with his hands. Comb is not needed;
  • Now assemble the front part of the hair (bangs) back and Clip Available invisible;
  • Next you need to put the hair on the side. For this perekin'te their shoulder and fasten invisible, so as not to disintegrate;
  • The mounting location, you can use a beautiful ridge, suitable for wedding dress;
  • Also for the decoration of the hairstyles are perfect fresh flowers;
  • At the end sprinkle with plenty of hair lacquer.

All simple and at the same time festive hairstyle is ready. And even if it falls apart, your appearance does not suffer. It curls always relevant, and the wedding is no exception.

 Beautiful wedding hairstyle with her hair

The image of the Greek nymph

Weave braid does not always imply strict hairstyle. For example, the Greek Spit as a rim around the head is perfect for a wedding. It will look good on undulating and on straight hair.

  • Wash your hair and a bit dry;
  • Apply the product styling and once dry, but not too much. The hair should remain slightly moist;
  • Now take the left ear by a small lock of hair and well-combed, divide it into three equal parts;
  • We begin to weave braid technology "spike", capturing the locks on the left and the right. Scourge long until we reach the right ear;
  • From this point begins to weave a normal braid. When finished, anchoring her little rubber band;
  • Now the plant scythe for the right ear and fix invisible, sprinkled with lacquer.

We had a rim of hair that looks impressive and fashionable. Now well comb the remaining hair loose hair and decorate on your own.

Choosing a wedding hairstyle - a serious and responsible step, so be sure to think over all the details in advance. Talk to your friends, look through fashion magazines, find their own style - unique and exquisite. And then nothing will prevent you to be irresistible to the most important holiday of your life!

 Wedding hairstyle with her hair: feminine and innocent image

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 some hair done for the wedding


  • Prepare your hair
  • Hairstyles for Short Hair
  • Hair on the hair of medium length
  • Hairstyles for long hair
  • Some tips

Wedding - this is definitely an event to which need careful preparation. Choosing dresses and veils, accessories and shoes. And, of course, can not do without hair. The best option would be to entrust your hair professional stylist. But not always time and resources allow it to carry out. How to make a hairstyle for the wedding? Is it possible to make it the most? Of course you can! This will require patience, skill and some tricks.

First you need to decide on the image of the bride. Be sure to think through all the details. The dress and accessories should be combined. Do not overdo it with decorations. If the hairstyle required pins, the veil should be as easy. It is also important to match the hairstyle the bride's bouquet, or vice versa. It would be nice to know in advance the program and choose the hairstyle on the basis of it. After several hours of active movements can bring to naught all the works.

Prepare your hair

When it is determined so, what will be the hair, be sure to bring your hair in order.

  • Suit and rapid means to restore, but if time permits, you can apply and homemade hair masks;
  • Painting should be done not earlier than two weeks before the ceremony, otherwise there is a risk of losing its original luster;
  • And, of course, it is not necessary to carry out highlights, perm or straightening the hair on their wedding day;
  • Approximately 2-3 days before the celebration, do not use weighting cosmetics for hair care. As it will be difficult to assemble and lock in position.

 how to make a wedding hairstyle

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Perhaps this is the most difficult option. It is difficult to ensure that the hair looked really festive. However, let's try to come up with something original, because it's still a wedding and look quite so banal not agree neither the bride.

  • If the entire head hat or veil covering her hair and not visible at all, then you can do without the frills. Treat the hair by means of the usual, lay and fix the visible parts. You can also use false hair strands or hairpieces;
  • You can use the gel at the back to lift the hair up. A bang and a crown region lay with wax so as to impart smoothness and shine, but does not zalizannost;
  • Or cheat the hair on top of hot, causing pre-varnish on each strand (yes, the method is not gentle, but the beauty is required). Twist hair in four directions, the rear ends of the need to hide the raised back of the head. As a result, we obtain a fake densely stranded tail. Strongly fix it with lacquer and put on the veil. Its base should twist the "tail", emphasizing its presence.

This hairstyle is easy to do the most, is just a little practice.

Hair on the hair of medium length

Central can be considered as the length of the hair reaches 40 centimeters. Fantasy for wedding hairstyles on such hair there is no limit. As the easiest option - to do her hair in the form of spirally wound curls. Such locks are easily fixed to the studs and stealth, as well as a wonderful blend with accessories: tiara, rim, flower arrangement. Romance waves decorated with sequins and beads, will add zest to any bride.

Original hair style that can be performed on most medium-length hair - curls of four tails.

  • Draw a line from one ear to the other through the parietal region. These hairs we are not going to touch;
  • On the left side we take the hair on two centimeters to the right and hold a series from this point to the top of the left ear. Putting on tight unobtrusive gum;
  • From the top of the right ear to the starting point of the first pick of the second tail tail;
  • The third and fourth are made on the same principle of the remaining hair. The result is a picture of the four sectors, like a fir cone.
  • Free straighten hair and smoothed, the plant on his head. Here we fix them invisible;
  • Each tail strongly tease and smooth the top;
  • Screw them into the natural direction volume curls;
  • Each fix invisible inside the curl. From one of the tail can be up to three scrolls;
  • We fix her hair lacquer.

 How to make a hairstyle for the wedding itself

Hairstyles for long hair

Despite the fact that an impressive length - that in itself is very beautiful, keep hair loose Missed the wedding. And to collect any of them very very difficult. Firstly, the long hair is very heavy and poorly fixed in an unnatural position. Secondly, the volume and multi hairstyle is always short-lived.

Originally looks the most common weak weave braid with ribbons or flowers. This is a classic and delicate version suitable young ladies. Lace braid, French, Greek - hairstyles for all occasions. It is necessary to add a little glitz and their actual wedding styling ready. Consider the example of weaving hairstyle "fishtail". It can be very easy to do for a very short time.

  • Splayed hair gel handle (for blondes wax) and carefully comb;
  • In the temple identify three strands - the foundation for weaving;
  • The process is based on a standard perekidy: Right in the middle strand, followed by the left. With the constant pickup loose hair (the principle of French braids).
  • Scourge of the temple, gradually wrapping the braid to the opposite ear. When he reached him, abruptly change direction in the opposite direction and down. Get lightly folded the letter «S». Fix a gum;
  • The free end of the spit do lace. To do this, pull the strands only one side braids, forming lace. Well fix them with lacquer, not to split up;
  • With combs remove irregularities hairstyles;
  • The free end is twisted into the opposite side of the lace - it should stay outside. We get a nice surround flower. We fix it with a small stud, preferably from within;
  • The final point will be the decoration hairstyles. Good fit large beads or shiny rocks and small flowers;
  • Ornaments emphasize the smooth lines, as well as structuring flower. All hair is now worthy of its owner.

Some tips

  • It is worth to remember that fresh flowers are short-lived, but faded as they spoil the most beautiful hairdo. It is best to fix them on the studs and very treated with lacquer;
  • Artificial flowers look vulgar, if you go too far with them;
  • Do not use more than one jewelry, otherwise you run the risk of giving sloppiness throughout hair;
  • Remember that the veil itself has decoration, the main your aim as much as possible to reunite her with her hair.

Choosing a hairstyle, focuses not only on their wishes. The main thing is that the whole image of the bride looked harmoniously. Be sure to read in advance laying ways. Take the time to try different options and see which one suits you best. And since doing hairstyle itself on a very uncomfortable, was invited to help a girlfriend or sister.

 What do her hair for the wedding? Select options based on the length of hair

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