hairstyle in the Greek style


  • Step one: select the appropriate option
  • Step Two: Make the hair
  • Step Three: Stored lacquer and pins
  • After the wedding: how to disassemble hairstyle

To date, wedding hairstyle in the Greek style are at the peak of their popularity - they prefer as bright and creative and romantic, delicate bride. And no wonder, because the image of the goddess is suitable for almost all of the fair sex, and flowing over her shoulders curls elegantly braided plait or make pretty girls face more delicate and attractive.

Step one: select the appropriate option

Today there is a number of various wedding hairstyles in the Greek style, which sometimes is difficult to focus on one thing. So the first thing the bride should consult a specialist who will tell whether or not she do a braid or better to give preference to the tail, it is necessary to use additional accessories or a veil would be enough.

  • Tail in Greek style

This hairstyle in the Greek style, it is recommended to girls with an oval face and large, expressive eyes. So, first you will need to gather your hair into a high ponytail and tight fix it so that it does not decompose. Now divide it into strands, the bulk of which will go down back, and two or three perekin'te curl over his shoulder. Sprinkle all with lacquer, then wrap around the tail necklace of beads or colorful ribbon.

When choosing accessories for hair, pay attention to their weight, as, for example, heavy and massive decorations can cause irreparable damage to the hair. Keep in mind that the wedding you also have to take pictures, dance, take part in competitions. As for the tape, it should not be too wide or thick. Prefer thin and soft cloth.

  • Hairstyle with a bandage

Greek wedding hairstyle - be it with armbands, ribbons, beads, hoop, rim and gums - is classified as the most simple and elegant as the bride they have to spend on the force for twenty minutes or thirty, no more, and the result will not leave indifferent. The undoubted advantage of this option is that you do not have to pre-curling hair. Suffice it to head wear over the tape head of hair so that it passed in front of or in the middle of the forehead, or on-line growth bangs, then under it wrap strands starting from the temporal side, ending occipital.

Please note that if special gum hold your hair yourself, conventional fabric bandages, the situation is quite different. So that they will not fall and is constantly slipping off, you will need to strengthen their Invisibles and pins. In this case, the ideal option would be made by their own hands under the dress hayratnik tone.

  • Spit in the Greek style

Apply a small amount of foam or mousse to the hair, to avoid excessive pomp hair, then take a small section of the temple (left or right - depending on the direction of the spit) and the braid around the head spike. The remaining hair gather at the temple and continue to weave a normal braid.

If desired, the hair can be decorated with small flowers that will add tenderness to your fabulous images. Also nice would look two spikelets, woven at the end of a single braid. Please note that you will need to make a smooth parting, otherwise the hair will look sloppy.

  • Greek unit

If you are an ardent fan of classic hairstyles, this option you definitely will like, because there is no place more than the elements, wild hair and curls. All in harmony, restraint, accurately, concisely and at the same time incredibly beautiful.

The first thing you need to collect at the back is not too tight tail, so it does not break up, but you do not have a feeling of strain. Divide it into two flat pieces to be slightly in the harness, and then - on the stretch a rubber band and tighten into a knot. To be safe, better to fix the result of a beautiful barrette.

 Wedding hairstyle in the Greek style

Step Two: Make the hair

  • Determine the length

Unfortunately, to afford such beauty could only long-haired bride. Therefore, if you are a fan of short haircuts, before the wedding, you'll need to visit the hairdresser to build artificial strands, which can then be easily removed.

  • Frizz

Owners curly hair in this case is incredibly lucky, because they do not have to spend time training. All other brides first need to twist the individual strands in the medium or large curlers (you can also use a regular styler). Note that after a wave in any case can not comb hair, otherwise instead of beautiful hairstyle you get too lush head of hair on his head.

  • Hair color and give in order

A week before the ceremony, the bride should visit the beauty salon to dye your hair and make a hydrating mask. At home, these procedures are carried out is not necessary, because the result can be unpredictable. The only thing that you can do the day before - rinse hair with lemon juice. This will give the strands shine and make them more docile.

 Greek wedding hairstyles

Step Three: Stored lacquer and pins

If you do not want to trust your hair to outsiders and decided to make their own wedding hairstyle, be sure to pre-purchase all the necessary devices and accessories. So, in any case, you will need a mousse or foam to cheat locks in curlers, and lacquer (medium or strong fixation) to fix the result. With regard to the comb, then comb and without a round brush you just do not get along. Also, do not forget to get invisible, small pins and rubber bands.

Marriage for many of the fair sex - the most important and long-awaited moment in the life to which women are prepared practically from the first day of acquaintance with her partner. And that everything was perfect, it should take care of the little things. So, for example, bridesmaid should bring a small can of paint, studs, wet wipes, spare tape. All this is sure to come in handy during the ceremony and photo session, and at the end of the celebration.

After the wedding: how to disassemble hairstyle

Create a master or girlfriends masterpieces (with lots of hairpins and a lot of polish) is sometimes very difficult to untwist yourself. In order not to suffer after an exhausting day in the mirror with a hairbrush, hair stylists recommend the girls to lie twenty to thirty minutes in a warm bath. During this time the hair is glued together raskisnut and remove accessories will be much easier.

With Accreted hair is not the case, since the conduct similar manipulations with it not worth it. In this case, it will have to spend more than one hour on the analysis of hair. The day after the wedding, you can see a specialist that he appreciated the condition of your hair and recommend the proper care. If you plan to take a honeymoon to a warmer climate, artificial strands better off. And then during the trip you can swim and plenty of sunbathing.

 Wedding hairstyle in the Greek style: Feel like a goddess!

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 Wedding hairstyle with false locks


  • Attach an overhead locks
  • Retro hairstyle
  • Golden locks
  • Babette "- hairstyle of the 60s

Wedding hairstyles always given a special place. Of course, this is due to the value of the wedding day in the life of any girl. This is the day when you want to feel a princess from a fairy tale - a charming and romantic. And that hair plays an important role in complementing the image of the bride.

To create the desired image of stylists use different hairpieces, locks and similar tricks, and they are also used to increase the length of the hair. Laying long hair looks spectacular, which is why many brides choose wedding hairstyle with false locks.

Attach an overhead locks

So, buy a set of overhead hair, preferably natural, since the artificial will look unnatural. Make sure that the color strands match your natural hair color. Standard toupees are attached with special clips. If you do it right, you notice the difference would be virtually impossible, and inconvenience purchased locks you will not do.

  • Clean thoroughly comb the hair and divide it into several parts with horizontal parting;
  • The first strands are attached at parting, located close to the neck. Then rise above;
  • We do the same thing, and with the following parting;
  • On either side attach the most delicate and narrow strands. Make sure that they do not stand out from the natural hair.

Now that you've got a thick and long hair, you can proceed to the creation of wedding hairstyles.

 Beautiful wedding hairstyle with false locks

Retro hairstyle

  • The first step is to divide the hair into two parts, from ear to ear. The upper part of the need to slaughter, so as not to interfere, and the bottom - screwed to curling;
  • Then left stranded bottom of the hair and return to the top. We make a fleece top, a little tweak curling tips;
  • Comb of the hair need to turn in the roller, creating volume and fixing it hairpins, invisible and then hairspray;
  • Lower hair should be screwed onto the roller, can be a little comb. Then fasten the hair pins and varnish;
  • Bangs can tweak curling, creating a wave of the left ear. We attach great elegance and underline the retro style of the hair styles;
  • The transition between the parts can be liked to decorate any hairpin.

Golden locks

  • The first item in the creation of this wedding hairstyles is a high straightening of hair over the entire length. Through pressing of the hair take on a silky smooth appearance;
  • After straightening comb your hair and should treat them with the help of styling products. Now, the basic steps are passed, and you can create the most hairstyles;
  • Divide the hair strands on and secure;
  • Those strands of hair on top of that you need to tie in the tail and hide under the elastic strands of hair;
  • Hair from the resulting shape of the tail in the hair, fixing each nail and clips;
  • Forming ringlets can be an arbitrary way - do curls and secure each Invisibles and pins;
  • After the formation of curls, you can remove the clamps and permanently fix the hair with hairspray.

 how to make a wedding hairstyle with false locks

Babette "- hairstyle of the 60s

  • Curls must be straight;
  • Divide the hair into two parts - upper (bangs with crown) and bottom (the other);
  • The lower part of the hair should be twisted into a shell and lock pins. To do this you need to collect at the back tail comb it well. Then wrap the hair should be forward, hiding the tips, trying to form a voluminous dome;
  • Screw the upper part, using large curlers and warming their hair dryer, it will deliver a greater volume of hair. And then a couple of minutes you should use cold flow dryer that would better capture cheat;
  • Remove the rollers from the upper strand of hair and nacheshite them;
  • From the resulting strand shape roller and fix it invisible and pins on top of shells, twisted you earlier;
  • It is a little comb out the hair in the front, so hair will look more neat and smooth. Then sprinkle the resulting hair with hair spray;
  • You can attach a tiara with rhinestones and studs above the bangs.

An important part of wedding hairstyles and accessories are - flowers and feathers, diadems and tiaras, headbands and ribbons, studs with large sequins and pins, and of course, the veil. Range of accessories based on the data of the bride - height, body shape, an oval face, a wedding dress. The main lodge itself so that nothing disturbed the integrity of the image. If you feel comfortable, you will be confident in their beauty, and the celebration will take place necessarily at the highest level. And in fact this is the main component of the wedding ceremony!

 Wedding hairstyles with false locks - create a unique image!

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