Wedding Dresses 2012 Maternity

Interesting position - not an obstacle to the beauty of the bride, today will agree with everything. But to emphasize the high style and perfection of his image, queens celebration need to double to carefully choose outfits. Therefore, today the focus of our attention to your wedding dress 2012 Maternity: photos, trends, collections of famous couture houses - let's look at them. Review of current trends, will allow you, dear readers, unmistakably, on what today is to stay fashionable brides.

Shapes and styles of wedding dresses 2012

Of course, the bride in the position of fitting options is not suitable, but on this occasion unlikely to be upset. Today, designers are offering pregnant women to dress in the style of Italian classics, Empire, Renaissance. Each of these options is worth paying attention to brides-fashionistas.

  1. The main emphasis is made on the Italian classic lace lightness and softness of the fabric. It's really a win-win, because in a dress the bride in the position looks the most feminine. Design House is well aware, therefore, the Italian classics mandatory part of their spring-summer collections. A great example of this - from the dress Britney Rose.
  2. The combination of elegance and simplicity, the Empire also in trend. In 2012, the dress made in this style, you should choose the girls who appreciate the natural beauty, especially since today is fashionable is not ashamed of his rounded tummy. Plus simple and straightforward with the high-waisted Empire can always be supplemented with embroidery or the same accessories. This combination looks more than stylish - this can be seen by looking at the collection Pepe Botella.
  3. Sophisticated elegance wedding dresses for pregnant women, in the style of the Renaissance, is also a current trend. This is an option for brides who want to hide the tummy, to divert attention from it and to focus on the splendor of the dress hem. In 2012 the style recommended by many design houses: as an example, the same collection of Jim Hjelm - in them everything is subordinated to harmony.

 Wedding Dresses 2012 Maternity Photo

Wedding Dresses 2012: the length and color

All the prejudices that the Union guided by our mothers and grandmothers have long rejected. Today, therefore, in the position of the bride can safely choose and white short dress. Moreover, in the coming spring-summer season that option is a fashionable trend, represented in almost all collections, and we have already mentioned Pepe Botella, Brittney Rose, Jim Hjelm also not spared him their attention.

Design houses prove that not only the magnificent renaissance may be of interest to brides in the state. Designers boldly insist that she can not hesitate to emphasize the beauty of the belly and slender legs, while remaining feminine. The bride in the position should listen to the opinion of the world of fashion gurus and choose the white short dress.

Naturally, this trend is not the only option - no less popular model will be shades of beige, gray, champagne. There may be more daring dress, for example, blue, pink or maroon - in this regard in 2012 continues the tradition of previous years. With too long there is no problem: you can choose to have a little stop covering the knees or on the model of the ankle. The coming spring-summer season dictates comfortable freedom of lengths and colors, which can not but rejoice.

As a pregnant bride choose a dress for a wedding?

There are some tips to whom the bride is in a position to listen, regardless of trends and accents of the season. Remember, in 2012, will be subject to the same laws of practicality, that a few years ago, so:

  1. In severe pregnancy refuse dresses on the straps, as well as made the couturier known design houses. Otherwise, the fabric will always slide down the large belly and the shoulder straps will not be able to hold it in one place. As a result, the dress will have to constantly correct, and this, as you know, is very inconvenient.
  2. If you still hesitate stomach and want to hide it, choose the free model with a wide lace bottom. In addition, you can stay on the dress with embroidery on chest contrasting patterns distract attention to yourself - talk about it designers agree themselves fashionista.
  3. Remember, for the bride in the position in the first place is important yet not beauty, namely comfort. It is necessary that the dress you feel comfortable, so if you sew it to order, do not hesitate to often go for a fitting. If you buy a ready-made model, make acquisitions as close to the wedding, when the figure will not be even the slightest change.

Trends in the come spring-summer season free enough, some strict rules does not, then consider these tips 3 can be easily. Therefore, focusing on the latest collections, no problem choose wedding dresses 2012: photos for pregnant brides-fashionistas presents all design houses - only need to review them and make a decision.

 Wedding Dresses 2012 Maternity

 wedding dress in Greek style

These men are always comparing the women with the goddesses. One has only to hear the word, and in my head spontaneously appear images of Athena, Aphrodite and other heroines of classical mythology. In the air, white, flowing dresses, they descend from Olympus to the earth, delighting everyone around her unearthly beauty. Not surprisingly, the wedding dress in Greek style worthy only of this goddess. After the millennium, they have not lost their relevance and charm, so again and again excite the imagination of famous designers, returning them to the timeless classics that inspire each of the fair sex.

Models Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Empire style can truly be called the highest masterpiece of modern fashion. All the leading designers brought to our attention a variety of options such dresses are not too deviating from the main, classic style, which is characterized by restraint and conciseness. The most tender and beautiful wedding dresses in the Greek style are made of chiffon, silk and satin soft, like a flow around the figure and its cover, showing a little silhouette.

  • Latest wedding dresses in the Greek style with armhole over one shoulder. It can accommodate any size bow or flowers, brooch, rhinestone. Incredibly tender looks armhole decorated with white light feathers, and this may be the main focus in the model.
  • Wedding dresses in the Greek style strapless perfectly demonstrate the beauty of women's shoulders and arms. In this case, the main emphasis is on the bodice. It can be decorated with ribbons, pearls, various folds and drapes, chains, stones and gentle lace.
  • Wedding dress with straps can be completely different shape and length of the cutout. The main decoration is, of course, are themselves straps. They can be broad or narrow, single or double. Straps wedding dress in Greek style chiffon can be almost transparent, and decorated with stones and sequins, embroidery, sequins, colored accents, and, of course, drapes and folds.
  • High waist wedding dresses Greek style allows you to hide all the negative side of the figure, be it a small volume of the thigh or tummy. Free flowing skirt sloping maximum pull silhouette and visually add a few centimeters of growth. Therefore, the Greek style wedding dresses are perfect for plump or pregnant women. The waistline in a dress decorated with the most stones, crystals and other shimmering decor items.
  • The skirt also has a variety of versions: smooth and gently descends down or has multiple layers, the top can start from the waist. It looks nice Greek-style dress with a train, which can be chiffon, transparent and virtually imperceptible. He continued to dress very nicely, giving every bride tenderness and softness. Greek-style dress with pleated skirt gives a very special chic and elegance of its owner.
  • The back of the dress in the Greek style can be supplemented with a variety of binders, symmetrical or asymmetrical cutouts, decorative inlays and decorations. It is also perfectly complements the elements serve as satin ribbons, chains, paths of rhinestones or bows.

 wedding dresses in the Greek style

Fashionable colors and accessories

A colorful palette of dresses in the Greek style can be very diverse. Of course, dominated by soft, powdery, warm, light, pastel colors. Many models of dresses made in the Greek style in cream color or the color of champagne. But the world's fashion designers do not give us such a narrow choice, representing more different combinations of color contrasts. Eye-popping dress looks, which combines white or cream color with silver or gold belts and inlays.

Shoes that are best suited to the dress in the Greek style - a gladiator sandals with thin flat sole with all sorts of strings, straps and buckles. Agree, these shoes will be most convenient for your celebration. But if you do not like, you can wear shoes or sandals to the color of the dress in the Greek style.

Make-up in this style should be translucent and natural, reminiscent of the divine young nymph or Aphrodite. Give preference to pastel tones, making a pair of light accents on the lips, cheeks and eyes. Putting on a dress, you need to feel confident and compelling - real goddess.

 Wedding dress in Greek style: fashion trends 2012