wedding dress transformer

The choice of wedding dresses today are so varied that to buy a dress of your dreams can each girl. Each season, fashion designer creates ever new models of wedding dresses, delighting brides all over the world with their innovations. Wedding dress wear is not easy, because it is very easy to get dirty or porvat.Hochetsya keep it original appearance, because it will have a girl so much to do in one day: a trip to the registrar, a romantic walk and photo session after the official registration of marriage, dancing and contests at the banquet. What wedding dress can adequately survive all this? To pleasantly surprise many guests and to turn the wedding into an unforgettable celebration, designers and stylists offer to try on a wedding dress-transformer - it's so beautiful, fashionable and stylish!

The advantages of this style

Dress-transformer, which provides pattern detachable skirt, has some solid pros:

  1. This style is like no other allows one flick of the wrist to transform a long wedding dress in an elegant short model, which gives freedom of movement, allowing the bride to dance and have fun without fear ruin your outfit.
  2. Wedding Dress-transformer - it is very practical and profitable, since there is no need to spend money on expensive wedding two sets of clothes.
  3. In any of the options - like the "before" and "after" the removal of the loop - the bride looks amazing. Each version is good in its own way. Long dress appropriate to both the wedding and the wedding ceremony at the registry office. In addition, this version looks great in the wedding photos taken in vintage style. The short version after the wedding party can be used as a summer sundress.

Modifications of orders: choosing the most suitable style

Strange at first glance, dresses transformers recently appeared on the market, but despite this, they have already managed to conquer the hearts of many of today's fashionistas. Today on the podium wedding dress transformer can meet different styles:

  • mini skirt + plume;
  • hem foot + petticoat.

We are accustomed to the image of a bride in a long wedding closet, hide not only the legs, but also shoes. However, times are changing, and many modern girls do not want to walk down the aisle in a traditional attire. Wedding Dress-transformer - it is a challenge to the traditional wedding fashion. Unusual wedding dress a model created in the first place for the daring modern brides who like to surprise others and at the same time prefer the comfort and mobility.

 Wedding Dress transformer - a magnificent design course

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 How to choose a wedding bouquet

No no! It's not just a bunch! This bouquet in hands of the bride! The one with whom she will meet one of the nicest days of her life. The one with whom she Buda captured on all the wedding photos. Those who are diligent to catch her friend after the traditional cast. It has to be perfect. It must match the style of dress, decorated with hair, make-up colors and even the sign of the newlyweds.

So, what it should be - the bridal bouquet? There are a few simple rules, which strictly adhere to the organizers of weddings and wedding stylist. If the bride is different curvaceous, preferably round bouquet. If the bride elegant physique, better to choose a narrow or elongated bouquet. Use similar colors in the preparation of hairstyles considered irrelevant, although it is still often used. As a rule, the same tone of the bouquet with a hint of lipstick. Finally, the smell of the flower arrangement should not irritate the bride and groom, moreover, it should be combined with the scent of perfume - keep in mind that pleasant scents individually, can give an unexpected effect when mixed.

In addition to classic buketnye forms, there are original, more complex in execution. So, drop down a bouquet of flowers made with curly stems, which are fixed in the form of a special wire falls. Classic round bouquet can also capture the imagination, having been in the hands of an experienced florist. There are bunches in which small flowers make up the initials of the bride and groom, or patterns in the form of hearts. Very popular now spherical bouquet that the bride holding the silk ribbon. The original, but was not widely used option is a floral arrangement in the form of a muff, which hid the bride hand or in the form of a bouquet of elegant handbags. Do not be put off by this diversity, order a bridal bouquet is not a problem, and experts from the studios of floristic yourself you will be able to offer any option which only you want.

Astrologers advised to choose a bouquet for a wedding according to the sign of the horoscope of the bride. For signs of land is preferable to red roses, tulips, aromatic buds. Tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, pink roses suitable for signs of water. The bright colors and the composition of small flowers suitable for signs of fire. And for signs of air is best to choose bouquets of dark, big flowers, having a rich aroma. They are also excellent exotic plants.

When choosing colors to compose note that the calla lily and does not advise to use for a wedding ceremony, they often give in times of sorrow. In addition, some varieties of lilies are left visible marks on clothing. Be sure to ask about the extent to heat and frost-resistant flowers, because the bouquet will have to endure all the tests, he designed the weather, keeping a fresh look to the end of the day.

 How to choose a wedding bouquet

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 Wedding Dresses 2011 2012

Wedding fashion, however, like any other, is not standing still. Every year it brings in a wedding dress brides all new items and accessories. But no matter how varied wedding fashion, it remains conservative, with no surprises and shocking changes. What kind of wedding dresses 2011-2012 prepared by famous designers and famous brands of fall and winter brides?

Fashion trends

The collections of this year, as in previous seasons, there are a variety of styles of wedding dresses for every taste - luxury and chic, vintage and romantic. To have a better understanding of the trends in bridal fashion autumn-winter season, we propose to consider the most relevant models of wedding dresses 2011-2012 in the photo, published on our website.

In principle, autumn trends are not much different from the spring-summer season. The same constant length, a modest neckline, traditionally open shoulders, elegant simplicity, tight corset and crinoline small. Most designers are increasingly incline brides abandon the traditional veil, which, according to them, hiding his eyes sparkling with joy and a smile. Luxury Wedding Dresses gradually losing out, giving way to the fashion runways sophisticated, tight-fitting dress, emphasizing all the advantages of the female figure. We go to draw your attention only to the most important trends in wedding dresses autumn-winter 2011-2012.

  • Silhouette "Mermaid"

For consecutive season that the wedding dress "Mermaid" has been on the fashion catwalks, attracting attention and bringing to mind the huge number of brides all over the world. Raging over the years the popularity of this model of a wedding dress is easy to explain: it is like any other profitable emphasizes the feminine silhouette: waist, hips, and, of course, the breast. Perhaps this version wedding dress several constrains movement bride, but allows maximum effectively demonstrate to others the dignity of all shapes and compelling look at such an important day for her. In autumn 2011 particularly fashionable wedding platya- "Mermaid" strapless and sleeveless layered, lush, satin, color and asymmetrical skirts.

 Wedding Dresses 2011 2012 photo

  • Long dress a-line

Long Wedding Dresses A-line - another fashion trend of the season. This simple and yet elegant wedding dress will be a wonderful decoration of the humble and innocent bride. Especially since this version of the wedding dress (fitting corset bodice and skirt widening downward) for any figure.

 trendy wedding dresses 2011 2012

  • Mini Dress

Equally popular hot summers little white dress classic style this fall is still at the peak of wedding fashion. And a small amount of fabric used in any case not diminish the dignity of the wedding dress. The new collections you can find a wide variety of mini dress silhouettes: form-fitting, loose, with lush skirts, decorated with flowers, lace, bright zones. In combination with white fur or sheepskin cloak, veil and high-heeled shoes every girl will look simply irresistible.

 trendy wedding dresses Autumn 2011

  • The long light dresses and overalls

Fashion trend of the season - long dresses and overalls made of light, flowing fabric. Perhaps a wedding dress, just like the bridal trouser suit, looks a bit extravagant, but certainly not beaten.

  • Dresses with trains

Another fashion trend of the new season - dresses with trains. They are present in almost every model, with the exception that in addition to the Empire style. Fashionable wedding dresses 2011-2012 this style can be both long and not very transparent chiffon and decorated with ruffles.

 Wedding Dresses 2011 2012 with a train

  • Cut in the shape of "heart"

Vyrez- "heart" this autumn and the coming winter again in the trend. It is not so important is the style of wedding dress, which can be absolutely anything: in the Greek style, mermaid, asymmetric, Ball, with a high waist or A-line - it all depends on your imagination and taste. Leaf can also be selected according to personal preferences: with sleeves, straps or neckline. The main thing that was a notch-heart. Dress with a similar cut beautifully accentuate the chest and give the image a little sexuality.

 sexy wedding dresses 2011 2012 photo

  • Lace Wedding Dress

Lace bodices, capes and skirts today attend all the shows without exception. They came into fashion back in 2010, since then their popularity does not cease, but on the contrary, is gaining momentum with renewed vigor. Apparently, this trend will last in vogue for at least another couple of years. And blame for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Now, replicas of the royal wedding dress can afford to marry the bride around the world. In such an outfit every girl will look very feminine and charming.

 fashion wedding dress 2011 2012 Lace

  • Pantsuit

Perhaps many of you it is difficult to imagine a wedding dress as a trouser suit, but nowadays this is not an isolated case. More and more brides in the world today, especially mature, choose to go down the aisle in a similar dress. Snow white suit, white clutch and tasteful all kinds of accessories not only perfectly complement the bride's dress, but also allow it to stand out favorably against the general background.

  • Spirals

There was a place in wedding fashion and pleated skirts, the models with a lot of frills, turning into the wave. Notice how original and unique look wedding dresses 2011-2012: photos of models with cascading pleated ruffles and frills with the latest dazzling shows. And the silhouette of the dress can be made in two versions - a direct and magnificent.

 trendy wedding dresses Autumn 2011 Winter 2012

  • Wedding dress in Greek style

The last few years of wedding dresses in the Greek style in the collections of top designers are leaders. The correct choice of fabrics, skilful tailoring and elegant simplicity of this dress make it a truly divine. This autumn and winter wedding dress in Greek style very successfully competes with finery on crinolines. Home decoration are all sorts of drapery fabric, brooches and belts of beads. Also, as an additional decoration, many fashion designers prefer to use a matte semi-precious stones. A characteristic feature of this dress is flirty armhole on one shoulder.

  • Tunica

For the second year in a row is not going to give up their positions and tunics, who came like many brides. The advantage of this dress is that it is able to present in the best light refined figure of a young girl, and at the same time underline its innocence and freshness. With such an outfit looks great absolutely every hairstyle.

  • Dress in the style of "Empire"

Girls who soon are going to become mothers or want to hide some of the shortcomings of the figure, the ideal option would be the choice of a wedding dress in the style of "Empire". Dress decorated with stylish belt passing under the breasts and small parts in the form of pearls, crystals and stones give the girl a charming view and create a fabulous image.

 Wedding Dresses 2011 2012 in the Empire style

  • Wedding Dresses with sleeves

Medieval wedding dress with long sleeves or three-quarters - this is probably the hottest trend of the winter season 2012. This wedding dress is very highly regarded for its antique look. In addition, it looks great and is ideal for a winter ceremony. Opting for this as well, you'll look elegant and stylish.

 Wedding Dresses 2011 2012 fashion photo

Fabrics, colors, decor and accessories

  • Fabrics

Fabric composition for sewing wedding dresses in the new season as always traditional. This satin, silk, satin, chiffon, gas, organza, lace, lace and soft tulle. Although this season is much less wedding toilets will be decorated with lace printed fabrics, able to turn any bride into a real snow queen, do not think that white fluffy wedding dress made of this material - it is nonsense and bad taste. Not at all! They can also decorate the bride and create a unique image.

  • Trendy colors

Almost all the designers in creating their new collections did not miss the opportunity to experiment with color. In addition to the classic white color that never goes out of fashion, you can find a lot of fine patterns dairy, smoky-blue and pale pink shades. It is also relevant in the autumn of 2011 gold, silver and pearl wedding dress.

  • Decor

Instead of decorative patterns embroidered fashionable wedding dresses Autumn 2011 will be gracing the tiny folds and draperies. Also, as the decor many brands prefer to use three-dimensional parts such as, for example, fabric flowers, reminiscent of wonderful jungle. And this fall can count on demand as large bouquets and single copies.

Latest wedding dresses, skirts that are decorated with light feathers, embroidered with silver thread, applications, translucent delicate prints, like a watercolor painting. In recent years more and more to the wedding dress designers offer a decorated belt, which undoubtedly makes the dress more ornate

As for corsets, they may be strict, and pretentious, decorated with all sorts of ways: sequins, stones, crystals and other decorative elements, but particularly attractive look bows and draping.

  • Fashionable accessories

Wedding accessories - an integral part of the toilet of the bride, they are designed to emphasize the beauty of the bride:

Bridal Veil. It is this enhancement makes the image of the bride's romantic and elegant. Especially beautiful and elegant look, combined with a veil tiara.

Fur coats, fur capes, stoles, boleros. All these accessories are simply irreplaceable in a cold season. Each of them will perfectly complement the image of the bride and warm winter with its warmth.

Wedding gloves. Elegant wedding gloves - dress the bride's special element that emphasizes the beauty and harmony of female pens and give them grace. This accessory looks very romantic, especially when the bride holding a bouquet of the bride or launches doves.

Hair ornaments. As decoration wedding hairstyles using both artificial and natural flowers, small branches, hairpins with crystals and other decorative elements.

Tiara bride. This wedding accessories suited to any girl at any style and from almost any fashionable wedding dress 2011-2012. In addition, a diadem or tiara allows each bride look a princess on her wedding ball.

Handbag for the bride. Without such a beautiful, and most importantly, the necessary accessories today can not do none of the bride. And because it is a special thing - it should not be too cumbersome. Ideal - an elegant small handbag in the form of openwork or satin pouch on thin handles long-ribbons. This model does not distract attention from the dress, and it does not take the hands of the bride.

Stockings, garter for the bride. Fishnet stockings and white thin or wide graceful garter - one spicy, but at the same time a necessary accessory, without which today can not do any one wedding.

Shoes of the bride. Shoes or boots are matched by color and style of the wedding dress. But in any case they have to be as convenient as possible, so that she could easily dance and have fun during the wedding celebration. In cold weather, a great alternative wedding shoes can be white boots.

Knowledge of and compliance with the fashion trends of the season will allow each girl to worry less when choosing a fashionable wedding dresses for autumn 2011 and is quite easy to become the most stylish bride. You can be sure what would be the style and color of a style wedding dress look no preferring, in any of them you will look irresistible on their wedding celebration.

 Fashionable wedding dresses 2011-2012 season

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