Wedding candles with their hands


  • Candle with roses alive
  • Candles with tulle
  • Candles with lace
  • Candles Baroque

Ah, the wedding! How grand the event, just as much time and effort it takes preparation. By the way, today, increasingly use the services of professional organizers of the wedding. Nevertheless, many deliberately leave themselves the most pleasant chores: choosing and buying dresses for the bride and groom, as well as the acquisition or production of wedding accessories. And if you consider yourself to fans or masters Maida hand, the possibility of self-manufacture and iconic cute little things without which no cost, no wedding, you certainly interested. For example, how to make the wedding candles with your own hands? It turns out it's not so difficult! Try?

Candle with roses alive

The charming, touching and tender candle is easy to manufacture, any decorating them with fresh flowers. But since we have a rose is traditionally considered to wedding flowers, the candles and we decorate them. So, this floral composition, we need:

  • roses and buds (can be short or even very short stems);
  • Floral Foam (foam oasis);
  • floral hairpin pearl white or pink;
  • tall candles (round or conical).

Floral Foam will have the basis for this wedding song. Indeed, without it, no roses and candles themselves, we can not do, but you can try to replace the pin wire. But it's better (more reliable and easier) to use hairpins. So, choose the appropriate candles and soaked sponge. At this time, carefully cut the stems rose to a height of about ten centimeters. To preserve the freshness of the flowers longer, making cuts at an angle, dropping them into the water and using a sharp knife.

When the sponge is fed with moisture, insert it rose. First place large flowers, and then fill in the gaps between the two buds. Now you only have to attach a sponge to candles using pins. That's all. In a further decoration of roses do not need - it is them unnecessarily.

 Wedding candles with their hands

Candles with tulle

Modest, but elegant and even refined decoration for the wedding will be an ordinary spark tulle and satin ribbons. To prepare these candles:

  • two round high white candle (height of about fifteen and a diameter of about six centimeters);
  • Satin ribbon width of two centimeters (pink, coral or red);
  • tulle;
  • needle and white thread;
  • lighter;
  • glue gun.

For decorating candles cut off a piece of tape, the length of which will be a bit more girth candles. For two long sides of the ribbon to apply the adhesive and attach the tape by wrapping it around the candle just below the middle of the entire height. Now we need to make rozetochki of tulle. To do this, cut off by long strips of tulle and twenty two centimeters wide. On one long edge paving stitches and pull the thread, collecting in the folds of tulle. The result is a magnificent round socket. Threads consolidate and cut off.

Again, cut off twelve centimeters satin ribbon and make her bow, the ends of which singeing lighter that the tape is not dissolved. In the middle of a wall outlet to apply the adhesive and fix the bow. Then ready to bow to the power outlet to glue the candle in the place where the ends are closed tape wrapped around the candle. Thus the second candle and decorate - our wedding candles ready!

Candles with lace

Another neat option decoration wedding candles. For them we need:

  • two spark same diameter and different heights (e.g., six, nine, six and twelve centimeters);
  • four satin bands: two different widths and colors (two centimeters and five millimeters of each color) to fifty centimeters;
  • white lace with one straight and one shaped edge and a repeating pattern;
  • white thread;
  • sewing needle and scissors;
  • double sided tape,
  • pearl beads;
  • kulonchiki pendants in the form of hearts.

Let's start with the fact that the suspension may be used as a ready-made pendants or charms for mobile phone, and can be woven beaded hearts or cut from felt. Now, the process of decorating. First cut to two lengths long and twenty centimeters of lace and a wide belt. The edges of the strips (sections) singeing or secured with varnish nails so they do not crumble. On the front of the lace in the center of each repeating pattern sew on pearl bead. Next glue on the narrow strips of adhesive tape on the ends of each piece of lace and ribbons from the wrong side.

Now, everything is simple: we put one leg lace with a ribbon the wrong side, remove the protective paper from the adhesive tape and glue both segments. I get a lace on one side and the other decorative satin ribbon. We also perform and tape for the second candle. With the help of adhesive tape strips to fasten the candles, wrapping them just above the middle of the candle. Of ribbons do bows, threading the central-loop knots in suspension. With the help of adhesive tape ribbons fastened directly on the decorative strip or slightly above (below) it.

 beautiful wedding candles with their hands

Candles Baroque

A very simple way of decorating candles and amazingly effective result! For these candles, we need:

  • Six roses of satin ribbons;
  • sewing pins with white pearl heads;
  • long white candles;
  • beads to match the roses;
  • white beads, pearls (larger pin-heads);
  • glue gun.

Roses and pins can be purchased at any store of sewing accessories. Roses, we need medium sized (about three centimeters in diameter) and some gentle warm shades: pink, coral, salmon, or even white. So all pins shorten by half. Now fasten the three roses on candles, placing them in the middle of the candles in a checkerboard pattern, one in the middle, the second of five centimeters below and slightly to the left, and the third of five centimeters or more to the right. Rose Crepe pierced pins through them carefully and sticking pins in the candle. To candle is not broke, pins can be a little lighter to heat.

Now stick the pins in the candle by placing them in the form of the Latin «S» in height candles. This pattern should be just a little bit more of the gap, which is occupied by roses and not necessarily very smooth, but quite neat. Now, with the help of glue to attach the candle beads and beads, filling the gaps between the roses, but retaining the outline of the pattern. And to complete the picture of our top bend «S» can be slightly pulled up, and add to it the bottom of organza bow and socket of tulle. In short, here you should have to rely solely on your own taste.

So, using the simplest materials and attached to a conventional spark his skillful hands, we turned prosaic candle in an elegant wedding accessory. You agree that make it really easy! A little imagination, a little patience and diligence - and all you get. Good luck!

 Wedding candles with their hands - an elegant accessory

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 knitted valentine


  • A small heart volume
  • Valentine crocheted 15 minutes
  • Other ideas knitted valentines

If a woman knows how to knit, then consider that half of the family income, she is able to save. After all, we, needle, can? And family from head to foot wear, and his beloved modnenkoe something to stir, and the house as a candy and costumes. Yes, a little, we also save on gifts! Here, for example, whether to puzzle over what a valentine present to your beloved, if you can pick up elementary spokes or the hook, turn on your favorite movies and even before the final subtitle tie touching souvenir. Yes, ladies, knitted valentine will give you the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. And what a beautiful and emotional turn these gifts! Try?

A small heart volume

Heart-case. Of course, putting in this case there is nothing we will not, and the opening-closing our heart should not. But the principle case for your heart souvenir we use. That is, it is hollow inside and stuffed with synthetic padding surround heart valentine card. So prepare for a red or pink cotton yarn, a hook and a third room for padding polyester stuffing. To produce such a valentine knitting carried out in stages.

Starting from the top of one of the halves, which were binding in the form of a cup. Two aerial loop is closed in the ring and tied six columns without nakida. Making six of increases, and get the number of the twelve columns. In the next series of six times and increase repeat a column without nakida (eighteen). The fourth series of columns without nakida provyazyvaem (also eighteen). The last row of the cup - an increase and five columns without nakida repeated three times (a total of twenty-one loop). The latter are not closing the loop and cut the thread, leaving a tail of about fifteen centimeters. Likewise, knit top and a second heart.

So, the last cup loop we hooked. Now we put on her open loop of the first half and continue working thread knitting circle. First provyazyvaem seventeen columns without nakida in the first half, missing four bars and knit already on the edge of a second cup without nakida seventeen columns (all thirty-four of the column).

Ponytail first connect the two halves of the cup inside out, knit four bars without nakida, just the ones that we had left in the previous step. We get a convex-concave vosmerochku. The last loop does not close, and continue knitting columns without nakida circle:

  • seven bars, decrease, fifteen bars, decrease and ten columns;
  • seven bars, decrease, fourteen columns, decrease and nine columns;
  • five bars, decrease, thirteen bars, decrease and ten columns;
  • four bars, decrease, twelve bars, decrease and ten columns;
  • decrease, two bars, decrease, seven bars, decrease, two bars, decrease, eight columns at this stage should be left twenty-two loops;
  • decrease, bar, decrease, six bars, decrease, bar, decrease, eight columns.

Now nedovyazannoe heart fills with synthetic padding and finish the job. Decrease and a column without nakida repeat six times. Next provyazyvaem twelve columns and can report vehicle. Continue subtraction, forming a sharp tip of a heart, we close the last loop, crop and mask the thread.

 valentines crocheted

Valentine crocheted 15 minutes

Such a miniature souvenir submit to even the most inexperienced knitters. So you can both train and arm stuff, and time to spend, and make spiritual gift. So, for such rapid valentines you need crochet hook number 1, 5, 1, 25, and red, white, green and black yarn "Iris."

Hearts are obtained quite small, but very nice. To link these lovely valentine, you only need to follow the description.

  1. Getting Started Knitting a red yarn. We collect a chain of six stitches.
  2. Provyazyvaem first row: two columns with nakida, bar with nakida the sixth loop on the hook.
  3. Recruit five air loops for lifting the arc, knit on two columns with nakida in each column of the first row.
  4. From the third to the seventeenth series of knit: the arc of five air loops, four bars with nakida in columns (loop) of the previous row.
  5. Eighteenth series - the left half of the top of the heart. Knit two air loop for arc and one without the pillar on each arc nakida 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 series. Provyazyvaem three air loops and locking ring without nakida column on the arc of the previous (16th) row. On hinges seventeenth series of four columns with provyazyvaem nakida.
  6. From the nineteenth to the twenty-second row: an arc of five air loops, four bars with nakida.
  7. Twenty-three series. Summing hook under the arc of the first row, and the plant vyyatgivaem loop hook under the arc of the nineteenth series. Pulling another loop and provyazyvaem two elongated loop. Next, knit two air loops and four bars with nakida.
  8. The next ten rows (24 to 34) were binding on the model of the eighth to the eighteenth series. In the last row of the right half of the top of vyvyazyvayut heart.
  9. From 35 to 37 series of five air loops (lift arc), four bars with nakida.
  10. Thirty-eighth series. Fill in the middle of a flower of white yarn. Nine stitches, a column without nakida arc 36 series, seven stitches, a column without nakida arc 22 series, seven stitches, a column without nakida arc 20 series, seven loops and column without nakida arc 6 number, seven loops and column without nakida arc 4 rows.
  11. Green yarn knit without nakida column in the middle of the last chain stitches and make three air loop.
  12. Provyazyvaem black thread on the pillar in the middle, without nakida remaining chains of seven stitches. The locking ring without nakida column in the last column of the last arc.
  13. Last flower chain three stitches: without nakida bar on the first red chain, two air loops, four bars without nakida.
  14. Thirty-nine series. Five stitches, four bars with nakida.
  15. Fortieth series. Two air loop column without nakida arc second row, two air loop, and twice with nakida two columns with a common vertex.
  16. The last row. Five stitches, two columns with nakida with a common vertex.

Cut the threads, hide tails, tucking them into the appropriate color bars.

 Crochet Valentine

Other ideas knitted valentines

Strictly speaking, any expert-knitter able to come up with their own original heart. You agree that connect such tiny valentine's really very simple and fast. For example, if you are good at knitting needles, try to tie the right heart in a Scandinavian style. Just tie a pattern two paintings with mirror pattern and then folded their wrong side, sew the edges neatly.

Using the same principle, you can make and original silk heart in a knitted cover. First, cut out the two parts of the silk pattern heart, sew them and stuff them with cotton or synthetic padding. Now the same pattern tie with the help of two spokes details of any tracery viscous. Attach the knitted items to both sides of the heart and silk with a hook or a thick needle connect them. In addition, try to decorate the heart pompons, hung on a knitted cord. Important in this valentine - pick a contrasting combination of silk and yarn.

Or here's another idea. Made of flexible wire roll contour in the form of heart. Now, with the contour of the hook tie nakida columns without having finished the series connecting loop. And then select any favorite scheme crocheted lace and continue to fasten the wire loop. By the way, if you make a large enough wire heart, it can be used as photo frames.

But for the very, very beginning to offer a simple version of a heart valentines crocheted columns without nakida. First, make a chain of three stitches, and then start it without nakida undergirding the columns, making the addition and subtraction in the right places and form the heart of the desired size. If such a very simple heart supplemented bulk embroidery Rococo, it will look amazing and sophisticated. And if you decorate Valentine small key on a string, it will acquire additional meaning and become not just a touching souvenir and a kind of recognition.

In short, dream! The main thing - a hook or knitting needles, yarn and the mood - you already have. And believe me, for the original valentines hook and spokes will be enough. The case for small - to put our plans into practice. Be bold, and all you get!

 Knit Valentines - man-made spiritual gift

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