Wedding accessories and jewelry for the bride

Wedding decorations - an indispensable part of any bride's attire, they effectively complement the elegant and gentle image of the girl, focus on her taste and sense of style. They say that the appearance of his wife on trial for the welfare of the whole family - it is possible that this statement primenimoi in respect of the bride! That is why to choose jewelry for the wedding dress should be especially careful, because to create a perfect image every detail must be perfect, harmonious and tasteful.

First of all, wedding accessories and decorations must be combined with the design and color of the dress. If your outfit complemented by eye-catching elements - beads, pearls, ruffles and lace variety, beating decorations calm, not isolated. For classic style dress suit pearl accessories, a variety of vintage jewelry. A wide range of jewelry for wedding dresses of any style you will find in the pages of the online store of wedding accessories Svadba-Dream: the pearl beads on thin to wide bracelets with rhinestones.

Also, it is important that not only the decoration combined with a dress, but also among themselves. Agree when Earrings "under silver" necklace and "golden", the impression will not improve even the most beautiful wedding dress. To simplify this task to you, the site presents the range sets wedding jewelry. We also offer beautiful accessories for the most important decorations at the wedding - a cushion for the rings.

Costume jewelery for the wedding should be selected according to the external features of the bride. Many women forget about it, trying first of all to chase fashion, and in the second - to give your wedding ensemble brevity. One of the most important features to consider when choosing beads, necklaces and chains - this is the length of the neck. Girls with short neck ornaments suitable long while, as the adherent necklace most suitable owners of long neck, it visually shorten it. Long earrings usually visually drawn oval face, whereas conventional clove - vice versa. In the online store "Wedding Dream" You are sure to find suitable decorations that will emphasize your individuality.

Wedding - one of the major events in the life of every girl. Make your wedding memorable with "dream wedding"!

 Wedding accessories and jewelry for the bride

 Wedding Dress signs

  • Signs of a wedding dress
  • The most important features
  • What bride hiding under her dress?
  • Other signs - about shoes

Every girl since childhood dreams of a prince and a wedding dress. Initially, the main criterion for the ideal is chosen its appearance - the guy should have a pleasant appearance and a sense of humor. As they get older, of course, there are more mundane needs: girls already want their future husband was not only beautiful (it becomes not so important), but also intelligent, educated, gallant, well educated, and most importantly - in demand in the profession, not short of money, full of great love and respect for its second half. And when she meets him, tied relationships, love breaks and enters a marriage proposal, the fun begins - the preparations for the wedding.

The event is usually planned very carefully. After all, this is one of the major events in the life of the young, so everything - from the selection of Toastmasters, restaurant, rings, a wedding motorcade and so on - should be left to chance. If men are taking it quite calmly, the ladies are experiencing any failure as a tragedy of universal scale. Especially it concerns the purchase of a wedding dress (meticulously selected its color, style, and so on). After all, every bride wants to find the perfect and different from other wedding dress in which she will look simply stunning. However, it is not necessary for it to spend all their strength and nerve cells - and so you are the most beautiful!

Psychologists recommend to just relax and enjoy the process of preparation for the wedding, and that he was much calmer in advance, make a list of all necessary cases (where to go, whom to talk to, what to buy, and the like), and distribute the tasks among your friends and family. So you remove from their shoulders part of the care and save time that can be spent on more important and pleasant things.

Some very superstitious bride wedding event except the organization manage more to worry about respecting different beliefs. Too hung up on this, of course, not necessary, but to know some of the signs can not hurt. We'll tell you about what is best to choose the color of the dress, what to do with his attire before and after the wedding and much more. Believe it or not - your business, and our task, as they say, been warned!

 signs Wedding Dress

Signs of a wedding dress

Signs for modern brides are so diverse that sometimes, if you think about it, believe me begin to contradict each other. Most of them relate to such things as the color of the wedding dress, shoes, bouquet, veil and so on. Let's talk more about that.

So many people know that the signs do not recommend taking a wedding dress rental. The fact that the clothes, as well as any other element of the wardrobe, able to adopt and maintain the energy of the person who wore it before. Of course, not all people have such a strong ability, but some aura is so powerful that their fluids can cause harm to another person. For example, if the bride in a wedding salon will dress, "charged" negative energy with which its internal protection fail, the girl can feel bad. Sometimes there is weakness, fatigue, headaches, nausea. Therefore, signs of wear only recommend a new dress, no one wearing. Also of great importance is the color and style, but we will describe below.

If you are by nature a superstitious person, take note of one fact - the signs are advised to use in a wedding dress borrowed thing. In ancient times, the bride's mother gave her daughter a handkerchief embroidered with a special symbolism. Its color and ornament protect the girl from the evil eye and other misfortunes, serving as a kind of talisman. This groom handkerchief to wipe the tears of joy, mourning her transition from girlhood to adulthood, and then he came back to his mother. Often this thing passed from one generation to another.

Today, when the wedding signs know and abide by no means all, many women are taking girlfriends have a brooch loaned or other decorations, but it is better if it is a family jewel. So, there is even an English tradition that at the wedding have to be something new, the old, as well as blue and borrowed. The first and second symbolizes the connection with the family of the bride, peace and wisdom in marriage, and success in the coming new life. Taken from friends or relatives thing reminds the girl that loved ones will always be there, and the blue color is a hot love, modesty and fidelity. If you observe signs of wedding, be sure to lend at the time of a married friend or relative, a happy marriage, some personal item (such as a scarf or jewelry). So you get a blessing for the happy family life.

Some ignorant people are advised to borrow handbags, tiaras or a veil. The last element of the wedding wardrobe under any circumstances, no one passed! Since the signs say that this hat - symbol of girls go into a new life. In addition, it is believed that he will protect her future child from all adversity. So many women Kuta sick baby in a veil which, according to legends, to help him recover. In addition, it can be hung over the crib or baby stroller that is assured national signs, protect him from the evil eye.

Let's go back to talking about wedding dress. It is believed that its color can affect the future bride clouded his or make a happy marriage. Signs Never use in the locker room all shades of yellow, and if you want to avoid conflict with her husband, then in any case do not buy the red dress. But the presence of red elements in the decoration or the bouquet, by contrast, is welcome. Therefore, stopping the choice on a particular dress, consider its color. The ideal is considered to be white, because it symbolizes God's grace and prosperity.

Buying wedding jewelry, go around the side of those where there are stones or pearls. The former has a strong energy, which can not always be positive. As for pearls, it is considered that it provokes memories, so enter the new life should be without it. In ancient times, the girls do not wear such ornaments, they wore only mature women. Therefore, if you follow the signs, you pick up along your beautiful and quality jewelry, while sure to consider the color and style of the wedding dress. Jewellery should be combined with wardrobe and complete your look.

In the old days of special importance was attached nodes - all kinds of weaving and tie on clothing symbolized the tangled life full of challenges, failures and hardships. It is therefore considered that the bride should not contain any laces or other weaves.

The most important features

Not all people are superstitious, so someone observes wedding signs, and some do not - it's a private matter. However, when a man finds happiness, truly falls in love and wants to keep the feeling for many years, then of course, there is a keen desire to protect his treasure from every evil eye, taunts and other troubles. After all, whether you believe it or not, some people actually have a negative energy that could harm others. Surely you've noticed that a number of one-person feel at ease, and the other a negative impact: there is a feeling of heaviness at heart, dizziness, blood rushes to the face and want to quickly go away. Such people are called "energy vampires" and of them should stay away.

On the wedding event is always going to a lot of people with different characters and with his thoughts (and not always they are good). Some relatives of the bride by the groom may not know. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of the evil eye, the signs are advised not to allow visitors to touch your outfit. It is believed that a person with a bad energy, which is specially touched bride can bring damage to it or the self-fulfilling prophecy. But if someone from the good people accidentally touched the skirt, he soon something very lucky. Since it symbolizes luck and prosperity in the future.

Signs of a wedding dress completely diverse. Whereas the color and model of dresses, jewelry and things that have to be in possession of each bride. We decided to put together all the superstitions and made a list. What came out of it, read below:

  • As already mentioned, the bride's dress must be new and not carry, moreover, after marriage it can not give any girlfriends or female relatives, not even his own sister. The same applies to the veil.
  • To marriage was long and happy, it is recommended to buy a long dress, and its color must be white. Short skirt symbolizes a short marriage, and you do not want? In addition, it is believed that one should be sure to choose one-piece outfit, while the bride will live together with their chosen one year. But the girl, who will prefer a corset and skirt, according to the signs, it can not boast.
  • If during a holiday at the bride's wedding dress torn - is a wicked mother in law. But if on the wedding dress came off button, sew her two tight stitches - so you connect your life with her husband.
  • To avoid minor troubles before marriage does not look in the mirror, and in any case not to show her future husband. The groom should not see his bride in a dress before the wedding.
  • Some girls like to walk around in a wedding dress on an apartment, showing off in front of a mirror and showing off their purchase of her friends. According to the signs, do not. Since it is believed that if the bride put on the dress, then already married. Therefore, the marriage can not take place.
  • Dress wedding dress - also a special procedure: this should be done exclusively through the head. Besides outfit should contain only an even number of buttons, of course, if any. Also of great importance and color undergarments. Pick white panties, bra, stockings or tights. Accordingly, the very need to buy a dress of the same colors.

 the color of the wedding dress signs

  What bride hiding under her dress?

For too superstitious brides not only the style and color of the dress is important, but what's under it. If you believe in omens, the girl has to prepare for the full program, hidden under his dress things:

  • Safety pin fastened head down to the hem of her skirt with her wedding inside. This will help to protect against the evil eye.
  • In order not to be subject to bad influence bad man power, it is recommended to dress the inside (for example, at the bottom of the skirt) a few stitches. This thread color should be blue.
  • In order to mate for life surrounded by his chosen attention, care and love, signs advise sew the dress in leaves of lovage.
  • Protect from the evil eye, you can not only through the stripes of yarn or safety pin, there is another way: to hide her dress, so that nobody could see the icon of the Virgin Mary.
  • If a girl gets married, being pregnant, to protect her unborn child from envious glances, you need to tie around the waist ribbon or wide red belt, and only then put on a wedding dress.

We have already talked about what color wedding dress is important. That's what people say about it features:

  • The white dress is a symbol of God's grace, integrity and loyalty. A rosy promises lasting love.
  • If you want to have in the house had money, buy a dress shades of gold. Green, on the contrary, it promises to lack of money.
  • The most negative wardrobe wedding flowers are considered to be gray (or silver), red, blue, cyan and yellow. They foreshadow the short-term and full-conflict marriage, fast cooling of feelings and betrayal of a spouse. Of course, the bride do not buy a black dress, but if suddenly in your head will be born this thought, immediately flip it. Since, according to signs similar tone promise widowhood.

  Other signs - about shoes

To be beautiful dresses to choose suitable shoes. And of them folk omens do not forget:

  • For happiness is not flowed out of your home, buy shoes with a closed toe and heel.
  • If, during the tumultuous celebrations bride broken heel, then family life and will "limp."
  • To the marriage was strong and serene, it is recommended to prefer shoes without laces and no zippers; The latter, incidentally, provide easy delivery in the future.
  • It is believed that shoes should be carrying, as it will bring happiness to the young. So just a few days before the marriage are like new shoes in the apartment.

Today it has become fashionable to celebrate the wedding of two days. If you decide to spend his triumph in this way, keep in mind that on the day after painting according to signs the bride should stand in front of guests in a scarlet dress. Because after a night with her husband she might become pregnant, and in all cultures shades of red symbolize life and wealth, so they are often used in a variety of amulets. Thus, like putting on a dress, a woman protects from trouble as her future baby, and in general his entire clan.

We told you about the signs, which relate to the bride's wedding dress. You can observe them or not, but as they say, forewarned is forearmed. Remember that the main thing - it does not follow the traditions and superstitions - they do not make your life happy, and yourself. So just like, trust, and do not expose each other, and then neither evil eye or bad energy will not be in your way. Be happy!

 Wedding Dress: signs for the superstitious bride

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