beautiful bracelets of thread with their hands


  • Weaving floss - simple version
  • Weaving with a chain from yarn
  • Weave technique macrame on

Fashion for handwritten articles from threads emerged a long time ago. Despite this, it does not lose its popularity. Should one teenage girl put such a thing on the street, as immediately, and the others follow suit. Even the most fashionable young ladies want to wear such a product. Besides these bracelets made very easy. The main thing - to show a little imagination and read a few master classes, which will help to cope with this task. Parents noticed a fascination with their child, should not interfere, because there appears purposeful person.

To learn how to weave bracelets, you should first select the appropriate thread. The easiest option - to use the floss that is used for embroidery. They are strong enough and have the desired thickness.

In addition, they have such an important feature for many girls like bright colors. You can choose any color and use of several types. In addition to the thread will take a pin and scissors. The width of the product may be quite different. Size will also depend upon the arm thickness. It should measure centimeter to know the exact parameters, it is from this indicator should be repelled when cutting threads.

 Bracelet thread pattern
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Weaving floss - simple version

Novice needle women is best to start with the easiest option. It is made from 6 or 8 pryadok. It should take a few different colors of floss and measure the length equal to the width of the wrist, adding about another 8 cm on the stock. If you do not want to measure, then you can just cut 60 cm and already in the course of weaving bracelets just to try for yourself. Then cut all strands must be associated with one side of the unit. It should be attached to anything with a pin. This should be easy to sit and weave their own hands. Now you can start an interesting exercise. This is done very simply. First strand should be divided into two parts so that each of the parties has been one of identical color. If pryadok weave of 8, then the sides to be four.

Zapletal nodules with their hands must be in sequence. To do this, you should choose what colors will go first and which last. Tie together only need the same tone. The technique is simple: first you need to tie a second thread, so that she went from right to left. This action should be repeated with each strand.   This method bracelet dopletaetsya to the end and tie is in the form of braids. The brighter and more varied the colors are, the more beautiful it will look finished product. It is possible to weave all kinds of ribbons, beads or beads. In addition, get the hand, you can perfect your technique. Weaving is also asymmetrically or on different sides. Drawing will change, and bracelets become more original.
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Weaving with a chain from yarn

Often those who have mastered the technique of weaving baubles simple, this is not enough. Therefore, these ladies are beginning to show their imagination and invent something new. A good option - to make their own hands a similar thing with the use of a conventional chain. It can be either totally as functioning with small and large. It is sufficient to buy the cheapest chain in the jewelery store. The main condition - it should be the size of the wrist of the future owner. As the need to take a common thread floss, but will look beautiful and thicker versions, such as knitting yarn of medium thickness. If the chain itself has a large ring, then fit and thick woolen yarn. In addition, the need to also hook. When everything is prepared, you can begin the process of manufacture.

Making bracelets so initially it is necessary to fix the thread on the hook. After that it is necessary to pass the extreme link on the chain and fasten it in order. At the end of the row is added to make a loop, turn and knit a second series of threads. Their life can any amount of your choice. Accordingly, if necessary, to get a general view, it is necessary to do more series. Should take into account the fact that in the same way you need to knit their own hands and a chain on the other side. As a result, it should be in the middle. If the chain will consist of beautiful stones, you get even more original.

 Bracelets with vertical weave
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Weave technique macrame on

Another method of weaving yarn can be made of the technique of macrame. There need waxed cord and large beads. If the cord is not, and a yarn suitable for knitting. This technique is suitable for those who have ever engaged in macrame and knows what a single flat knot and knot capuchin. For the selection of the correct length you must wrap your wrist five times. Such filaments will need 7 pieces. They must be attached to the pillow, or any object with a small pin, to divide and begin to weave their own hands extreme three strands. They need to make a single flat 5 knots. After that, move to the right side and do the same thing. In the thread, which remained in the middle need to wear beads.

The next step should be to take a string and the middle of the two extremes. Of these, five have to weave a single flat knots. Thus, with their hands to do the rest of the series. There may be any number. Finish all worth beads, under which will tie the knot. The ends of the ropes are put together. Then is closure. For it will take another extra thread on which tied square knots using them will adjust the bracelets. That he did not come undone, all the remaining ends of the bound node "Capuchin" and tightened. Such techniques and trailing belts or body. If you wish, it is worth trying to weave their own beautiful and original bracelets thread. A little imagination and persistence, and succeed in the best way.

 Weave Bracelet: variants of thread

 Beautiful earrings with their own hands


  • What is needed to make earrings with their own hands?
  • Earrings made of soft materials
  • Earrings made of solid materials

Ornaments with their own hands - a nice gift for yourself and friends. In favor of making such jewelry shows not only their low price. Always nice to wear something really exclusive. And how nice to do such beauty itself, and say no! Earrings with his own hands a lot easier to make than a ring or necklace. Nothing is impossible! Turn on a flight of fancy, and on ... How to make earrings with their own hands?

For the manufacture of earrings, we need shvenzy (fasteners on earrings). They can be bought at any store that sells accessories for jewelery. If desired, a simple zastezhku- "hook" - can make itself. To do this, take the usual thin steel wire and pliers (pliers are those with round "cutters"). Also, we need metal shears (you can replace them with forceps Nail). Measure out a length of about 3 cm and "bites". Then folded onto Round 2 cm, respectively, of 1 cm will go earlobe. To be more comfortable to wear, bend the tip of the wire back, as is done in factories. The other end of the wire tighten a pointed pliers. Do not pinch hard, wait. Zazhmet when attach to the hook body itself earrings.

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What is needed to make earrings with their own hands?

  • shvenzy
  • wire
  • scissors
  • thread
  • Round
  • material for earrings
  • frame

In the role of the framework can be the basis of your chosen form: wire, cardboard, wood.

What materials can be earrings? Yes, from almost any! The modern market offers all kinds of materials: from the pieces of fabric and ending any varieties of stones. We just need to decide what exactly you want.

 beautiful earrings alone
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Earrings made of soft materials

Knitted earrings look creatively and can tell a lot about its owner. Since you have decided to wear these earrings, you probably fine romantic nature. In this case you can not refuse to courage. Assign beautiful earrings can be the most in 20 minutes. Just choose the threads harder. They will be good, "keep in shape", save it in any weather. Link can be anything: flowers, snowflakes, birds of paradise. It would be nice to decorate the crocheted earrings beads, sequins, or even the usual buttons. The basis (skeleton) can take an ordinary paper clip. Straighten it, "navem" thread and tie.

We need: shvenzy, yarn for knitting, crochet hook, frame.

Earrings drape, wool, skin wonderfully suitable complement wardrobe. To create such beautiful ornaments, we first need to make a sketch on paper. In this sketch fabricate a pattern to the drawing. Skin and hard tissue will be well to keep the shape, but soft tissue should be treated with an adhesive, diluted in water. For this fit mica glue, decorative works, as well as any epoxy polyesters. Once the decoration is ready, it should be treated with a special varnish. It is not cheap, but your earrings will be solid and will not wrinkle. You can use any decorative paint for decoupage. Earrings can be made from fur, fulling wool, feathers and any other scrap materials. Of course, they should not be varnished, not to spoil the presentation.

We need: fabric, glue for decoupage, Pattern, shvenzy.

Earrings made of paper - not a fantasy! They can be very beautiful ... and quite durable when properly treated! Paper for decorations, choose glossy. Suit old glossy magazines. Cut narrow strips of color page. Roll up the paper in the roller. Secure with glue. Allow to dry. The resulting beads can be strung on a thread or put on the wire. To the paper is not wet and not burnt out, you need to cover them in several layers of special lacquer glassy. Attach a variety of forms from paper detail earrings: cone, rosette, marble.

 earrings in the form of plates with their hands
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Earrings made of solid materials

Earrings can do with his hands using wood, metal and plastics, as well as natural and artificial stone. Of course, this should be blank. If you already have beads of stones, it will not be difficult to turn them into earrings balls. Just thread the wire and secure it with a small loop at the end. If you combine a few beads and put them on a loop, will "bead" technique. By the way, bead earrings, very elegant!

What does it take to make earrings out of stones with their hands, which is not a through hole? There will have to show imagination. So, you can "tie" the stone with a yarn on the basis of fashion jewelery "Shambala". A large stone can be immersed in a specially bound mesh (knitted special "knot" technique). Attach the end of the thread and attach a padlock. Sometimes, if you saw a large stone "surrounded by" a spiral of wire. Natural stones are very nice look inside this mysterious "cocoon". Make spiral itself is difficult. While some "unwind" for that ... ordinary springs from ballpoint pens! However, now in the market of accessories and so lacking of any "good", including spring spiral and decorative elements.

Earrings made of polymer materials - for real handy people. Clay, plaster or plastic art "sparkle" just in the right hands. In order to become a sculptor of fine details have to take some lessons. There need not only inexhaustible imagination, but also special tools, including kiln. In addition, the product then you need to be delicately thin paint brush. This will require special paints on glass and ceramics. On top of their recommended varnish. If appropriate, you can use the effect of "crackle", ie cracks.

As you can see, it is a snap to create the most expensive heart decoration.   The main thing - the desire to create! Now you can tell her friends how to make earrings with their own hands.

 Making their own earrings