We present ourselves in order after the holidays

Usually after extended holidays comes the realization that excessive consumption of various dishes and alcoholic beverages has not gone unnoticed. All this is reflected in our figure. However, do not blame yourself for that. Listen to the advice of psychologists and physiologists, you can quickly regain his form.

The first step is to get rid of accumulated toxins in your body. Do it will not be difficult: Eat more vegetables and drink fresh juices and herbal teas, while avoiding protein. To achieve positive effects will help bath with essential oils and sea salt.

You should also take care of your hair: shampoo, rinse them thoroughly and spend on them a piece of ice. Such a procedure would give sparkle and shine to your tresses.

Now we need to get rid of under-eye circles. To do this, use a proofreader, a tone which should be lighter own skin color. Draw a line under the eyes and a light touch of fingers spread proofreader. Divert attention from the circles under the eyes will help blush peach. From red and pink shades should be abandoned, they only underline your tired appearance.

 We present ourselves in order after the holidays

 How to ease the pain in the critical days

Discomfort and pain during critical days many women know firsthand. About 50% of the fairer sex are experiencing persistent or recurrent pulling or cramping.

According to doctors, the causes of painful menstruation lie in 2 areas :

psychological and gynecological. In the first case, menstrual cramps can be caused by increased anxiety, anxiety and stress, and dissatisfaction with sexual life. Calling the exact cause of the second case is very difficult. Only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment. Alleviate your state can without waiting for test results, and the verdict of the gynecologist. Please use non-traditional methods, which in any case will not cause you any harm. Simple diet and special exercises to help you think positively.

Diet for critical days

During the monthly hormone causes contraction of the muscles of the uterus, so close to her too often organs begin to shrink. As a result, the majority of women during the critical days violated function of the digestive system. So often menstrual pain accompanied by bloating, constipation or diarrhea.

What is allowed and what is prohibited?

Can :

  • chicken and fish
  • chamomile and mint hour with lemon and honey
  • porridge water (preferably without salt and sugar)
  • any dairy products
  • vegetables, heat-treated

Prohibited :

  • milk and eggs
  • fruit
  • salt
  • carbonated drinks, tea, coffee
  • vegetables that have not undergone heat treatment
  • Red meat
  • very cold food
  • the use of oils and fats to minimize
  • alcohol

Tune in for the best

Knowledge and application of these techniques can not only help to combat the psychological causes of pain during the critical days, but also to make every woman more relaxed and happy. However, exercise should be performed daily, regardless of the critical days cycle. It is essential for success.

1. Three reason to rejoice

  • Ask yourself three questions before going to bed:
  • Who gave you this pleasant surprise?
  • What can you say to yourself, "thank you"?
  • And what made you smile throughout the day?

To consolidate the positive attitude enough to remember even minor things, but they have to be at least three.

2. "Utopia" your sorrows

Sit down, take a comfortable position and close your eyes. Now imagine a bath. In this capacity, do not hesitate to drain all the negative thoughts that visualize in the form of dirty water rust or black. When the tub is full, pull the plug and watch as it empties: the level of negativity all smaller and smaller, now twisted funnel and finally disappears completely. But this is only the first part of the exercise. Now you have to imagine how you fill the tub again, only this time is already clear, clean water of your positive expectations. Open your eyes only after a commit that image in my mind. This exercise is enough to do 2-3 times a week, but it is not forbidden to do every day.

3. Create gallery of personal achievements

In your spare time sit down and make a list of his personal achievements. Ask yourself, in which situations and how often you demonstrated its merits to others? At the same time try to remember every detail: when and where it was. Take the time, at least once a week through the gallery, supplementing the list of new developments.

4. Personal oasis of happiness

Look in my dreams, a place where you could feel confident and relaxed. Describe your oasis of happiness in the smallest details, with your task, not to create a flat pattern, and a three-dimensional image. It is important to all - and smells, and sounds, and colors, and objects that surround you in this paradise. For example, imagine yourself in the ocean in one of the exotic islands. What do you hear in addition to soothing waves beating? Whether wind is blowing? Imagine the pleasant coolness of round pebbles underfoot and the day warmed sand. What are the sensation of experiencing your skin from the sun's rays gentle touch? Fix you created the image! Now during the day several times mentally back to him. Know more often you is going to do, the calmer and more confident will become.

5. Five steps to a new life

As a rule, to begin a new life to finish the old one, and above all, get rid of all accumulated negativity. Feel free to express all their hidden emotions. To admit their own fears, resentment and pain. Do not hesitate in expressions write a letter in which you describe the feelings experienced by a person or a situation, due to which you had to suffer so much. Do not hold back, or later may face depression or other problems. After all, this letter would not reach the destination, just get rid of him tear into small pieces or burn and develop the ashes to the wind. This is only the first step toward a new life.

Now safely take four steps:

  • Check your balance: how much time and work and give the area of ​​contact, and how much remains in the inner world, the passions and the body.
  • Ask yourself, why now you need a change?
  • Determine with all your desires.
  • Figuratively, colorful and detail imagine the happy future, and tune in to the best.

You will see that you will succeed!

 How to ease the pain in the critical days

 facial skin is the mirror of all diseases


  • Forehead
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Nose
  • Nasolabial folds
  • upper lip
  • Underlip
  • The area around the mouth
  • Chin

Do you know the feeling when you seem to be healthy, but the appearance suggests otherwise? Tired appearance, yellowish skin - everything disappears under the skillful make-up cash again and you run a job without thinking about what your facial skin just cries out to you about some impending (or existing) illnesses. Unfortunately, it does so 85% of modern women. They simply did not have enough time in the daily rush to listen to your body. "Reward" are the same weeks in a hospital bed and the mountains of drugs into the bargain.

And by the way, and bags under the eyes and acne can give a lot of information about the state of our health. Of course, the facial skin is not able to completely inform all diseases, but is able to talk about so many ailments. Everyone knows that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure it later, so do not ignore the unexpected (even minimal) changes in the skin. After all, in order to determine whether you have a penchant for a particular disease, it is not necessary to be a doctor with experience. Sometimes it is enough just to look at yourself in the mirror.

IMPORTANT: This information is in no case can not substitute for a visit to the doctor. This is only a reason to think about their own health and the health of people close to you, a balanced diet and switch to a healthier lifestyle.


Thick skin is sufficiently thick wrinkles that look "inflated" at the top of the forehead speaks of impaired kidney function.
Brownish spots on the skin near the hair root - a liver problems.
Two vertical wrinkles that form above the base of the nose are usually a sign that the human diet is saturated with proteins and fats of animal origin, to overload the liver.


Rare eyebrows with brittle, short, often comes hairs are a signal of the need to check the thyroid gland, in which case the probability of hypothyroidism. If you are by nature very narrow eyebrows, this can be caused by lack of estrogen - a female hormone.
When the reverse situation, when the eyebrows of women can be compared with Brezhnev eyebrows, that is, they are as wide and bushy, it may indicate an excess of testosterone - the male hormone.

 not well-groomed facial skin is the mirror of all diseases


The upper eyelid

"Sunken" eyes or sharp crease between the stationary and moving part of the upper eyelid - this is evidence of reduced overall tone and lack of energy. "Swollen" forever say that the heart is not able to handle the load, it beats strongly enough, resulting in the kidneys not delivered the right amount of blood. Sagging, fine lines, which goes diagonally from the middle to the corner of the eye indicates a weakening of the heart.
Talc and brown spots in this face area may be a sign of liver disease.

Lower eyelid

The area under the eyes "speaks" about the state of the kidneys and bladder. If the eyelids are formed small swelling, it is very likely that you have a problem with the bladder. If this swelling more than six centimeters, which means that significantly attenuated renal function.
Redness near the inner corner of the eye to the base of the nose and give reason to believe the inflammation of internal organs or sluggish circulation. Lower eyelid open about the possible presence of gynecological diseases.


The upper part of the cheek to help identify the development of diseases related to carbohydrate metabolism. Frequent companion of all these problems are wrinkles and gray, lifeless, lost facial skin tone.
If similar problems combined with dilated pores under the cheekbones, it speaks about the problems with protein metabolism or protein intolerance.


Now look in the mirror at your nose. Wrinkle, running diagonally across the base of the nose, may signal a reduced thyroid function. If the observed increase in thyroid gland, it is necessary to address to the endocrinologist.
Looking at the back of the nose, you can determine the type of the human nervous system. People with narrow nasal bridge is easy to get angry and "explode". But people with a broad nasal bridge is much more balanced and calm.
If on the nose visible small blood vessels, it may indicate the propensity to increased pressure.
The tip of the nose - a "thread" to the stomach. If postprandial skin in the tip becomes white, then the body lacks gastric juice. If the tip of the nose is red, this may indicate the presence of gastritis.
The wings of the nose - a "performance" condition of the respiratory system. Redness of the nose wings enough pale face may indicate inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Thickening of the wings can be a sign of asthma.

 ugly facial skin is the mirror of all diseases

Nasolabial folds

The pronounced right nasolabial fold, which runs down to his lips and surrounds the tip of the mouth, encourages you to think about the presence of liver disease.
Nasolabial folds of similar form, but the left side is an occasion to reflect on the pancreas. This may indicate problems with carbohydrate metabolism which affects the blood sugar level.
Direct nasolabial folds, coming down from the nose to the mouth, without the formation of the classical trapezoid, talking about the weakened heart activity. This may be as atherosclerosis and cardiovascular failure.
If the nasolabial folds have a rounded shape, then you need to pay attention to the bowels - it can be weakened peristalsis.
Folds, ending at the chin, talking about digestive problems and too frequent stress. Of course, almost everyone at least once experienced a nervous breakdown, but only in some similar way of life, not only affects the skin of the face, but also in the medical record. So we advise to be careful, often glancing in the mirror in the nasolabial folds and the possibility to live a more relaxed lifestyle.

upper lip

A thin strip of white on the upper lip (as if you were "whiskers" of milk) may be indicative of poor digestion. A vertical wrinkles may indicate problems with the water balance.


If you know the feeling of heaviness in the stomach after a meal, pay attention to his lower lip. Smaller wrinkles may be witnesses of that gut "laziness" to digest food. Pale areas indicate trouble with digestion, dark red spots - of polyps. Well pronounced deep wrinkles reveal a violation of water balance.
Wrinkles on the right side under the lower lip, which show you the mirror, say circulatory disorders of the liver. Sealing or redness centrally under the lower lip gives a sign to pay attention to the blood sugar level.

The area around the mouth

Yellowish face skin in these places is typical for problems with fat metabolism, purple color indicates a lack of oxygen, a brownish tint indicates that the food is long and begins to "wander" in the gut, a grayish color - that the nutrients are poorly absorbed.


Chin area is related to the sexual organs. Enlarged pores, blackheads and pimples is a sign of irregularities in the menstrual cycle and the possible presence of hormonal problems and gynecological field.
Wrinkles that rise vertically from the chin to the cheeks indicate that we need to pay attention to the 12-duodenum.
If there are well looked wrinkle, walking to the center of the chin across from the lower lip, then you may have a genetic predisposition to problems with veins.
Deep, clearly expressed a dimple on the chin points to the need to follow the spine.

There is another disease that is characteristic for 90% of the population of our country. Our people love to self-medicate. Headache? I take an aspirin. Did not help? In the medicine cabinet there is always a means stronger. And our people swallowing pills, potions and powders, not thinking about the fact that quite a harmless headache may indicate not a migraine, and on the other, more serious illnesses. And while you're trying to numb the pain (symptom), the disease progresses. No, we are not talking about the fact that you have the slightest headache to run to the doctor.

However, if you have a headache for a week, the skin is painted in an unhealthy yellowish color and the customary means do not help, there is a reason to think. Especially that second chance to live my life differently, without error, you do not get. But the body does not forgive mistakes. And quite a harmless disease can turn chronic and deliver a lot of hassle. So do not forget about the annual survey.

Finally we want to advise you to look in the mirror is not to see the signs of impending illness, and to correct makeup, or just smile his beloved. Be optimistic, believe in miracles, and all disease-minute round. However, sometimes you go to the doctor. But just to make sure that your body works like a clock.

 The facial skin - a mirror of all diseases

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