depilation intimate places


  • Epilation or depilation: what is the difference
  • Variety of intimate haircuts
  • The methods of hair removal

It is believed that women are very talkative. What they do not trust their girlfriends: Secrets of first love, the current preferences and even heart pin on a credit card. But the real recognition of the proximity can be considered discussion of intimate hair removal. This is not to take money from credit card at the request of a friend!

Here, a delicate issue, which affects not only the appearance of a woman, but also her health. And if a friend also shared her personal beautician phone number, then we can assume that their friendship is strong and unshakeable as the mountains of the Crimea. For those who have not yet managed to get the coordinates of a trusted salon or decided not to discuss intimate matters with a friend, offer its own investigation into the case of the hair removal in sensitive places.

I must admit that there was an intimate hair removal is not in the era of mobile phones. Torturing love in ancient Greece. However, historians say that no cosmetic wax nor epilator in those days was not, therefore a Greek could only sympathize. In the 21st century, the challenge of choice is that the methods of hair removal - weight, and incredibly difficult to decide which of them is better. We will not hold competitions among modern methods of hair removal, just prepare a small survey, which we think will help women to choose.

 hair removal intimate places

Epilation or depilation: what is the difference

Undoubtedly, every woman knows the difference between epilation and depilation. But you will agree that you can not write a full review of the methods of hair removal in sensitive places without a definition of these two concepts.

So, hair removal - it is getting rid of the visible part of the hair. Hair follicles are not affected. These include conventional shaving and hair removal by means of chemical creams. The advantages of such procedures are painless, and the rate of removal of vegetation. The drawback - the need to make depilation whenever the hair begins to grow. And they grow quickly and, moreover, bringing a lot of discomfort as sprouting. Of course, we can not say that hair removal - a bad method, but it used to make the women in the last century. Today, the girls decide whether excess vegetation more crucially, using more modern means.

Hair Removal - the removal of hair from the root. This method helps to get rid of the vegetation for a longer period. In addition, it allows you to remove hair cleaner, while waxing often leaves behind a so-called "hedgehog."

Variety of intimate haircuts

Have you thought our grandmothers that someday women will cut out the pubic pictures? Probably they would, in contrast to the modern fashionistas would burn with shame, knowing that they will have to undress in front of an intimate barber. And for us it is - another reason to raise self-esteem. One shudders to think what means set the mood will use our grandchildren. But do not be distracted. Talk about the kinds of intimate hair removal.

  1. Hollywood waxing (it is Brazilian, she is the sphinx). Intimate places where the zone is completely shaved.
  2. French Hair Removal (Mohawk or a Brazilian runway). The hair in the area of ​​intimate areas are removed at the edges. And in the middle of the pubic area is a strip of vegetation.
  3. Brazilian Triangle. In the middle, as you probably already guessed, there is a small triangle with long hair no more than 5 millimeters.
  4. Freestyle. It is permissible to draw pubic picture, write the inscription. In general - to express themselves fully. Just do not forget that see your way of expression can only units, so try to do freestyle at the time of her husband's return from a business trip, not on the day when he had just left.

 Intimate hair removal

The methods of hair removal

  • Waxing (waxing)

Here the vegetation is removed intimate area with hot wax, which is heated in a water bath and applied to the body using a spatula. After that epiliruemye zone imposed special strip, which then break down with the force of a body with unwanted hair. To do this procedure yourself at home is not recommended (it will not mechanical depilation, when you need a razor to shave his legs). Firstly, you can burn the wax. Secondly, the area of ​​intimate places - very sensitive, and traumatize them simply. So do not take chances.

After waxing the surface of the treated places lubricated sedative, and as lingerie can be worn only shorts made of natural fabrics. Synthetics will be an additional stimulus, so remove fishnet panties in a locker for a week.

  • Electric hair removal

This is a perfect example of how intimate hair removal can be performed at home. With conventional epilator. But here, as you know, the mass of contraindications. Firstly, the appliance should be used to remove the hair in the area of ​​intimate areas. Secondly, before the procedure is necessary:

  1. hair cut up to 1 cm;
  2. good steam;
  3. skin in the private parts dry and disinfect.

Only after this can be done epilation. And it is only in the area of ​​the pubis. Labia better not to touch. And if you absolutely imperative to shave all the vegetation, use ordinary razor. Where not handle the appliance, mechanical depilation would be very out of place.

  • Electrolysis

The name of the procedure sounds almost more dangerously than its description. When electrolysis is introduced into the hair follicle thin needle, and through the discharge electric current is applied, under the influence of which the hair root is destroyed. On the one hand such a method is good since removes hair of any length and thickness. But unfortunately, after electrolysis, many women are still scars on the body. Yes, and the procedure itself is quite painful, so decided to do it, not every girl.

  • Laser and photoepilation

Why do we have combined two different methods of hair removal? Because both agents based on the principle of skin exposure light flux. Only when this is hair removal using flash lamp and laser hair removal removes unwanted hair thanks to the intervention of the laser. It must be admitted that both of these methods are effective, especially if you - the owner of dark hair. Blondes do have more procedures, since blond hair (according to the researchers) contains less melanin. In fairness it should be noted that the issue blondes hair removal is less acute because the vegetation is thinner and grows much more slowly than usual, dark hair. Therefore, the standard mechanical depilation or waxing can get rid of the blonde problem is not worse than the newfangled laser procedures.

  • Enzyme epilation

This hair removal is performed using infrared heat and enzymes - specific active agents, which include drugs such as papain, trypsin and chymotrypsin. Making such a procedure will need to be repeatedly exposed to the enzymes because the hair bulb is destroyed gradually. But if you spend enzyme epilation regularly, soon the question of the removal of vegetation will disappear by itself. Hair simply stop growing. And it will agree, a very significant advantage.

What a way to the intimate hair removal would you choose, we advise you not to forget the sense of proportion, and their own health. Remember too that part of the procedure may lead to irreversible processes. Plus, just trust delicate area should only be proven master. So before you sign up for an intimate hair removal, try some other treatments performed by a beautician selected. The right? Then you can come up with a new design, which captured the imagination of man.

 Waxing intimate places. Frankly the unseen

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 how to look beautiful without makeup


  • Self confidence
  • Use what you have
  • Beautiful skin - the success
  • Lightweight, thin and transparent
  • Sun protection
  • Well-groomed hair
  • Again nutrition
  • Vitamins
  • Well-groomed lips
  • Complete rest and sleep

Surprisingly, in recent years more and more women prefer the natural. You could even say that natural and natural beauty came into vogue. But look beautiful without makeup, if you are already in use for many years in cosmetic and can not imagine myself without make-up on the street? Admit it, it's addictive. But to reveal its beauty, it is not necessary to put a ton of paint on the face. Here are 10 simple tips that will allow you to be attractive even without makeup.

Self confidence

Confidence - it is the most important aspect in any business. Even the most beautiful girl will look like a gray mouse on the background simpleton that confident. So before you give up make-up, you need to prepare for this change psychologically. After all, the constant wearing make-up - it is a real relationship, and thus will "withdrawal syndrome". You are so used to the saturated colors of blush, lipsticks, shadows, and so that your natural look may seem too pale and expressionless. But in fact this is not true, you just have weaned myself of this. It takes only a month to give up makeup to see how the skin is leveled, and her lips become brighter.

Use what you have

Each time, resorting to make-up, you paint your face, creating a mask with specific proportions, lines, dimensions. The result is a completely different person, a girl who looks older than her age and sometimes even seem challenging. It is time to remove the mask and show his true face. And not to seem gray mouse, you can resort to some tricks that will make your face more expressive.

First of all take a look at your eyebrows. It would be nice to give them a precise form using a wizard in the cabin or on their own. Too bright brows can be painted with special paint, or use permanent staining. This will allow you to forget about the long shadows and pencils, and the person will immediately become noticeably brighter and more beautiful.

For cilia, there are also special paints. They paint over bright tips of lashes, so they seem to be longer and fluffy. Well, if this option does not suit you, you can always make the build-up to a long time to forget about mascara and problems with expressive look.

 look beautiful without makeup

Beautiful skin - the success

To look beautiful without makeup, you need to pay much attention to their skin. After any deficiencies and irregularities immediately apparent, and the perfect person by nature - a rarity. So write for himself a memo schedule, which will be painted by order of caring procedures and days when you need to carry them out. You can hang a "schedule" of the mirror in the bathroom, so it was always in sight. A sample list of activities that you will need:

  • Deep cleansing of the skin 1 time per week;
  • Exfoliation or scrub 2 times a week;
  • Face mask 1-2 times per week;
  • Day and night cream every day;
  • Facial massage daily.

If you have a serious skin problems such as inflammation, pimples or acne, you should visit a dermatologist's office cosmetologist to find out the cause of the disease and to appoint a competent treatment. In no case do not try to squeeze pimples and pustules, you can bring an infection.

Lightweight, thin and transparent

What you give up makeup, does not mean that we should eliminate all makeup at all. It is acceptable to use agents which do not contain dyes. This will not only accentuate your natural beauty, but also to improve skin care. For example, transparent lip gloss and chapstick allow you to make your lips softer and smoother and transparent powder, applying a thin layer to get rid of greasy. Gel for lashes will help to make the look more expressive and brighter.

Sun protection

It is well known that ultraviolet rays are bad for your skin thinned it and causing premature aging. Even if there is no sun on the street, make no mistake, this does not mean that ultraviolet light can not reach you. To avoid future problems with the skin in the form of early wrinkles, pigmentation and dry, be sure to use sunscreen before going out. And of course do not forget the sunglasses on bright days. Of course, this does not mean that you have to give up the sun at all. But to protect the skin from the harmful effects is essential.

 how to look beautiful

Well-groomed hair

Remember that popular advertising shampoo Shamtu, where she charmed her chic hair of all men in the queue? So, beautiful hair - it's not just complement your appearance. This is a great way to draw attention to their beauty. It is important that your hair always looked perfect, and hair strong and shiny. If you are used to paint them, then pick the most natural shade of paint. In order not to spend a lot of time styling, choose hairstyles that look beautiful without any manipulation.

Always make sure that the hair is clean. It is unlikely that someone will be impressed by the lack of shine and volume. Rather, it can be great to spoil the impression of you. Therefore, be sure to regularly wash your hair, use natural masks and conditioners to improve the quality of the hair and give it a healthy appearance. But a hair dryer and a variety of irons better be avoided if possible.

Again nutrition

Man - this is what he eats. This expression did not appear out of nowhere, you've probably noticed that it is necessary to eat too many fatty or sweet, as the skin is covered with pimples or rashes. Therefore, there is no better way to look attractive than proper nutrition and enough drinking plenty of fluids. Include in your diet more foods containing fiber. It helps to quickly deal with the withdrawal of waste from the body and improves metabolism. 70% of the diet should be fruits, vegetables and herbs. Yes, it's a lot, but it's worth it. You will quickly notice improvements.

Clean water is absolutely necessary to look appealing. Our body is mostly composed of water, namely the use of 1-1, 5 liters of fluid a day will save you from dry skin, scaling, etc. In addition, the lack of water, as well as its overabundance can cause swelling and puffiness.


For a healthy shine and elasticity of the skin just need to intake of vitamins in sufficient quantities. And in general your health depends on this. So do not be lazy to come back to the drugstore and buy a good vitamin and mineral complex that contains vitamins C, B, E, retinol, selenium, biotin, zinc and silicon. This is the most important substance to maintain the natural beauty.

Well-groomed lips

Lips - this is probably one of the most delicate areas of the skin on the face. This means that they need attention and care. To make the lips smooth and beautiful, get a rule every day with a toothbrush to massage them. This will improve blood circulation and helps get rid of dead skin cells, making the lips soft and smooth. Not bad times a week to do the peeling and apply before sleeping quality oil or lotion lip.

 no make up

Complete rest and sleep

How many times have you heard that good sleep is necessary for the normal state of health? And do you always get enough sleep? And in vain! After all, lack of sleep leads to serious health problems, depression, as well as a black eye, extinct sight and poor complexion. So take it a rule to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night, and if possible at least half an hour in the afternoon. However, daytime sleep is not required. You can simply relax, read a book, watch your favorite TV show or lie down with your eyes closed. This will allow you to relax and calm the nervous system, and find inner harmony.

Here are simple tips to use in life to be attractive without makeup and save a lot of time. After applying makeup in the morning and evening make-up remover every day - that's about an hour of your life, which can be spent for the benefit of yourself or loved ones!

 How to look beautiful without makeup - 10 tips for natural beauty

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