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Long wavy hair - a real godsend. But if the girl does not know how to care for themselves, it will be difficult to cope with a curly mop of lush color. The only way for such of the fair sex - to straighten the strands and be like thousands of other women. But if you want to emphasize your wealth, you need to exert maximum effort and patience. But the result will exceed all expectations, and the attention of men will surely be achieved.

Hairstyles for All Occasions

On the morning to work in the afternoon for a meeting, and in the evening in the club? Then you need a hairstyle that would look appropriate in all circumstances. To give the image more elegant, you can always decorate the braids or ponytails pretty ribbons, flowers, hairpins.

Elegant weaving

First, we should define the model, shape and volume. If the hair is long and wavy, but not lush, slightly podcheshite upper locks on the top and back of the head. Now proceed to the most haircut. Grab the right side of the line of growth of fringe strands and begin to braid them into the inner side. Note flagella do not get too addictive!

Same do with the other half. The result is a two spikelets, which would like to lie on the hair. Ends weave together, then gently loosens pigtails to make them look more lush. Long tails zamatyvaem in a bun and pin up invisible. Before going out on the street all sprinkle with varnish to fix the result.

Fast installation

If the fair sex do not have time to create a challenging hairstyles for long hair, a job or a party can make a normal installation. In the most simple variant of forces will take 5-10 minutes, no more. But you do not have to go to the hastily assembled tail.

So, first applied along the entire length of hair foam or mousse average fixing to the day not disheveled curls. Pay special attention to the roots and the tips of the hair. Casually pick locks on his head and dries their hair dryer. Choose average speed and warm air. Lean forward slightly and sprinkle lacquer curls.

If you have washed your head at night, before going to bed after laying wear a special hat or a plastic bag. In this case, you do not have to deal with in the morning tangled hair pieces. As soon as you wake up, fluff up the hair strands and tighten up a little bit wet.

Kos Falls

This hairstyle is done on the hair of medium length (just below the shoulder). To braid hair, you need a stiff brush, mousse and invisible. Please note that the comb with plastic or iron teeth used in this case is impossible.

So, at the top of the hairline near the parting we take a lock, to separate it into three equal flagella, and then make a normal braid. Each time you cast a single strand of a second, grab a small amount of hair. Reaching the right temple, the technique should be changed.

Now grab the rest of the hair in a braid, braiding, not only the upper but also the lower harness. Here below is taken each time a new strand, and the old released. When you dopletete to the left temporal side, keep doing the usual French braiding. The remaining tail should hide under the hair, fixing pins.

French braid

At the very top, where it begins the line of hair growth, taking three of the same strand. In five centimeters from the roots begin to weave not very tight plait. Impose flagella top, grabbing loose hair on the sides. When he reached the end, you can be killed or tail, or continue weaving.

Open the neck

Next model hairstyles for women who have not only wavy, but also very thick hair of medium length. For this you need a special silk ribbon or braid of artificial strands. So first, carefully tie up the device around the head, as before were hippies. Divide the hair to curl and begin to fill them into the gum.

 hairstyles, wavy hair

How to make artificial waves

Do you dream to look like Sarah Jessica Parker ("Sex and the City") and Sharon Stone ("Basic Instinct"), but you by nature perfectly aligned strands? Do not worry, do these hairstyles for medium length hair can be using a conventional curling irons, hair dryer, pins and clips. At the same time you do not have to spend time and money doing chemistry, which, incidentally, is detrimental to the hair.

  • Studs

Divide hair into thin strands, which are wound in turn eight hairpin on legs. The ends must be secured with a thread or a rubber band. Please note, this reversal should only be carried out with wet hair. Otherwise the hair will not turn.

  • Scythes

Long locks is braiding pigtails (thick or thin - depends on what you want to get a result). It copes with the task, and the usual inverted spike. If you still use tape or thick thread, hair per night ruffle. This option is also great girls who have their hair curly enough.

  • Curling

Perhaps it is - the most simple and fast way how to make wavy tresses. Simply select the appropriate size, and adjust the temperature. Before working on the long locks applied any lock, or locks quickly unwind. Do not forget to use the funds for protection from thermal effects. Otherwise it will be the last thing you did on his head.

 hairstyles for wavy hair

Making the cut

For long hair was easier to style, and you do not have to suffer with foams, paints and ironing, you need to constantly visit the barber. If you get into the hands of a good master, he will help you to cope with unruly curls. The main tasks of the stylist - to remove excess density at the ends to you in the morning did not look like the sun with rays. It does not matter what you will be the length haircut. The main thing - to choose the correct proportions.

You will not believe, but the long and short wavy hair can not be confused, and do not hang around in all directions. So they went to the right, your master must thin out the ends, whiskey and top. Medium length hair is not necessary to dry the hair dryer and comb brush. In extreme cases, use a comb with a few teeth. After you wash your head, roll up a towel. Choose cotton fabric, it is better to soak up the excess moisture. Tangled strands must then comb through with your fingers.

By doing this or that hair in a beauty salon, always keep in mind the style and rhythm of life. Those who go camping, where it is impossible even to wash, would not want to mess with the hair. Especially if it is - a braid to her waist. Kare is right for you if you do not have free time on sophisticated styling. In this case, even combed in the morning is not necessary. Medium length haircut looks equally good on young girls and women over fifty.

The only thing you should not do is cut the hair too short (in whole or in cascade). Otherwise, the curls that used to straightening under its own weight, will be twisted too much. And if beauty will not use special means and iron is, it will be like a fluffy poodle.

 Wavy hair: Hairstyles for work and club

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 why are cut hair


  • How to exfoliate hair: define the section type
  • Why whipped hair and how to fight it
  • Terms of groomed and healthy hair

Brittle split hair - the picture is not pleasant. And with this problem often faced by women who want to grow a hair below the shoulder blades. This is the law - less than the cut ends, the harder it is to take care of her head. Lack of vitamins, chlorinated water, aggressive environmental effects, improper care - sometimes the body simply can not handle the load.

How to exfoliate hair: define the section type

If the length of your hair is more than 30 cm or if you live in a dirty city, with that trouble you may be familiar firsthand. How to cope with such troubles? Only one way out - to cut off the tips of the delaminated. In the future, to not have to constantly be cut under the "hedgehog", you need to find out why are cut hair. It is much easier to eliminate the source of the problem than to treat the consequences.

Determine the cause of the possible and independently examined several problematic hairs. First, slide your finger across the surface. Do you feel roughness, nodules, any processes? Then take a look at the ends themselves. Are they exfoliate, what is the length of the damage, etc.

Did you - trichoclasis. In this case, the cause is a section of physical and chemical effects. As a result, start to exfoliate and tips, and the base of the rod. However, the bulb is almost not affected. In this case, you should stop experimenting with hair (do fleece, dyeing, chemistry) to freshen up. You will also need to cut 10-15 cm, as posechennye hair can not be saved.

It is not uncommon trihoptiloza when the tips are broken down into 3-4 parts, representing a kind of brush. Sometimes the suffering itself bulb, then the rod begins to exfoliate from the root. It affects not all the hair once, but only a few sites. Unfortunately, the beginning is very difficult to see a similar problem.

After a couple of months, greatly deteriorating hair. It loses its natural shine, becomes dry and lifeless. This happens mainly because of a violation of the sebaceous glands. Failure could affect how diseases (tuberculosis, influenza, anemia), and the wrong hair care. This can be frequent washing, bad shampoo, chlorinated water, solid or an old comb.

Also, you may be banal fragility of hair. Typically, such a problem faced longhaired of the fair sex. The tips of a head of hair break when combing, drying or winding on curling, curlers. The remaining part begins to exfoliate the entire length of the rod are formed cracks. As in the previous case, the overall condition is also strongly deteriorated. The reason - lack of vitamins or serious illness.

 Why hair whipped

Why whipped hair and how to fight it

  • Heredity

Most diseases such as dry and brittle hair, bad skin, yellow teeth, we passed from our parents or grandparents. In this case, more serious about themselves and their health. The main thing - to take every precaution to have it not showed.

  • Bad ecology and Water

Exhaust gases, dust, cigarette smoke - that, unfortunately, modern the fair sex can not be avoided. You can advise only one thing - to go constantly in a headdress. It is also a very bad effect on our health bleach. She strongly dries the skin and hair. Therefore, to put cleaning filters on tap water or Defend to volatilized from it all harmful substances.

  • Improper care

Rough comb, hair dryers drying at high power, thermal effect and curling irons - all this can also lead to injury of hair. Try as little as possible to do fleece, chemistry, curling. After washing the hair, use the towel, as it absorbs moisture better. Do not braid and comb wet hair. From time to time, go with her hair. The same hairstyle can harm peredavlennym elastic strands or hairpin.

Also, the fair sex is not necessary to use heavy and massive decorations. Pulling your hair down, they are very traumatic core and onion. The same goes for African braids when woven into other people's hair, dreadlocks and capacity.

  • Dehydration

People a day should consume about 2 liters of liquid. It is desirable that it was a purified or filtered water without gas. Not bad thirst quencher green tea, homemade sour juice. But with the store of the production should be cautious. In sweet drinks contain colorants, flavors, stabilizers, taste and many other chemicals. Also, do not abuse coffee, black tea and alcohol.

  • Malnutrition

Love the fried foods, often look in fast food places, and prefer to cook at home Fast food products and semi-finished products use only? Then there is nothing surprising in the fact that you have started to split ends. Review your diet. Begin to eat fish (salmon, herring, tuna), nuts (cashews, walnuts, peanuts).

  • Bad Haircut

Remember the last time you visited a hairdresser. Month, six months, one year ago? The longer you delay the campaign to the stylist, the higher the probability of occurrence of this problem. The ends should be cut at least once every 3 weeks. Does not necessarily shorten the entire length sufficient crop at least 5 mm.

At the same time, pay special attention to the barber tools. Ask to see the scissors. If they are not sharp and hard to cut the sheet of paper, then, causes the hair section clear. In this case it is better to change the master. Such negligence is not acceptable, especially for the real masters of their business. There is also a risk that the institution equipment even sterilized after previous clients.

  • Infectious diseases

After two or three months after an illness hair can start to exfoliate, break and fall out. This usually happens if you are taking antibiotics or have had a fever. Continue to take care of the hair, use a hydrating mask and balsam, trim the ends. After 6-7 months, your hair is completely restored.

  • Childbirth

The fair sex, has recently become mothers, are familiar with the problem of split ends. In this case, for the time to stop doing elaborate hairstyles with mousses, foams, irons and hair dryers. About Chemistry, painting and other similar procedures have to forget at least for the next six months. During this time, hair has time to at least partially updated.

  • Disease viscera

Hair abruptly began to exfoliate and fall, grow back strands of very thin and brittle, and at the same time you feel well? Rush to inspect! There are problems with the reproductive organs, endocrine glands, etc. It is only after you are completely healed, you can take steps to restore hair.

  • Skin diseases

Dry seborrhea - one of the most common reasons why begin to split hairs. Itchy, white dandruff, loss of gloss, and the formation of small sores on the skin - the main symptoms of the disease. In the initial stages of treatment of traditional methods is acceptable: the masks of onions, garlic, oil, honey, liqueurs and rinse herbal.

In the case of aggravation or deterioration of the recommended comprehensive medical examination and supervision of a physician-trihologa. He will appoint the necessary ointment, cream, pill, to help once and for all get rid of dry seborrhea. On average, the treatment of this disease in patients can take from three months to six months.

  • Beriberi

Do not buy vitamins at random, thinking that they are equally useful and totally harmless. Only a doctor can find out what you, in this case appropriate. In addition, they must be taken on schedule, as well as medicines, while adhering to a particular diet. Otherwise, the benefits of which will not have any.

  • Stress

All illnesses - from nerves. The more you are angry, worried, afraid, the less your body produces prolactin. But this hormone is needed to ensure that you could easily endure stressful situations. But in this case, cortisol is produced in the double or even triple the norm. As a result, the fair sex are beginning to recover strongly. Very stout woman with drop-down, and split ends - is unlikely you would like to fit this description.

Find a solution to the problem is very simple, just stop being nervous. In an extreme case, sign up to a specialist who can help you to get rid of high anxiety and hysteria. Then do not forget to look to the hairdresser will be able to choose the means to care for dry, lifeless hair and layering.

  • Hormonal disbalance

During menopause the body's hormonal disruption occurs beauties. As a result, girls are more aggressive, they have observed frequent mood swings, there are spots on the face, and hair exfoliate. It is therefore important at this critical moment there is a specialist who will deal with all the problems encountered. Usually gynecologist prescribe a course of treatment and prescribe special medicines that make menopause does not affect the health of beautiful women.

 why are cut hair ends

Terms of groomed and healthy hair

Become an owner of beautiful hair that will attract the attention of men, it is very simple. It suffices to observe 10 basic rules below. So, regardless of status, age and financial capability, every self-respecting girl should:

  • Undergoing constant medical examination;
  • Pick up high-quality beauty products for hair care;
  • Do nourishing and moisturizing mask. You can use both the popular beauty recipes, and shopping products. In the first case, you can save more than one hundred rubles. Any difference between them, you will not notice.
  • Once a month to visit the hairdresser to make a hairstyle. If you want to pass a reducing rate;
  • Do not wash your hair every day. Maximum - 3 times per week. The more often you do it, the faster the hair and skin will be contaminated;
  • Be careful with wet hair. If you still need to comb hair, use a comb with a few teeth.
  • Avoid constant thermal, physical or chemical effects on the hair;
  • Buy a good comb. On older denticles can be formed cracks, gouges, chips that will cling to the hair;
  • Wear a hat. Protect your head from direct sunlight, wind, frost and rain.
  • Giving rest hair. It is not necessary to constantly increase, paint, curl, flatten hair. At least 2-3 months a year take breaks between procedures.

And finally, remember, it is better to have a short haircut accurate than long, unkempt hair with split ends. I do not think that men do not notice such defects. Simply, unlike many of the fair sex, they prefer to remain silent in such situations.

 Why are cut hair, how to deal with this nuisance

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