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That's the long-awaited summer, time of holidays and rest .  And what a holiday without swimming? The beautiful half of humanity probably already stocked swimwear .  And besides, in the summer I want to be on the ball and always look your best .  No make-up here anywhere, but what do you do if you do not make everyone love the water? Do not swim? Not an option! You just need to buy a waterproof makeup .  And this is especially true about the mascara .  Indeed, thanks to the carcass emphasized the main advantage of every woman - eye .  Therefore mascara waterproof - a mandatory attribute of the beach season to those who want to be beautiful even in water .  Waterproof mascara is not flowing, not smeared by contact with water, and generally lasts much longer eyelashes .  The truth is this mascara dries for a long time and very easily smeared immediately after application, but it is a temporary effect .  Have a carcass and a minus - it is difficult to wash off, but we'll talk about a little later .

In this article you will not only learn about the types of mascara are, but what and how to wash off waterproof mascara, which are brand waterproof mascara reviews which were left on the Internet, and ordinary women, and well-known make-up artists. We also give an example of what is the best waterproof mascara from a particular company. After reading this article, you can decide which is for you to be the best waterproof mascara.

What is ink?

When the first mascara, it was only one color variation - black .  It is this color is universal, since it emphasizes the lashes, without revealing the fact that they are made up .  Now what only color options mascara does not exist! So, fans will attract brown brown waterproof mascara, because not only combines the desired quality, as required during the bathing season, but also pleases the owner of the fact that it is the color that she liked .  Also, there are plum-colored mascara, dark blue and many other colors - both bright and dark .  But better, of course, choose a mascara in dark colors because they are more natural .  Mascara in its modern form is always packed in a jar stretched thin with a special brush, which can be both direct and curved .  In addition, today may be the usual water-resistant, and can be waterproof mascara extension .  In addition, there are such kinds of ink, which in addition to water resistance and still have the effect of increasing the volume .

Types of mascara

Modern cosmetic market offers a lot of variety of mascara. All of it is divided into four types:

  1. Mascara, increases the volume of the eyelashes. The composition of carcass contains wax which envelops the eyelashes, thereby increasing the thickness of each of the cilia and therefore the whole volume of eyelashes.
  2. Lengthening mascara. As part of the carcass contain fiber nylon or silk, which occurs due to elongation by gluing of the fibers to the lashes.
  3. Waterproof mascara and waterproof mascara. There are fully waterproof mascara, absolutely not afraid of water, and there are carcasses, from which a large amount of water lubricated flow. Therefore, when choosing waterproof mascara should pay attention to what it says. If you see an inscription «water-proof», then this mascara is not afraid of a moisture, but the impact of a large amount of water it is terrible. If the carcass is present inscription «moisture-proof», you can rest assured - with the ink you can safely dive in the pool and in the sea, she would not be smeared. If you need waterproof mascara - Reviews Women will always help you make the right choice
  4. Mascara with twirled effect. The composition of the carcass consists of keratin and resin, which during the dry carcass shrink, thus increasing the bending of the eyelashes. In addition, tighten up carcass differ from others in that the bristles of brushes have bristles and short fibers of different levels, which also contributes to a twisting eyelashes.

Proper application

 waterproof mascara reviews

Waterproof mascara is applied as usual.   Only it is necessary to take into account the fact that before it dries on the eyelashes, it is easy to lubricate. A mascara should be applied as follows:

  • To begin to look down and make up the lower lashes zigzag movements from the roots downwards.
  • This is followed up and similarly apply mascara to the upper lashes.
  • After this must wait until the ink dries and apply another layer.
  • And in the end should be a special comb to comb the lashes to lashes to separate matted cilia.

Here, as you can see, it's simple. There is hardly a woman who does not know how to paint eyelashes. But you remove waterproof mascara if she is not afraid of water? Read about it on.

Remove waterproof eye make-up

Not just flushing waterproof mascara, it is not easy .  So what can be washed off waterproof mascara? Normal water this mascara does not wash .  You can certainly use soap, but for the skin around the eyes is very harmful because soap contains lye .  She let it be known, very dry skin, and the skin around the eyes is always so dry, because it has no natural moisture - sebaceous glands, so it is best to use a tool to remove waterproof mascara .  Fortunately now find a similar tool is not difficult, since the choice of cosmetics is huge - from different foams up tonics .  Minus the means to remove waterproof mascara that in their composition contains alcohol, which is not very good for your skin age .  These funds are, in fact as well as waterproof cosmetics, injure the skin, so you should use eye cream after removing the carcasses .  To reduce the harmful effects of such means for removing makeup should do the following: under the lower lashes enclose a napkin and draw on them with a cotton pad, pre-moistened with cleaning agent .  This procedure should be repeated as long as the ink is not completely washed away .  With this approach, all the ink remains on the napkin and the skin around the eyes means misses .

So, how to remove waterproof mascara, we now know. Now let's talk about other points related to the waterproof mascara.

The more dilute the ink dried up?

Sometimes you have to deal with an issue like dried waterproof ink. Of course, the easiest way to go out and buy a new mascara. But it is not always possible - or no money to enjoy it, or no. In this case, you need to know how to dilute the waterproof mascara.

Many women have to dilute the dried mascara remover used waterproof makeup. But professional beauticians are advised to use eye drops. Why do I need to dilute waterproof mascara eye drops? It's all very simple - a drop of killing harmful germs, which gradually accumulate in the ink, resulting in the eye will not be inflamed.

Best waterproof mascara

Now let's consider the types of waterproof mascara on marks that advise women beauticians and makeup artists. What is good or that waterproof mascara: Make up reviews of the world tell us about the five brands of the best waterproof mascara.

  1. So, the best makeup artists considered mascara mascara Le 2 de Guerlain. At this point two mascara brushes are available, one of which is designed for applying mascara to the bulk of the eyelashes, and the second, a little - for staining the tips of the eyelashes, their roots, and the remaining hard-cilia. It Le 2 de Guerlain - the best waterproof mascara, according to makeup artists.
  2. Second best waterproof mascara make-up artists called Blackstar by Terry. This mascara is available in four versions shades - brown cashmere jet black, purple and blue denim. Mascara is based on a special formula keratin that makes eyelashes acquire extraordinary length and volume.
  3. The third place in popularity among makeup artists took Phenomen Eyes Mascara by Givenchy. A distinctive feature of the mascara brush is original, made in the form of a ball that allows you to paint over even the most difficult of the cilia.
  4. Next, the fourth, took place Mascara Estee Lauder. Texture ink - mousse, which consists of polymer gel, pigments and waxes. Ink is able to create a unique volume even the rarest lashes.
  5. The top five rankings of the best makeup artists waterproof mascara Chanel Inimitable. This mascara designed to lengthen the lashes and give them a luxurious volume. Mascara brush is made of elastomer, thereby taking a seductive eyelashes bend.

These stamps, of course, recognized as the best make-up artists. But in our country they are little known. Let us now consider what is the best waterproof mascara is available to our compatriots. Next, we consider the following brands:

  • Waterproof mascara Max Factor;
  • Waterproof mascara Dior;
  • Waterproof mascara Loreal;
  • Waterproof mascara Oriflame;
  • Waterproof mascara Helena Rubinstein;
  • Waterproof mascara Bourgeois;
  • Maybelline waterproof mascara;
  • Waterproof mascara Lancome;
  • Waterproof mascara Avon;
  • Lumen Waterproof Mascara.

 how to wash waterproof mascara
 So, waterproof mascara Maksfaktor has the effect of a super long lashes. Provided the effect is primarily a long brush, able to paint even the most remote places.

Dior Brand: waterproof mascara preserves perfect makeup in any conditions. Mascara pulls, tightens and thickens lashes at a time. And lumps and gluing eyelashes - it's not about this mascara. In other words, Dior mascara waterproof - a mascara with the effect of false eyelashes.

Waterproof mascara Loreal characterizes the exclusive patented form of brushes, through which a movement of the hand can transform the lashes. L'Oreal gives lashes waterproof mascara is not only the volume, but also length.

Great resists water waterproof mascara Oriflame. This effect is achieved due to the substances that form a film on the eyelashes, are beyond the water. Waterproof Mascara Oriflame come in three color variations - black, brown and blue.

Waterproof mascara Helena Rubinstein gives lashes soft volume and extreme elongation. As part of the mascara contains jojoba oil and glycerin, allowing the lashes retain natural softness. In addition, the convenient brush promotes quality separation of eyelashes during staining.

Waterproof mascara Bourgeois (Bourjois) characterizes the smoothing base with silk proteins. Mascara gently separates lashes, adds volume and lengthens.

Waterproof mascara gives lashes Lancome enormous amount, giving the eyes a memorable expressiveness without gluing eyelashes.

Waterproof mascara Avon able to afford any woman. However, despite the availability of this mascara, it has remarkable properties. In addition to water resistance, ink has such useful feature as the increase in volume of eyelashes. With this mascara lashes acquire special expressiveness.

Waterproof mascara Maybelline lengthening characterized in that the mascara brush has bristles of different lengths, so that the lashes become incredibly long. A formula with special polymers gives lashes shiny silk.

Brand Lumene. Lumen waterproof mascara gives lashes a stunning volume. The composition of the carcass enters the Arctic blueberry seed oil. Due to the flexible plastic brush lashes acquire volume stunning and seductive bend.

So, we have considered the most famous brand of mascara. For some, preferably waterproof mascara Max Factor for someone - waterproof mascara Meybelin to someone L'Oreal mascara waterproof, and for someone - Avon. What will you choose - it depends on you. In addition, you help determine the choice of waterproof mascara reviews women who enjoy more or less ink.

That came out our review of the carcasses to an end. Be always compelling, and let no water will interfere with this!

 Waterproof mascara - reviews and features

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