beautiful hairstyles for long hair


  • Types of bulk hairstyles for long hair
  • Creative hairstyles for long hair

Every woman wants to have beautiful long hair, shimmering in the sun and elegantly flowing from the shoulders that will attract glances of men. However, not everyone is lucky to have a thick head of hair, and therefore not every beauty boasts luxurious long hair. But with thin hair, do not worry and be cut short, as there are many hairstyles that will give your hair a beautiful volume.

Make a spectacular fashion haircut on long hair is considered aerobatics and the top of hairdressing skills. Such hair styles took first place in the hairdressing industry. Species such haircuts there are so many, so their selection is made according to the type and structure of facial hair, and there is no difficulty. This will help hair stylist.

 types of haircuts
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Types of bulk hairstyles for long hair

Volume haircut "cascade" and "Ladder"

In order to visually enlarge the volume of curls can be layered, stepped haircut: a cascade or ladder. The secret of this hairstyle is that the upper strand of hair is made shorter than the lower, and from what turns out to maintain and increase the length.

Cascade is the most viable option for most women because:

  • this kind of hair styles never go out of fashion;
  • with the haircut hair looks airy and light during installation.

With proper installation, the curls will look magnificent and it is very easy.

Cascade called haircut, consisting of a stepped smooth transition from the back of the head to the tips of the hair. It can be installed locks of different sizes, in both natural and careless style. An additional advantage of this type of haircut is that it is suitable as the owners of bangs, and those who do not wear.

Cascade has become popular among women because it:

  • very well with highlights and blondirovanie;
  • suitable for any hair type and face shape;
  • It takes very little time for laying.

With his installation, you can use one of the styling means that today there are quite a lot of both in-store and in beauty salons. For example, when using a cosmetic wax can achieve the effect of light and fresh rastrepannosti morning unkempt.

In addition to this hairstyle look very beautiful curls, waves and curls, so those who like a wave, the cascade will not disappoint.

This hairstyle on long hair looks very nice, but they have to be in great shape.

Curls must be maintained in a neat and healthy. For hair to be healthy, you need to regularly cut and dry split ends. For those who are thin, such a multi-layered cascade is one of the surest ways to achieve volume.

Ladder is quite popular among the ways to cut locks. Ladder is a smooth transition from short to long strands. It is best suited to owners of smooth and smooth curls. Women with curly hair so hair does not fit, because her curls are unruly. At the head of hair, it looks spectacular, giving the volume and dynamics.

Haircut "long bob"

The long bob is ideal for those women who do not have time for styling. It is suitable for business meetings, and household items. In this hairstyle is very easy to build a variety of updo. Very impressive is the square looked on with wavy hair divided into strands of bangs.

 beautiful hairstyles for long hair
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Creative hairstyles for long hair

These haircuts are divided into portable and podium. Podium hairstyles are not suitable for every woman, because this hairstyle lasts quite long, and it requires regular adjustment. Such hair in any case can not be started, otherwise it will have a kind of inappropriate, and instead of admiration will cause only disgust.

Ragged haircuts

Today, it became very popular to do hairstyles with a fragmentary effect. They can be both symmetrical and asymmetrical. Their main feature - a clear and precise geometry of lines. These hairstyles look very nice with both highlights and a coloring. Strict variant ragged haircut is great for brunettes and brown-haired middle-aged. Torn hair requires careful installation, because without it, it looks awful.


This kind of creativity in the hair fit girl leading a vivid image of life and are not afraid to shock people. In such hairstyles, like in torn, too, there are elements of asymmetry. Another thrash decoration hair suggests a very bright color curls, so usual highlights are not suitable. You can, as an option, to paint the strands in different colors.


This volume suggests uneven hair length curls, long bangs falling over his eyes, bright saturated color strands. Such haircuts long hair very often complement different accessories in the form of a rim of a bow. It will look impressive strands of white, red and orange shades. Very often requires the use of styling with a strong fixation.

 Voluminous hairstyle for owners of long hair

 straight hair


  • Hairstyles for straight hair of different lengths
  • Hair care

Owners perfectly straight hair is not necessary from complexes and complain to them.

Most modern design developments - a hairstyle to straight hair.

With fantasy and modern means to care for them is always possible to create a modern and stylish look.

For coarse hair will look any haircut strands which will not be tightly secured with varnish or gel. Thin hair short haircuts suit the type of bean or quads with varying length bangs. Painting of individual fragments of appearance will give a unique charm holders.

 weaving for straight hair
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Hairstyles for straight hair of different lengths

Laying short haircut depends on how it sees itself as the owner of the part, and on her mood. With strong hold gel can make hair smooth, giving the appearance of sexuality. Add naivety, fluffed strands, help the weak fixation mousse.

If the hand are:

  • gel strong hold,
  • varnish,
  • hair dryer with a diffuser attachment,

you can create a sharp strands that give hair light negligence. This installation is called street style.

  1. On a wet head in his hands gel is applied, and locks are drawn up without any system.
  2. Carefully produced "construction" is dried and fixed hairdryer varnish.

If you do not use special means, the "play", you can use a bang, dropping it to the eyes or combing one side.

With hairdressers funds straight medium length hair can be shown in all its glory, giving them extra fluffiness.

Every modern woman in her arsenal is probably:

  • mousse, gel or varnish weak fixation
  • ordinary brush or comb with a few teeth,
  • hair dryer.

That means that is available, is applied to the roots and distributed evenly by hand.

Then it is dried hairdryer, while the fingers should try to fluff up the hair and even ruffle them as much as possible.

The final touch - hair sprayed with lacquer.

After such processing visual color will be a real mane.

Owners of the long straight hair of "how to bring order to his head," and to think not. Such hair is beautiful in itself.

They can be worn loose, giving additional smoothness using a lacquer which is applied over the entire length. The locks were then smoothed utjuzhkom.

You can do curls with your fingers separating the hair into equal parts and processing them mousse average fixation. Spun same utjuzhkom or curling. If there curlers, they can also be put to use. Change the size of these old devices, you can get as small curls and big curls.

Depending on how the cut ends of different looks and general appearance.

More recently, a "good" tone was cut ends, creating a semi-circle. In modern stylish hairstyle hair cut at the ends as smoothly and steps.

Make a long straight hair luxuriant you can:

  • Layers separated into strands.
  • Each strand of the roots sprinkled with varnish;
  • At the bottom of the hot progofrirovat utjuzhkom.

There is one caveat - this styling is bad for the quality of the hair, they can injure. Often it is not worth doing.

Less traumatic different hairstyle. To make it, you need to have on hand:

  • an ordinary hair dryer,
  • lacquer dosing.

Hair is also divided into strands, but not more than 3 cm in thickness, is uniformly applied lacquer and treated utjuzhkom.

Those who have long hair or hair below the shoulders, can be a variety of braiding pigtails - conventional or fashionable ears. Pigtails are in and of themselves, and weaving them into complex assemblies.

Beautifully looks at the back of the scythe, twisting a ponytail, which is always in fashion.

Many small braids enshrined penechki provocative colored rubber bands or pins with beads, creating a hairstyle "twist." Take advantage of this council will be able to only the youngest.

Hairstyles for long hair can be fixed pins, machine guns, bananas, various clamps.

 hairstyles for straight hair
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Hair care

If there is concern that using special styling hair lose its natural shine, applying it as modern cosmetics, and folk from the arsenal of the grandmothers, the hair can help. Give them a healthy shine and smoothness.

Funds from the arsenal of natural cosmetics to the same budget, which is sometimes very important when choosing what to use.

The fastest means of conferring direct shine and well-groomed - it extracts of parsley and chamomile. They rinse hair after washing. Recover shine mask of egg yolk and brandy coffee and sleep - the last is not recommended for blondes. The mask is applied to the quarter of an hour.

To prepare the infusion, it is enough just fifteen minutes. Orientate the preparation of infusions needed to color. It should be saturated.

D To to look original and attractive to owners of straight hair needs a little imagination and patience . Modern means of hair care and special tools to help create a stylish hairstyle.

 Straight hair - it is very beautiful