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Summer is just around the corner, and a woman dreaming of sun and heat, begin to think about the necessity of getting rid of excess weight. As you know, the surest way to say goodbye to the hated kilograms - is on a diet. However, the diet is a diet discord, and if you approach the matter lightly instead of the extra padding you can lose health.

Recently, a special love women earned several kinds of diets, including vitamin leads protein diet - reviews rave about it. Doctors also recognized the reviews very favorably, as this diet has no serious side effects.

A huge number of women have successfully used vitamin protein diet - reviews say that they have achieved amazing results in a very short time. Protein vitamin diet has a number of advantages over its rivals.

  • The woman almost does not feel hunger, so this vitamin protein diet remarkably suited to even the most avid lover.
  • The main advantage that has protein vitamin diet - testimonials of people who have tried it on my experience. They note that it has no negative effects on the human body.
  • Another feature, which has vitamin-fiber diet - the reviews say that the people lose weight about 7 kg per month.

Feature vitamin protein diet is that the food can be used without limitation for the volume, but only vitamin and protein products. Those products which contain carbohydrates and fats must be strictly avoided. It is also forbidden to eat all kinds of sauces (sour whether there mayonnaise or ketchup). From spices allowed only a minimal amount of red pepper and salt.
Vitamins and protein food should be used in various techniques of food, as it promotes an even greater weight loss.

In addition, protein vitamin diet restricts employed and drinks. If you follow the protein vitamin diet, you have to abandon the use of carbonated beverages, packaged juices containing sugar, coffee, sweet tea, and alcoholic beverages. The only thing that you can drink with the protein vitamin diet - a savory black or green tea and mineral water.

Nutrition should be a fraction, that is often, but in small amounts. Because of this, losing weight a person does not experience hunger. Approximate interval between meals should not be more than two hours.

    Approximate diet for this diet:

  • 9.00 - three boiled (not fried) eggs (protein);
  • 11.30. - One fruit grapefruit (vitamins);
  • 13.30 - 250 grams of cooked meat lean meat (protein);
  • 16.30 - two apples a medium-sized (vitamins);
  • 18.30 - 250 grams of boiled sea fish (protein);
  • 20.30 - one orange (vitamins);

Please note that this is only one possible rations for this diet. As the protein foods you can use low-fat cheeses, low-fat cottage cheese, poultry and so on. And as a vitamin food you can use vegetables - both raw and boiled. When choosing fruits note that it is not recommended to drink too sweet, such as grapes or bananas, because they contain a very large amount of carbohydrates.

 Madonna diet vitamin

Next in popularity - a diet Madonna vitamins. It is also considered harmless diet, which does not have a negative impact on the human body.
The main difference between this diet is usual that at normal body suffers from a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. As a result, it suffers from the condition of hair, nails and skin.

Diet Madonna vitamin is also completely devoid of this shortcoming. With a light hand of the popular pop star, this diet is quickly scattered across the globe. Diet Madonna vitamin helped a huge number of women closer to their ideal shape and improve their self-esteem. Here are some recipes for vitamin diet Madonna.

The basis of the diet is the next Madonna vitamin soup. To make it, cut onions, fry it in olive oil, then pour a liter of water. Add pre-cut celery and carrots, cabbage. Simmer the soup until vegetables are tender.

Apart from the use of this soup admitted the following products:

  • Monday - absolutely any fruit, except for apricots, grapes and bananas;
  • Tuesday - any green vegetables (cucumbers, peppers and so on. D.);
  • Wednesday - and fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities;
  • Thursday - two bananas and 0, 5 liters of skimmed milk;
  • Friday - 200 grams of salad from fresh cabbage;
  • Saturday - 100 grams of low-fat yogurt;
  • Sunday - 150 grams of cooked rice with vegetables;

Those women who have tried the diet Madonna vitamins, noted a loss of about 5 kg. However, although this light diet, abuse it is still not worth it. This diet, like any other, should last about a week.

If you want to achieve even greater weight loss, this diet can be repeated after at least two weeks. Remember that weight loss is acceptable 5 - 6 kilos per month.
If you drop more weight you risk to cause irreparable harm to their health, in addition, the weight of guaranteed return back.

And in order that the result was not short-lived and the weight does not come back, all the time you need to carefully monitor their diet. The main component of the menu should be fresh vegetables and vegetable soups. All food must undergo a steam treatment. The liquid can be consumed in unlimited quantities, abstaining from sugary drinks, tea, coffee and alcohol.

Also, do not forget that for maximum effect requires regular exercise. It is not necessary to spend hours on end in the gym or in a fitness club. Simply walking more often, for example, returning from work, get out of transport a few stops early. This not only helps to lose weight, but also to support all the muscles in good tone, which is also an important component of a good figure.

 Vitamins - protein diet. Powerful blow to overweight

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 vitamins alphabet diet

The quest for the perfect figure - that brings together a huge number of women around the world. What tricks do not go to the fair sex, in order to get rid of a few extra kilos hated: SPA treatments, body wraps, sports, and, of course, diet.

However, the diet - an insidious thing. They can save you not only from the extra padding, but also on the way the body needs vitamins and minerals. Knowing this, a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products periodically offer a woman's attention various vitamins in the diet, which prevents development of a woman of such unpleasant phenomena as beriberi.

The most popular among Russian women use vitamins alphabet diet.
In order to enjoy the benefits of vitamins alphabet diet, you must know how dangerous diets and what you need to drink vitamins in the diet, not to suffer health. Otherwise harmless at first diet can result in serious illness.

What happens to the body when the person limits food intake? First stop flow necessary for normal functioning of fats. The body, in order to maintain livelihoods, begins to break down its own fat reserves, accordingly, reduced body fat and weight.

It would seem that this person must be slimming. But this is only one side of the coin. On the other hand the following picture: vitamins in the diet and in the body do not come. And own stock, usually enough for a few days. If the vitamins in the diet is not enough, begin complications such as vision loss, state of hair, nails, the occurrence of iron-deficiency anemia, and others. To avoid such complications, you need to take extra vitamins in the diet.

As mentioned above, very popular diet vitamins alphabet. Taking these vitamins in the diet, the person compensates for the deficiency as vitamins, and minerals, which occurs as a result limit the amount of food. Taking these vitamins during dieting, a person is much easier to tolerate all of its side effects, one way or another almost always arise.

This vitamin - mineral complex provides the entire range of vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, dietary fiber and organic acids. Another great advantage is the fact that in this development no artificial colors, which may cause the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Especially vitamin alphabet diet is that they are divided into three different types of pellets, each of which consists of a certain group of active principles, which interact without interfering with each other.

  • Tablets of the "calcium and D3» contain vitamins such as calcium, D3 and K. These vitamins are responsible for the health of the bone, tooth enamel. Also, choosing what to drink vitamins in the diet, remember that this complex prevents the leaching of calcium from the body, respectively, it prevents the risk of such dangerous diseases such as osteoporosis. In addition, L-carnitine can help relieve fatigue, and succinic acid will prevent depression, which is often the result of limited food intake.
  • The tablets of the "antioxidant" includes the following vitamins, selenium, beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, which ensure uninterrupted operation of the immune system. Also in the presence is necessary for normal functioning of iodine.
  • Pills "cancer" characterized by high iron content, which eliminates iron deficiency anemia, and they contain folic acid and B vitamins

Before you go on a diet

 vitamins in the diet

When deciding for themselves what to drink vitamins in the diet, man, of course, pay attention to the simplicity and ease of use. Manufacturers have taken care of it. In order for the body to get the most tablets of vitamin complex necessary to take one of each species in three different reception, to comply with strict sequence is not necessary. Between techniques should take about 5 hours - it is necessary to have time to assimilate all the vitamins and do not interfere with each other.
Such a principle of action will bring many more benefits than traditional forms of vitamins. Taking these vitamins can be as long as the diet lasts. All vitamins are selected in such a way that a surplus is excluded.

When choosing what to take vitamins in the diet, it is also necessary to take into account what diet planned. For example, if you want to sit on a milk diet, it is not necessary to choose the vitamins, which are based on calcium. And if you plan to apple diet, iron deficiency does not threaten you.

Generally, in order to choose which to take vitamins in the diet, you must first consult your doctor or physician - nutritionist. It is even possible to find out what vitamins you take it in the diet, you will need to do a complete blood count.

In that case, if you decide to go on a diet, you must know that there is a certain group of people who diet strictly contraindicated:

  • Pregnant women. Expectant mother in any case should not limit itself to the reception of food, as it can lead to a lack of necessary for the full development of the fetal substances. The only exception may be therapeutic diet for toxicity, the purpose of which is to reduce the feeling of nausea. But such a diet should be administered only doctor - a gynecologist.
  • All of the above is true with respect to nursing mothers. Restrictions on admission do not privёdёt food, despite an erroneous opinion, to a deterioration in the quality of milk. However, all the necessary trace elements and vitamins will be removed from the mother's body, which can lead to extreme exhaustion.
  • Children and adolescents also do not have to sit on of any diet, as this may lead to a violation of the harmonious development of the growing organism. The only exceptions are medical diets appointed exclusively the doctor - a pediatrician.
  • Also, do not go on a diet to reduce weight and the elderly, as any diet is a burden that does not need an older body.
  • Strictly prohibited any - any diet for people who suffer from diabetes, as it can be deadly to life.
  • All people who have any - or chronic diseases, need to understand that any diet - it is a lot of stress for the human body, which can cause aggravation of existing diseases and lead to new. Before you decide to go on a diet, be sure to consult with your doctor.

In addition, there are a few simple rules for those who are still determined to lose weight through diet.

First, limiting food intake, in any case, do not limit fluid intake, because dehydration is much more dangerous for the body and can lead to unpredictable consequences, including for severe intoxication.

Second, never sit on a diet in the spring, because at this time, almost all people have a vitamin deficiency and excess load on the body in the form of diet does not bring Nika benefit your health.

Well, in - Third, do not try to lose weight in record time, since the faster you lose weight, the faster they come back.

 What to take vitamins in the diet?

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