Vitamins carrying beauty and health of our skin

Appearance of our skin largely depends on the environment, stress and nutrition. While the first two factors are subject to almost no small and depend on us, the power can control every woman.

Choosing the right "cosmetology diet" attractive and give the skin a healthy appearance. After all, the lack of vitamins is clearly reflected on the face. Red spots and acne point to the lack of vitamin A and B, deficiency of vitamins B2, B3 and B6 are expressed in frequent dermatitis. Even the best and most expensive creams are not able to satisfy the need of skin nutrients.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A - also known as beta-carotene, penetrating the skin and gives it elasticity. If dryness, peeling, sagging skin and the appearance of red streaks to include in your diet foods with vitamin A: liver, carrots, apricots, as well as eggs, butter and fruit of the gourd family.

Vitamin B

B vitamins are the main source of skin hydration. In addition, they are also able to restore skin tissue, reduce the allergic reaction to reduce the impact of contaminated medium. Sources of vitamin B are a variety of foods: fish, lamb, beef, eggs, herbs, dairy products, fruits and legumes. The organism needs daily in each group of the vitamin from 2-3 mg.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C - one of the known vitamins, deficiency of which in the organism leads to reduced immunity. Vitamin C promotes collagen formation, the so-called basis of connective tissue, which in turn is responsible for skin elasticity and strength of blood vessels. The body's need of ascorbic acid is from 200 to 500 mg per day. Contained in black currants, apples, citrus fruit family, cauliflower, spinach and potatoes.

Vitamin D

B vitamins D - helps the skin to retain moisture and keep it in good shape, thus slowing down the aging process of tissues and cells. Vitamins this group are full of milk, cabbage, eggs, sea fish and seafood.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E - wrinkles, stimulates new cells and protects the skin from harmful UV (ultraviolet rays). Contained in almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and corn oil, as well as in the young shoots of cereals, brown rice, beets and spinach. Every day, you need to consume this vitamin is not less than 60-100 mg.

 Vitamins carrying beauty and health of our skin

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 facial anti-wrinkle


  • As a massage can help skin retain its firmness and elasticity?
  • Facial massage - the best prevention of premature aging of the skin
  • How to massage wrinkles at home?

Every woman tends to prolong their youth, not wanting to put up with the first signs of aging. Someone in the hope of a miracle is buying all the most expensive cream with lifting effect, while others carefully studying the information on surgical braces and magic of Botox injections. However, those and others do not forget about the fact that there is a centuries-tested method of dealing with unpleasant folds of the skin: a facial massage against wrinkles. And the earlier start to do it, the better!

As a massage can help skin retain its firmness and elasticity?

The beauty of our skin largely depends on proper blood circulation and normal functioning of metabolic processes in the body. Massage allows increase blood flow in the body, relieve swelling and improve skin tone. Moreover, thanks to this massage you can get rid of acne and minor redness caused by the close location of the capillaries to the surface of the skin.

Any woman who pays attention to its beauty, is simply obliged to do facial wrinkles. After all, as they grow older so want to stay young and attractive, and not turn into "aunt" with a wrinkled face and eyes dimmed. Therefore, in the pursuit of innovative means of skin care products do not forget that at all times it is a facial massage was the main enemy of aging women.

Though, alas, age - not the only reason to turn to a professional beautician for facial massage against wrinkles. It is known that many women wrinkles quite a young age, and it is connected, as a rule, with their genetic predisposition. But those girls whose mothers and grandmothers aged quite late, do not relax: bad ecology, constant stress, frantic pace of modern life - all this leads to premature aging of the skin. And those who suffer from serious diseases and hormonal disorders, is much more serious to treat other problems of the skin and allow it to stay young as long as possible.

 facial wrinkles

Facial massage - the best prevention of premature aging of the skin

The famous phrase that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure, can be attributed to the elimination of wrinkles in the face and neck. Of course, the appearance of wrinkles can hardly be called a disease - rather, it is a purely physiological and even a completely normal process in the life of every woman. But that's only by understanding this fact no one does not become easier. So do not wait for the face and neck cover dense network of deep wrinkles, change things for the better will be difficult. Although in this case should not be put on a cross: the care of his beloved useful at any age.

The sooner you start to visit a beautician and make facial massage wrinkles, the less chance you have of getting old before its time. In the end, this procedure is not only useful, but also very rewarding: you'll get a considerable dose of endorphins at the hands of an experienced master, and relaxing music will give you a real euphoria. Just a few sessions the skin in problem areas will become more elastic, and improves the complexion.

You look younger for several years and love yourself updated - just massage the results are inspiring and inspired for new achievements. But if the procedure of massage add some face masks, and other cosmetics darsonval pleasure, the charge of vivacity to your skin will be enough for a long time.

 massage facial wrinkles

How to massage wrinkles at home?

Though not all women can afford the services of experienced professionals. If you are one of them - do not despair: this art can be learned in the home. According to experts, massage - easy to learn the process. There is one important rule: massage active points need to either one or two fingers of the hand. Be careful with the delicate skin of the face! Massage with fingertips right place, but do not press - on the strength of the impact you have to experience both pleasant and painful.

  • Put your fingers above the eyebrows on both sides so that they touch in the center of the forehead. From the center of the forehead to the temples, swipe your finger to the voltage returns them back without effort. These massage movements to help deal with vertical wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Place the pads on the index fingers of whiskey and repeatedly push the temporal area. This movement normalizes the skin. Also at this point of impact each time moving a massage from one part to another person.
  • What would prevent the appearance of nasolabial folds and to overcome the formation of clogged pores, you must do the following massage movements. Place the index and middle fingers in the recesses at the edge of the nostril and press down with force to this area several times.
  • Massage completes our next move: Put your index fingers horizontally, one above the lip, the other below it. Impact on the point about the lips gentle pressure, this movement provides deep relaxation of the face and body.

Some types of massage are ancient history, some were invented recently. You may well be able to experience for yourself all of them - it would wish. No matter what you prefer - do massage from a beautician in a good salon or at home in a comfortable chair - most importantly, you will give your skin a chance to prolong youth and beauty for a long time.

 Wrinkle Facial massage: stay young and beautiful

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 What enzymatic hair removal?

Not far off the summer, which means the sun, short skirts and shorts. It's time to think about the smoothness of your legs. Someone still uses the razor, the most tolerant switched to electrodepilator, but someone more to their liking waxing at home. Today, beauty parlor offering you the wide variety of methods to remove unwanted body hair. One of the modern methods of hair removal is hair removal enzyme.

Today enzymatic hair removal - it is one of the safest methods of hair removal, and low cost of this method makes it attractive at all for the beautiful half of our society.

What is the essence of this method?

To remove unwanted hair using enzymes - is a biologically active substance is completely safe for the body. They are often used in cosmetics for removing body hair and subsequent slowing of growth. The entire procedure of hair removal enzyme consists of the following stages:

  • First, the hairs in a selected area of ​​the body are removed in a standard way, e.g. waxing.
  • In the treated skin area is applied special preparation containing enzymes.
  • Selected areas of the body covered with elastic bandages and rubber, creating a thermal effect. If hair removal is performed in the bikini area or armpits, a special electrode.
  • Prepared by warming the body portion by means of ultraviolet rays. The heat expands the hair follicles and catalyze the work of enzymes.
  • The enzymes break the metabolism of hair follicles, causing it to die, and the hair canal narrows.
  • Bandages and electrodes are removed, the skin after hair removal is handled by special milk, which reduces the redness of the skin and helps slow the growth of hair.

Even after one procedure, the result will be noticeable, hairs grow back become lighter and thinner, but to consolidate the results, we recommend 5-7 treatments. Repeat procedure should be monthly.


Refrain from this method to remove unwanted vegetation, if you are pregnant, prone to varicose veins, or on your skin has abrasions and inflamed skin. Check under the supervision of qualified personnel that your skin normally carries enzymes that are used during the procedure.

Enzymatic hair removal reviews for her good, so you can try this comfortable procedure with a high degree of efficiency.

 What enzymatic hair removal?

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