violation of posture

Children lying in wait in the way of growing hundreds of different dangers and difficulties. Including a very common violation of posture. It is not always the parents give it enough importance, mistakenly believing that the problem will disappear by itself, as the child grows. And in vain - often bad posture the most negative impact on the health of the child. Yes, and it alone will not disappear. Therefore, in no case can not ignore this problem. This is what will be discussed in this article - a violation of posture and prevention.

And all parents know, in principle, that such a posture? Doctors call this term the usual position of the human body in an upright position. Posture is a very important indicator of overall health. Moreover - severe violations of posture are separate diseases that require urgent, long-term and serious treatment.

One of the most common disorders of posture - a scoliosis (curvature of the spine in any direction). Tragically, medical statistics is very disappointing - scoliosis occurs in 10% of primary school pupils, 30% of middle school students and 79% (!) High school students. Agree, a frightening figure.

The causes of this disease is very, very much. In some cases, scoliosis is a direct consequence of bone diseases and injuries. It is also sometimes - though rarely enough - Scoliosis is a congenital disease. However, all these reasons there are not more than one-third of all cases.

Most often scoliosis is an acquired disease and its cause is the weakness of the muscles of the back. Very often parents unwittingly, contribute to the fact that the child broke a normal posture. They simply create an environment which is very conducive to the development of the disease.

The reasons that trigger incorrect posture

The first thing parents need to do - is to draw attention to the whole way of life of the child. You should not lose sight of even the most minor nuances - a violation of posture can occur quickly. And we will show you what should be given maximum attention:

  • Workplace child

It is important that the workplace was equipped with the child correctly. First - it's a party. Ideally, to fit the child's growth. If the ability to change furniture every year you do not, then at least puts on a chair cushion. Then - the chair. A child should not sit, legs dangling - they should rest on the floor.

Of course, it does not always get to do so in school desk consistent growth of the child. But even at home, he has to sit properly - it will remove a significant portion of an unnecessary load on the muscles of the back of the child. After all, a muscular corset of the child is still not well developed.

  • Wearing weights

A strong precipitating factor is also carrying a baby weights, especially in one hand. As a rule, all children have to wear to school every day a heavy portfolio. It would do about anything. But in fact, it is possible - buy a child a good orthopedic backpack. Encourage your child to wear it just for him - it will spread evenly severity.

You can also try to make sure that part of the textbooks the child could leave the school. Ask other parents to buy lockers in a class where kids will be able to put some of their things. As a rule, the school administration does not preclude the like, especially if you can give reasonable arguments.

  • Improperly selected clothing

Perhaps you are surprised, but even correctly matched clothes - too close or tight, it may trigger the development of a child's scoliosis. If the pants or skirt baby will give him discomfort, he will try to take the most comfortable position. But it is not always correct.

  • Reduced hearing and vision

If you notice that the child was properly sit at a desk as soon as possible, show it to your doctor and audiologist optometrist. In the event that the child began to see badly, he just has to lean on a textbook or a notebook. And if you suffer from a hearing aid, the child often tilts forward slightly and turns sideways to hear better teacher. And very quickly this situation enters the body of the child in the habit - without knowing it, he is sitting at home just as well.

  • Chronic diseases of internal organs

In some cases, a violation of a child's posture arises because of his severe chronic diseases of internal organs. Most often in such cases we are talking about diseases of the cardiovascular system, bronchus and lung, bone defects - muscular system. And scoliosis will progress along with the progression of the underlying disease, therefore, ruled out such a possibility in any case impossible.

 violation of posture and prevention

Stage strain posture

Proper development of the spine is never absolutely right - he has several physiological curves, which are visible in the lateral plane. Doctors distinguish cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral curves. These curves have the same function as the intervertebral discs - they are kind of elastic shock absorbers that reduce the strain on the spine and distribute it evenly.

There are several types of deformation of posture.

  • Round-shouldered. This type of deformation is increased thoracic curvature of the spine and lumbar, on the contrary, is smoothed.
  • "Round the back." This lumbar bend is normal, but the rib increases the bending around the thoracic region.
  • "Concave spin". In this case, the bending is enhanced in the lumbar region.

Depending on how advanced disease, it is given degree of deformation. The extent determined by the following parameters:

  1. Stage 1 of spinal deformity. In order to cause the spine to its normal correct physiological position, simply align the back.
  2. Stage 2 spinal deformity. The curvature of the back while trying to align individual effort with the vise on a climbing wall just kind of disappears.
  3. Stage 3 spinal deformity. In this case, the curvature of the spine is not rectified even when the vise on the gym wall. It is considered the most serious strain.

Of course, at home parents who do not have medical training, it is very difficult to pinpoint what exactly what stage a violation of posture are faced. Therefore, it is simple enough to understand, whether the child has similar problems. Yes, and his posture also never hurts to check. And to do it with the help of special tests are not so difficult.

Put your child back to the wall and look at it from the side. If posture is all right, in the neck and waist spine will be like a concave arc, and in the chest and pelvis - convex, concerning the wall. Between the vertebrae in the waist and the neck should be a small space - roughly the thickness of the gap. In all Otherwise, you can suspect a violation of posture. So, it's time to see a doctor, which is more accurately diagnose the problem.

In no case do not delay visit to the doctor later. Of course, a violation of posture - this is not an appendicitis, and cause "first aid" is not necessary. But the pull is also not necessary - otherwise the disease will progress fast enough. And time is very, very valuable - it really change the posture disorder only in childhood.

Treatment of posture

Parents should be prepared for the fact that the process of the treatment of disorders of posture will last a very long time. And the time and effort of his parents, he will require a lot - because it lasts virtually around the clock, without breaks and weekends.

Treatment is carried out under strict supervision of a doctor - orthopedist. Depending on the child's age and general health of the doctor will choose the best course of treatment and rehabilitation. For the treatment of disorders of posture can be used physiotherapy, wearing special corrective corsets, manual therapy. Although, of course, a large part of the treatment lies in physiotherapist and compliance with a certain number of requirements.

The main objective is to strengthen the exercises muscles that are designed to keep the spine in good condition - the muscles of the neck, shoulders, stomach and back. In no case can not be independently gym complex - many exercises for scoliosis is strictly prohibited, as they can lead to the opposite effect and only increase the curvature of the spine.

The doctor will select the most appropriate exercises to help each individual child. He will explain and show parents how to fulfill them. And the main task of parents - is to see to it that the child is properly and regularly perform these exercises. Take such remedial gymnastics can be very, very long time - up to a year. But the result will be worth it - the child is not only correct your posture, but also improve overall health.

We would like to mention the corset, designed to correct posture. Often, the child refuses to wear it. And the parents, unfortunately, come at his bidding. But to do that in any case can not be - a doctor prescribes wearing a corset only really necessary situations.

Talk to your child. And it's just not worth it to force - must explain why it is needed, and that would be otherwise. Although, of course, this measure is effective only in relation to quite an adult child who is able to understand you correctly. If we are talking about the kid, turn it all into the game. And even in the most extreme case, you can resort to force parent "is necessary! ".

 prevention of posture in children

A few rules for correct posture

We have already talked about some of the rules that allow the child to maintain the correct posture. However, there are a few rules that a very high degree of probability will help keep your posture remains. Be sure to take them on board.

  • Bed baby

Of course, every mother tries to sleep a child as comfortable as possible. However, there is always the concept of "user-friendly" is equivalent to the concept of "right"? Doctors are constantly told that the child's bed should be extremely tight. It is not necessary to enclose a child extra blankets, and even more so featherbed. You do not want to grow princess and the pea, and a healthy baby, is not it?

The ideal situation would be for the baby mattress. And the pillow is also better to buy orthopedic - large and soft pillows are also very negative impact on the health of the child. And for how the child is asleep, is also traced. Doctors - orthopedists recommended for children, for that matter, adults, sleeping only on the back or stomach. Sleeping on your side also harms the spine.

  • Child Shoes

Pay special attention to baby shoes. In no case is unacceptable to buy baby shoes are not in size - "for growth" or close. Shoes must be purchased exclusively convenient and size. And this is due to the demand is very simple - unsuitable footwear leads to an incorrect position of the legs of the child. And this, in turn, necessitates a change in the normal position of the spine.

And it is very likely that this change very quickly lead to curvature of the spine. By the way, if your child already has a club foot or flat place, as quickly as possible take his medication. These diseases very quickly lead to a violation of posture, and sometimes more serious problems. Moreover, these diseases also need to be treated under strict medical supervision - orthopedist. Children's bodies are very fragile and the slightest wrong actions parents can entail not very pleasant consequences.

  • Proper organization of the child's daily routine

Very much depends on the proper organization of the daily routine of the child. Tragically often parents are forced most of their time at work. And the children are represented themselves. And sit out for hours about computers and televisions, which is quite a negative impact not only on the child's perspective, but also on his posture.

So try to limit the time of the child's stay at the TV and computer. If you wish to make it quite possible - just possible maximum load of the child anything - such as mugs or hobbies. In the end, there is a family filter, is not it?

  • Sufficient exercise

Also, do not lose sight of the fact that very often incorrect posture developed due to the fact that little baby move. This is not surprising - computers long ago replaced by modern children "salochki" and "catch-up" and the TV - walk out of town and hiking. But instead of shaking his head sadly, parents should take matters into their own hands.

Do not be lazy and set up the tradition every weekend to leave the city, if, of course, weather permitting. Attend with your child a sports hall, swimming pool - a personal example for a child is most useful. And besides, like hanging out with your baby is very positive impact on your relationship.

But even if you do not have time, you can find a way out. Give a child in any sports section. And it does not have to be a professional sport. For example, a very good option could be dancing. Exercise is the most optimal, and the posture of the child at all times be under the strict supervision of the teacher. And the ability to dance useful to both boys and girls.

And make sure to it that your child is attending regular physical education classes at school. Do not take a doctor certificate exempting physical education at school, even if the child is really sick often. There are several health groups and the teacher will select optimal suitable for your child's load.

Of course, in this case we are not talking about really serious diseases in which physical education is strictly contraindicated. And ask your PE teacher, so he took the matter under control, because trace the parents of a child in the school is extremely difficult.

Strictly speaking, these rules must be followed, and those parents whose children have not yet encountered a violation of posture. After all, all these rules are effective not only for the treatment of spinal curvature, but also for prevention. Prevention of posture in children is very successful if its start time.

 Violation of posture and prevention

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