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To black hair acquired a rich, beautiful and natural look, stylists recommend the use of high-level Venetian highlights.

This technology has a gentle effect on the hair, gives them a wonderful view and delightful volume.

 beautiful Venetian highlights
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The effect of highlighting the Venetian

This procedure is fairly quick and easy, takes up to three hours. This novelty has pampered many Hollywood beauties such as actress Angelina Jolie, model Gisele Bundchen, actress Jessica Alba and other celebrities. In order to transform your look in this way, just select the appropriate facilities and experienced master.

In order to achieve a stunning effect, highlighting the Venetian master enjoys. To clarify the desired shade as much as possible to connect up to five colors. As a rule, choose the range of brandy, lemon, milk chocolate, platinum blonde, and even coffee. Once the color is defined, the master gently applies the composition to individual thin strands, literally drawing them with a brush.

It is important to emphasize that this type of dyeing is necessary to pull back 3 cm from the roots. Thus, the paint is applied, it is now sufficient to wait a while to get the desired effect. If you want to see the dark hair was a bright and contrast - are keeping part of a longer (30-40 minutes) for those who wish only a light touch tones - on the contrary, less (10-15 minutes).

 fashionable Venetian highlights
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Hair care

Ironically, after the procedure there is no need for regular visits to the salon. After all, with the Venetian highlights do not need to worry about that hair roots have grown and will look unaesthetic. On the contrary - it looks natural, and 2-3 months after the procedure, you can not worry about the appearance of the hair. Since the staining procedure is quite soft, then it does not need special treatment and recovery, it is enough to wash the hair with shampoo and use familiar tools and methods of installation.

Modern women want to look great at all times. For owners of dark hair highlights the Venetian was a kind of magic wand, because it helps to emphasize the beauty of the girl.   After the cabin, many say that the procedure is to visually rejuvenated and refreshed image.   Thanks to the wealth of shades, which use the master Venetian highlights can achieve amazing results: brunette can feel like a blonde, radically change the image and not lose the quality of hair. Also allows you to weave dark even more expressive by means of giving the game highlights and shades.

This interesting way of painting the hair came from Italy, where the majority of women - and brown-haired brunettes. Therefore, for them, this technique is ideal, because of this, and the idea to dilute the color of hair different shades. Hard to believe, but to achieve the effect of local girls could spend hours to burn their curls under the scorching sun to give them a kind of burnt. Stylists caught it and the desire to give women the opportunity to give your hair a beautiful color more accessible and gentle method.

 Venice highlights - modern weapons dark-haired girls

 the correct remedy for hair loss


  • Causes of baldness
  • Other influences
  • Loss Remedies
  • Menu for healthy hair

The problem of hair loss is equally relevant for both men and women. And if the hair loss in old age - a normal phenomenon, the youth is an occasion to sound the alarm.

The reason for this unpleasant phenomenon can be anything: food, the environment, the impact from the outside, chemical hair damage, lack of necessary vitamins and more.

Is there a cure for hair loss that can solve this problem once and for all?

Every day, combing the hair, we notice that some of them still on the comb. Is this normal? It all depends on the amount of hair you lose. Deviation from the norm is considered to be more than 150 hairs a day dropped. Anything less than that amount - it is a natural phenomenon that does not require treatment.

Hair like skin, and nails reflect the overall health, their health in general. Accordingly, any problem with your health can easily affect your hair. If they began to lose luster and density, and if the hairs become thinner, it is a reason for going to the doctor.

The life cycle of each of filaments includes three stages: continuous growth, cessation of growth, stage separation and loss. After the loss hairs follicle is preparing to produce a new hair. But there are cases when the first stage (continuous growth) is greatly reduced, resulting in the hair becomes thin and falls out too early. Of course, it is replaced by a new one, but, unfortunately, falling significantly ahead of the growth that leads to baldness.
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Causes of baldness

Causes of alopecia can be a huge number. This can be either the internal problems of the body, and the impact of external factors. The internal factors include infectious diseases, hormonal disruptions, a weakened immune system, genetic diseases and others. The external factors include stress, poor environment, various head injuries, infections of the skin.

There are other reasons that can lead to baldness. For example, a hot-air drying (hairdryer) have a negative effect on the hair, as well as their frequent coloring, regular perms, hair straightening irons, the use of poor quality, and sometimes late cosmetics for the scalp. Adversely affect the health of hair and some hair. Thus, "ponytail" with regular wear it can harm your hair, pulling them and thus leading to the atrophy of hair papilla and their further destruction.

Many people forget about a very important rule in caring for hair - can not comb, install and braid them wet. That is when the hair is wet or damp, they are very susceptible to damage due to its fragility. They are very easy to break or pull out. Nor should we constantly do the part in the same place, this may lead to a parting of the place begins to thin out.

 mustard mask for hair loss
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Other influences

Close hats can also harm growth, disrupting circulation. Insufficient amount of air also have a negative impact on the condition of hair, as a result of a large amount of perspiration and sebum scalp does not receive the necessary power to it, whereby the hairs fall out.

In the cold season is to take care of their hair, wearing a hat, which can protect you from muscle disease hair roots, which can easily lead to baldness.

Drinking alcohol and smoking have an adverse impact on the status and health of hair. Ideally you should give up such bad habits. Lack of vitamins, which is most often felt in the spring (vitamin deficiency) leads to a significant disruption of the structure of the hair and hair loss.

Many women are faced with the problem of hair loss during pregnancy and by accident a few weeks after birth. During pregnancy, the cause may be a lack of vitamins, and after childbirth - lack of sleep, stress, excessive load. Typically, in such cases, hair loss stopped after six to eight weeks.

In menopausal women hair loss may increase, which sometimes leads to male pattern alopecia - on top and in the temporal area of ​​the head appear receding hairline.

The cause of hair loss can be a variety of infectious diseases such as syphilis, a disease of the endocrine glands, tuberculosis and others. Circulating in the disease in the blood of toxins lead to thinning cover due to the destruction of the hair papilla. Not always hair falls permanently, often with time, they recovered.

Poisoning by chemicals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, thallium and lead to massive hair loss. In such cases, they climb scraps. Chemical and radiation therapy usually leads to complete baldness. Growth cover resumed after a time, but the amount that had earlier been in any case will not.

Women especially need to monitor the state of health of the hair, because beautiful hair is thick and dignity and an ornament to any the fairer sex. The sooner you see your doctor to the problem of thinning hair, the more chances to fix it. To determine the exact problem is necessary to conduct the diagnosis and identification of the causes of the disease hair.

 applying hair oil strengthens
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Loss Remedies

Of course, it is better to avoid any problems, than to deal with their elimination, in this case treatment. Problems with hair can be avoided by following some simple rules.

Every woman spends some daily manipulation of your hair. Not all follow the rules of caring for them, considering them not as too serious. So, if you want to preserve the health and attractive appearance of their hair, it is worth considering some points.

You must wash your hair with warm water, and in any case not hot. Drying is desirable to carry out a cold or warm air. Hot air dry out the hair, it burns them, makes it very fragile and brittle. Before going to bed should be carefully combed hair. By the way, combing your hair also needs properly. Combing the need to reduce, gradually climbing up. Very useful massage the scalp. It can do both hands and with a wooden comb enough 1-2 times per day.

Refusal of bad habits (smoking, alcohol consumption) will return the beauty and health of your hair. Normalization of the power consumption of vitamins - the key to healthy and strong curls.

Useful effect on the scalp and hair follicles have herbal teas. Can serve as the basis of broth chamomile, nettle, plantain, sage and others. All of these herbs are very easy to find a pharmacy. Rinsing such broth not only give hair shine, but stop loss.

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Menu for healthy hair

An excellent remedy for baldness are common burdock, which can be easily purchased at any pharmacy of the city. There is burdock oil with red pepper, promoting growth and strengthening. Its use is very simple: just rub into the scalp, massaging it carefully, and then to allocate funds for the entire length of hair. For best results it is recommended to wrap your head in plastic wrap and wrap a towel. Soaking solution on the head should be about 1-2 hours, then rinse thoroughly.

Onion and honey mixture is an excellent tool in maintaining healthy hair. On 4 tablespoons grated onion need 1 tablespoon of honey. Rub the finished weight must be in the roots, and then spread over the entire length. Wrapping film head must withstand the mask on the head for about an hour, then rinse under running water, not using shampoo. The disadvantage of such a mask is the smell of onions, which will hold the hair about 2-3 days.

Very effective mask, consisting of mustard, egg yolk and tea. 1 tablespoon mustard 1 egg yolk and need about 2 tablespoons of freshly brewed green or black tea. All components should be mixed. The result is a creamy mass, which is applied to the roots and scalp, turns the film and maintained for 20-30 minutes. From mustard may be a burning sensation, but should not be afraid. When the time to wash your hair with shampoo. This mask is recommended to use 2 times a week to achieve the desired result.

Very often the problem of hair loss is associated with a variety of stress and anxiety. In this case, sedatives will not only stop hair loss, but also to stop it. Now there is a huge variety of sedatives. The best tools will be based on natural elements. It may be a solution for oral administration, tablets, and other drugs. When choosing a medication for hair loss is best to consult with your doctor, because any tablets may just cause and harm to the body.

For the strengthening and growth of hair is necessary intake of vitamins from group B. In contrast to the masks, which affect the outside, vitamins can strengthen the body from the inside.

Include in your diet as much as possible products of plant origin. Frequent consumption of fruit and vegetables have a positive impact on the health of your hair. It should limit itself to the intake of fatty and spicy foods. Included in the diet of dairy products origin, beets, cucumbers, bran bread, parsley, strawberries, asparagus, nuts (especially hazelnuts), honey minimize loss.

Do not neglect your health. And it is worth remembering that all problems start from the inside.

 Means against hair loss: it all starts with proper care