Vegetarianism advantages and disadvantages


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Vegetarianism. This phenomenon causes the most controversy and debate. And no wonder - after all the pros and cons of vegetarianism is clearly expressed. Proponents of vegetarianism in one voice say that this way of eating is very positive impact on human health. Opponents argue the opposite - they say, proponents of vegetarianism with their hands impair their health.

You also think about the fact that the time has come to abandon the food of animal origin? Carefully weigh the pros and cons. After all, this way you dramatically change your lifestyle. And the most important question to be answered - why do you need it?

The reasons for vegetarianism

There are several main reasons for which a person may give preference to a vegetarian diet - both refuse only on meat products, and the whole plant foods. So, the main ones:

  • Pacifist convictions

Lived himself man lived about anything especially not think. Pork or veal perceived solely as a semi-finished product on store shelves. And it does not matter how this semi-finished product was there. But he suddenly realized that he - not the only living creature on the planet, and not only he has the right to life. This can happen under the influence of all sorts of factors - ranging from TV programs viewed, ending testimony death of the animal. And as a result - mistrust and aversion to meat products.

  • Recommendations doctor

Another reason for its popularity of vegetarianism is the state of human health. There are many diseases in which the use of any meat products is strictly contraindicated. And doctors recommend that patients have to give up meat. Of course, in most cases, after healing a person returns to the usual diet. But not always - some like the vegetarian lifestyle.

  • Curiosity

Another reason - banal curiosity. Man somewhere heard something about vegetarianism and he became curious - what is it? As a result - he begins to eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of eggs and for dinner - steak instead of porridge. Someone is quickly bored, and some people like. However, following fashion - is not the best motivator. This decision must be approached very thought out.

 the pros and cons of vegetarianism

Varieties of vegetarianism

Some people mistakenly believe that vegetarianism - a special diet. However, this is not so. Most can be called a life-long vegetarian diet. Do not forget that a fundamental change in your usual diet will inevitably lead to a radical restructuring of the entire body.

That is why in any case can not resort to vegetarianism for a month or two just to get rid of a few extra kilos. Because then your body will again have to completely rebuild - and this is a very serious stress.

There are several different types of vegetarianism, radically different from each other. Let's try to understand them:

  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet

In this case, a person in any case should not eat seafood, poultry, fish and meat. But all dairy products, eggs and honey can have in unlimited quantities.

  • Ovo-vegetarianism

This type of vegetarianism permits the use of honey and eggs, but prohibits the consumption of poultry, fish and meat.

  • Veganism

The strictest kind of vegetarian - is unacceptable use of any products of animal origin was even milk, eggs and honey. Moreover - the supporters of this type of vegetarianism not use objects made of bone, fat, leather, fur and other things.

Of course, this is not all varieties of vegetarianism. But, strictly speaking, they are only three of these species, as described above.

Cons Vegetarianism

And now let's try to understand what the negatives has vegetarianism. It is not for nothing that he had so many enemies! Perhaps vegetarianism really fraught with some danger? Of course, listening to the supporters of vegetarianism, it may seem that giving up meat - a real panacea and the key to eternal life. But in this situation, the coin has a flip side.

For example, doctors in one voice opposed to veganism. They explain their position by the fact that even the most high-grade and high-quality plant foods can not make up the human body needs vitamins, minerals, micro - and macronutrients. And most importantly, what is fraught with lack of food of animal origin - is the lack of amino acids. But it is dangerous to human health.

Furthermore, plant food contained in a very small amount of protein. And this protein is not like an animal - he almost does not contain some vitamins and, most importantly, saturated fatty acids. That is why supporters of vegetarianism must be very careful in choosing your menu - otherwise a very high risk of beriberi. And about any benefits to the organism can be no question.

Remember that most of the protein and iron contained in soybeans, grains and legumes. The day should eat at least 100 grams of these products. To fill the body's need for calcium should be consumed milk, nuts and green leafy vegetables, and to get the required amount of iodine - algae.

In that case, if you do not eat milk and eggs, there is a risk of lack of vitamin B12. To avoid this, you should take a multivitamin complexes, they will eliminate certain disadvantages of vegetarianism. Which, you tell your doctor. In order for the body to get enough fatty acids in the diet should include canola and flaxseed oil.

If you follow these simple rules, vegetarianism disadvantages are minimized. Of course, independently create the right diet is not so simple. So it makes sense to consult a specialist dealing with vegetarianism. Or, in extreme cases, to a dietician. Independently do it quite dangerous.

 cons of vegetarianism

Pros vegetarianism

With all the negatives of vegetarianism more or less clear. But it is unlikely to vegetarianism has been the place to be, if it did not have a positive side. Moreover, the use of non-meat products has been noticed in ancient times. They polgali that every kilogram of meat eaten shortens a person's life for one week. So if these unsubstantiated conclusions? What are the advantages of vegetarianism? It is in that we now face it.

  • Immunity

Firstly, vegetable food has some very useful properties. Firstly, fruits and vegetables contain very high amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene. But these substances have a significant impact on the work of immunity. That is why people whose diet consists mainly of plant foods, much less the rest exposed to various diseases. They manage to stay healthy even during the epidemic of influenza epidemics.

  • Normalization of the digestive system

People who eat vegetarian food, practically do not face whatever the problems of the digestive tract. This is due to the high content of fiber. Constipation disappear, normal intestinal microflora. But from the normal operation of the digestive system largely depends on the functioning of the whole organism. In addition, we can not lose sight of the fact that in plant foods contain volatile that block processes occurring in the gut rot.

  • Cardiovascular diseases

Some of the most common diseases are the main cause of death - these are diseases of the cardiovascular system. Vegetarians also little susceptible to these diseases. Doctors explain this by the fact that the plant does not contain cholesterol food, which often is the cause of this group of diseases.

This is - generally recognized facts with which all physicians agree without exception. However, these advantages - just what lies on the surface. Themselves vegetarians argue that vegetarianism plus much more. Of course, it is possible to argue, but to know everything about them is necessary.

Surely all know the expression - "you are what you eat." Proponents of vegetarianism in one voice say that the man who constantly consume animal food, over time, inevitably becomes aggressive, irritable and restless. It is even considered that the level of intelligence over the years inevitably reduced. However, this information is still nothing confirmed. Even at the cellular level in humans, eating meat, accumulated a variety of errors. This happens due to the fact that the body constantly gets animal genetic material.

In addition, even the doctors say that a person should stop eating meat products, such as improving the color of his face disappears halitosis. Even the body starts to smell differently. After all, the human digestive tract is designed not as predators.

As you can see, the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism is very important. Therefore, before deciding how to think. Do not take hasty decisions. It is very dangerous to go on about friends or blindly follow fashion. In the end, the health benefits will bring only what brings a person pleasure. Be healthy!

 Vegetarianism: pros and cons