• Types and benefits of vegetarianism
  • Harmful if vegetarianism
  • Vegetarianism and Weight Loss

What do we know about the origin of vegetarianism, and that is it? Vegetarianism - a full or partial waiver of animal food. Followers of vegetarian food is not recognized no meat, including fish and poultry. Nowadays it is the flow becomes more and more popular. Vegetarian diet and people hold for aesthetic reasons and for the sake of losing weight, and of belief, and for the treatment. And just a passing fad. Let's examine what is in reality is a way of eating and when it can benefit, and when - harm.

Types and advantages of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism has different species, are the main three areas:

  1. Vegan. Adherents consume vegetarian food vegan cookbook after her treatment. Some of them prefers fruit, part - grain products. There is vegans who eat only raw plant foods;
  2. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet. Those who eat vegetarian food, along with dairy products and eggs, choose lacto ovo vegetarianism;
  3. Type of vegetarianism called laktovegetarianstvom, like the previous one. The only difference is that the followers of laktovegetarianstva do not eat eggs.

They call themselves vegetarians and those who are not on the table is the meat of warm-blooded animals, but there are milk, eggs, fish and seafood. I must say that vegetarianism - is not only a certain type of food. It is also a certain lifestyle. Vegetarians, for the most part, do not smoke or drink alcohol, and strong tea and coffee. Of course, such behavior has many advantages. In particular, the researchers argue that vegetarians:

  • Better than non-vegetarians, general health;
  • Longer life;
  • Less common are overweight, hypertension, ischemia, diabetes.

This impressive factors that seem to be significant arguments in favor of vegetarianism. Especially for those who have long and unsuccessfully struggling with being overweight. But opponents of vegetarianism say that the exclusion from the diet of animal foods is unacceptable. And it harms the human body rather than the benefits. Is it so?

 vegetarianism is that you can eat

Harmful if vegetarianism?

Vegetarians are convinced that all the necessary vitamins the human body there in vegetable products. This is not true. Plant foods abundant supplies vitamin C. Only fully ensure the necessary complex of minerals the human body, it can not. In particular, the suppliers of vitamin B2 can be only milk, eggs, livers, kidneys, tongue. Lack of this vitamin causes damage to the brain tissue, and it threatens serious troubles those who eat only vegetarian food.

Vitamin B12 - active participant in cell division - and in general can come into our body only through animal foods: liver, kidney, heart, milk, seafood, and eggs. Vitamin D, providing the strength of bones and teeth contain fish, fresh eggs, milk, butter, cod liver oil. But in his plant foods virtually none. Few therein and vitamin A - of which are killed by a human body free radicals. But fish, liver, eggs and dairy products are rich in them.

Those who adhere to a strict vegetarian diet, a diet impoverish not only vitamins, but also a variety of trace elements. For example, in plant foods is not enough iron, which is also bad because it is absorbed. Deliver it to the human body are mainly products of animal origin. Iron deficiency provokes anemia. Poorly absorbed from plant foods and calcium. Few vegetables, grains, fruits, iodine and zinc. Do not plant food supplies in sufficient quantities and individual proteins. Do not come to her amino acid - something from which these same proteins are broken down. Such are the cases. Perhaps opponents of vegetarianism right.

Right, but only partly. All the disadvantages of the proposed vegetarianism diet are mostly hard to vegans. If you do not adhere to such narrow limits supply and observe lacto-ovo-vegetarian, animal proteins can be prepared with eggs, cheese, milk. But the iron by the human body can provide the fish and bird. Selenium supports the blood vessels in tone, contain only seafood. A sole supplier of polyunsaturated fatty acids, strengthens the immune system and resist cancer, is fish.

It turns out that vegans, completely depriving yourself of animal food, great risk. But lax followers such power if they will correct typical full vegetarian diet, you can get almost all the food needed. In short, those who have no meat on the table, but there are poultry, fish and milk, non-animal food is practically no danger.

Thus, we can say that the strict veganism is dangerous and is strictly contraindicated in pregnant women and those who have at least some variations in health. It is impossible to get in the right amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins, eating only plant foods. To do this, they need to eat a lot of that is fraught with gastrointestinal disorders. But what about those who are suffering overweight, I intend to go on a vegetarian diet? Can I switch it on?

Vegetarianism and Weight Loss

Since the birth of our organism regularly needs energy, which usually comes from the food we eat. It contains nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The energy contained in various foods is measured in kilocalories or kilojoules. 1 kilocalorie (kcal) corresponds to approximately 4, 2 kilojoules (kJ). Proteins contain one gram of about 4 kcal g Carbohydrates 1 - 4 kcal, and also 1 g of fat - 9 kcal.

The amount of energy consumed depends on many factors: age, gender, weight and height of a person. Also of considerable importance in calculating the required amount of energy (kcal kilojoule) has a climate, hormonal balance and lifestyle. The bulk of the energy the body spends on its main exchange reaction: heart activity, breathing, maintaining body temperature and metabolism and physical activity: sports and physical work. It is therefore important when heavy exertion nutrition.

Insufficient consumption of energy causes the body to access reserves. With expenditure of the reserve there is a reduction of weight. Conversely, an excessive consumption of energy is the cause of the formation of fatty deposits. Thus there is overweight, which, in turn, entails a number of different diseases. To avoid unpleasant consequences, each of us now has the opportunity to calculate the amount of calories it right on the day. Perhaps it is no secret that people who lead an active life or engaged in heavy physical labor, need more energy than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you calculate for yourself how many calories you need it / kilojoules and get their food in the right quantities, weight problems will not be.

Well, and if the person is not engaged in sports and lifestyle he is active, is whether the proposed vegetarianism diet to maintain normal weight? I guess, yes. Just need to make it right. So, in order not to deprive the body of necessary elements. Otherwise, weight loss can result in serious illness. I must say that on this diet to sit even pleasant. Vegetarian meals are prepared quickly, without much effort. They are tasty and varied diet can do so Neskuchniy and interesting.

However, going to sit on a vegetarian diet, it should be remembered - even gentle, it can go in harm, if you've been a big fan of meat .  The new diet is capable of provoking an imbalance in the body, so it is better to develop gradually .  If you are going to lose a couple (or even more) extra kilos, remember the first main rule: "Do not overdo it! "In a novel by American Robert P .  Warren's "All the King's Men," one of the characters admits that can not tolerate wicked women: they are like a pack of pasta, rattle and pricked .  You do not want to become a thorn or dried to make a metabolic disorder, and therefore try to comply with the measure throughout .  There are infinitely many ways to lose weight, most importantly, choose the one that's right for you .  Turning your body into an experimental laboratory to test all kinds of patented drugs from being overweight, choose any one - and, clearly following all the requirements, use it regularly .  This is the second important rule: regularity in everything, whether it is the use of "magic" herbs and plasters, charging or vegetarian diet .

Of course, if you have found obesity and you watch the doctor, the diet for you - this is a fundamental change in diet for a specialist appointment. Your doctor will tell you where to start. If you yourself want to lose 5-7 kg, use the "shock diets." Recipes such diets you can easily find numerous reference books on the recovery of the body. An example of "shock diet" may serve as a so-called trimmed diet. It is based on the principle of separation of different categories of consumer products that allows the body to better digest food. On Monday, arrange a vegetable day, Tuesday - meat, Wednesday - egg, Thursday - milk Friday - fish on Saturday - fruity, Sunday - eat what you want; and you will lose weight by 5-7 kg in three weeks.

Version of "shock diets" a lot .  All of them are generally based either on reducing caloric intake, or a reduction of intake of the liquid or fats and carbohydrates .  So if you start to "shock diet" without consulting with a doctor, the third follow the main rule: listen to the reaction of the organism .  Do not drive yourself to the disease because of the desire to quickly get rid of excess weight .  If you feel dizzy and lose your appetite, it is likely to "shock diet" - not for you .  Refer to the more reliable and less rapid methods .  Live under the motto: "Do not get fat! "Lose weight slowly .  The faster the body to lose extra weight, the easier it is gaining them again .  Do not cut the number of meals, eat better more often, but small portions .  When the body is hungry, it produces toxins .  Less sweets, canned food, salt and alcohol (a glass of wine - it is 100 calories)! Drink the juice in the morning and do not cram the night .  The period of highest activity of the digestive system - from 12 to 17 hours .  From time to time, arrange your body "unloading" days .  Fast 1-2 days once a month .

And most importantly - without physical education you can not do. Gentle vegetarianism and Sports, in principle, compatible. You can choose anything you like: aerobics, or shaping, exercisers or charging on TV, yoga or dance. But the availability of other - an ordinary morning (day, evening, as you wish) gymnastics. Ten to fifteen minutes of exercise every day and elegant forms you provided. Vary your gym complex, dream, without forgetting about their goals. For example, one day dedicate waist and exercise form it, the other day - the abdominal muscles, and the third - the muscles of the hips and so on. Ideally, of course, would be nice to add a swimming pool, massage, walking - in conjunction with proper nutrition it gives amazing results! Do not just say that your lifestyle does not allow you to deal with them. If you have a day was found ten minutes of charging, the fault is not a way of life, and ordinary laziness!

 Vegetarianism and its features