tomato varieties

Plan out gryadochki? Calculate the number of bushes for planting? Highlight the desired amount for the purchase of seedlings? Excellent. It remains very low - in order to decide what kind of varieties of tomatoes to choose for your garden. Meanwhile, to make it oh so easy - too large assortment. And each variety in its own good, and sellers in every way praising that sell, and there is a temptation to try new items. But let us come to the issue of rational choice.

The fact that all the varieties of tomatoes can be divided into main groups: the place of cultivation (for open field and greenhouse) in ripening (early- and late) and for utilitarian purposes (grades for blanks and table grapes). So let's see what can be selected in accordance with such classification.

In the place of cultivation

Greenhouse conditions - high humidity, significant temperature difference day and night, not only favorable conditions for tomatoes, but also for all kinds of diseases and pests. Therefore, the requirements for greenhouse plants farming practices are different from the rules of growing them in the open field. With regard to tomatoes, the hybrids suitable for greenhouses need to be resistant to disease, capable of limited growth in the ovary and the formation in adverse conditions. Meets all these requirements and poludeterminantnye determinate tomato hybrids.

  1. Vaynmon. Sort late-resistant to many diseases. It gives a slightly flattened round fruits deep red. Weight from seventy to ninety grams, the skin is smooth.
  2. Leader 165. Tall grade average period of ripening. Well suited for cultivation in the cold season from autumn to spring. Fruits bright orange, fleshy, large.
  3. Long Keeper. Excellent for low film greenhouses. Late-variety, with large slightly flattened pink fruits that ripen after removal from the bush.
  4. Moneymaker. Early maturing variety with red fruits of medium size, with a sour taste. Fertility and unpretentious, and therefore very popular.
  5. Honey drop. The variety with yellow fruits and teardrop-shaped, having a rich sweet and sour taste.
  6. Samara F1. Grade early-ripening and srednerosloe. Fruits are medium-sized, growing tassels, with excellent taste.
  7. San Marzano. Yielding varieties with plum and malosochnymi fruits that are suitable only for billet (canning and freezing), soups and sauces.
  8. Super Marmande. Vigorous variety, perfect for greenhouses. The fruits are large, with excellent taste.
  9. Tomato Tiger. One of the most ancient varieties. Earliness tall plant with small fruits striped color (orange on red).
  10. Oksana. Early ripening variety with cylindrical red fruits of medium size. Good as the workpieces and fresh.

To grow in a greenhouse ripening play no special role. But for an open ground is best to choose early- and middle-grade to middle-sized fruit. However, this is especially true only for cold regions. In the south of tomatoes ripen in the open field, regardless of size and ripening fruit. However, empirically gardeners still determine the best varieties of tomatoes for the open ground.

  1. White filling 241. Early maturing variety is medium to large and medium-sized round shaped fruits.
  2. Quiz. Average height and average grade of early ripening. It gives a large, round fruit is bright red.
  3. Dunn. Early maturing variety with a fruitful apple-red fruit. Good for blanks.
  4. Gina. Most large-fruited variety of early ripening. Tomatoes in this class differ elevated taste and reach trehsotgrammovogo weight.
  5. Dina. Early maturing variety with large fleshy fruits yellow. It features high yield.
  6. Yellow. Early maturing variety with golden-yellow fruit round shape and medium sized.
  7. IOGEN. Srednerosloe early ripening variety. It gives a medium-sized, round fruit with excellent flavor.
  8. Kaspar F 1. high-yielding varieties with fleshy fruits in the form peppers. Great for conservation, but tasty and fresh.
  9. New Transnistria. High-yielding variety with middle-small fruits. Best suited for workpieces.
  10. Newbie. Early maturing variety with round srednerosloe bright red fruit is medium in size.
  11. P-83. Precocity short and high yielding variety. It gives small rounded fruits with excellent taste.

 the best varieties of tomato for open field

The timing of maturation

These dates determine the so-called vegetative period - the time from planting seeds to fruit ripening. In early-ripening tomatoes, it lasts up to one hundred eighty days. At mid-season - from one hundred and ten to one hundred and twenty. And late ripening tomatoes it lasts for more than one hundred and twenty days.

Early ripening varieties large crop is not given, but provide long-awaited first tomatoes (though small and not very sweet) in early summer. Also suitable for growing in cold regions:

  • Pineapple,
  • Banana,
  • Boney M,
  • Bonsai
  • Pal F 1
  • Scythian Gold,
  • Bell,
  • Malyshok,
  • Nakhodka,
  • Neman 83
  • Parodist,
  • Silver fir,
  • Svitanok,
  • Siberian precocious,
  • Khan.

Middle-class. They provide a massive and bountiful harvest of tomatoes in your garden. They have become an indispensable part of the summer menu, and it is one you will make preparations for the winter. Here are just a small part of the rich assortment of middle-grades:

  • Alaska
  • Budenovka,
  • Valentina Tereshkova,
  • Viardot F1,
  • Helena F1,
  • Hybrid 2
  • Gribovsky A-50
  • Lada,
  • Cosmonaut Volkov,
  • Swallow,
  • Pink Giant,
  • Rusich,
  • Tarasenko,
  • Tiutchev.

Late-maturing varieties of the most productive and the most delicious. Excellent for cultivation in the southern regions:

  • Aza,
  • Bananchiki,
  • Bityug,
  • Ermak,
  • Giraffe,
  • Kent Greenhouse,
  • Tattletale,
  • Cuban purple,
  • Raspberry giant
  • Dream lover,
  • Russian size
  • Siberian,
  • Cakes,
  • Hrustik,
  • Wizard.

By appointment

According to the destination, without exception tomato varieties can be divided into those that are good, and fresh ones are suitable for preparations for the winter. Table grapes must be juicy and sweet, and the skin they should be soft and thin. Sweet varieties have firm flesh and sousnye - lots of fruit mucus.

Salad varieties are not suitable for pickling and are intended exclusively for fresh consumption. Taking into account that can be used for salads and many other varieties, it is worth noting a few particularly tasty and large-fruited tomatoes: Bullish heart Pink Giant, Wild Rose, Wizard. There among the lettuce varieties and those that are designed for long-term storage. This, for example, Long Kiper, Ostrich, bonus, Kuzma, Viscount, Lola, Snow, Drop, New Year's Eve.

Varieties suitable for pickling must be able to natural fermentation, that is, to be quite sweet, have a thick skin and average sizes. These requirements are met, such varieties: Admiral, Batyr, Sail, fighter, Max, Vesta, Don Quixote, Helena, Dean Hutorskoy salt-coating, Snowdrop, leader, record holder.

Tomatoes for preservation must have firm flesh, firm skin, small seeds and small size. This, for example, such varieties: Angelica, Golden Drop, The Gingerbread Man, Oksana, toe, Carlos, Sunny, Anna German, Ballerina, peach, Slavyanka, shuttle, moon, striped plum, little prince, boyfriend, cream, pink, Triumph, Moscow Lights , Berry and many others.

Sousnye varieties are ideal for processing: cooking, sauces and juices. The most famous among them Helena, Abbot, the Chosen One, Lel, Maxim, Flash, Summer Garden, Glasha, Gift, Penguin, Gourmet, Fortress, Excellent, Royal, Unicum, Idol, record holder, Cupid.

What varieties to choose?

So, what to plant tomatoes in his garden? If you are going to grow them in a greenhouse, then choose only determinant and poludeterminantnye hybrids. They are compact and produce slaboroslye slabovetvyaschiesya bush and usually do not require pasynkovaniya. Opened plant the beds of different varieties ripening, relegating small part under the Early and late, and most importantly - a middle-. So you ensure the continuity of its fruition "tomato beds" in the early to mid-summer (but not the south and - until the end) fall.

Speaking of the North and South. If the summer in your area is cold and short, choose early-maturing varieties of tomatoes and discard the large-fruited varieties. And in the South can safely be planted any tomatoes, guided only by their taste and their own goals: salting, pickling, or bring to the table. And another tip: choose only released varieties that have already been successfully tested in your area. Have a good harvest!

 Varieties of tomatoes - a diverse Signor Tomato

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