drugs to enhance immunity


  • Herbal drugs
  • Drugs with adaptogenic and immunostimulating action
  • Preparations of bacterial origin
  • Preparations of interfenona
  • Mixed synthetic and non-specific immune stimulants

With modern conditions of life, when the environmental situation is far from perfect, drugs that enhance the immune system, are becoming more popular. Good health and resistance to disease today is not uncommon. To boost immunity, taken drugs to prevent immunodeficiency.

It is important to know what to appoint a treatment alone can not, before that you need to find out whether you have an immunodeficiency.

And you can find it in some respects:

  1. Often the disease - more than 6 times a year - evidence of weakened immunity.
  2. Frequent infectious diseases, which are accompanied by complications.
  3. The body responds poorly to treatment.
  4. The disease takes too long.
  5. Traditional methods to increase immunity do not have the desired effect. These include: hardening correction power consumption of vitamins.

 herbal drugs

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Herbal drugs

Such tablets are especially in demand of the fair sex, because their immune system weaker. Medicines plant enhances immunity primarily due to the fact that their composition is echinacea. They are very effective during the cold and flu illnesses. In Russia produced echinacea tincture. Take such medication by mouth, it should be pre-diluted with water. "Immunal" can be used in the form of tablets, they have to be washed down with water. Women are recommended to take 1 tablet 3 times a day. In most cases the rate "immunala" is from 1 to 8 weeks.

It should be noted that this medication helps to restore strength, has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties, helps cleanse the blood, so effectively used in the treatment of liver diseases. Echinacea tablets are consumed with the female diseases that are accompanied by inflammatory processes. Particularly effective is the agent after gynecological diseases treated with antibiotics, chemotherapy and radiation.

This medicine has some contraindications. The use of echinacea tablets are contraindicated in AIDS, cancer, blood diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis and severe autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, such a drug may cause allergies and as a potent biological additive. It should refrain from the use of this drug to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Before you start to use Echinacea, you should consult with your doctor if this is not possible, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions.
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Drugs with adaptogenic and immunostimulating action

  1. Another drug that enhances the immune system, is an extract of Siberian Ginseng. For women it is recommended to use 2 times a day, 20 drops, the better the reception of such drugs - before eating in the morning. As a rule, one month after the tool increases immunity.
  2. The classic tool to enhance immunity is a tincture of ginseng, which is very popular. It is recommended to consume 2-3 times a day 30-40 drops. Ginseng significantly improves the immune system and has no contraindications. Take this remedy should be for a month. Best of all - in the autumn, because the spring and summer tonic properties of ginseng significantly fall.
  3. Tincture Chinese magnolia vine is also a very effective means to enhance immunity. Before it was used, the preparation is diluted with water. Take it should be 20-30 drops half an hour before eating food is not more than 3 times a day.

 preparations of bacterial origin

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Preparations of bacterial origin

Such funds are safe, but significantly enhance immunity. They contain bacterial enzymes that stimulate infection.

These drugs primarily concerns "Ribomunil" which enhances the body's immunity to common ENT diseases: otitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, sore throat and so on. Such a drug may be either in granules and tablets. Eat it should be so: a tablet and drink water to swallow, 3 times a day before meals.

The increasing immunity of upper respiratory tract can help "Broncho-Muthana." The issue of drugs is carried out in the capsules, it has no side effects.

For effective treatment of secondary immunodeficiency appointed such medicine as "Likopid." It is an effective tool in infectious and inflammatory processes, indolent, recurrent and chronic. Among the drugs that enhance the immune system, this tool is one of the safest and most effective.

With frequent inflammatory infections of the throat and mouth used such means as "Imudon." It is often used in dentistry and otolaryngology. It is produced in the form of tablets that need to dissolve. To improve immunity to asthma, pharyngitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, should be consumed "Irs-19", which is a very effective means for the prevention of respiratory diseases and upper respiratory tract. It produced a product in the form of a nasal spray.

For drugs with nucleic acids include such means as "Darin". It will not only enhance the immune system, but will not cause any side effects. "Darin" is regenerating, wound healing, immunomodulatory and restorative effect. It is available as a topical solution, or as a solution for injection.

 increased immunity
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Preparations of interfenona

Such tools are very effective in the early stages of the disease, they may not only enhance the immune system, but not negatively affect other organs. For the prevention of diseases, they do not apply, but the disease is easier to prevent than to treat it. It is also noteworthy that these drugs are effective for a variety of immunity, ie they can be used as a person with very weakened immune systems, and the one whose immune system has just started to deteriorate.

Tools interfenonov group in its structure are biologically active substances that block and inhibit the development of infections in the human body.   With weakened immunity such drugs are extremely effective, in addition, these tonics are inexpensive. One of the most popular means is "Interfenon leukocyte", it is produced in the form of ampoules dry powder which is intended for solution. You can purchase "Viferon", which is similar in its effect, but it comes in the form of rectal suppositories and ointments.

In order to develop immunity to colds, it is recommended to use "Grippferon." This tool has antiviral, immunomodulatory, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action. Available in the form of drops for intranasal use. Inducer of endogenous interferons also belong to this group, they contribute to the stimulation of the body's interfenona. A interfenon has a pronounced anti-infective action. Well it strengthens the immune system such means as "Anaferon", which comes in the form of sublingual tablets.

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Mixed synthetic and non-specific immune stimulants

These tools include leucogen that can improve immunity in those women who have inflammatory diseases. Vitamins and pentoxyl also belong to this group. These drugs have the ability to actively stimulate the immune system, so before using them, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

 Varieties of products, strengthens the immune system

 medicines for the treatment of thrush


  • Errors in the treatment of thrush
  • The causes of the disease
  • Treatment for thrush

Thrush is a very common disease. But we all know that this is such a disease that is difficult to cure. It may appear from time to time and disappear.

Thrush can appear suddenly, even when you think that completely get rid of it.

Even using all the necessary preparations can not be sure that the disease back to you back. Therefore, we must do everything so that this does not happen often, and even better to thrush never returned.
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Errors in the treatment of thrush

When this problem occurs, the woman immediately try to do self-medicate. Doctors had tortured repeating how dangerous it is to do. In fact, every second woman in the world, after watching advertisements, begins to consider himself a skillful physician. Women buy them all known modern drugs. It is on hand only to advertisers. You can not select the best-known and most expensive medicine in the hope that it will help the miraculous. You should also take into account the fact that even the most well-known drug is not for everyone. For their application it is necessary to consult a physician. Only he will be able to prescribe a treatment that will not lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

Yet we should remember that germs begin with time to get used to the drug, they have produced the so-called immunity. That this could be a reason for which the prolonged treatment of the disease. Now consider how the treatment takes place. Thrush refers to infectious diseases, the cause of its occurrence are fungi. Usually such molds are not harmful, they exist in the organism peacefully each healthy individual. But as soon as there are favorable conditions, they begin to multiply with great speed. This is the most dangerous. That excessive reproduction of bacteria and has to be treated.

 tablets for the treatment of thrush
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The causes of the disease

The reasons for their breeding set. For example, it may be a rise in body temperature in the cold, welcome unsuitable hormones, stress, improper protection during intercourse, excessive use of antibiotics. Sometimes you can not even guess what was the basis for the development of this viral disease. If you are already infected thrush, it is necessary first of all to prevent further bacterial growth. The next step will be receiving funds that had already formed kill bacteria in the body. And in conclusion you will have to make every effort to the natural flora in your body has fully recovered.

Curing can yeast using a wide variety of drugs. This can be a candle, and ointments, and creams, and pills. Only very important that these drugs have been assigned to you is a doctor. Yet it must be remembered that the cost of the drug is often not reflected in its effectiveness. To this effect the margin producer. There are plenty of good inexpensive means that the treatment gives the same effect. Treatment can be either external or internal. To quickly get rid of all unpleasant sensations accompanying diseases, we recommend using a vaginal preparations. Within a day, you can feel that stopped an unpleasant burning and itching.

Actually receiving such drugs often have no effect on your health. They can be taken for women of any age. The most common among them are: Nystatin, ikonazol, clotrimazole, miconazole and natamycin. As you can see, many of them similar names that are easy to remember. Especially good in the early stages of the disease Nystatin. He deserves a huge amount of good reviews in women. Although in recent years, a host of the same quality and more advanced drugs for the treatment of thrush.

There are contraindications to the use of certain drugs. For example, the candles must be used very carefully, especially if they are "broad-spectrum". If you use them regularly, they can disrupt the natural habitat of the bacteria. This is because in their structure are very active substance. The result of the excessive use of candles can be vaginosis. Such drugs are used only when your illness is in a very advanced stage and delivers big trouble.

 treatment of thrush
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Treatment for thrush

For most women, the first symptom of thrush is the onset of menstruation. However, it usually passes the disease itself. Therefore to begin to cure yeast infection at this time is impossible. Patients should not be re-enjoy strong local resources. You may be irritated.

There are some suggestions on how to correctly apply the candles and creams. These drugs are under the influence of body temperature melt and become liquid. It is understood that in the liquid state they will flow out. Therefore it is best to apply them in a supine position. For example, to leave for the night. Then you get rid of the need to wash out of them stained underwear. Do not forget that usually, in order to fully thrush you left, you need long-term treatment. This will require a minimum of 10 days. Many women make the mistake and stop taking drugs as soon as the first symptoms have disappeared. If you do that, then do not be surprised then that the disease comes back to you again and again.

The disease is contagious. Therefore, if you are sick, then it is time to give up sex. It may happen so that the bacteria from your body get to your partner. you will not only infect a partner, but also the risk to themselves sick again.

In addition to the use of popular drugs, it makes sense to recall the folk medicine. Often folk remedies provide more effective results. They are often used when you need to remove the first symptoms of the disease. For example, great success is possible to get rid of the itch. Many doctors recommend use during treatment and those and other means. Here are a few recipes with which you can get rid of the first symptoms of thrush.

The first recipe: take in equal parts buds of birch, juniper, yarrow, sage and chamomile. All this must be brewed with boiling water and let it brew for a good two hours. This is a very good tool that can be used both inside and outdoor irrigation.

The second recipe: Boil equal parts of sage and calendula. Take three times a day for one tablespoon. The broth helps to restore the protective properties of the whole organism. In order to get rid of the itch, when podmyvanii can add a little soda water. It will reduce the activity of bacteria and block their reproduction. But this means a low efficiency and is valid for a short time. It is better to use only when you suffer from severe itching. Also, during treatment you need to watch your diet, eat properly and in due time for this.

 How to properly treat thrush