plastic sheath

The very theme of intimate surgery is perceived by society as something quite spicy, what not to say. In fact, to achieve intimate surgery has helped many women to become happier, and therefore, this topic is worthy of attention and discussion.

Modern woman knows how to be a sex and wants to get the most out of it. But, unfortunately, such diseases as insensitive or enlarged clitoris vagina, can cause dissatisfaction with sex life, because in such pathologies woman will not experience orgasm. In modern conditions, to the problems of this kind has changed dramatically, because now intimate surgery can fix these problems. And women themselves are not so afraid and complex, turning to experts on such delicate issues, because resorting to plastic gynecology, they can get rid of complexes and discomfort in his personal life.

Causes and solutions to the problem

Every woman wants to carry and give birth to a healthy baby, but during childbirth through the female genital tract should pass rather big head child, about ten centimeters in diameter. As a result, the tissue of the perineum and vagina greatly stretched, and if mothers narrow pelvis or abnormal behavior during childbirth, it may even burst. In some cases, doctors even specially made incisions perineal tissues in order to prevent breakage and injury. Especially desirable to prevent rupture of the tissues of the perineum behind. But if this has already happened, it is necessary to resort to plastic vagina after childbirth.

Of course, after completion of the delivery, and these discontinuities are cuts sutured, but unfortunately sometimes genera consequences not only limited sutures. Even when fully heal fractures, the vagina becomes much wider than it was before. The result can be anything but pleasant - a woman can completely lose the ability to receive pleasure from sexual intercourse. This is because the slightly weakened and the wide ring of the vagina, can not grasp the male sexual organ so tightly as you need for fun. Thus, after the time the couple may experience major problems in sexual life.

To solve the problem of stretched vaginal muscles, women are trying to download the pelvic floor muscles, but for the most part, it does not bring the expected results because the problem is not in the stretching of muscles and their size, which does not allow enough to cut the vaginal walls.
To help in this trouble, you can use a fairly simple and quick operations intimate plastic sheath - surgery to correct the shape of the vagina, and the problem will be solved.

Vaginal may be recommended for women aged 25-50 years, after a difficult birth or complex post-partum period (perineal tears and vaginal prolapse of the vaginal walls).

Also, this operation will help in case of partial stress urinary incontinence or sneezing. Vaginal may be carried out for medical reasons, or at the request of the client.

 Vaginal photo

The operation

The main indication for surgery - is stretching the vagina after childbirth, trauma and fractures. You can resort to the procedures in case of narrowing of the vaginal opening, which can lead to pain during sexual intercourse.

In some women, the vagina is not by nature: this is an extremely rare congenital disorder that prevents a woman to live a full life. Intimate plastic sheath makes it possible, in a literal sense, to create a new vagina, and not using foreign tissue. After this operation, the patient has to stay a little longer in the hospital under the supervision of doctors, because this operation is more difficult than the operation that is running the front and rear plastic sheath.

In general, under the Vaginal mean (in any case) a series of operations aimed at recreating the aesthetic appearance and the functionality of female genital mutilation.

To select the plastic vaginal muscles, you must also pass the preliminary examination, which will help the surgeon to determine the condition of the vaginal walls and find out what method should be used for surgical treatment. Depending on the complexity of the problem there are several types of plastic: Front colporrhaphy (plastic anterior vaginal wall), back colporrhaphy (plastic back wall of the vagina), and a reduction of the vaginal opening. Front colporrhaphy usually combined with operations to restore the pelvic floor and restoring the position of the uterus. In order to achieve a positive result can also simultaneous front and rear plastic sheath, if they are weak.

In preparation for the operation, you must undergo a medical examination - not allowed any disease at the time of the operation, including the common cold. If you smoke - stop at least a week before surgery.

Vaginal performed under general anesthesia, the duration of the operation - no more than 1, 5 hours. Its essence is as follows: the front or back wall of the vagina is pulled down, then removed a flap of tissue at the level of the transition of the vagina into the cervix. Thus, the size of the vagina becomes less. Needless cosmetic ligation absorbable sutures.

Kolporrafii procedure itself is carried out with virtually no cuts, and therefore will not be visible seams. All manipulations surgeon performs in the vestibule near the crotch by means of clips that the vaginal wall is pulled out. Then remove the desired tissue flap and overlaps several seams that will dissolve over time.

Look to learn the subtleties of such operations as the plastic sheath photos and images of surgical steps. This will help you understand what the operation is really very simple and safe. After surgery should undergo a rehabilitation period. Limited movement by as much as two weeks, depending on the speed of healing, and the presence of inflammation.

What do you give such an operation?

Reduce the size of the vagina disappear complexes and physical discomfort disappear incontinence and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

After surgery, some time will be a temporary breach of condition of the body. Temporarily, plastic surgery of the front wall of the vagina, a woman will feel unpleasant or painful sensations during movement, minor bleeding in the first few days after surgery, there may be a decrease in sensitivity in the area of ​​operation, but after one or two weeks, the sensitivity will be restored.

After the operation for some time, avoid the sauna, bath, do not expose the body of physical activities and try to change the hot tub to shower. During the 10 days after surgery, the patient sits contraindicated. It should also refrain from sexual activity for 1, 5 - 2 months.
There are several contraindications to the plastic sheath. It is impossible to carry out the operation with genital diseases in the acute stage, with bleeding disorders, with descent of the pelvic organs.

Vaginal may be carried out as an independent procedure or in combination with other operations. For example, the plastic of the rear wall of the vagina can be carried out in combination with surgery to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Women who make the plastic sheath, in 99% of cases did not disappoint.

If over the years you have lost the joy of intimacy, the cause is probably stretching the tissues of the vagina and the operation of the plastic you just need .  Vaginal birth after, the woman will return to a full and healthy life will be a real escape .  Because of the different strains and abnormalities in the vagina, a woman may experience complex, will uncertainty about their own attractiveness .  Vaginal help you to strengthen its walls and improve your overall muscle tone .  It is not necessary to endure the inconvenience and deprive themselves of a full life, when you can see a specialist and will cope with this sensitive issue very quickly .  With surgery you choose, and medical and aesthetic problems at the same time .  Maybe you can help decide on a procedure such as plastic sheath reviews of satisfied clients, and you'll find them quite, because the lives of many women dramatically change after surgery .


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 facial massage


  • Salon treatment
  • Technique facial massage
  • The effect of facial massage
  • The procedure, performed independently
  • How to do a facial massage at home?
  • Massage against wrinkles
  • Massage the face and double chin
  • Check skin reaction before the massage

How does a woman who is always watching you? First of all it is, of course, should have a fresh, supple and radiant skin, and have a healthy complexion.

What is needed facial massage? The facial skin is constantly requires particularly close attention. After all, it's open all the negative environmental influences: sunlight, wind, frost, and the radiation exposure of air conditioners, disgusting ecology of the city. Thus the facial skin is very thin and vulnerable. Besides the facial muscles have their structural features: they are predisposed with time gradually, but steadily losing tone.

Healthy facial skin appears smooth, supple, matt, smooth and if lit from within. In order to maintain as long as possible and to maintain a healthy beauty of face and neck skin, you need to perform difficult, but regular care of it. A major role in the care of a person, of course, carries a special massage, which is a great help to keep it healthy, toned, young and fresh. And that means, really beautiful. Professional execution procedure is well supported and tone facial muscles.

Salon treatment

There is not one technique and technique of facial massage. In some species, this procedure has a thousand-year history, and for some types of equipment has been developed recently. Apart from them there is also a very unique methods of the massage - this is when there is a synthesis of several ancient effective techniques from different cultures, and it is a completely new interpretation of their sometimes has a rather impressive effect.

Professional beauty salons and clinics, as a rule, speak many techniques, they pick up their highly individual - a massage technique should primarily take into account the needs and characteristics of your skin.

Technique facial massage

The very first secret cosmetic facial massage, you might say, the key to its success, is comfort. The cabin is ready for you always very comfortable chair, couch, but to him, "attached", and relaxing music. Then you need to close your eyes and just have fun.

If you follow all the rules of austerity, even the make-up is only necessary to remove the massage lines face. The easiest peeling only removes dead cells and does not damage the stratum corneum, must complete cleansing of the skin. Before the procedure, a pleasant face warmed compress or warm steam.

In the salons and clinics of all types of massage may be carried out either with the use of olive oil as well as a massage cream that is sure is selected individually depending on skin type. If skin is oily or normal, it is possible to pick up and cream, but if it is dry, then, of course, in this case, preferably oil. Using these tools ensures the proper technique of massage. Cream butter or permit this general rule - a ban on the extension of the skin, its displacement and wrinkling.

The benefits of applying creams lies another secret of quality procedures: during the massage techniques purified, active and heated leather, like a sponge, absorbs from the miracle cream all the vitamins and it needs material as a result further reinforces the effect of facial massage skin. After the procedure, you can put a face mask, which experts will select, guided by specific type of your skin.

 facial massage technique

The effect of facial massage

Done right, face and neck massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will help relieve swelling; increase tissue oxygenation, enhance their power. There are some cosmetic technique of manual massage for the face, which are specifically aimed at to improve the tone of the skin and muscles, promote the formation of a well-toned muscular frame the face, have a lifting effect.

Massage prevents the appearance of various cosmetic defects of the skin, such as acne, and even slow down the progress of "biological clock", acting on the signs of aging - wrinkles, double chin, dull, flabby skin and so on. That is a facial massage, prolonging youthfulness of your skin will help greatly delay the introduction to mesotherapy, the introduction of Botox and other cosmetic procedures, many potent.
After a facial massage, your skin will look fresh and rested, as if you are vacationing week somewhere in the southern resort.

And that's not counting those cases where such a procedure for the face and neck does wonders: it not only solves the problem of beauty, but also adjust your mood and overall health, relieves muscle clamps and ultimately saves you from stress. After all, it is located on the face of a lot of biologically active points, so that their stimulation is extremely beneficial for your overall health, because these terms are interconnected with many organs and body systems. That is why facial massage is also able to normalize the functioning of our body as a whole, bringing us comfort and physical mental harmony.

Finally, massage the facial muscles - it's incredibly enjoyable process that in itself can serve as a real relaxing pleasure.

How many sessions are needed for facial massage?

  • Facial massage or prescribe as necessary or conduct courses several times a year.
  • If you decide to undergo this massage, you plan your time in advance.
  • For the procedure should go to a specialist twice a week or just a day. This chart enclosed main secrets facial massage, more precisely, the secrets of its effectiveness. Typically, a full course of ten to twenty sessions.
  • To keep or maintain the achieved effect, beauticians recommend to pass two or three course facial massage per year, which, however, is always individual, and again will be adjusted by your beautician.

The results of cosmetic massage of face and neck will not keep you too long to wait. Immediately after the first session you will feel that your face is noticeably freshened up, improve its color and skin began to breathe freely. In general, facial massage, as is done in the salon and at home, is a natural lifting, which in itself has a healthy and rejuvenating effect.

The procedure, performed independently

It should be remembered that the procedure itself is quite simple, and it is completely accessible to everyone. And if possible to visit a salon or clinic you have not, you should know that in order to keep yourself in good shape, it is not necessary to visit a massage therapist. Cosmetic facial massage can be carried out independently, in a comfortable environment for you, not even leaving home. Beauticians recommend to start doing facial massage from twenty-seven to twenty-nine years. Agree, easier to prevent the occurrence of any problem than to deal with its consequences.

It is very important to do it right. Before starting the procedure, remove from the face of all cosmetics. Like the saloon, the key to success literate massage - massage in the correct movements, excluding excessive stretching and pressure. It is not recommended to do facial massage, if you have acute inflammation of the skin, dermatological diseases, increased sensitivity of the skin, sunburn and an increased growth of facial hair.

Self-massage is recommended by a person every day or two. For the first time duration should be no more than five or six minutes, but the second time he can devote to fifteen minutes. This massage is best done in two or three hours before bedtime. Under the influence of facial massage is an active ridding the skin of dead cells, dilate blood vessels, normalizes the sebaceous glands and increased sweating. After some time, under the influence of self-massage the skin becomes elastic and comes in tone; swelling disappears, you get a healthy natural color.

How to do a facial massage at home?

Start massage - and any other cosmetic procedure - a complete cleaning of the face. Then you have two or three minutes, apply a hot compress, and after a compress applied to the skin the active cream and distribute it evenly.

Getting directly to the process, we must not forget that all the movements must be carried out on certain lines - the so-called massage lines:

  1. from the tip of the chin to the ear lobe
  2. from the lower lip to earlobe
  3. from the base of the nose to the temples
  4. from the corner of the mouth to the middle ear
  5. from the middle of the nose to the eyebrows to the temples
  6. from the middle of the forehead to the brow line to the temples
  7. from the eyebrows to the hairline

But a neck massage is performed only in one direction - "collar bone - chin," and always straight up.

When facial massage using light strokes at first, and later - not strong slap and pressing. For the eye area must be special treatment: all movements should be very easy, no pressure. Massage lines go along the lower eyelid from the temple to the nose and then through the "inner corner of the eye - brow - the temple."

To make the procedure more comfortable carrying, you can just increase the tension of the skin, lips slightly parted and slightly sticking out his lower jaw forward.

 correct facial massage

Massage against wrinkles

This facial massage effectively helps fight wrinkles, making them less deep and visible, and also prevents the emergence of new signs of skin aging.

It is necessary to produce a light tapping in the vertical and horizontal directions (in turn) in the area of ​​the forehead. In order to make the wrinkles between the eyebrows is less need to produce a movement to press the inside of the wrist on the problem area, moisturizing skin cream before that. Then, with your fingertips to press lightly have to walk toward the temple.

In order to wrinkles around the eyes become less visible, it is necessary several times to work on the problem area easily push the inner side of the wrist. In this case also applied tapping the tips of two fingers.

Massage the face and double chin

For preventive purposes in facial massage can be even more effective use of Clap movement - thanks to a double chin you will not soon, if you do this procedure regularly, then the chin does not appear at all. For best results, you can use a towel soaked in salted cold water. The towel should be a good squeeze and roll tight tourniquet, and then attach it to the chin so that its center was in the middle of the chin.

Then it is necessary to pull the towel, then relaxing: make an alternation of these actions. So you'll get pats impact terry cloth on the chin - they will be strong enough, but it will not deform the skin.

Check skin reaction before the massage

Before a course of facial massage at home, it is necessary to test the response of blood vessels of your skin. This reaction depends on the nerve endings and blood vessels, which also affects the skin and age. Check out this reaction can be a fairly simple way: it is necessary to conduct a blunt stick on the forearm. If the red band after this will not leave for a period of two hours, which means that with the cosmetic massage at home you will have to wait a little while, and the best thing for you would prefer to appeal to the specialist-beautician - he can pick up the individual burden on your skin.

Self-massage is enough positive influence on the perception of facial useful active substances contained in cosmetics. The use of scrubs, masks, balms and serums caregivers during the facial massage greatly improves the effectiveness and efficiency of both the cosmetic massage, and all of these useful tools.

Repeatedly verified that the procedure is regularly performed cosmetic face and neck massage slows down aging of the skin, and pretty quickly improves its condition and appearance. Methods of self-massage is quite simple, so it is easy to master, everyone. Find yourself a little time, please be patient, and a strong desire to change, and soon you will begin to hear compliments about his irresistible!

 On guard of your youth and beauty: cosmetic facial massage

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