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  • Carrying vacuum massage
  • Vacuum massage at home
  • Indications for vacuum massage
  • Contraindications for vacuum massage
  • The effect of vacuum massage

Recently, vacuum massage banks is becoming more popular. Though not everyone knows what is his good, and therefore do not benefit from this procedure. And in vain! So we decided to fill the gap and to talk about the essence of the method is very effective and how to use it. The basis of this is the vacuum massage effect, which is created artificially and is directed to certain areas of the skin.

We will not bore you with scientific definitions and explanations. They will completely useless. Just believe that a massage is one of the most effective methods of hardware. Exposure to it is of two types: static and kinetic. This kinetic effect is first scrubbed skin warm massage oil, and then it is moved by the vacuum device. And in the case of the static effect of the therapist puts banks on specific areas of the skin.

Today, many do not know what medical banks. And before that cup glass round shape is a kind of panacea for colds and were in demand in every home. But I think if our grandmothers that in the future banks will not put on the back as they are used to it, but on the face? I think that is unlikely.

But as it turned out, modern physicians, vacuum massage banks may have not only therapeutic, but also excellent cosmetology effect on human skin. He takes a small swelling on the face, reduces dark circles under the eyes (here they are - the sleepless nights spent at the computer screen!), Improves the appearance of skin and removes congestion (this may be as a lone boil, and the whole acne).

Besides vacuum massage will be a perfect lifesaver for those who choose to home the problem of cellulite in the buttocks area "breeches" and the back of the thigh. And this phenomenon, according to the women, a real epidemic of the 21st century. And the aggravation occurs in the summer. In winter, of course "orange peel" will not disappear. Obediently, she hides under a thick layer of clothing.

Then in the summer of cellulite starts to desperately "sparkle" under short skirts, shorts and cutaway swimsuit. So seize every opportunity for women to cure the "disease" of the house. If you belong to one of them, you know: vacuum massage banks completely eliminates the unpleasant "orange peel" (for the regular conduct of the procedure).

 Vacuum facial massage at home

Carrying vacuum massage

The procedure of vacuum massage is performed only after a thorough analysis of the structure of the circulatory and lymphatic systems of the face and neck of the patient. And, as you know, doing this should not be the best girlfriend in the home, and a professional beautician or dermatologist. In short, vacuum massage banks should only be an experienced professional because incorrect The performed procedure could threaten the emergence or strengthening of existing and the formation of rosacea is not adorning hematomas.

Therefore, do not wrinkle themselves great cosmetologists, but first surveyed by a doctor on the subject of whether you can carry out the vacuum massage sessions; otherwise it is better to refrain from canned massage and use other methods of facials.

Sam can massage takes only 5-7 minutes and can be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures. Comments about this procedure (if it skillfully conduct) - the most positive. Cost - very small. It is not surprising that every woman seeks to take advantage of the vacuum massage. But what about those whose work schedule does not allow to regularly visit a cosmetologist? So the fair sex is carried out vacuum massage at home. How exactly? We are prompt.

Vacuum massage at home

For vacuum facial massage at home requires special medical banks. You can buy them at any pharmacy. By the way, do not forget to buy as massage oil or vaseline. It is by these means is necessary to lubricate the skin before a home massage. In order to reduce the risk of bruising, it is best to carry out the procedure on steamed face, that is, in the bath or after bath.

Once your skin enough to steam, gently insert the banks on the skin. How to do it correctly, tell the kit instructions for vacuum massage. Do not forget that the level of suction massage banks to be the lowest, and the procedure should be only a few minutes (especially if it is the first procedure, and it is carried out on sensitive and delicate skin).

However, we do not treat the common cold at home, as do facial massage. Therefore, after the banks have stuck to the skin, gently drag them all the massage lines. We can not allow too much displacement of the skin and pain. All these symptoms give rise to hematomas, which is extremely undesirable, since the procedure is carried out on the face. It is on the feet, you can hide the bruises after the massage. While bruising under the eye may cause an unhealthy interest and gossip surrounding.

By the way, about the vacuum massage around the eyes. To get rid of edema, but at the same time not to damage the delicate skin around the eyes, the banks impose only 2-5 seconds and do not produce their displacement.

Also plays a role and the frequency of massage. In the case of banks, the theory of "a lot - so good" is not activated. Vacuum massage of the face, it is desirable to do no more than once a week. And after it is advisable not to jump right into the street, and to stay at home for 30-40 minutes.

Indications for vacuum massage

Vacuum massage banks appointed:

  1. To remove the scars;
  2. For smoothing of wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin;
  3. In order to strengthen immunity;

 vacuum massage for face

Contraindications for vacuum massage

As with any ointment have vacuum massage face has a "fly in the ointment." That is - contraindications. So, who can not put cans for cosmetic purposes:

  1. In the case of occurrence of an acute illness or exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  2. If there are visible defects of the skin in the area of ​​massage;
  3. When thrombophlebitis;
  4. If the client suffers increased permeability and fragility of blood vessels;
  5. When a person has a severe form of heart disease.

The effect of vacuum massage

Scientists have long concluded that one of the main causes of aging - it is slow circulation. As a result, cells receive less oxygen and essential nutrients, which leads to a slower metabolism in skin cells and reduces cell activity. Add to this poor environment, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and you get a complete list of the enemies of our youth. To activate cellular metabolism, you need an external stimulus, which serves as a vacuum massage banks. It increases arterial blood inflow to the cells and venous outflow from them. In a word - it causes cells to work. As a result, the skin looks much more toned, healthy and radiant. And what do you need modern woman?

 Vacuum facial massage

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 Cream for breast augmentation


  • What affects breast augmentation
  • Disadvantages of creams for breast enlargement
  • Some types of creams

The female breast has always been considered a source of pride. Beautiful neckline draws men's eyes, like a magnet. But in order for this "magnet" to work, it should be rounded and elastic. Breastfeeding and delaying age-related changes its mark: there is a loss of forms. Plastic surgery - an event very risky and costly. And not every woman is mentally ready "to go under the knife."

Cream for breast augmentation can be called alternative. Before we talk about this kind of correction, we should note one important nuance: still did not give birth to girls is not recommended to use such means, because they have an effect on the mammary gland.

What affects breast augmentation?

The lack of estrogen - the most common cause, affecting the size and firmness of the breast. Being a female sex hormone, it controls the development of glands at a young age, and eventually contribute to the loss of elasticity and sagging.

Creams for breast enlargement are based on naturally occurring plant estrogens - phytoestrogens. He has the qualities that are similar to the qualities of the female estrogen. If the composition of herbal cream chosen wisely, then this drug is able to harmonize internal processes, resulting in a form of elasticity is restored.

Speaking about the proportions of the body, it should be noted that the use of cosmetic products do not affect the overall figure - the impact is only on the chest. Phytoestrogen promotes the growth of the glands, the breast becomes firmer and wrinkles are smoothed due to stretching of the skin tissue. There lotions correction, whose impact is based on the increase of blood circulation so that their effect is short (a few days).

Good cream for breast augmentation will give a good result after a couple of months. And when used in conjunction with the massage effect is more noticeable. Women who have not attained the age of 35, noted that the wrinkles are smoothed in the chest by the end of the second month of cosmetic procedures. To give a more mature age, this process is extended to six months.

 breast enlargement cream

Disadvantages of creams for breast enlargement

Even very good cream can be drawbacks that you should know in advance.

  • These preparations should be used all the time, otherwise the effect achieved is working hard to quickly disappears;
  • Chest increases by no more than one size;
  • To achieve the effect you need two to six months. Immediate effect eliminated entirely;
  • The course is long-term, therefore, require considerable financial investments. The amount of the cost will vary depending on the brand and manufacturer of cream;
  • Full course involves the use of more than one cream and the whole set: masks, sprays, serums;

Also, be aware that you should not fully trust bought the drug. If after a few months, the result did not appear, try a different drug or give preference to other methods, such as national.

 Creams for breast enlargement

Some types of creams

Let's look at the most popular drugs to increase and breast lift. After reviewing the information below, you are sure to make the right choice.

Cream for breast augmentation «PUPA»

The cream has cosmetic lipofilingovym action, has a tonic effect on the skin of the breast, making it more elastic and supporting like a natural bra. The basis of this drug is an extract produced from the Asian Garden. Widespread this extract obtained in oriental medicine. It has a beneficial effect on the body, contributing to the natural accumulation of lipid (fat cells), which supports the skin's firmness.

The product does not contain in its composition of hormones, which allows its use both during menstruation and during menopause. Manufacturers recommend oneself and do not use cream during pregnancy and lactation.

Complex for breast augmentation "Ayudara"

This is a whole group of drugs consisting of tablets (inside), massage creams and masks. As part of preparations only vegetable ingredients, including fruit of fennel, turmeric rhizome, rhubarb root dlantsevidnogo, Pueraria tuber.

It is a source of phytoestrogens Pueraria. The components, which are based on the entire course, promote the natural growth of breast tissue. Tablets are recommended as supplements to the daily diet. The result is visible within two weeks, it is necessary to heighten the effect of the two courses.

Cream for breast augmentation "Evelyn"

After the first application there is the emergence of "mesh", which lays down on his chest a natural bra. The skin becomes more elastic, the breast becomes rounded shape and looks resilient. The effects on the hormonal system does not have cream for breast cancer is safe.

You can use all the time, except during pregnancy and lactation. The cream contains natural extracts and acids. Manufacturers claim that the effectiveness of the drug reaches 100% - the volume increases by two centimeters.


Such a preparation is based on the active biological complexes «GEZHIMU». This complex activates growth of fat cells, which leads to the formation of the natural contour of the breast. Especially good this medication if your breast size is small initially, or if the loss was due to the forms of pregnancy and lactation.

If a woman ate on a particular diet, which led to a drastic weight loss, this product will also be appropriate. Plus cream in its economy (enough for two months of use). Moreover, the drug has no effect on the hormonal system.

The main component of the cream is an extract of the red alga Gelidium Sesquipedale, as the product contains rosehip oil and the root of the Asian plants Zhi mu root. The recommendations from the manufacturer indicated that the application should avoid the nipple. Prophylactic use is 2-3 times per week.

The product series of "Kontur"

Effect of the drug is based on the stimulation of hormones. The basis of the cream is glycerin and other components specific to creams. It is absorbed through the skin of the breast, stimulating the development of the necessary components of tissues growth.

The composition of the "Loop" includes such ingredients: Saba, dong, damiana, dandelion drugstore knikus, kava kava, wild yam. During the study found that 30% of women feel the result after two-month use of the drug. The remaining 70% - after three months of treatment.

The process of breast augmentation is accompanied by a slight tingling sensation. In general sensation reminiscent of puberty. The result is stored for a long time, but do not forget about the natural aging process.

Chamomile cream for breast enlargement

Chamomile cream is also very popular. It has a pleasant smell, but because of the actions of the medical chamomile, it becomes even more attractive to potential clients. On the Internet you can find recipes for homemade chamomile cream. This will save money and be sure of the safety of the drug.

As you can see, creams for breast enlargement a lot. The main thing to choose the one that will be effective for you. After all, every body is different, which means that the impact of a variety of drugs, too individually.

 Cream for breast augmentation: choose a suitable drug

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