proper drying mushrooms


  • Proper preparation
  • The drying process
  • Terms of storage

Dried mushrooms have high nutritional value, rich aroma and taste, perfectly retain their useful properties. With Electric driers can make a good supply of mushrooms in the winter, spending a little time.

To get a quality product, it is necessary to know which mushrooms are suitable for drying, how to properly prepare, dry, and, of course, how to store.

Virtually all edible mushrooms can be dried, but it is better to use for this kind of tube:

  • white;
  • aspen;
  • boletus;
  • boletus;
  • Mokhovikov.

In the dried form of these mushrooms have a very distinct flavor, but not so on the plate forms. Ryzhikov or russula, mushrooms and chanterelles, after drying, become light bitterness, which is enough to get rid of difficult. Very good taste of dried marsupial species, such as white truffles and morels. Note that when substantially dried mushrooms lose weight, so the output is not more than 10% of the original volume.

 fast drying mushrooms in Electric driers
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Proper preparation

Mushrooms for drying should always be freshly harvested, with no wormholes and rot. Old, dried up with a hat or shriveled mushrooms to collect, and the more dry, do not. It is also not advisable to wash them before drying - it will prolong the drying time and worsen the taste of the finished product. It is enough to remove the leaves from fungi, the remains of the earth and other debris, and damaged areas cut knife. To surface when cutting is not darkened, the knife must be of stainless steel.

Total mushrooms dried only in the air, but for the oven or Electric driers need to be cut into small flat pieces. At boletus stem is not suitable for drying, so it is up to the cut off of the cap; from aspen mushrooms and porcini remove only the bottom of the legs, the rest dry. Small mushrooms can be left whole or cut in half, and large, it is desirable to divide along four or five parts, the thickness of which must not exceed 10 millimeters.

 drying process mushrooms
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The drying process

Electric driers - is the best option for the procurement of forest gifts. Thanks to the sophisticated design of mushrooms drying takes a little time, does not require the constant presence and control. Having set the desired temperature and time, you can take care of business while operating machinery. So, each tier is filled with chopped mushrooms Electric driers in a single layer, straighten and align the pieces. Expose the temperature 55 ° C time - 2 to 6 hours.

The thinner the plates are cut, the less time it takes to drying mushrooms in Electric driers. To expedite the process, you can periodically change pallet places. Note that a small amount of cutting dries faster, so if you put in the Electric driers two or three pallet, not five or six, you need to check the readiness in two hours, or you can retain moisture contents.

Determine the readiness of forest products is not difficult if the pieces when bent slightly springy, do not break, look absolutely dry, Electric driers can be switched off. If the plate is very easy to bend and look a little wet, they must still finally dried. Too overexposed mushrooms are very solid, darker, may crumble into pieces. For cooking, they are not suitable, but suitable for the preparation of mushroom powder: pulverized pieces in the mill-dried, was added 10% common salt and mixed thoroughly. The resulting mixture pour in a glass bowl and tightly closed.

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Terms of storage

It is known that mushrooms easily absorb odors, improper storage can completely spoil the product. Thus, after drying the mushrooms to be cooled to room temperature and put into glass jars or cardboard boxes. The room where they are stored must be dry and ventilated necessarily. Permissible relative humidity - 70% in the more humid areas are blank mold.

Instead of cardboard boxes can be used to store and gauze bags, hanging them to the racks or hooks on the wall. Periodically dried mushrooms have to sort out, throwing rotten or moldy pieces. As a rule, they do not keep more than a year, then reduced palatability, aroma disappears.

 Using Electric driers for drying mushrooms

 dry apple pie recipe


  • Necessary ingredients and cooking
  • Important advice and tips
  • Dry apple pie - a unique taste and benefits

There are many recipes for baking with apples. This fruit is available and so is often used as the main ingredient for a variety of cakes. But many do not like to engage in the preparation of these dishes because of the long and laborious process of kneading dough. In this case, there is a great alternative - a dry bake apple pie. Its special feature is a part of only the dry ingredients. To prepare a baking products and require a minimum of effort. This cake is too unusual and very tender, melting in the mouth.
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Necessary ingredients and cooking

Prepared dry cake on one of the most popular recipes for which you want to take:

  • 200 g flour;
  • 200 g semolina;
  • 200 g of sugar;
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder or baking soda 4 grams;
  • 100-150 grams of butter or margarine;
  • vanilla, cinnamon.

For the filling need 1 kg of apples and sugar to taste.

Once all the ingredients are ready, you can start and to the process of cooking.

  1. First, preparing flour cake layer. To do this, mix well the flour, sugar and cinnamon. Then add the resultant mixture semolina and soda or baking powder for the test. After re-mixing of the dry cake is ready for further baking.
  2. Now you can proceed to the preparation of the apple filling. This will require clear apple peel and grate them on a coarse grater. Then add up in a bowl and mix with sugar to taste.
  3. Bake the cake in the best cast-iron frying pan or metal form. Pre-selected for the preparation of the dishes should be well greased with butter.
  4. Next you need to greased bottom of the pan put 1/3 or form a dry mix. It certainly needs to be carefully leveled and the top cover applesauce. For this purpose, half the required mass harvested. Apples should be spread in small portions so that they are uniformly distributed.
  5. The top layer of the cake is also composed of a dry sweep you want to pour over the filling.
  6. Ready for baking apple pie, ingredients according to the recipe, be covered with oil. This will require a grate it on a coarse grater and spread evenly over the surface. It is important that oil was covered the entire cake. In the process of baking, it will melt and well impregnate layers of flour.
  7. Oven for cooking should be warmed up to 200 C °. Baking time is - 35-40 minutes. Ready cake should be well browned.
  8. When the dish is baked, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar, then cool down and only then carefully cut into pieces a la carte.

 advice on the preparation of dry apple pie

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Important advice and tips

Dry apple pie will taste better if you cook it to take a little sour fruit. If they are sweet, it is necessary to add a small amount of citric acid.

Those who bake a cake using this recipe for the first time, sometimes face a shortage of apples or unevenly distribute them over the surface of the baking. As a result, the first layer of the flour can not soak up and remain dry. But the experience on this occasion it is not necessary, since it will not affect the taste of the rest of the parts.

Dry cake recipe is perfect for those who love sweet pastries. If desired, you can reduce the amount of sugar that will also change and the taste of food.

To the cake was more mellow, you can put on the surface of the oil is greater than indicated in the recipe. In order to easily rub it on a grater, it must be well frozen.

Ready dry apple pie turns out very soft and it is sometimes hard to get out of shape. Therefore, you need to cut it into pieces carefully. Use paper baking cooking is not recommended, since most of the apple juice will flow under it and is absorbed into the dry mix. The baking results will not be enough juicy.

In some recipes indicate that apples can be added to the grated carrots or squash. From this cake will taste even better.

 different apple pie recipes
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Dry apple pie - a unique taste and benefits

In addition to ease of preparation and excellent taste, dry cake is also very healthy dish. It consists of apples in baked form that have many useful properties. For humans, they are an excellent source of various vitamins and substances such as antioxidants. Also in these fruits contain pectin, tannins, flavonoids, allowing to preserve the health, fight infections and remove toxins from the body.

Besides apples baked are better absorbed, so that the dry cake, the recipe of which they are present, is a unique delicacy. It is sure to appeal to both children and adults, and at the same time perfectly decorate not only the usual family dinner, and a festive table.

 How to cook dry apple pie?