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Modern young mistresses, and is difficult to imagine how one could previously do without the Internet. As soon as a question arises or there is a problem, we will immediately start looking for answers on the Web. What about our mothers, grandmothers and, especially grandparents were driven from the farm without these instant tips? Useful tips housewives are found in newspapers, magazines and, surprisingly, wall tear-off calendar. Of course, everything about everything written there was not. Therefore, I had something to rely on their own intuition, something to follow the experience of the older and something to learn by trial and error.

Be that as it may, the experience of our predecessors oh, what a rich. So we are with you in some way lucky. Naturally, all the advice of a young mistress impossible to fit in only one article. For this purpose, perhaps even a book is not enough. However, we offer you a small selection of everyday advice and tricks - tips for housewives.

 Tips housewife

Cooking Tips

It runs the risk of someone who dares give advice to the hostess kitchen. No woman can remain indifferent to such encroachment on its skill and thrift. However, we are not in the kitchen, so without the risk will give you some tips that will be useful to anyone, especially aspiring hostess.

  1. Boil the meat with bone, put it in the initially cold water, and the flesh without bones immersed in boiling water.
  2. For vegetable broth put the vegetables in cold water. If you need to boil the delicious vegetables without broth, then put them in the pot when the water boils.
  3. Ready baking can be checked on a dry toothpick. Plug the stick into the cake and immediately remove. If it does not remain stuck to the raw dough, then your cake is baked.
  4. To quickly cook beans (beans or peas), every ten minutes in the pan, add a tablespoon of cold water.
  5. In any garlic soup, add at the very end of cooking. And from the finished soup or borsch necessarily remove the bay leaf.
  6. Check the freshness of eggs can be lowered in their salt solution (per liter 100 g of salt). Spoiled eggs float, fresh and sink to the bottom of dishes.
  7. The mincemeat for cutlets eggs may be replaced by potato starch - two tablespoons of starch per pound of meat.
  8. Keep the tomato paste in the fridge, poured on top of a very thin layer of vegetable oil. Then it is not moldy.
  9. To shell eggs are not cracked during cooking, place the bottom of the pan in which they are cooked, turn upside down saucer.
  10. For savory dishes, use as a flavor enhancer sugar, and for the sweet salt - at the minimum level.
  11. Cooked vegetables in their skins are easier to clean, if cool in cold water.
  12. To the pasta does not stick together when cooked, add the water, a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  13. Never remove from the mold still hot cakes. First, they cool, sprinkle with water and covered with a clean towel.
  14. Do not use boiling milk enamel bowl. It is burnt milk.
  15. Do not whip the egg whites in an aluminum pan. Proteins acquire an unattractive gray color.
  16. Fresh green easy to keep in the fridge, put it in a glass of water, like flowers in a vase.
  17. Get Juicy Grilled meat when it first fry over high heat until light brown, and continue to cook over low heat.
  18. Do not salt food at the beginning of cooking.
  19. Freezing meat, submit it in the freezer unwashed. But the fish, on the contrary, first wash and gut.
  20. Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator. From this it becomes tough and Cleckley.

 Tips hostess

Cleaning Tips

It seems to be about how to restore the purity in their own home, we know everything! However, little tricks to help make this process less time consuming and save you time and effort mistresses. So what tips the hostess in cleaning your own home also did not interfere.

  1. Start cleaning from the farthest room, gradually moving closer to the entrance hall. At least clean up the bathroom and toilet.
  2. To windowpanes no misting or freezing, they should be wiped with glycerine.
  3. If the mirror to rub fresh cut raw onions, it will not take a fly.
  4. To effortlessly remove green bloom in a vase out of colors, it is necessary to put a copper coin.
  5. To drain in the kitchen sink on clogged from time to time pour into the sink two or three liters of boiling water. It will dissolve the fat accumulated inside the pipes.
  6. To knife blades stay sharp longer, keep your knives separately from other cutlery.
  7. Clean plate after each cooking. Then you do not have to scour the risk of chronic stains scratch plate.
  8. Wipe clean with a polished and lacquered furniture can only clean, dry cloth. It is best cloth or flannel.
  9. All earthenware plumbing should be washed only with special tools and do not use for this purpose abrasives and hard brushes and sponges. Otherwise, over time the enamel scratch or fade.
  10. Paul, the laid linoleum, can not be washed with hot water and products containing soda.
  11. Parquet does not wash, and wipe with a damp cloth.
  12. Prevent odor in the refrigerator will usual activated carbon, which is simply placed inside the refrigerator.
  13. Through vacuuming, do not forget about the corners of the ceiling. Then cobwebs in them simply time to appear.
  14. If you live in the house dog, then wash her feet after each outing.
  15. Painted with oil paint surface never wash with baking soda. It is best to wash water to add ammonia.
  16. Do not clean the tub and sink alternately hot and cold water. This leads to the appearance of cracks in the enamel, which will eventually turn black.
  17. Do not wash the dishes with hot water crystal. To do this, use warm water with starch and bluing.
  18. Small scratches on the dark of furniture easily masked by iodine.
  19. The water for washing windows add a little potassium permanganate. The glasses are just sparkling clean.
  20. Cleaning service to the music. And time will fly faster and the mood is good.

 Young housewife tips


Tips for beginners owner can not contain recommendations for the care of clothing and footwear. Naturally, first of all, you must be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer. But here, no way to do without a few tricks.

  1. Never leave for seasonal storage or unpeeled unwashed clothes and dirty shoes.
  2. Collar and cuffs of jackets, coats and jackets are easily cleaned using ammonia.
  3. Suede clean with a cloth dampened in a solution of ammonia and a special rubber brush. Zalosnivshimsya places on suede shoes and clothes easily recover previous form, used items over the steam.
  4. Grass stains are easily removed with brine (teaspoon of salt in two cups of water).
  5. Baking soda added to the wash water will remove the smell of sweat from woolen knitwear and refresh the color of the product.
  6. Things from wool and silk never moisturize during ironing and iron them only from the inside.
  7. Do not wipe out the arrows on the sleeves - a bad tone.
  8. White socks and socks to wash a lot easier if you first soak them in a solution of boric acid.
  9. Never leave overnight dirty or wet shoes. To shoes dry out more quickly, put in a crumpled newspaper.
  10. Blurring the small things and socks, put them in a special bag for laundry. Just wash and bras.
  11. Stains from beer, wine, brandy and liquor are removed from the carpet with a solution of conventional washing powder. Stains from coffee and tea can bring a cold solution of glycerin (per liter of water a tablespoon).
  12. To knit shirts not hesitated, store them in a closet rolled into a roll.
  13. Dry perfumes, sachets or ordinary soap does not give any chance for the appearance in the closet odor.
  14. Knitted shawls and scarfs down should be dried only by special extensions.
  15. Do not forget that summer shoes also need to wash.
  16. Removing the cabinet socks, stockings, tie them in pairs. Then they will not lose each other.
  17. Fur hat or collar can be quickly cleaned ordinary flour or starch.
  18. To zipper on clothing and shoe lasts longer and does not stick, brush her hand cream or olive oil.
  19. Use deodorant for shoes or periodically clean it from the inside with a cloth soaked in vinegar.
  20. Do not let the bedclothes to dry after washing. In this case, even a moistened linen will be difficult to smooth out.

Advise owner is endless. Each of us has his own kopilochku little tricks that help run the household. We hope that our recommendations will add to your piggy bank. Let the homework will not be too burdensome for you, and your house is always warm and welcoming.

 Useful tips housewives or Live and Learn

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