Visit baths

Useful properties of baths have been known for many centuries. This pleasant ritual promotes relaxation and renewal in our body. Bath procedure:

  1. It activates blood circulation.
  2. Improves skin condition.
  3. It relieves stress and tiredness.

Bath for its healing properties and ability to strengthen the body and spirit can compete with sports training. High temperatures increase the load on the cardiovascular system, strengthening it and making it more resilient and flexible. Especially effective vascular system is strengthened if the gatherings in the sauna alternate immersion in cold water.

In addition, the bath helps detoxify the skin, because of the high temperature steam in the pores expand, because of what is happening deep cleansing. This effect is complemented by peeling at the time of decoupling when the dead cells are removed. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, soft and smooth.

 Water Treatments

Steam can also be a good assistant in dropping excess weight, since sweating activates the metabolism. As a result of digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and micronutrients going better.

Surfing the bath a beneficial effect not only on the state of your body, but also on the mental equilibrium. Conifer smells, flavors complemented by special oils or cosmetics help in throwing off the burden of problems and truly relax.

Unfortunately, the pace of modern life can not always find time for a ritual bath. To feel the effect of a bath without leaving home, be sure to try a new shower gel "effect of the bath" of NIVEA. Special granules deeply cleanse the skin, and the scent of pine trees to relax and relieve tension. The novelty is released specifically for the Russian market.

 Use bath ritual

The problem of enlarged pores on the face is very common. This problem is characteristic of oily skin. Enlarged pores make the skin unattractive, because very often and shows black spots and pimples.

Company through simple tips will help forget about fragile, weak and thin nails.

 Facial Treatments

Causes of enlarged pores

Here are the main reasons that can expand the pores:

  • no proper care. Do not competent care can quickly trigger large pores, even a person with dry skin type.
  • androgenic hormone imbalance. It can occur because of heredity or because of age-related characteristics;
  • not a healthy diet;
  • stress;
  • Lifestyle;
  • ecology.

Formation of sebum - a natural process, but the excessive formation of rapidly form large pores in which quickly clogged with dirt and formed black spots and pimples. If you do not take care of their skin and do not forget about the daily care of a competent, it is possible to be tormented forever and lose all confidence.

Top Tips to Combat enlarged pores

Before you follow the tips mentioned below should know that for every person you need to pick up an individual method of care.

  1. Care for the skin daily. Leather, which pay due attention, please, in response to their healthy well-groomed appearance. Try not to forget to wash every day, morning and evening, use a maxi, but do not overdo it with care, all should be in moderation, otherwise the skin can dry up very easily, cause irritation and redness. Wash foams, gels and scrubs that do not contain fat and does not dry the skin.
  2. Minimize the use of cosmetic products that contain natural ingredients, especially in the foundation. Note hypoallergenic cosmetics, which contains minerals, it is very useful for the skin.
  3. Clean your skin with lotion cucumber, calendula tincture, or salicylic acid. Alcohol reduces pores, thoroughly cleans them, so tinctures on alcohol are very useful for oily skin. Do not apply alcohol natsoyki on the injured skin, where there is fresh wounds or acne. In this case, the solution can be applied to a dot on the problem areas, avoiding fresh wounds. Clay mask - the perfect solution. The use of such masks is extremely important, the mask of clay - a real find for owners of oily skin with enlarged pores. Especially useful is the green and white clay. Clay masks should be applied no more than once a week.
  4. The effective mask: a protein shake up, add 2 teaspoons of alcohol and iodine 2kapli carefully move until smooth. Teachings mass apply on face and leave to drying, rinse and repeat the procedure one more time. Do you need a mask once a week. The effect of such a mask is simply amazing, she helped many owners of oily skin with enlarged pores to get rid of pimples and blackheads.
  5. Say 'no' fatty, smoked and sweet food. Such food is easily provokes shine on your face and expands the pores.

Only healthy skin of the face is able to attract all the others. Advanced pory- not a sentence, if properly take off to fight and not to forget about the daily respect for their skin.

 How to deal with enlarged pores on the face: recommendations from the company

 Mask of hydrophilic tiles

Every woman and girl wants as long as possible to remain young and attractive. One of the most important components of the beautiful appearance is the excellent condition of the skin. That it assess the age of the ladies to notice, well she takes care of herself. Flabby, sallow, sore and flaky skin indicates that the woman is not paying him enough attention. But a fresh, clean, firm and velvety skin - the result obtained by the constant care and care for her.

Which only means of improving skin condition does not exist at present. It is a variety of creams with collagen, serum, masks, anti-cellulite formulations, injections and other beauty. Recently in cosmetology broke and began to gain popularity hydrophilic tiles. What are they, what are their benefits and whether it is possible to produce such tiles with their hands?

A few words about the unusual makeup

Popular nowadays hydrophilic solid tiles in the initial stage of its manufacture is a mixture of different types of natural oils: liquid, solid and soft, interconnected by means of an emulsifier.

Due to the last component of all components of the mixture are not stratified, and closely connected to each other. To the oil mixed in different formulations depending on the dry additives. The most common among them are a coffee or milk powder, fruit powder and clay cosmetic.

All the components that comprise the mixture was heated on a steam bath and then stirred without stopping it to cool. Then the cooled mixture is poured into cups and placed in a refrigerator until further curing it. After a few hours take out the molds and freed them from the mixture, which turned into a small solid pieces - tiles. These pieces can be stored at room temperature, and their shape is not suffer any changes.

How to use hydrophilic tiles?

Such cosmetics should be applied to wet skin of the face and body. When the tile is in contact with water, it starts to melt and becomes like a liquid or cream cleansing cream. The mixture is well absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Due to the large number of beneficial ingredients tiles remarkably moisturizes and nourishes the skin and cleans it of dead cells and impurities.

 Hydrophilic tiles

Most often hydrophilic tiles used after taking a shower, smearing melting composition throughout the body wet. It is common to use such cosmetics after washing hands with liquid soap or conventional: it mitigates their effect and nourishes the skin cells with moisture. Many girls prefer to remove their makeup is not easy to use cosmetic milk, more delicate and useful hydrophilic tile.

If oil is used as cream slices after showering, they are applied to wet skin surface and then slightly washed with warm water. Next to the body is touched only lightly with a towel or put on a bathrobe, allowing the skin to dry out slowly and more naturally.

Before applying the hydrophilic tiles as a make-up remover face pre-rinse with cool water, then smear piece of tile around the face and massage it easily. Makeup is removed from the skin with a cotton pad, then the face again rinsed with water and a little blot with a paper towel.

Use such means of oils after visiting the pool or after taking a shower on the sea. It is useful to it in the autumn and winter, because at this time the cold winds blow strong, adverse effects on the skin. In apartment buildings and private homes and offices with central heating air becomes drier, and this becomes the skin, especially if you reside in a closed room. Therefore, it is necessary to moisturize, and do it easily with the help of a hydrophilic product.

Girls and women should be aware that no hydrophilic tiles are composed of water, so you need to alternate them with other cosmetic moisturizers. Owners of oily skin is recommended to use tiles 2-3 times a week, and the ladies with normal to dry skin from 1 to 4 times in 7 days.

The main components of oil of tiles

Residents of big cities can find tiles hydrophilic cosmetic stores or pharmacy departments of natural cosmetics. But women living in small towns are lucky in this respect less. What to do, because all women have the same desire: to become more beautiful with the help of oil the tiles. This product can be made at home. The most difficult stage for women is to look for and purchase components for the tiles, and its preparation is not difficult. What you should definitely buy for the production of hydrophilic cosmetics?

 Natural oils for hydrophilic tiles

  1. Emulsifying wax. Without him, wanting to make their own hands plitochki nothing. The main function of this component is the ability of the compound oil with water, or else they have been split in the composition and have never been able to be mixed and applied to the skin at least on its left fatty trace. Thus, the wax emulsion must first purchase, as it will be needed for each recipe hydrophilic tiles.
  2. Butter (butter). So-called solid oils help the unusual "soap" harden. The most common are shea butter, cocoa butter and palm kernel Butter. Shea differently is also called shea butter, as it is extracted from the fruit of the same name of a tree that grows in Africa. Rich in vitamins F, A, E, shea easily attaches to human skin elasticity, smoothness and silkiness. It heals burns and wounds, protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, frostbite and the adverse effects of cold winds. Representatives of the African tribes, in spite of the low fluid intake, keep your skin in good condition is thanks to shea butter.
  3. Cocoa Butter. This refined product is a lifesaver for tired, aging and dry skin. When used regularly, it makes it more fresh, supple and rosy, removing gray and peeling, smoothing fine lines. It is not necessary to buy unrefined oil, as it is used only in the confectionery industry for the production of chocolate bars.
  4. Palm kernel oil. This product, unlike Palm Butter extract of the fruit of palm kernels and hidden therein most nutrients and mineral substances. This oil moisturizes and tones the skin, has anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. Soft oils, as a solid, have a beneficial effect on the skin of face and body. Among them most famous was the oil produced from seed plum and apricot. The substances included in it, not only to increase the elasticity of the skin and moisturize. They even prevent the occurrence of acne and are perfectly suited to care for combination skin and delicate skin eyelids.
  6. Dry additives are needed for denser texture tiles. One such additive is ground coffee. This component is added to the hydrophilic "cream", as he perfectly tightens pores and fights cellulite. He, being a natural scrub, perfectly cleanses the old cells of the epidermis, the skin tones and removes eyelid edema.
  7. Another additive is a dry clay cosmetic. It is particularly suitable for women who have oily skin. Clay fine pores, removes redness and peeling, shine, and has bactericidal properties. For the production of suitable hydrophilic clay tiles of pink and white flowers.
  8. The essential oils of flowers, fruits and herbs. Tiles give a magical flavor has a relaxing, calming effect.

This is not a complete list of products included in the extraordinary melting on contact with water tiles. But they must be present as a liquid oil and hard butters, and dry additives. And, as mentioned above, an indispensable element of any composition tile is an emulsifier. What are the best recipes to try to cook at home with their own hands?

Preparatory stage

Before preparing hydrophilic tiles should definitely stock up on the following tools and utensils:

  • electronic scales;
  • glass-glass or a bowl;
  • silicone, paper or plastic molds curly;
  • wooden stick or plastic spoon to mix the ingredients;
  • pot or a deep bowl used as a water bath.

You also need to be put on the table in advance all the necessary ingredients for tiles, oils, additives, emulsifier.

By measuring the amount of each ingredient should be borne in mind that it is usually calculated as a percentage. There is an approximate percentage of the main components of the mixture. Thus, an emulsifier is typically 20-25% of the total weight, butters - 40% liquid oil - 10% of soft oils - 20-25%. You can slightly change these proportions, but in the range of 5-10% in one way or another. No need to prepare a large number of tiles at once, so in grams or milliliters, it will be a number from 10 to 50. It is convenient to measure liquid ingredients in a tablespoon. For example, one large spoon of from 16 to 20 ml. In addition to the aforementioned ingredients of the dry hydrophilic rings include additives, they are usually administered in the total weight in an amount of 70-100 g

Several recipes tile shower

Although there are many recipes hydrophilic tiles, some of them more suitable for application to the body, while others face or make-up remover. What tiles are good for softening and moisturizing the skin after a shower?

Cream with coconut oil. This composition includes the following ingredients:

  • Shea Butter (Shea) - 35%;
  • liquid coconut oil (unrefined) - 15%;
  • soft butter apricot pits - 25%;
  • Emulsifier - 25%;
  • Vitamin E capsules - 1 pc.

Initially, the electronic scale placed the glass and poured into it crystals of an emulsifier, and then added thereto coconut oil and shea. Further, the glass placed in a water bath and very slowly on small fire to start to heat until all ingredients are melted. Still it is necessary to stir the mixture warmed to her constituents alike. The molten composition immediately remove from heat and cool to 30 ° C. After that, it adds apricot kernel oil, and again stirred with a wooden stick or plastic spoon.

 Hydrophilic tiles of different shapes

The final, but optional component is vitamin E, extruded from the capsule into the beaker. Vitamin This increases the shelf life of the tiles, if she is going to use them 1 time per week, or done a large amount of the mixture. If hydrophilic tile lady uses 3 times at 7 days, not be added to the vitamin mass, since it does not have time to deteriorate.

The mixture should pour formochkam. It may be plastic square tiles for ice, candy boxes with recesses or paper cups candy, cosmetic silicone molds, etc. The forms are placed in the refrigerator for 60-120 minutes, then removed, and they become solid contents shaken out on the table and placed in a beautiful plate or bowl. Hydrophilic makeup ready, you can take a shower, and in the final stage of his magic rub the skin to make a marvelous melting cream.

Hydrophilic cream with cocoa butter. In its composition includes:

  • Wax emulsion - 25%;
  • cocoa butter (solid Butter) - 40%;
  • sesame oil - 20%;
  • Avocado Butter - 25%;
  • milk powder and coffee - at 0, 5 tablespoons;
  • essential oils of mandarin and verbena - 10 drops.

First, the wax soft and hard Butter melted in a water bath, after removing from the heat added to liquid oils. When the mixture is slightly cooled, it is introduced with continuous stirring, essential oils, coffee and milk powder. Only after the mass becomes viscous, it ceased to stir and lay on the shaper. The cooled in the refrigerator weight ready for use. One can only remove 1 cube of molds and go with him to the bathroom.

How to cook plitochki with clay?

For persons suited compounds with the addition of clay.

Recipe tiles hydrophilic for oily skin. For the preparation of such components will be needed:

  • Cocoa Butter - 45%;
  • coconut oil - 10%;
  • grapeseed oil - 10%;
  • bay oil - 15%;
  • wax-emulsifier - 20%;
  • Orange essential oil - 2-3 drops;
  • kaolin (white clay) - '80

All components of the future blocks, except the last 2 ingredients were combined and melted as described above. Cooled to 35 ° C, the mixture is added the essential oil and clay. Kaolin should not be connected with the composition of the heat and add it above the norm, since because of this mixture may be difficult to cure. Stir and cool tile future in the refrigerator, it should be removed from the molds. And it can be applied to damp skin.

In the same way prepare a hydrophilic tile for dry skin, it is necessary only for some components replaced. It will:

  • Butter palm - 40%;
  • Shea Butter - 20%;
  • olive oil - 10%;
  • mango butter - 10%;
  • wax-emulsifier - 20%;
  • lavender essential oil - 5 drops;
  • pink clay - 70-80, the

These plitochki owner of dry skin can use every 2 days.

Tile makeup remover

To make this fragrant product need these ingredients:

  • wax emulsion - 24%;
  • Rose wax - 1%;
  • Cocoa Butter - 25%;
  • sweet almond oil - 15%;
  • Tea tree oil - 15%;
  • shea butter - 20%.

 Hydrophilic tile shower

Produced melting make-up remover, as well as all the other tiles. Almond oil and tea tree oil are added to the mass after a short cooling. Use the finished product can often ladies with dry skin, at least - with fat as butter, included in it, quite nutritious.

Tips for quality production of tiles

Sometimes, throwing out the finished tile shaped molds on the table, the girl and the woman noticed that she had received with defects. For example, the melt was too fast at room temperature, or its components are not properly mixed, and split into two layers: an oil congealed and mush of the dry additives. To eliminate these problems is impossible, but next time it will be possible to prevent them. Knowing why these problems occur, they can be further avoided.

In most cases the melting tiles without water due to the fact that they are composed of cocoa butter. This component gives the most problems in the production of tiles. The fact is that the Cocoa Butter, overheating, over 40-45 ° C., begins to melt at lower temperatures. To avoid this, the production of hydrophilic tile mass is added cocoa butter, not all at once, but only 2 parts. They were heated to dissolve all the components and the emulsifier, and then removed from the water bath and cooled to 27-30 ° C under constant agitation, then the mixture is introduced in cold or slightly heated residual oil, stir again, and only then is poured into molds.

To oil mix well with dry additives, grains did not go and did not melt as soon as they pop out of the refrigerator, it can proceed as follows. After the dissolution of the components in a water bath they should be poured into the mixing cup and place for 4-6 minutes in the refrigerator, then get and beat for 1 minute. Then again a lot to be cool in the refrigerator for 5 minutes and repeat the process of whipping. Each time the mass will seem more homogeneous and dense. Whipping and cooling procedure was repeated 2-3 times, then the weight of added essential oils prescription and poured formochkam. When the mixture hardens, it will have a homogeneous solid structure and not thaw at room temperature.

Hydrophilic tiles - the new age cosmetics. Due to the delicate melting structure, a pleasant aroma and an abundance of nutrients they liked many girls and women. A stunning effect of their use leads to the fact that more and more representatives of the beautiful half of humanity wants to buy a product or a manufactured his own hands, the more that do tile and easy and pleasant.

 How to prepare a hydrophilic tiles with their hands?