urinary incontinence in women treated

Being a woman is not easy - a woman constantly throughout life, lurks a lot of problems. And one of these problems is the involuntary leakage of urine. And though about this problem is not to say out loud, every third woman periodically faced with the problem of involuntary urination. Different women, this disorder occurs in different ways and in varying degrees of intensity.

Some women may be released only a few drops of urine, and then during physical exertion - coughing, laughing, lifting heavy weights. Typically, in such cases, the discomfort is not very significant and a woman can easily adapt to their new condition using napkin. But other less lucky, as their problem can take a much more severe: a woman feels the urge to urinate, and within a few seconds after that she released a large amount of urine.

Sometimes women are faced with both manifestations of urinary incontinence. Of course, such events greatly reduce the quality of a woman's life, causing a lot of inconvenience. The woman begins to hesitate, she refuses to leave the house, and if she still had to go to work, every hour spent outside the home, it is a real challenge for them. And the strongest emotional trauma a woman does this kind of incontinence is urinary incontinence during sex.

Incontinence faced not only women but also men. The reason for the development of urinary incontinence can be a nerve injury, congenital pathology of the urinary system, sclerotic changes, the processes associated with the aging process. However, women are faced with this problem is about three times more often than men. And this is no accident - there are many factors causing the development of urinary incontinence in women. These factors include:

  • Pregnancy, especially flows with different specific pathologies. And each subsequent pregnancy increases the risk of urinary incontinence.
  • Births, especially accompanied by a variety of ruptured uterus and bladder.
  • Menopause. The onset of menopause in 60% of all cases of urinary incontinence in women is a kind of "trigger".
  • Stricture of the urethra and almost always leads to urinary incontinence in women.

Generally, the older the woman, the higher her risk of developing urinary incontinence. But, nevertheless, not always exactly incontinence indicates the beginning of the aging process - there are many health problems that can lead to the development of urinary incontinence in women of any age.

At the first manifestations of urinary incontinence a woman should as soon as possible to see a doctor, because in the first place - it is a medical problem. A, respectively, and treatment of disorders of the doctors should deal with it. A woman can contact one of the following specialists: gynecologist, urologist, or, in extreme cases, in the absence of these professionals to the doctor - the therapist.

Currently, physicians use different methods of treatment of urinary incontinence - conservative, without the intervention of the surgeon and surgical. In each case, the doctor selects individual treatment of women. This is what will be discussed below.

The mechanism of urinary incontinence

Before we talk about what kind of treatment of urinary incontinence are currently in use, it is necessary to briefly explain to readers what is the mechanism of occurrence of urinary incontinence. The body of any person allocates urine. Urine - a mixture of water and products of metabolism - kidneys occurs, after which the urine by the ureters into the bladder, which in its structure is very much like an ordinary balloon. From urinary bladder the urine leaves the body of the person by special urethra. Urethra in structure is an ordinary hollow tube.

The process of urination occurs as follows. The walls of the bladder are beginning to decline, thereby pushing the urine from the bladder into the urethra, and then - out. But in order to urine left urethra, one condition must be met - the muscles that are needed to keep the urine should relax completely. That's what happens undisturbed natural process of urination.

In the same case, if a woman suffers from incontinence, the following occurs - or if the bladder muscles suddenly and involuntarily reduced, or if the muscles holding urine too weak and can not cope with the functions entrusted to them. In severe cases, if the muscle is damaged, leakage of urine may occur as a result even very slight pressure urine, e.g., at normal change in body position, and accordingly, the position of the bladder.

By the way, there is one important caveat: the more weight women suffering from incontinence, the faster the disease progresses. And the more pronounced the disease itself - incontinence occurs more frequently, and the urine stands out. The sooner a woman will be able to reduce the weight, the less discomfort a woman will experience. Sometimes it allows you to get rid of urinary incontinence.

Methods of treatment of urinary incontinence

To correct urinary incontinence in women, treatment should begin as soon as possible. And, importantly, more gentle. In the early stages of the disease, doctors prefer to resort to non-surgical treatments. And often they turn out to be very successful unless started on time.

The first thing to make a woman in this situation - is to reconsider your normal life. The toilet woman should walk as often as possible, at any available opportunity - this measure is intended to help ensure that the bladder, to the extent possible, all remained almost empty.

Also, do not forget that alcohol and caffeinated, greatly contribute to exacerbate the problem of urinary incontinence .  And, of course, their use in this disease is not recommended .  In addition, we should not also forget about drinking regime - do not drink too much fluid .  However, this is where many women make the mistake to start - they try not to drink at all .  And it is also very fraught - first of all, possible dehydration .  Therefore it is sufficient to limit the amount of fluid intake before leaving the house and before going to bed .  The best option is to discuss the drinking regime with your doctor - he will help choose the best drinking mode, which does not happen dehydration women, but excess and provoking involuntary urination, will not be .

Pay attention to how you sit. This seemingly insignificant nuance is very important - in any case, do not sit in a pose of "foot to foot." This posture greatly provokes the development of urinary incontinence. This observation is confirmed by doing lots of women, not by hearsay know about this issue.

Well, of course, a very important role is played by the weight of women suffering from incontinence. Strictly speaking, obesity negatively affects the urinary system, not only, but also the whole organism. This is not to mention the aesthetic side of the issue. Therefore, urinary incontinence can be a very good incentive to get rid of excess weight.

Another innovation, which is necessary to get used to women who suffer from urinary incontinence, will be laying. Until recently, women with a similar ailment had to use ordinary sanitary napkins intended for use during menstruation. But now, in a free general sale there are special pads designed to protect the clothes of women who suffer from urinary incontinence.

These pads have not only the ability to absorb a large enough amount of liquid, but also to "block" the intensive breeding of bacteria and odor. However, unfortunately, gaskets are intended only to facilitate the woman's condition, but can not influence the course of the disease itself. Recently, an advertisement appeared so-called "therapeutic" pads, which allegedly treat urinary incontinence. However, doctors refute this statement gasket manufacturer, believing that all of this is nothing more than an advertising gimmick.

You also can not forget such a thing as pelvic floor muscle training. These exercises are more widely known as Kegel exercises. Train this muscle group will significantly improve woman control bladder contraction and as a consequence of the process of urination. The most effective and easy exercises are rhythmic breaking of a jet of urine during urination. The first results will become noticeable within a week. However, remember that this control will effect only if it is done regularly.

Doctors often offer women suffering from urinary incontinence, vaginal pessary installation. When installing them pessaries provide very intensive support to the pelvic floor. Thanks to this incontinence manifests itself much weaker and often disappear altogether. But in any case it is not necessary to pick their own vaginal rings - it has to do exactly the doctor.

Also, in some cases, your doctor may prescribe a woman special drugs that reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence. However, treatment with pharmacological effective only if incontinence is caused by urgent nature of origin. In the case with stress urinary incontinence drugs, unfortunately, are not effective.

How to treat urinary incontinence in women, the doctor decides individually. Only in this way can be returned to the woman the opportunity to live a full life.

 Urinary incontinence in women. Treatment there

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