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Tired of the same sex positions, sex life with a partner has become a real chore? Then you start thinking about how to diversify your sex life, and learn to take a more subtle pleasure in bed. Drop the false modesty and learn sex positions that will bring you and your partner a lot more fun.

Sex in bed

What is there to speak, most often we have sex is in bed. Each pair has a couple of favorite poses, they are successfully used for many years. But what if you have the courage to ask your man to change the usual state of things and try something new?

Pose "Butterfly"

This position is very similar to the mission - this is when a woman lies on her back, the man is on top. The difference is that the lady has a hip closer to the edge of the bed, and the partner is part of her standing. In order to get it, man should put the girl's legs on his shoulders and lifted her ass up slightly. Despite the fact that the stalls have to maintain a slight thigh partner, it almost does not feel any physical exertion. The body of the girl resembles a curved wing of a butterfly, hence the name of this posture for sex.

Pose "Happy scissors"

We are accustomed to the idea that additional pleasure during sex can only come at the hands of a partner he could stroke his chest, stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones of the body. But what if you try to have fun with the help of its own motion the legs? To do this, lie on your back and lift your legs. A man should stand next to the bed and take in each hand at your ankle. When he enters you, you can move your legs like scissors: the crisscrossing and connecting them, then spreading out to the sides at different angles. As a result, the vagina will become something greater, something already simulating the reduction of internal muscles. So, with "happy scissors" you and your partner will get a new, great pleasure from intimate process.

Pose "Two in One"

This position is good for those women who prefer to receive two simultaneous orgasms: vaginal and clitoral. The partner lies on his back, the man is on top and deep into it. After that the woman driving straight legs together between the legs of the partner. When a man begins to make frictions, he slowly shifts his weight forward - so that the base member concerned clitoris. Due to this position, the woman can really get two pleasures in one: a discharge from vaginal sex and orgasm from clitoral stimulation.

 sex positions

Sex in the kitchen

Erotic adventures in the kitchen nice to diversify your sex life. We will not talk about sex positions on the kitchen table - you probably have a full view of all these possibilities. Let's talk about the unusual - for such positions, which will allow you to experience something new and interesting in sex.

Pose "warm-cold"

We suggest that you try to have sex in front of the open chamber of the freezer (it is assumed that it is on top). A girl stands with his back to the partner and holds hands on a cold freezer door, a man warm hands and the rest of the body "warm" her from behind. Different temperatures bring "spice" to the sensations you can experience an incomparable pleasure from sex. Take care only that the room was warm, otherwise instead of pleasure freeze and spoil your mood.

Pose "Long live the vibration! "

If your kitchen is a washing machine, it is a sin not to use it for sexual pleasure. Erotic sex positions are especially good when combined with the use of foreign objects. From sex to trembling, vibrating machine, you just will carry the roof! You can lie on her stomach, or sit on top - most importantly, that the washing machine working rhythmically vibrate. Try to accommodate so that the partner was convenient to enter into you, and enjoy the thrilling sensations!

Pose "Visitor bar"

You can vary the erotic sensations with the help of an ordinary bar stool. Sit on a chair so that your ass as much as possible hang over the edge. In order for you to feel comfortable in this position, lie breasts on the bar and legs lean on the stand for the chair (if available). You may well imagine yourself "spree visitor to the bar," which is given to a man shamelessly right in the institution. The novelty and thrills are guaranteed!

 Sex Positions

Sex in nature

The cold season is not particularly a people for erotic experiments in nature, but in the warm summer days are a sin not to take the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. The only precaution: ladies, do not try to force the men to have sex in very hot weather - it will hurt not only their potency, and health in general. It is better to do it under normal weather conditions, when the hot air is not dilates blood vessels and affects the blood pressure. You also need this man strong and healthy, right?

Pose "Gentle"

After eating a delicious barbecue at the picnic, you'll want to enrich the stay pleasant sexual sensations. Do not make too vigorous movements on a full stomach, in this situation need a "gentle" position for sex. Taking with him a towel and bed at a nice tree. It is better not to climb in the woods - it was full of stones and sharp twigs that just spoil your vacation. It is better to find a place in the clearing, away from uninvited bystanders and mutual friends. Let the partner will sit on the ground (do not forget a towel podstelit cooked) and leaned back against a tree. You are located between his legs, so that did not bother while driving. This position will allow you to have fun without the physical stress and brighten up your walk with dignity.

Pose "Beach"

Having sex on the beach - is not only pleasant, but also very romantic. The noise of the surf, the seagulls, the warm golden sand - how can we resist and brighten hours of rest erotic adventure! Despite all the romance, "beach" pose for sex is very practical. The fact is that it assumes the position on the side where both parties are facing each other. In the event of unforeseen corner of his eye witnesses can have time to notice them before they express their indignation to you or even call the police.

 Sex Poses

Sex in water

Water - it is a life, and for some of us - and even enjoyable way to enjoy intimacy. Hot sex in the cool water will take a lot of pleasant experiences. The main thing is that the water was clean and not scurrying around curious divers. Oh, and do not forget that you will need additional lubrication: water easily washes away the natural moisture in the vagina, which can lead to discomfort during sex.

Pose "deep passion"

Go deeper into the water - so she got out about your shoulders. The bottom should be smooth and even, to a man comfortably stand and he did not fell into the water at the critical moment. Partner is a woman wraps his legs, he supported her buttocks. The benefits of such a posture that the woman in the water literally light as a feather, a man does not get tired and can indefinitely enjoy the process. Quick frictions will not work, but a deep and intense - as much as necessary.

Pose "Waves of pleasure"

With this attitude, you will literally ride the wave of water, the process of getting intimacy enormous pleasure. The essence of this position are as follows: you are lying belly down on the water with his hands on a stable, broad subject. This may be an air mattress or the edge of the pool. Your man stands behind and keeps your feet with his hands. If, during sex you lower your legs, you will feel a new pleasure: in this position will stimulate your point of g!

Pose "Water swing"

A man stands on his feet, the water should be slightly above the chest. A woman with one leg wraps around his waist, the other - rests on the bottom. In this body, it can put on the water - because during sex, it will feel like a swing on water. The movement of water waves give rhythm of frictions, causing both partners will have a lot of fun. The only caveat lady: do not drop the body is too deep in the water, otherwise there is a possibility at the peak of the process of choking!

 Sex Poses

Sex for people with sports training

You do not worth the splits or spend ten minutes in the "bridge"? Then these poses - for you! Combine business with pleasure: to continue to develop their sports skills and receive sexual pleasure at the same time.

Pose "Brooklyn Bridge"

This position requires a pretty girl serious physical endurance and flexibility. It is assumed that the partner gets to the "bridge", and the partner gets between her legs at the knees. The girl must not only be strong (not so easy to keep yourself in that position throughout the sexual intercourse), but open enough: Show your partner's naked body and private parts in such an open form capable of not every woman! But the man is in the seventh heaven, because such a posture causes the muscles to keep the vagina in a strong tension, which allows him to get the maximum pleasure from sex.

Pose "Brad Pitt in his youth"

And here Brad Pitt? Yes, just this actor many years ago became famous for his role in the movie "Thelma and Louise" thanks to this position. Many women are still with bated breath reviewing when pretty macho, legs wide apart, raises Woman on the level of the waist and making love to her standing. Unlike the previous posture, there is a good physical preparation is required of a man, in the opposite case, and to trouble near: well even if he has time to put you on your feet before unbearably tired; but what if you drop it and cause injury? So think twice before you try to agree, or do it next to the soft big bed (it is better to fall back on the mattress, his head than on a hard floor, right?).

Pose "Gardening"

From the sex in this position more like a household chores in the garden area. She gets on all fours, the man approaches from behind and takes her legs in arms. In this position, lovely lady more like a cart or plow rather than sexy seductress. As soon as a partner enters into a girl, she rearranges the hand, moving around the room. If you are curious as to how long you can survive in this wonderful position and able to reach orgasm, pacing around the apartment on his hands, then you are welcome! In any case, sex in this position will add you a good mood and bring a lot of unexplored sensations.

Poses different needs, different posture are important! If you start to feel bored by a sexual relationship with your partner, it's time to think about what sex positions are varied. Just take the initiative and ask your partner something different from what your sexual life will sparkle with bright colors.

 Unusual sex positions

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