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  • Features hairstyles with a bandage
  • Laying with tape for short hair

Fashionable, attractive and modern look hairstyle installed with tape. The tape is necessary to select the one that is most well suited to the addition or harmoniously combined with accessories. On the shelves is a great variety of ribbons that are wide and narrow, with broken patterns, beads and sequins. Very original and refined look woven into the knitted ribbon curls. Sometimes they are called bandage.

 unusual hair style with a bandage
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Features hairstyles with a bandage

To create a common and beloved hairstyles with a bandage for hair Babette first necessary to rectify any unruly strands utjuzhkom.

Particularly expressive it will look at the owner of the oval shape of the face. By bringing a high ponytail, it must be divided into two equal parts. The lower part is necessary to tighten the roller, securing it with pins and the upper section is in two parts. The remaining strands wrapped roll and fixed pins. All it is necessary to fix her hair lacquer to make it last longer and collapsed at the slightest inconvenience. At least on the basis of hairstyles worn tape. Hairstyle Babette using tape remains relevant in today's society. She memorably will look at the release of the ball and even a wedding, it is possible to add or replace a flower diadem.

Most popular among fashionistas has the hairstyle in the Greek style. Its owner seems to recreate the image of the Greek goddess.   The history of the hairstyle with a bandage for hair begins in ancient Greece and reached our times.   Residents of ancient Greece tied up unruly strands and curls dressing, getting versatile styling. To create this hairstyle, it is desirable that the hair has not been washed in order to avoid slip tape. Wearing a bandage on a pre-combed hair, you must take the locks on the sides and tighten them in bundles. The tips of the bundles should be threaded through the bandage and fix.

With the remaining strands should repeat the same manipulations and carefully hide the ends of the curls in the hair under the bandage, having sophisticated hairstyle, which can add an accessory in the form of a flower or the other cast. It is easy immediacy created by the tape, ideal for walks, parties and even solemn moments.

 Greek haircut hair
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Laying with tape for short hair

With a good haircut or styling the girl will not look sloppy and give your mind a boundless self-confidence. It should be noted that in addition to a wide variety of hairstyles for long hair dressing, there are hairstyles with a bandage and short. High stacking style 20s for short hair with headbands girl gives elegance and romance. On top of the hair to be divided into two equal parts, the lower part of the cheat, using large rollers in the amount of two pieces.

Next you need to remove the curlers, curls lock varnish and make bouffant. With a brush of the top strand should be pulled back to the fleece, after brushing the top of the strands of wax to give shine. The side locks and combed back. So we get high stacking. At least put on a bandage on his forehead, and gradually shifted back to a distance of five centimeters from the hairline. With hair can be infinitely many experiments, creating different and different images, interweaving strands unruly ribbons, bows, beads, zakalyvaya their pins, crabs, invisible.

 Unusual hairstyles hair

 trendy wedding hairstyles


  • Choosing a wedding hairstyle
  • Trendy bridal hairstyles
  • How to make a wedding hairstyle

Probably one of the most important in the life of every girl is her wedding day. Look on this day must be the most stunning and wedding preparation begins long before the day of the wedding. It is a serious element of pre-wedding preparation is the choice of hairstyles. It is extremely important to choose the right wedding hairstyles for medium hair, then to all the photographs look their best.
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Choosing a wedding hairstyle

By choosing hairstyles should be taken very seriously. If it will make the master, it is desirable to make a trial hairstyle, then to the crucial moment there was no surprise in the divergence of views on the implementation of the hairstyles and the bride and master. In any case, the sample can not do without - a girl should try on the chosen hairstyle to see how it will look with the laying of the wedding. Trial hairstyle needed and the master - he has become familiar with the structure of the hair of the bride and her wishes to the hairstyle.

One of the criteria for the selection of hairstyles is the wedding dress itself. So, if it is equipped with a variety of romantic details - ruffles, flounces, ruffles lush - in this case, the perfect hairstyle with curls and small curls. They can be left in the form of promiscuity, and gather in the beautiful styling with a few loose curls.

If you pay a high collar or closed neck, best hair on the nape assemble and decorate using rhinestones, decorative flowers or pearls. Conversely, if the dress deep decollete, it is desirable that the hair was loose.

For long straight dresses in the Greek style, the best option would be a penalty or the Empire.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair should be selected also based on the shape of the face of the bride. So, if it has the broad cheekbones, facilitate image collected back hair. Several strands can leave a person. For elongated oval face will be the best one for hairstyles with bangs. It may be straight, milling, oblique - all depending on personal preference and the style of the bride dresses.

It is desirable that hairstyle can hide the shortcomings and possible appearance. Thus, the owners of long spout fit high styling, complemented by individual locks and curls.

 Women wedding hairstyles for medium hair
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Trendy bridal hairstyles

Stylists aware of a large number of various wedding hairstyles that are now in the trend. You can pick up styling for every taste and color - allowed as free flowing hair and luxuriant tresses.

For a long time remain actual wedding hairstyle decorated with a veil. This ornament is only used for weddings, so foolish to try on the veil at least once in life, more such cases it may not be. Fata is symbolizes purity and innocence of the bride and brings her image a certain solemnity and romanticism.

Is appropriate at medium hair is shining tiara that visually lift up above the surrounding bride and give her the image of sophistication.

A popular adornment for wedding hairstyles are flowers. They may be alive, but in this case it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of colors and options to consider extending their lifetime. Fresh flowers are suitable for short ceremonies that do not drag on for the whole day with songs and dances. The best option of the artificial flowers, which can be made qualitatively and look a hair's breadth as alive. Throughout the evening you can not worry about their appearance and safety.

The fashion now the flowers of satin ribbons or guipure. They are easy to do yourself, matching their own tastes and preferences. Many salons can do these flowers to order. They look elegant and solemn image of the bride and give a bit of romance. In fact, any colors, woven into the hair of the bride look like true masterpieces that can decorate any bride.

 Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair with accessories
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How to make a wedding hairstyle

When the long process of choosing hairstyles left behind, left to go to her execution. Wedding hairstyles for medium hair can be done without the help of a hairdresser - alone or resorting to the help of girlfriends.

Pretty simple styling is composed of seductive curls. The hair is first necessary to cheat on curlers. In order to take the form they had better do it overnight. Then they need to put waves in accordance with their preferences and fix varnish strong fixation - for a long time hair should remain unchanged. You should not stop there - hairstyle should be different from the everyday. For this purpose it is necessary to decorate using beautiful hairpins with crystals or stones, can be woven into the hair colors. Luxurious look curls, in which the entire length of woven flowers are not very large.

Many brides face a problem of insufficient volume of hair. In this case, some curls will be insufficient. In this case, the hair should be further bouffant comb and fix with the help of polish or wax.

Now they come back into fashion hairstyle peculiar ladies 30s. Winning will look styling with straight or wavy roots and corrugated strands. Make a hairstyle easily and on their own - you need to have the hair iron with the necessary attachments. It is desirable that it was a big ripple - it looks particularly elegant. From small strands should be abandoned - on the part of small corrugation like a mane humanoid monkeys.

Do not lose their relevance gathered at the nape hair. Initially, they should be collected in a ponytail. Thereafter, the strands are wound from the tail and fixed with decorative studs. Arrangements of such strands lot. For example, you can record only the upper part of the curls, and leave the rest to fall on the shoulders.

You can gather in the tail hair is not all, but only from the top, after making her bouffant.

An interesting situation with the owners of curly hair - are difficult to conduct business, it takes time. But the result always turns out stunning. There are many variations of wedding hairstyles for curly hair owners of medium length. For example, you can leave the elastic curls falling down on his shoulders and head to decorate the bride's tiara or veil.

 How to make a wedding hairstyle