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  • How to deal with unrequited love?
  • How to deal with unrequited love?
  • How to forget the guy you love?
  • How to get rid of unrequited love?

Unrequited love ... Well, who among us has not experienced it? What is life! Not always our love men reciprocate. And sometimes, even answering, then suddenly cool down and go. And there comes a dark, unbearably difficult days. The first reaction - panic, then - frustration, pain, disappointment. What to do? How to forget the guy you love, if he does not pay attention to you? How to deal with unrequited love?

With pain, which can turn into a very make a hard psychological condition that is incompatible with a full normal life. Pain sometimes lives in years to come and live with it very, very difficult. To avoid this, try to follow some advice on how to forget the guy you love, day by day. So unrequited love that girl to do to survive it.

How to deal with unrequited love?

Man, in which we are in love, in love with another girl, or does not like anybody. The situation is quite commonplace. And we got into it, not only girls with ordinary looks but also the written beauty, seeing that many men lose their heads. Well, that's not like we have one who rushes to the heart, and everything! And the heart, as we know, can not command. It whines, moans, sore and hard thoughts revolve around your favorite image, which is impossible to forget.

This period of life was nearly all women, and, unfortunately, not every one of them was able to pass it with dignity, with minimal losses for themselves. After all, we usually do not know how to deal with unrequited love, and being in complete disarray, or do anything stupid, or withdrawal, causing the emergence of long-term deep depression.

What if love is unrequited? How to stop loving guy if all thoughts are about it? It should be noted that this will require a lot of effort. However, they need to make, or unrequited love can seriously affect the psyche and leave the soul for many years not healing wound. No, maybe someone like to suffer and talk over the years about the sad story of unrequited love. But most girls still aspire to happiness, and it is unthinkable without mutual love. Therefore, we should by all means try to get rid of the feeling that nothing but misery brings. Here are a few tips to help you do it.

 unrequited love

How to deal with unrequited love?

So how to deal with unrequited love? First of all, we must realize and accept the fact that we do not like, and bury (yes, that's right!) Hope that once all the love. It is this awareness - your first small victory. This hope does not allow to get rid of failing in love and could push Woman unacceptable, in this case, actions.

Hoping for reciprocity, it will try to maintain a relationship with a guy and is always in his field of vision seen by the first call and the like. Men can not stand behind them when hunting is carried out, they always like the woman had not tried to hide their true intentions, subconsciously feel.

The desire to fall in love with a girl Man, for all her efforts to look independent from it, will still be seen this guy. And the fact this is nothing good we can not promise. In an extreme case, a young man just temporarily give way to pity. And we in fact need is not it true? Such a feeling called love and the language is not rotated! Although it should be noted, if a young girl and her first love, the attitude men often perceived it was like falling in love.

Therefore, first we get rid of the hope of reciprocity since stopped loving guy, if present, we can not. How to do it? Just tell yourself that do not like us, and stop dreaming about happiness with this man. Not easy? And willpower or girlish pride, at last? We do not like, well, do not! In light of the many wonderful guys can give us your heart. And we will be very happy with it and stop harassing myself with thoughts of how to survive unrequited love.

If you hope to get rid of clingy quickly does not work, try to figure the reasons for the lack of reciprocity. The fact of unrequited love is necessary to understand, trying to understand why we are not attracted to guys. This will help to overcome their passion and take the situation for granted.

Just do not explain the lack of interest in Man's own shortcomings - unattractive appearance, excessive modesty, lack of sexuality, charm and other, like, negative personal qualities. The approach of this kind will create all conditions for low self-esteem. And we need it? Each girl is different and, therefore, can be loved. Well, it did not appreciate the advantages of this guy, because he is a minus! Because they appreciate the other, and will be quite happy with this assessment.

In addition, the lack of interest in favorite guy could do nothing to explain. Love - the feeling defies rationale. Often men are drawn to the girls did not differ outstanding advantages. That pulls, and everything! And they do not notice the other, as if the other did not shine with beauty and intelligence. And they themselves, while suffering from unrequited love, that do not know. So is it worth while to look for the reasons that our love for the guy is not mutual? It may have them at all, these causes.

While unrequited love to forget as quickly as possible? Let's try to always adhere to the positive mood. Declared war on a bitter, painful feelings and thoughts that give rise to these feelings. They, in turn, prevent and find their true mutual love and turn us into a dark, eternally dissatisfied with life and even cynical girl. Especially shame if unrequited love - first. Psychological trauma can be quite serious.

I must say that unrequited love is not necessarily a disaster. Anyway, it causes euphoria, which may well be used to your benefit. Just try not to get upset and to rejoice that this feeling lives in us. Just accept the fact that this guy does not like us and do not fall for ever. And we will go on enjoying the world that becomes a state of being in love with the extremely colorful. But for this we must try to forget the object of love. How to do it?

How to forget the guy you love?

To get rid of the pangs of unrequited love, we must learn to control your thoughts. Since forget unrequited love, constantly thinking about the object of that love, is very difficult. Therefore, if we began to dream of mutual feelings of a loved one, it is necessary to immediately find yourself these dreams and try to escape by switching to something else. It is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Suffice it to spend more time with friends and family and do what delivers maximum pleasure. Or time-consuming. You can immerse themselves in the work to try to find a fun hobby, enroll in language courses in the sports section, a fitness club ... But you never know! We begin to learn the nuances of Photoshop or explore the features of video production. It is interesting! And promising, to the same - perhaps it is unrequited love for you will be a push forward.

Another of the rules of how to experience unrequited love, provides the focus on its own future. To go forward, you can not look back. We need to concentrate your thoughts on what is, and not on what has been and is at the moment. This will help to distract from thoughts about the object of love and, over time, will enable all to stop thinking about it.

Statement should also try to think as much as possible and always to remember what we have good qualities and skills. After all, what we have someone does not like, does not imply that we are not worthy of love. Who knows what the guy is committed, in which we are in love! Maybe he do not need love, because the other life goals. So he did not notice us. And we all just can not resist the stories all their sad story of unrequited love.

In order to calm down quickly, you need to assign someone a date. After all, there are a lot of attractive guys, so why not spend with them a few pleasant hours? You look, and there will be a new hobby. No, of course, at first it will be difficult to seriously interested in some nice young man.

But meeting him, we's absolutely nothing to lose! On the other hand, acquire the ability to have fun. This is necessary, as to get rid of unrequited love, sitting in four walls alone and cherishing your angst is almost impossible. Do not miss the chance to meet someone who, and we like it, and he will reciprocate.

We have to love yourself, or for a long time will suffer. Why do we have confirmation of his own importance as a response of love from people we do not need? We already know that the confirmation that we have the many advantages that this blind young man noticed and appreciated. So then let myself regret about this, and we will respect yourself and love. This will increase our attractiveness to other members of the stronger sex.

We will not feed the beast, tearing our soul. Pogoryuem couple of weeks, and only so how to deal with unrequited love will continue to be difficult. And why should we grieve for a long time? Life goes on, and every day should be a happy moment, and even watches. After all, this is our life, why let it spoil someone an outsider?

Let's try to fill it with colors, throwing out of my head thinking about ungrateful favorite and stopping itself whenever there is a desire to talk about it or something about the young man to find out. And heartache after some time leaving their positions, because it disappears fueling the source.

Think about it, why do we want to be with someone who wants to be with us. Perhaps the reason for this desire is the kind of situation from our childhood, when we tried to win approval from the person who paid little attention to us. If such a situation as a child was necessary to address to the good psychologist who can competently and tactfully help get rid of the desire to become attached to people we do not need.

Well, now sum up the whole of what we're talking about. So ...

 unrequited love to do

How to get rid of unrequited love?

How are struggling with unrequited love, the wise woman? They:

  1. Try not to meet with her lover. If this is not possible (for example, study or work together), and the companies avoid the common places where it is often the object of love;
  2. Try to laugh as often as possible, which tend to look different comedic transmission, read funny books, surround themselves with cheerful people with a good sense of humor. Laughter helps to release negative energy and prevents prolonged depression. In addition, it helps to switch from an unhappy love in the world and get excited about another young man. Those who reciprocate;
  3. Do not shut off the stronger sex, continued to seek among them his true chosen one;
  4. Excellence, learning something new and interesting;
  5. If the pain and anguish can not pass, and all the advice on how to get rid of unrequited love, follow not, ask for help to a psychologist to find out whether the tormented soul a sense of true love, or is it a psychological dependence;

Of course, adhere to all of these rules is not easy. When we were tormented by unrequited love, I want to hide somewhere in a dark corner and suffer there in absolute solitude. It would be desirable, but not desirable. Because in the corner of the nervous system is loosened, the mind becomes painfully vulnerable. Our character is spoiled, looks fade. But we still have to live, and life is full of happy surprises. So why someone should take away our chance at happiness? Is not it better to say: "This we do not need one at all three times we do not need," and strode forward to his new and such a great happiness!

 Unrequited love. What to do and how to survive?

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