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Have you ever wondered what would happen to the desert when it "watered" with gold? Do you think this is an allegory? Then go to the United Arab Emirates. Mysterious and beautiful example of what sometimes is able to people in their quest for excellence and if there is an inexhaustible wealth. In no other country, you will not get more convincing evidence.

Now it is impossible to believe that 50 years ago on the site of today's cities and comfortable resorts dominated the sultry desert, the only rightful inhabitants of which were Bedouins on their camels. Water was valued more than gold, and to fight the sand was not that no one. Foreign investors believe that investment in the desert equivalent to throwing money down the drain. But since then, both in the United Arab Emirates oil was discovered, the country became transformed before our eyes.

As if by magic, lifeless landscape were replaced by modern city, a city of contrasts and harmonious neighborhood events, at first glance seemingly incompatible. The white mosque and going up the skyscrapers of business centers. Paved trails that cut through the horizon stretching yellow sand, palm groves and oases blessed. Modest women hijab east, under which it may well be a dress from the latest collection of Armani, sundresses and beach many tourists. In a relatively short period of time virtually lifeless part of the Arabian Peninsula has become a dream for any tourist and a fairy tale dream come for local residents.

When in Rome, or the rules of conduct for tourists

Going on a trip, you are sure to get a visa and health insurance, to book a hotel room or receive an invitation from a person who is a citizen of the UAE, make a copy of a credit card or a certificate in English that your bank account has sufficient funds to stay in the country. All these conventional preparation specific to visit many countries.

But in this country there are a few features. Despite a rather loyal attitude towards people of other faiths, the country's main religion is Islam. Therefore, many tourists who choose the United Arab Emirates as their place of rest, it is worth remembering that there are special rules and norms of behavior that no harm will explore and follow them in order to avoid various misunderstandings:

  • It is not recommended to walk around the city calling or too open, transparent clothing.
  • Visitor kisses and hugs are best left to the more secluded places. For example, for your room. And even more so, no sex on the beach. This is completely contrary to good morals and punishable by law. There were times when too keen on each other couple were arrested for kissing in the street.
  • Profanity is also punishable in any of the emirates of the obscene gesture could be fined. However, filthy - a clear indication of the low cultural development, on such travelers might get unflattering opinion of all tourists in general.
  • Carefully communicate with local women. Be aware of the difference in culture and education. And especially do not try to show signs of attention, and make ambiguous hints. Photographing the local sights, keep in mind that some of the buildings and military installations is forbidden to photograph. And if you want to have a photo of a local resident, looking particularly colorful, ask him for permission to shoot. Maximum courtesy will help you avoid unnecessary trouble.
  • If you are not legally married, when choosing a hotel room, you should live in a room with two single beds: Sex before marriage is prohibited in this state. The same applies to homosexual couples. Homosexuality is banned in the UAE and will be prosecuted.
  • Smoking is allowed only in strictly designated areas and not allowed on the street, so before you smoke, think about whether one cigarette a huge fine.
  • For violation of traffic rules (eg, crossing the street in the wrong place) pedestrians must pay a fine of $ 130.
  • The use and distribution of drugs - a flagrant violation of the law. Therefore, any person suspected of using drugs or prohibited for import into the United Arab Emirates drugs subject to arrest. We strongly recommend: before you go on vacation, check out the list of banned import of drugs.

Some rules seem rather strange to residents of European countries, but we must respect the laws and moral norms of the state where you are going to spend your vacation. And then you will not have any problems.

Choose what kind of you to visit the Emirates, it is difficult, every one of them - the dream of a tourist. Remember the catch phrase from the movie that "Greece has everything?" So, in the arrangement in the UAE, it will sound: "There is everything you want, and a little of that, as you could not even dream of." A particularly valuable for many tourists is the fact that the rest of the United Arab Emirates is good at any time of the year.

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Abu Dhabi - the luxury of the East

The largest emirate, Abu Dhabi, in combination is the richest city in the world. Under the yellow sands of the desert is as much oil as not a "dream" to all neighboring emirates together. All of 50 years old that are extracted oil, the income from its share of sales in all the indigenous inhabitants of Abu Dhabi. There are not many, only some 420,000 indigenous Arabs and capital of each of them to date is $ 17 million. From such figures breathtaking. But the level of welfare had no effect on the character of the locals. True oriental hospitality, slow pace of life, lack of desire to compete, who is the most-most - that's what he sees outside observer.

All the attractions in Abu Dhabi as a cultural, as well as relating to the achievements of modern civilization, located on Yas Island. Numerous tourists and travelers do not have to cross the vast expanses of hot desert to admire them.

Here are some of them. Yas Marina Circuit - location where the final stage of the world championship, "Formula 1". In his spare time over the five-kilometer track, it can be passed by anyone. Avtomuzey, as if to say more precisely, the personal collection of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, with more than 200 cars, each of which you can touch and see with all possible care. Ferrari World - a tribute to the well-known representative of the Italian automotive industry, a real adult Disney Land, which will certainly wish to visit any representative of a strong half of humanity, regardless of age.

Undoubtedly, the most spectacular building in the capital of the United Arab Emirates is the Grand Mosque. That's really, really, if there is a standard of Arabian luxury, it is a mosque. The man who first saw the white dome of the mosque and the numerous towers, easily feel like a hero of the Arabian Nights. No wonder that this is where there is the largest carpet and the largest chandelier in the world, and recorded properly in the Guinness Book of Records.

"The gates of the capital," a kind of leaning tower of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa Park, Heritage Square - a few treasures in the crown of the capital of the UAE. To describe them all, you will need the eloquence of Scheherazade and 1000 and one night. But if you are in Abu Dhabi, try to visit each of them.

Dubai, the desert or snow

Despite the fact that the main part of the revenues to the state treasury in the UAE is considered to be oil in recent years is clearly a trend, when the profit from tourism is close to the income from the black gold. And in many respects this is due to the Emirate of Dubai. Even the most spoiled tourists not find something to complain about. In Dubai everything possible, so that everyone who came enthusiastically spoke about the rest in this truly blessed, Mecca for tourists.

If you think that you know all about the luxury of the East, go to the Gold Souk. And you realize that in the luxury in your understanding is difficult to lay kilometers of jewelry, precious stones kilograms and piles of gold. By the way, it is relatively inexpensive and a very high standard. The main thing is to stop in time and do not spend all the savings.

Many lovers of the sales will not be able to pass the Dubai Outlet Mall. Fashionistas from all over come here in late January-early February, in order to get at its disposal a well-known clothing brands, because in days of sales it all worth it "funny" money.

Can you imagine a ski resort in the desert? In Dubai, as in any eastern fairy tale, everything is possible! Of course, the quality of the ski slopes of Ski Dubai is significantly inferior to Courchevel, but should come here, at least to my own eyes to make sure that snow in the desert - not a fairy tale, and profit.

Spice Market, the famous singing fountain, Burd Al Arab (the world's only 7-star hotel), Al Mamzar Park, and Palm Jumeirah - an artificial island, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall with the world's largest aquarium, where it is possible to arrange Me diving with sharks. The list of what to look out for in Dubai, long. If your goal - rest with oriental comfort, go to Dubai.

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Fujairah - an oasis of privacy

All for whom the United Arab Emirates - rest on crowded beaches or walk under the "supervision" of numerous skyscrapers, hardly appreciate the beauty and solitude of the Emirate of Fujairah. Here you will see the majestic creations of modern civilization. It is the youngest emirate. It is almost devoid of skyscrapers, but it is only washed by the Indian Ocean. A unusual landscape of green oases separated by rocky ridges, resembles a giant zelenokudrogo which someone combed fine-toothed comb.

Snoopy Island, Shark Island and Martini rock long chosen for its diving divers from around the world. Many exotic fish, underwater caves, huge lobsters, sharks, moray eels - a partial list of what is worthy of attention. There was even talk that Allah gave this picturesque coast of Fujairah bottom and rich underwater world in an attempt to compensate for the absence of the Emirate of oil and gas. But who has ever been in this cozy corner, find that it is more valuable gift than-tonnage mineral deposits.

If you've never tasted lobster, be sure to make it here. Only in Fujairah restaurants and restaurants you can try this Lobster and many seafood dishes.

The gardens Ain Al Madhab-national park with mineral springs, located at the foot of the mountains of Al Ain. It is believed that taking a dip in the water sources (pools then separate - for men and women), it is possible to cure a variety of diseases.

Lovers of antiques will not be enough and a month to explore historical treasures. Fort Futzheyry, Ethnographic Museum and the Ottoman mosque's talk about the expansion of the British opposition to the Arabs.

Ajman - in close quarters, but not mad

Ajman - the untapped tourists and, at the same time, the smallest emirate. Those who like to be a pioneer, will undoubtedly find its charm in the almost virgin area.

There are mineral springs of the purest water, which is supplied with the entire country, and the water in the desert is valued no less than the black gold.

In horse racing fans will be able to see for myself what the camel races. It is enough exotic spectacle. Arabs, despite the apparent composure and equanimity, reckless people.

Divers will also find something to do. Riverside Ajman in the richness of the underwater world is not inferior to Fujairah. Along its nearly 600 kilometers of beaches stretch.

Famous museum shipyard and sailing times of Sinbad the Sailor: Ajman you will have the opportunity not only to see the eyes of these luxury ships, but also ride on them. Will imagine yourself with a curve sword in hand and gold embroidered clothes - an exciting excursion into the past!

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Umm Al Quwain - recreation, accessible to all

This emirate is not truthfully be called the dream of every tourist. The thing is that the rest there is available to anyone, regardless of the size of the purse. Unlike large Dubai and Abu Dhabi, designed for tourists with money, Umm Al Quwain differs quite affordable prices. But, despite this, the service level is very high.

If you are coming just to relax, you certainly made the right choice by going here. The coast here is no less picturesque. And isolation from the rest of the country has helped to keep the richness of indigenous culture, almost without changing the usual way of life of local people. You can actually see how many fishing boats leave daily for their catch.

Cozy cafes and restaurants will replace the lovers of quiet secluded relaxation noisy bars. A tour program will appreciate the abundance of historical values.

On the beaches of Umm Al Quwain, you can talk for hours, as well as on the diversity of flora and fauna; but in order to get a true understanding of them, you need to come here at least once.

Sharjah - the merger ages

The most devout of all the emirates. Here you do not just do not see anything of alcohol in shops and bars on the racks, but also will be punished if you try to bring it with you. What to do? This is the fee for the opportunity to visit in this emirate.

Sharjah has a rich history. It is called the architectural capital of the emirates. Early trade with Persia begins with these banks. That, of course, reflected in the numerous historical monuments.

But do not think that all the monuments there belong to the past. Sharjah intricately woven historical monuments and modern high-rise buildings. So, on the square stands the Monument Government Progress, symbolizing respect for the laws of God and the desire for progressive development. The only thing worth noting particularly, this religious orientation of most monuments. By the way, many markets (and their buildings - it is also the monuments of architecture) - the richest in the Emirates.

Ras al-Khaimah - rest, worthy queen

It is the northernmost of the seven Emirates, one of the greenest and most beautiful holiday destinations. Ras al-Khaimah - blooming oasis between sea and mountains. Unusually mild climate, gentle sun and exotic Arabic dishes - that, in addition to sightseeing, attracts tourists.

Currently, the emirate actively conducted archaeological excavations. According to legend, they hear tourists getting in Ras al-Khaimah, he chose the land for his own recreation Queen of Sheba, following Solomon. So you can imagine how many centuries this emirate. If you wish, you can go on a tour and see the excavations of the ancient city Dzhulfar, the former at one time the center of trade with pearls. Pearl then long gone, but the country is thriving today.

In the west, the old part of the capital of the emirate, is the National Museum. You can also plunge into the world of antiquities, and see ancient objects of everyday life, bronze and antique jewelry, fragments of ancient amphorae, vessels for incense.

And one more unquestionable heritage of the place become hot healing springs Hutt. The pool for bathing water comes straight from the source.

At the beginning of this article, we talked about the fact that the United Arab Emirates - a real Klondike for those who understand a lot about the town. And any, even the short journey, you can enrich a set of vivid impressions and emotions that can not be bought even for gold.

 United Arab Emirates: a man-made oasis in the desert

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