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  • The reasons for excessive sweating of the armpits
  • Deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Folk remedies to combat hyperhidrosis

With the onset of spring, and then the hot summer, the number one problem for many women getting underarm sweating. Wet circles on clothing, repellent smell - all this makes women nervous, irritated by little things, and as a consequence, sweat because of this even stronger. Sometimes excessive underarm sweating causes this set of girls when they are shy to communicate with others, turn in on themselves and fall into a real depression. And how then do not be shy, if you see all around wet spots on your clothes and feel bad smell? In order to once again feel confidence, is to understand the causes of excessive sweating armpits and how to combat it.

The reasons for excessive sweating of the armpits

Each of us has about three million sweat glands, and their work is directly dependent on the activity of our metabolism. Someone excessive underarm sweating, and other areas of the body, while others do not even sweat in the sauna (which is also not good). Together with then from the body toxins, metabolic products, residues of drugs and many poisonous substances. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the smell of sweat in the armpits so unpleasant to smell, because the sweat - it is not nothing but a mixture of water, various salts, urea and ammonia (they and "give" to our armpits disgusting smell).

The reasons for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), the underarms lie in the abuse of the sweat glands. Unfortunately, the exact causes of these disorders have not been identified, are known only to the main factors leading to changes in the work of the sweat glands. Thus, most sweat:

  • People experiencing fear, physical exertion, excitement;
  • People who are overweight;
  • People suffering from certain diseases - tuberculosis, kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the endocrine system;
  • When eating spicy food;
  • When wearing synthetic clothes;
  • At high ambient temperatures.

In itself, sweating - it is quite normal biological process, it is even useful to the body and it does not always require treatment. Together with then from the body leaves a lot of harmful substances, and many of the girls go to a special bath or sauna to trigger this process. However, if the sweating causes discomfort, it is time to reflect on ways to combat excessive sweating.

Deodorants and antiperspirants

The most popular and affordable way to combat hyperhidrosis - the use of deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorant eliminates the smell of sweat with its fresh flavor, but is not able to prevent or reduce the amount of sweat. The basis deodorants typically lie bactericidal additives that destroy microorganisms. Of course, the use of such funds - is not the treatment of excessive sweating, but only masking the effects of the problem. However, a good deodorant can be a real salvation for those who are concerned about the unpleasant smell of sweaty armpits in.

Antiperspirants prevent sweating by blocking the work of apocrine glands, the activity of which, together with the bacteria and is a source of odor. Salts of aluminum and zinc, are part of antiperspirants do sweat gland ducts already, thereby reducing perspiration by half. Antiperspirant Deodorant has a double effect: regulates sweating and struggling with an unpleasant odor, a strong refreshing scent

In order for a deodorant or antiperspirant operated most efficiently, you need to follow some rules for their use:

  • Deodorant should be applied only to clean, dry skin surface;
  • Before applying means hair in the armpits is better to remove, because they are able to retain an unpleasant odor;
  • Avoid using antiperspirant every day. It clogs the pores and interferes with the normal work of the sweat glands;
  • If irritation and redness on the skin to temporarily refrain from using deodorant;
  • Do not use someone else's deodorant - is a means of personal hygiene. The exception may be perfumed sprays because they have not been used in contact with skin;
  • Try to use a deodorant not more than 1 time per day;
  • Before going to bed should be removed remnants of deodorant to the skin can "breathe."

However, all of these tools, as mentioned earlier, it is not treated, but only masking the unpleasant effects of perspiration. If you have severe sweating, and you want to approach the matter seriously, you should think about how to treat hyperhidrosis.

 how to choose a deodorant

Folk remedies to combat hyperhidrosis

Try underarm sweating treatment folk remedies. The most simple, but effective way - it compresses. Treatment procedure is as follows: within ten days should be applied to the armpits then cold, then hot compress. This is done in the mornings and evenings, every kind of compression is kept for at least five minutes. After ten days sweating armpits, if not disappear, it is very much reduced.

No less popular treatment of hyperhidrosis underarm different bells and whistles. For example, a perfectly valid wash with water to which a few drops of potassium permanganate (water must be painted pale pink, not bright!). If you apply these lotions every day for five minutes during the week, then you will sweat a lot less.

Another treatment option - lotion with salt water. For saline, you will need no more than a tablespoon per gallon of water (do not overdo it, or get a skin irritation). Make these gadgets is as easy as the previous, but the effect is no less significant.

If you think that underarm hyperhidrosis is due to the excitement and experience, then you should try to drink at night soothing teas. Prepare the collection of valerian root, Leonurus roots, fruits, hops and fennel. Mix the ingredients in equal parts and brew two tablespoons of the collection into two cups of boiling water. Insist to cool, then strain through cheesecloth or a sieve frequent. Drink at night when signs of nervous agitation or insomnia.

If the treatment of excessive underarm sweating home remedies do not bring serious results, you should see a doctor to determine the cause of your illness. In any case, it is not necessary at this trouble turning a blind eye, because there is a solution: the main thing - do not give up and look exactly the method that suits you personally.

 Underarm Sweating: how to get rid of the problem?

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 redness of the skin


  • Causes redness
  • Types of skin redness
  • How to prevent the problem?

Who are the people had never watched any redness on the skin? Most often, people do not pay much attention to this issue, believing that all will disappear by itself. However, this is not always the case - sometimes rash, unhealthy blush or redness of the skin are evidence of the existence of a serious illness. Therefore, you must first find the root causes redness. And we'll try to help. The topic of our today's conversation will be redness of the face.

Be sure to make sure that the redness is caused not by any infectious disease, such as ringworm. Yes, and allergies also should be excluded - it can be suspected if redness occurs frequently, and just as suddenly disappear. In order to determine whether the allergy has caused reddening of the face, look carefully at your diet. Did you set any link between those other products and redness on the skin.

Causes redness

Let's take a closer look at the reasons that often lead to redness and flaking skin. So:

  • Human diet

Very often the cause of skin redness is the wrong diet. Often the presence of too much fatty, fried and baked foods, sweets and provokes redness. The same effect may cause soft drinks, strong black tea and coffee.

All these products are very negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. But the skin of the face, by and large, this is the "mirror" of the intestine. Anyone, even a minor violation of its operation is sure to give rise to a wide variety of cutaneous manifestations.

  • Excessive emotionality

About half of all cases the cause of skin redness becomes excessive psychological and emotional excitability. All of depression, stress, emotional breakdowns leave behind a trail of red spots that remain on the face for a very long time. These causes occupy not the last place.

In such cases, care must be taken on the strengthening of the nervous system. First, you must try to get rid of all the stress. Secondly, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor - neuropathologist. As first aid can be used herbal sedatives. But remember that some herbs can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, before applying them to consult with your doctor.

  • Heredity

Often the tendency to redness skin inherited. If you encounter this problem, ask your parents were not there and they have similar symptoms. And if you are - find out what was the cause in their case. With high probability, and you will have the same problems culprit. Knowing this, you can advance to prevent skin redness.

  • Exposure to the external temperature

Sometimes a person can celebrate at redness of facial skin in the winter, or on the contrary, after a long stay in the sun. In principle, the situation is clear to the limit - under the influence of high temperatures may form a skin burn. But under the influence of low temperatures - or frostbite, or an allergy to cold. The recipe for getting rid of this scourge is simple - in the summer, avoid prolonged stay in direct sunlight. And in the winter - the skin, lubricate any fat cream.

  • Reaction to cosmetic products

Women often cause reddening of the skin on your face becomes nothing but a variety of cosmetic products - creams, milks for removing makeup, lotions, powders. As a rule, this kind of communication is very easy to follow - the skin is not red in the days when the woman does not use makeup.

 causes redness of skin

Types of skin redness

As a rule, these problems occur in people with sensitive dry skin. In that case, if the appearance of problems simply ignore it will occur again and again. Each subsequent time to get rid of the redness of the skin will be more difficult than the previous one. Therefore it is necessary at the first symptoms to determine the form of redness and understand how to get rid of him. Doctors distinguish the following types:

  • Temporary redness

In the event that it becomes cause redness blood flow, they tend to be localized on human cheeks. Doctors like this phenomenon is known as erythroderma. Externally, the redness appear as bright pink spots that do not have well-defined borders.

The reason for this phenomenon is becoming too high activity of vessels close under the skin. The first time the vessels are expanding rapidly, thereby greatly cheeks redden. But very quickly there is a narrowing of blood vessels, then the color of the skin to normal. However, over time the vessels begin to grow more and more, and very likely to develop inflammatory process.

  • Irritation under external influence

In that case, if the surface of the skin is damaged or otherwise aggressive agent, redness of the skin is more persistent. It can be stored for several days until the skin regeneration process starts.

  • Inflammatory processes

Another type of disturbance - redness resulting from the presence on the skin of the human or other inflammatory processes. In this case, redness will persist as long as the inflammation itself is docked.

  • Skin diseases

In some cases, the reddening of the skin may result from any of dermatological diseases. Typically, these are accompanied by reddening of the skin peeling, various rashes and other skin lesions. In this situation, you must immediately consult a doctor - dermatologist.

 unpleasant facial redness

How to prevent the problem?

Let's talk about how to prevent redness of the skin. And you need to start prevention from the start - with the right facial. Makeup remover is preferable to use a special hypoallergenic milk. Either soft cleansing tonic. Pick up these funds must be individually trial.

It is not necessary to wash with soap and plain water - is at times increases the likelihood of skin redness. Do not forget also about the use of moisturizers. And in case you have previously noticed cases of skin reddening, prefer ordinary baby cream - it certainly will not cause any allergic reactions.

Pay special attention to your diet. Exclude from the menu all spicy, salty and smoked food, which is quite a negative effect on the bowels. Include in your diet more vegetables, fruits, milk fruit - and your skin will not be slow to repay you with their good appearance.

And, of course, remember that the itching and redness of the skin, delivering discomfort, should not be left without due attention.

 Redness of the skin. Causes and solutions to the problem

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