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  • A single mother in law and in everyday life
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It used to be a union of two people was considered sacred, and today divorce - rather, it is the norm rather than the exception. Families break up all the time, unfortunately, this is no surprise. Sometimes even new life began, that seemingly is the fruit of love between two people - not a reason to get married. Moreover, in today's world, women have become more independent and are not afraid to raise a child without anyone's help.

Today, a single mother is not condemned by society, it does not turn away from her family and friends did not condemn. Girl getting a proper education in the service of a particular company, and one is able to raise a kid - this does not have to be married. Naturally, raise crumbs in such conditions, that is, not married, it is much more difficult than doing it together. First of all we should not forget that as they grow older boy or girl will ask certain questions, and the most common of them - the "where's my dad? "

A child watching peers, seeing full of families with both parents may feel deprived. Such children are often looking for "substitute" father, they are often drawn to the grandparents, take an active interest in the male friends, I went into the house. Therefore, in this case, the most important thing - is correct and available to explain the crumbs, where his father and why he does not live with you. Be patient and pick the right words!

Another important, if not more - one of the key - the question faced by every single mother - is financial. Naturally, self-earned, to feed, to put on, wear and then to educate their child is difficult, especially given the high cost of modern life frightening. The benefit of these women put social benefits.

To get help from the state, first of all, you must know their rights. However, what compensation appointed single mothers, talk later. First, let's dwell on another question - who exactly is fall under this status. After all, as it turns out, in terms of the law, not every woman herself raising a child, refers to single mothers.

 payments to single mothers

A single mother in law and in everyday life

From the standpoint of the layman, a woman who is not married and is raising a baby - a single mother. It would seem that everything is logical, simple and seems to be clear, but the law - "authority" is much more serious, which has its own rules. Thus, according to the statutes and regulations in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, the status of "single mother" is given not for everyone. We offer a stay at this in more detail.

So, on the social benefits to care for a child who lives in a single-parent family, that is, without a father, can count the women who gave birth to a baby (or more children) after not less than 300 and more days after her divorce from her husband. In that case, if the crumb was born when his parents were still married or from birth and immediately before the dissolution of marriage mentioned period totaled fewer days, and man, that is, ex-husband, disputed paternity, the woman, too, given the status of "mother -odinochka. " Naturally, it is guaranteed a certain state aid - social benefits.

There is another option: for example, new mother loses her baby's father, that is becoming a widow. In this case, according to the letter of the law, it does not fall under the status question, which means that it does not put the benefits are appointed for single mothers. Here, the state assists in a somewhat different form: a woman is eligible to receive benefits for the loss of a breadwinner.

Maintenance man of the family - not a rarity. Another thing is that it looks crazy, especially when such an act makes new father. If this happens to a woman who had just given birth - that is, since the advent of the crumbs into the light was less than 300 days - or the woman is still in position, it will not be given the status of "single mother". In this case it is necessary to demand from would-parent child support, which should appeal to the court.

What to do and how to be?

Each woman, in virtue of certain life situations forced on their own to raise a child, and is considered by law to a single mother must not only know what payments and benefits she is entitled to, but do not forget about the pitfalls that may arise in its path. For example, experts strongly recommend making out a birth certificate, it does not indicate the name of the other parent. This is due to the fact that in some cases - for example, when traveling abroad of the Russian Federation - you have to get the permission of his father in writing for the export of the baby.

The same situation occurs when registering the child at, where my mother - this, too, will require the formal consent of the pope, despite the fact that he was, as they say, "gone." However, as we know, every coin always has two sides, so if left blank the column "fatherhood" on the certificate, then later the baby will not be able to claim the estate of his father, put him and, accordingly, will not be the heir.

As you can see, "single mother" to the common people and the language of lawyers - two completely different things. Divorced women with one, two or even three children in their arms do not always have to rely on the corresponding payments. It is one thing to call himself a lonely mom and quite another - to be considered as such under the current legislation. So, let us clarify once again, in some cases, however the girl who she raises her baby can legalize their status:

  • Firstly, if she gave birth to a crumb, without being married, and paternity has not been established either in the court or voluntarily.
  • Second, if the child was born after 300 (or as mentioned more) days from the moment the process of formal termination of the union his parents had not yet been completed.
  • In that case, if the birth took place when a woman legally wear status of the wife, or the time has not yet passed the allotted number of days after the divorce, and her husband entered into evidence, but on their own or someone else's initiative, he challenged the paternity. Note that you must be in the hands of an official document - the court's decision, which came into force - that man is not the father.
  • For single mothers are also women who, not being married themselves at will have adopted or adopt a child.

The legislation in force in the territory of the Russian Federation resolves a newly-made mother to record the baby on his name and give him absolutely every patronymic. To get the status of the above, and hence the corresponding benefit, you must go through certain procedures:

  • To begin with, refer to the bodies of social protection - social security or RUSZN - to which you belong in the community, and write a statement.
  • The next step - to collect some documents to provide all the same services. You will need a birth certificate crumbs, and a certificate of family composition (taken in ZhEKe), labor and savings books and, of course, a passport.

In some cases, the officer may also require help in the workplace, which must issue an accountant, as a confirmation of the reliability of the information you provide about their own incomes. Note that, fill out the application, information about the last point must be made in writing. The benefits that accrue to a single mother, different from his usual size. It should be noted that in different regions of the Russian Federation, women can be assigned to additional payments.

 welfare payments to single mothers

Gospoderzhka 2013: payments to single mothers

Well, those who belong to single mothers, and what documents need to collect in order to obtain this status, we decided. We now proceed directly to the money issue. According to the statistics and the promises of the Russian government this year (compared with the past) social benefits have been indexed. This ratio was 1, 055. The amount of benefit, of course, is not astronomical, but any help is never superfluous.

So, if a woman raising a child alone (or children), and according to the law, as discussed above, falls into the category of "single mother", respectively, then she is entitled to some assistance from the state. In principle, such payments are guaranteed to all souped Mom, the only difference - their size. Naturally, the amount of which shall be appointed by single mothers is slightly higher, namely:

  • Under current law to date, the allowance for pregnant women, embarked in the early stages (up to twelve weeks) to register to the gynecologist, in 2013 is 490 rubles 79 kopecks. With regard to the lump-sum payment at the birth of the baby, this figure - 13 087, 61 rubles.
  • The monthly allowance to care for a child under the age of one and a half years has increased from 2326 to 2453, 93 rubles, and for the second and subsequent children, it is about 4907, 85. It should be borne in mind that indexing is applied only if the baby was born January 1st of the current year or later.
  • As for the mother's capital, in 2013, the government laid the sum of 408 960, 51 rubles. Also, a single mother has the right to receive payment for the care of a sick child, the amount of which shall be appointed individually depending on the circumstances. For example, if the baby is registered at the hospital, then the calculation will be made on the basis of seniority mother, and out-patient treatment - first ten days of paid in full, and then in the hands of a woman will receive 50% of their salary.
  • In addition, in case of any troubles at the company, which employs a single mother - for example, when the elimination or reduction of staff - it is also under the protection of the state. This means that it can not fire even in such an article as "mismatch his post." If the company is in the process of liquidation, the acting head shall employ single mothers, as well as pregnant women and those who have small children not older than three years.
  • Single mothers state guarantees the right to additional leave, which is granted annually and is not less than fourteen days. You can take it at any time convenient for you. But do not forget that in this case, the salary is not saved.

If a single mother is in the queue for housing, it has a priority right to obtain (compared with other women). In addition, the baby, was raised in a single-parent family (of course, we are talking about the absence of the father) may be enrolled in an institution in the full provision of the state. If we talk about schools, the decision of the director of the child may be issued textbooks, as well as free meals in the dining room.

As the proverb says: "Knowledge - force." Therefore, we must not only have a general idea of ​​what the duties entrusted to you - as a mother, a citizen of Russia, and so on - but also to be informed on matters relating to state-guaranteed assistance. To do this thoroughly examine the existing laws, but you can do it even easier - to see a specialist of the social security authorities, to which you are assigned.

 Under the protection of the state: what payments are put single mothers