25 fps - slimming

Many of us today are obsessed with weight loss, which is due, rather, fashion trends than a necessity. But, anyway, the purpose of this appears, looms, and we feverishly begin to look for ways to achieve it. The most popular way to lose weight - diet, but not to each person the strength day by day give up your favorite treats for a long time. In addition, many of the proposed diets today provide for an exception from the diet substances necessary for normal functioning of the body and good skin condition. As a result, thin waist gets its possessor is quite expensive: as a result the skin becomes dry beriberi and problematic, and health is increasingly beginning to serve alarms, requiring greater attention.

Not wanting to pay for a slender fashion such a high price, we are trying to find a more acceptable methods of dropping weight, move a lot of literature, darting on the World Wide Web, and - oh, miracle! - We find! Is there a magical way that not only allows you to be like Angelina Jolie in a few days, but realized without much effort and no dietary restrictions.

That magic bullet is a widely publicized program of 25 frames for weight loss. Methodology This has promoted for nearly fifty years, and rumors today she walks around a lot. Supporters of the technique argue that the 25 frames - a panacea for many ills, painless and completely transparent bringing in subconscious information to positively influence the decision of any problem. They tried hard to convince the audience of the Internet in the effectiveness of the program, which promises an incredible harmony of all those who only deign to type in a search engine short phrase: "25 shot for weight loss download for free."

What is 25 fps?

There is a whole army of specialists trying to technology "25 frame weight loss" some scientific basis. They explain this fact as follows: any video is rapidly successive images constituting the video. If the video sequence every 25 frames will carry a certain kind of information, it will be imperceptible to the eye. However, at the subconscious level the brain captures this information and further guidance on her behavior.

How does the procedure 25 fps?

Thus, the method of weight loss of 25 frames are none other than the original encoding of weight loss. Many sites offer 25 fps download free, some also sell discs with the program "Lose 25 frame." It is installed on the computer, and ... Oh, miracle! While working on it in the usual way, you can gradually, without much effort, turning into Angelina Jolie. The only disadvantage of this method - because of the increased rate monitor flicker a little easier on the eyes. However, according to many, the ultimate goal is to endure some discomfort.

The developers of the program "25 frame weight loss" are advised to initially apply it no more than half an hour a day for three weeks. Next week is a break, and then 25 frames for weight loss is used again for half an hour a day for three weeks. Such a regime is repeated three times.

All available methods of weight loss are 25 frame, as one of the most painless and convenient methods of weight loss. At first glance, it is, after all a grueling, cruel diet frame 25 is able to replace easily. Suffice it to 25 fps download or purchase the disc "The program for weight loss 25 frame", and following the recommendations, run the program every day for half an hour. And to enhance its effectiveness in the morning, after waking up and before going to bed to pronounce the phrases from the program for weight loss of 25 frames.

 25 fps - slimming

What actually is this magic method "Slimming frame 25"?

25 fps has reviews of different manifestations. Some of the consumers, have experienced the impact of the program slimming frame 25, speaks enthusiastically about her, and someone says that this is another canard designed for pumping money from the naive simpletons. For sites selling discs from 25 overs, claiming that the free download program 25 shot for weight loss is definitely possible. However, in this case the probability of forgery is very high, and too frequent blinking frame in such programs may cause significant damage and human vision, and his overall health.

There is a category of overweight people, losing weight is at 25 frames reserves satisfactory reviews. They argue that the program has a frame 25 for weight loss - it's just a miracle drug to combat obesity, which has no alternative, and no diet can not replace 25 fps. So what explains such a radical difference in the assessment of the product, which is called: "The program for weight loss 25 frame"?

Weight loss - a process that is unique to each organism. Therefore, the same settings on the weight loss can not be. Of course, for a certain part of the program 25 people shot for weight loss is a great way to achieve the desired goal. It is usually those who need to achieve this is just another method of self-hypnosis.

A little history

The phenomenon of the frame 25, has become a matter of considerable interest from the general public in the fifties of the last century. It was then that began to be held the first commercial experiments based on techniques influence the subconscious with an additional frame carrying the relevant information. The founder of the idea was a certain James Vicary, who offered to be integrated in the movie phrases that appear when the demonstration on the screen only a few thousandths of a second. The audience did not have time to fix this third-party information, however, according to the methodology developed this marketing agency, it is deposited in the subconscious of people, forcing them to buy a pop - corn and soft drinks in large quantities.

This method of increasing sales of any product immediately been widely publicized press and provoked a wave of indignation: Society protested against outside interference in the psyche of people, fearing its negative consequences. However, as it turned out, these fears were completely groundless, as indeed all the hype was not more than a publicity stunt. A group of scientists demanded that James Vicary to repeat the experiment in the presence of the commission, but the results disappointed observers: no major changes in the behavior of people who have viewed the film, did not happen.

As a result, the further development of methods of subliminal influence on human consciousness is held in the secret laboratories, and public experiments were illegal. Once again, the interest in this phenomenon broke out in the seventies of the last century. Appeared on the silver screen with flickering horror mask of death, some rock bands use in their albums Read contrary phrases and so on. However, this fact is explained by the pursuit of popularity rather than faith in any impact on the subconscious. It was then that appeared today become familiar term "25 fps". In general, it means the possibility of reports using modern electronic means in the consciousness of unconscious information.

Popular literature explains this effect as follows: The human brain is able to perceive the critical visual information to be supplied at a rate of 24 frames per second. An additional 25 frame mounted in an image, the brain is not realized, but the subconscious level of catches and stores. Thus, theoretically, a person can inspire anything.

Internet - a fraud

This theory, and today has a lot of and adherents and opponents. Basically - it became the basis for the mass of internet scams that offer download 25 frame for learning languages, 25 fps download free weight loss and more. Influence of the frame 25 (twenty-fifth frame) on the human brain seems plausible to many, so thousands of users of the web, hoping for a miracle, try to program 25 fps download free, so use them to learn some science or rapid achievement of other objectives.

And here begins the adventure. Danger at such an incredible number of download. For example, the sentence "Download program for weight loss 25 frame" looks very attractive and quite harmless. Well, is not it tempting to download a free 25 shot for weight loss, and, without making any effort to obtain a great figure in just a couple of months? However, in practice it turns out that 25 staff for weight loss download free is not so easy - initially need to send an SMS-message, the value of which is quite high. Of course, fat people do not stop in front of this seemingly minor obstacle - money, in this case, they - not the main thing. Messages go ... into oblivion. Response codes to download is not usually come.

Result - 25 to download the frame for weight loss is not only free of charge is not possible - it is not even downloaded for a fee! Trivial SMS-scam, designed for gullible people, and today operates more successfully, bringing considerable profits to its creators.

I must say that with a strong desire can be found on the Internet and sites from which you can weight loss programs 25 fps download free. However, in such generous gifts, as a rule, lies an even more serious danger than useless messages. They contain a very unpleasant surprises in the form of various viruses capable of in a short time not only to consider all the information from your computer, but also completely destroy the hard drive. And hope in this situation, the reliability of anti-virus programs do not have - often viruses are more cunning than these faithful guardians of our computers.

 25 fps - slimming


You can, of course, and the option to allow that someone manages to seamlessly program for weight loss 25 fps download without much damage, install them, and in anticipation of excellent results, begin using. Such an act, perhaps, can rightfully be called the most reckless of those exemplified above. The effects of such practices on human consciousness is unpredictable! After all, in fact, the sentence: "Download 25 frame weight loss" means to take independent steps in the encoding of consciousness, which can result in all sorts of surprises, even under the supervision of specialists. The risk of side effects in this case is very large, because the depths of our subconscious - uncharted abyss, and how it reacts to outside interference, it is impossible to predict!

In other words, before you enter into a search engine the phrase "25 fps download slimming", you need to think very carefully - and whether to expose themselves to so many dangers? After all, even if we will be able to download the desired program for weight loss of 25 frames may harm the psyche, which is reflexively resist influence from the outside.

However, this issue raises many doubts. It is likely that our subconscious do not see signals of this kind. And then those who thought of losing weight, 25 fps download, of course, possible. However, it will be completely useless for weight loss, but the effect on the state of the worse quite capable - often flickering monitor causes excessive eye fatigue.


In the announcement: "Weight loss program 25 fps download free" you can not pay attention! Nothing is given to us for free, and this case - is no exception. A weight if there is a necessity, and can be reset by other methods. Fortunately, today there is a rather large number!

 Unconscious weight loss: 25 frames, its effects and consequences

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