Ultrasonic liposuction

Most men and women feel dissatisfied with their figures. The modern pace of life, and as a result of poor diet and impaired metabolism greatly affects the human figure. Almost all people have their weak points, which is quite difficult to handle. And then be able to help in this ultrasonic liposuction. This is an excellent alternative to surgery.

Ultrasonic liposuction has long been used by professionals for the correction and the results are immediately visible. This technique has been proposed in 2006 by Italian scientists who were able to offer a safe method of removal of excess subcutaneous fat. The basis of the method laid down the process of cavitation, which is to create a vacuum micro-bubbles within the liquid. They increase in size and then explode, severely affecting the fat cells. After exposure to ultrasonic liposuction fat liquid displayed by the liver within 20 days. A non-surgical ultrasound liposuction leaves no scars and does not require a long rehabilitation period.

Methods of ultrasonic liposuction

Today, ultrasound liposuction is performed using two methods:

  • Traditional ultrasonic liposuction, in which fat cells are destroyed sucked through punctures in the skin;
  • non-invasive ultrasonic liposuction - destroyed fat tissue derived naturally.

Traditional (standard) Ultrasonic liposuction

Before the procedure, the attending physician shall adjust the shapes on the computer, noting surplus fat to be removed. If the amount of adipose tissue is large enough, or specific area of ​​liposuction, it is performed under local or general anesthesia. Ultrasound affects the subcutaneous tissue, destroying the fatty tissue. Liquid formed thereafter is sucked thin titanium cannulas through small holes. Ultrasonic liposuction of the abdomen and thighs can simulate a beautiful figure. It also has the effect of skin tightening.

This technique avoids heavy blood loss and in one session to remove the 1, 5 liters of fat, which sucked evenly, leaving pits and mounds.

Non-invasive ultrasound liposuction

After the invention of special devices become available and non-invasive ultrasonic liposuction. Its advantage is that in this case the integrity of the skin is not impaired. Anesthesia is not required and the rehabilitation period is minimal. Adipose tissue after destruction excreted naturally acting first in the blood and lymph, and then the liver. There decomposition products are decomposed into simple chemicals. For the manifestation of the effect of cavitation requires certain conditions - pressure of 0, 6 kPa and vibration frequency is 39-41 kHz. With these parameters can be achieved deep penetration.

For such liposuction requires several sessions, each lasting between 1 and 3 hours. During the procedure, the patient lies quietly, and the doctor moves the special UV sensor in the problem area. The amount of fat is outputted after each of not more than 0, 5 liters. During the ultrasound liposuction of the abdomen and thighs volume of problem areas after the first session may be reduced to 5 cm in diameter, and after a full course and up to 12-15 cm. Depending on the amount of adipose tissue may require 2-3 sessions. Often this technique is combined with massage and lymphatic drainage for better efficiency.

 Ultrasonic liposuction reviews

Ultrasonic liposuction - the result of which is fully manifest in a month will not allow fat deposits to form in places where they have been removed. Although, if a person will gain weight, there's no guarantee the formation of body fat in other places. Therefore it is necessary in due time to think about proper nutrition and good exercise. In general, non-invasive ultrasonic liposuction - reviews of which only positive, it gives excellent results.

Ultrasonic liposuction person (lipoaspiration)   - A great alternative to plastic surgery, because after the removal of fat face skin takes the original features. Its reduction is due to the stimulation of production of collagen fibers that give skin its former elasticity. During the procedure done a few pinholes in the scalp and in the crease of the chin, so the operation is practically complete without injury. After ultrasonic liposuction face a slight swelling goes for 5-7 days. No scars in this case solves the problem of double chin, thick neck and full cheeks. Ultrasonic liposuction - reviews of which speak for themselves, gives stable and lasting effect.

Although the procedures for patient age does not play a big role, but it should be noted that due to the natural loss of elasticity of the skin in adulthood during ultrasonic liposuction results will not be the same as young people.

During the non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction has several important advantages. Firstly, the procedure gives stable result as fat cells destroyed by ultrasound are no longer restored to the same place, and secondly, the skin practically without leaving marks, and thirdly - postoperative complications are rare.

Ultrasonic liposuction can be both internal and external. With internal ultrasound liposuction fat extends inwards, and when they act on the outer surface of the skin. Sometimes the effects of ultrasonic liposuction may be seroma and skin burns, so the surface method is used infrequently. But experienced surgeons such complications do not occur practically.
Unfortunately, the cost of non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction - of which positive reviews, is costly. This is due to the high cost of ultrasound equipment, especially the last generation. Prices of equipment can reach 40-50 thousand dollars.


This technique is not applicable for obese people. For them, treatment should start with a visit to a nutritionist and an endocrinologist. Liposuction - this is only the removal of excess subcutaneous fat to model the figure. But as with any medical procedure, the method of ultrasonic liposuction contraindications allocated to a special list. It can not be performed at oncology, infectious and chronic diseases, diabetes, mental disorders, pregnancy, chronic hepatitis. Ultrasonic liposuction has contraindications for procedures on the front of the thighs, forearms, back and front of the leg. And if these restrictions are violated, and applies ultrasonic liposuction - the consequences could be dire.

The postoperative period

After the procedure to secure the achieved results should wear special elastic underwear slimming. Use it to prevent irregularities and to smooth the available preoperative defects. Recommended term wearing such clothes from 2 to 4 weeks. And the longer worn clothes, the better the effect will be achieved. You must also observe the surgeon who will be able to timely detect possible complications. For example, if bloody or serous accumulations under the skin may themselves disappear in a short time, the more long-term effects may occur later - infection, skin necrosis, anemia, renal failure.

Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation has positive reviews, because in contrast to surgical liposuction, it does not affect other tissues and organs, and acts only on body fat. If you choose to search the Internet information on ultrasonic liposuction - reviews about it, you can check out after almost every article about this method. We hope that you find this information will help you make the right decision and to determine the order, whether it is you need liposuction. And be sure to pay attention to the section specifying the contraindications for this technique.

 Ultrasonic liposuction


In the most miraculous of spa treatments, as a rule, natural origin. Mud baths and thalassotherapy are two prime examples of these procedures. They help with various diseases of the skin and the whole organism, and also contribute to relaxation, detoxification of the body and preserve the health and beauty of the skin.

But if the mud baths for a long time on everyone's lips and in practice, the thalassotherapy still raises questions, and after the procedure for health and beauty deserves close attention. After all life on earth originated in water. And according to legend, because of the azure waters of the Mediterranean came the goddess of love and beauty - Aphrodite. The life-giving power of seawater from ancient times is not only healed, but also rejuvenates the people, although only recently that people have come up with the name of the healing power - thalassotherapy.

What is thalassotherapy

The term "thalassotherapy" coined in 1869 by a French doctor De la Bonader. This word of Greek origin: «thálassa» translated as "sea", and «therapei» - «therapy", that is, in fact, thalassotherapy means "treatment of the sea."

Speaking the language of science, the thalassotherapy section called climatotherapy, which includes a whole range of climatotherapeutic procedures such as exposure to the sea air, heliotherapy, air baths and hydrotherapy treatments: sea bathing.

Or, simply put, a complex of modern spa treatments, which is based on the use of algae, sea water and sea air in cosmetic and medicinal purposes - this is thalassotherapy.
Seawater is the source of many essential micronutrients such as iodine, manganese, bromine, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, iron, potassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium. Algae - is the main component of the therapeutic thalassotherapy, which has an amazing ability to compensate for bioactive substances, which are lacking in the human body. It is estimated that about 150 mineral trace elements include thalassotherapy: reviews of satisfied women as numerous and convincing, as the effects of these substances.

Today, thalassotherapy is widely practiced in the most luxurious resorts in Italy, France, Switzerland, and the island of Bali, the Maldives and many others. It should be noted that modern thalassotherapy centers do not have as their main objective cure of any disease, and focused primarily on dealing with stress, chronic fatigue, malnutrition and, of course, aging. One of the advantages of the complex is also a thalassotherapy is that it is always possible if you want to combine a summer holiday at the sea or, for example, supplement their summer vacation More autumn or spring thalassotherapy.

The history of thalassotherapy

It is strange that a strong interest in thalassotherapy appeared not so long ago, because the complex is not the invention of mankind today .  Healing and rejuvenating properties of sea air and seawater were appreciated by the ancient Romans and, to a large extent, Roman .  No wonder Plato wrote that "the sea washes away the ills and returns the youth" .  In modern times the first thalassotherapy began to enjoy caring for their appearance French .  As a result, the fashion for thalassotherapy soon spread among all the French elite and the Cote d'Azur were the first spa resort .  Today, as already mentioned, thalassotherapy has become very popular spa treatments, which is available to almost all, only in France, it will cost more than, for example, in Tunisia .  But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity and the time to visit the spa center, for this good cause cosmetic company modified method of thalassotherapy .  Of course, it is impossible to move the sea with its salubrious climate, but can be concentrated salt, algae extracts and deliver seawater .  This is all combined with a wrap, massage and thalassotherapy gidroprotsedury turns into an affordable procedure for your health and beauty .  It is enough to visit the nearby spa .

Indications for thalassotherapy

 thalassotherapy reviews

Thalassotherapy is used for:

  • solving problems of excess weight and cellulite
  • correction circuits and reducing the volume of the body
  • eliminate sagging and dry skin
  • Recovery beauty, smoothness and elasticity of the skin of the body
  • removing excess fluid from the subcutaneous fat
  • skin cleansing and feeding it with microelements
  • getting rid of venous congestion and edema
  • anti-stress effect and obscheozdoravitelnogo

Very popular thalassotherapy, when the courses of beauty «anti-ageing».

In addition to the therapeutic properties, thalassotherapy is the most pleasant thing in the world. After all, it's more beautiful ritual and recreation, rather than treatment. You heals and younger sort, even imperceptibly, in a cocoon of seaweed and mud. It's incredibly renews and refreshes the skin, strengthens muscles and calms the nerves, and accordingly thin silhouette and removes age, improves the body and even the soul.

Varieties of thalassotherapy

Hydrotherapy - a treatment seawater. Whirlpool baths and have a calming and relaxing effect. Recommended for varicose veins, cellulite, edema. Various shower with sea water are recommended to stimulate blood circulation, remove spasms and tone. All such procedures are carried out only on the basis of sea water which is warmed to 32-35 °.

Algotherapy - a treatment based on mud and algae are rich in iodine and trace elements, and have antiseptic and analgesic effect. The main procedures: application of algae, seaweed wraps, heat wraps, or termopotenie when the application on the basis of essential oils on the body and under the electric blanket. It contributes to the rapid conclusion of toxic substances from the body.

Kinesiotherapy - a physiotherapy and massage.

Basic thalassotherapy

  1. massage using a cream based on algae
  2. Shiatsu
  3. reflexology
  4. therapeutic exercises in water
  5. pressotherapy (mechanical effects of air pressure on their feet, reduces swelling, improves venous circulation)
  6. manual lymphatic drainage.

Components of the course thalassotherapy with seaweed:

Seaweed has long won enough palm among all other anti-cellulite treatments. Since seafood is extremely rich in iodine, a positive effect on all layers of the skin - the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis - also stimulate the cleansing of the entire body. One of the modifications is a thalassotherapy wraps, which are used by cellulite. When applied on the problem areas of the algae biomass, and then wrapped the body of dense matter. In the process, due to the increasing temperature, begin to penetrate the skin of active agents, and iodine. This procedure improves blood circulation, reduces edemas and removes the "orange peel".

Thalassotherapy involves such algae:

  1. Laminaria - the narrow ribbon of seaweed contain unique sea minerals and produce substances which are irreplaceable in cosmetology. There kelp has the ability to remove toxins. She also works exclusively with venous insufficiency. Also it has powerful soothing, moisturizing and protective properties. Kelp is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins (A, B, C, D, E), includes alginates - a low-fat binding agent tender texture.
  2. Bladder - especially valuable component in cosmetics for the body. One of the major suppliers of natural vitamin C and iodine, Fucus has strong draining properties. This algae stimulates fibroblasts - are cells that are responsible for the synthesis of collagen in the skin. Therefore, fucus used in many cosmetic procedures that are aimed at weight loss.
  3. Spirulina - this is the only living organism that lived on Earth or one hundred million years without change because of its unique biochemical composition. Natural complex of vitamins, amino acids and minerals included in an easily digestible mukoproteinovyh membrane. As part of this microalgae has a large number of blue pigment phycocyanin - it is the only known substance that can stop the growth of cancer cells. Because in any other substance on earth, he could not be found. Spirulina has a very strong firming and toning effect on the skin.
  4. Sandy mud - this alga is rich in vitamins C and B. In most cases, use its nutritious, softening, soothing, moisturizing properties, and the ability to replenish the body with essential minerals.

Today, algae, as the main prophylactic and therapeutic factor of thalassotherapy, are increasingly used and compensates for all the shortcomings of biologically active substances and trace elements that the human body is always necessary for a healthy and active life.

Dermatologist Leslie Berman in his book "Solutions for different types of skin» (The Skin Type Solution) writes that are particularly useful for sensitive and dry skin is thalassotherapy: reviews women try them, just talking about it. Like Dr. Berman, they confirm that the procedures with sea water and algae well help moisturize dry skin and remove any irritation and inflammation. But the scientific evidence of similarity of seawater and blood plasma, the development of techniques of using algae and allow the water to develop thalassotherapy and for the prevention of disease and aging.

Thalassotherapy at home

 thalassotherapy home

It is believed that the best place thalassotherapy winter and spring. Since beginning to affect "winter" fatigue, which occurs due to short daylight hours, lack of exercise and fresh air.

But to go to the seaside resort at the time - a dream is not always easy to carry out, and do not always have the opportunity to enroll in an expensive procedure in the beauty salon. Although there is a solution - thalassotherapy home. Namely "deliver" the sea in an apartment, what will help us to the same pharmacy nearby where you can buy peels, scrubs and the like, which are composed of sea salt and algae-based cosmetics and dirt. One of the most affordable and simple home thalassotherapy is sea bathing, for which needed only sea salt and a bath with warm water (37-38 ° C).

Of course, do not forget about sea mud - no less important component of thalassotherapy than salt. "Palm" in this category has long been given mineral Dead Sea mud containing magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulfur, iodine, bromine and other medicinal trace elements and minerals. This mud deposited in the form of applications to the skin, creates her miracles, making the skin fresh and young: remove waste and toxins deep cleans well activates the metabolism in the skin, increases its protective properties and tightens and eliminates cellulite.

For full wraps need 1 kg of the mud, but only for problem areas - enough 250-600 of mud put on a clean body layer 0, 5-1 cm, then close with plastic wrap and better wrap in a warm coat or a blanket, and after 20 minute rest rinse with water. The result will exceed all your expectations!


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