Trousers bananas

Every modern woman is no longer himself without trousers, because they are incredibly versatile and you can wear them both at work and on holiday, the usual walk in the park or the city, shopping trip or a disco. Pants-bananas - this is a very stylish clothes that easily come to anyone, even your favorite style. Naturally, they won the hearts of all the girls who want to be fashionable in any situation.

So what are the pants-bananas? The name of this model comes from the incredible similarity between them with the same tropical fruit .  There were these pants in America in the forties years, and praised their jazz musicians who have always sought to draw attention to themselves not only the style of music, but also extravagant clothes .  Since the eighties, these trousers are and women, and now they have come to be considered a part of a purely women's wardrobe .  In the upcoming warm season as favorite pants are in fashion again .  A distinctive feature will be the only length - they have become a little shorter, and now they get to the ankle .  Since the "bananas" visually shorten the leg, which is not very pleasant for any of the fair sex, even with the long legs, you have to wear shoes with high heels only .  With this type of pants to wear and can be combined so many things, one has only to show the desire and work to create a personal image, showing a special fantasy .

How and what to wear pants bananas?

  • Trousers, bananas, photos of which are presented below, it is best to wear a warm spring. They are perfectly combined with stylish biker, or other fashionable leather jacket. There are some models that will look good in the cold season. This pants that are made of dense fabric and warm, not too bulky and classical long. Such a model of bright colors or prints, short or just short, very good look in spring and summer, they are usually sewed of a light fabric.
  • For sewing summer bananas options use the most bright fabrics. These models are well suited to barefoot or in sandals that are decorated with a variety of stylish buckles or straps. Also here are appropriate T-shirts. They can throw a stylish jacket or fitted blazer fashionable.
  • All your favorite pants, shaped like bananas, up to the ankles, combine perfectly with the shoes or boots with high heels. Top best to wear army jacket - a short jacket or cardigan.
  • Unusual and original ensemble is obtained in combination with a T-shirt with a layered effect, which is to fill the under pants. On the waistband of his trousers instead of the strap would be nice to put a dropdown cascade chain.
  • Bananas long style can be combined with an English short jacket or a fashionable service jacket. It is perfect stylish vest and jacket, stitched, for example, leather or fur. Fashionable knitted pullovers and sleeveless with beautiful jacquard pattern and ankle boots with lacing and open fingers - a beautiful ensemble, which will emphasize the elegant feminine silhouette.
  • Trousers banana fashionable colors in cold weather can be combined with stylish jackets cars woman, it is best to emphasize the small waist and hips beautiful shape. Supplement will be a belt tied to the fashion hub.
  • With these pants look good shirts, short blazers and shirts with a belt. Generally, any stylish belts or very good look with bananas, because they give emphasis to your waist.

 Trousers bananas photo

These pants have a very unusual form: they are no arrows and they are narrowed to the bottom, and in the hips - on the contrary, is very broad. Naturally, they are best suited to girls tall and narrow hips. If you, on the contrary, the owner of a wider hips and a small growth - there is a danger that these pants will EXECUTE and visually shorten your legs. But the owner of imperfect feet with these pants will be able to visually give their correct forms.

Bananas, like many other original types of trousers (for example, riding breeches, Afghanis and trousers), are included in the component casual style. Every designer is trying to bring to this model something different, unusual and newfangled. Someone makes those pants made narrower from the knee, while others prefer to seize the area of ​​the ankle cuffs. His fans have also have shorter model, which has a great similarity with bermuda pants, and they are more suitable for owners of the beautiful slender legs. But in all the looks that one thing remains unchanged - always underlined volume in the hips and waist. Bananas are very rarely have underestimated landing.

Also, everyone wanted to know the answer to the question of what fabrics can sew trousers bananas? The fabrics may be as varied, from jersey to cotton. The most popular - in small cells. It is best stylists recommend choosing a soft and lightweight fabric for the reason that using them can easily create a variety of drapes in the hips. Narrowed model can be made out of the material dark and light textures of fabric should be as vivid and bright.

 Trousers bananas. Fashionable return jazz past

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 what to wear with a black dress

No one would hesitate to vary that fashion is not limited to the red carpet, fashion is not just news and trends. Fashion - is a reflection of all ages and entire epochs. Dress - expression of femininity and style, and black dress - a style, sexuality and originality. What can disarm the stronger sex and force only think about you! Strict dress, small, medium, long, or even the floor with a train - a classic.

Black dress has always had its exceptions, and even their own requirements. The history of fashion can not exist without mentioning the famous and unforgettable Coco Chanel, which in 1926 created the very "little black dress" and gave him a start in life. Almost a century ago in Europe it could be associated with sorrow, but now has become a dress decoration of any woman's wardrobe. So, what is necessary to consider picking it yourself, and most importantly - what to wear with a black dress? There are many choices cocktail or evening dress in black knee-length. It is always accentuate your beauty, as always will feature refinement, taste and refinement.

  What combine black dress?

  • It is very fashionable to wear it with a string of pearls around her neck and earrings with pearls in her ears. Either replace other ornaments of pearl medium-sized stones. The image is supplemented by a black clutch, flesh-colored tights and black classic shoes, and keel possible.
  • Long black dress with a jacket better to combine vivid colors. Shoes in this case should be on high heels and matched in tone to the jacket. Replace the jacket can be a jacket, emphasizing the image of relaxed scarf.
  • If you have a long-sleeve dress can be supplemented at his fur vest.
  • Fashionistas young age can experiment with colored tights or leggings.
  • Choosing a short black dress for a walk, the addition of the image can be considered as a leather jacket and loafers. Stylists assure that leather and accessories made out of it, perfect for a black dress and completely in tune with each other.

The black dress in the wardrobe there is almost every woman and girl. But do we know how to wear it?

 how to wear a black jersey dress

Terms of wearing the dress from Coco Chanel

  • Your knees should be covered by the dress.
  • Not allowed to have a dress with decorative additions.
  • Only a clear emphasis cut waist.
  • The dress that has sleeves should be without decoration.
  • Required under the thin stockings black dress.
  • Closed shoes.
  • Without massive and heavy jewelry.
  • A little bag.

Rebirth black dress can be considered the establishment of its Hubert de Zhivashni (Hubert de Givenchy) for actress Audrey Hepburn in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Rules black dress from Zhivashni (Givenchy)

  • It may be slightly lifts the knees.
  • There is a short sleeve or lack thereof.
  • The emphasis on the waist cut.
  • Admitted beige stockings and thin.
  • Large jewelry - preferably one.
  • Gloves for Ladies - as an optional accessory.
  • Shoes - pumps, a small handbag or normal.

 how to wear a black dress

What are the black dress?

In celebration for the combination and harmony of the image, please note the following rules, how to wear a black dress:

  • Thin tights or stockings fit best, but totally unacceptable the presence of thick tights.
  • From shoe combined with black dress shoes only, but not sandals.
  • What about the bag, there is a better option - clutch small or medium size.
  • A remarkable addition in the form of accessories will stud earrings (or stud).

Undoubtedly, after the fashion changed and relevance images, additions and innovations in a black dress. To meet the modern seasonal novelties, you can pick up tights average density of dark blue shoes or ballet shoes matching tights, a small clutch or handbag, crystal or medium stones as decorations for the neck. For black dress best suited thick black tights, boots, shoes with open toes or sandals with large black straps, leather clutches, bags, envelopes (there are bright colors), accessories in the form of large earrings, match the color with a total manner. A suitable example for hairstyles can be backcombed and pulled back hair.

What to combine knitted dress?

Girls tend to stand out from the general crowd, in order to draw men's eyes and admiration for themselves. Especially, if the dress is fully emphasizes the beauty of the figures and hugs her. The mysterious female figure in a dress always look sexy, mysterious and gentle. So let's look at how to wear a black jersey dress.

  • Dresses in black ribbed knit and look great for an office style.
  • If it has a surround gate, then precisely and correctly emphasize femininity of women.
  • An additional contrast can serve a wide belt that is suitable for your image.

Do not be afraid to wear a chic dress in black everywhere else. To convey feminine traits and nature, individuality, charm, always act in support of the black jersey dress, which serves us an indispensable part of our wardrobe. Undoubtedly, it will only emphasize the beauty and femininity of every girl and woman making them in the hearts and eyes of men more attractive.

 From what to wear a black dress? The path from grief to admiration